Jam Master Jay: Remembered by Pete Rock, Premier, & others…


“After Grandmaster Flash, there was Jam Master Jay. He was the one who took the ball and ran with it. He took the whole art form to the next level, as far as live DJ performances. The thing I always admired about Run-DMC was that Jay always performed and it was always live. Jay was always involved with the show and he was an intricate part of the group.

When ‘Sucker MC’s’ came out, I was breaking, so the whole Run-DMC movement was inspiring to me as a B Boy. ‘Sucker MC’s’ totally caught my attention because what they represented had a real B Boy feel. As far as Jay on the turntables, it sparked an interest in me to learn how to mix.

The first time we really kicked it together was in Puerto Rico, around 1992, 1993, for a Naughty by Nature/Run-DMC concert. I really got to build with Jay and we kicked it hard in the Puerto Rican ghetto. [Over the years], we made a few appearances together but what stands out the most was when we went to this place called La Perla. It was like the grimiest place in Puerto Rico and he was getting a lot of love over there. Ghettos across the world knew who he was and showed him love.

It was like a dream to be in the same room as [him]. To this day, I am a fan of the music and the culture. I couldn’t help but be star struck when we had a DJ session together. He always showed love and was grounded.” —As Told To Thomas Golianopoulos

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  • Blog-ologist

    Now, only if the people who claimed they loved JMJ would do the right thing and turn in the killer(s)…Its not snitching; its called doing the right thing!!!! Walk this way!!! Can we get the DJ back on the scene like that again?


    Rest in peace…celebrate his life,,bringing in the killer wont bring back the GREAT JMJ

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Two Turntables & a Mixer =
    Electric Guitar, Bass guitar & Drums.

  • Blog-ologist

    It may not bring him back, but it would bring closure to his family. Its not about bringing him back, its about bringing the people to justice. And with that thinking, you will always have killers walking amongst us. We need to take accountability for I hood. You know why their not as much violence committed in a nice neighborhood? Because you know that old lady is going to tell everything and they probably have a neighborhood watch. JMJ deserves J.U.S.T.I.C.E!!!!!

  • adrian smith birmingham england

    r.i.p.jam master jay run dmc 4 ever the g.o.a.t.

  • Just 4 All Esq.

    There is always a witness,we just live in a society of cowards. COWARDS I say, the reason that people don’t speak up (snitching you call it) is because people are scared to def! Shook.

  • Just 4 All Esq.

    There is always a witness,we just live in a society of cowards. COWARDS I say, the reason that people don’t speak up (snitching you call it) is because people are scared to def! Shook…

  • Q461

    RIP JMJ..one of the greatest ever. In fact all these cats are icons, pete rock, primo, jazzy jeff, tony touch. Down with the King was such a dope track. Classic.

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  • kalluminati

    Obviously all you talkin bout turnin in dude or w.e live in them nice neiborhoods u talkin bout. cuz we dont trust cops, an we dont talk 2 fuckin cops, ever. what needs 2 happen if it hasn’t al ready is his boys needa blow dudes head off that got jmj. what kinda hiphop needs a mufuckin police. u think jay could relax in all these ghettos cuz he talked to cops??? hell naw! i dont think he’d want that. get da fuck outa here u fuckin rat motherfuckers, hiphop don’t want u.

  • John Cochran

    This was somebody’s father,son,uncle,brother you idiot. Everyone deserves justice. And no not street justice where somebody kills that person on the streets, but he needs to do time and pay for what he’s done. Fuck that “stop snitching” shit. This is America, we live by laws. Go live in the mountains with binladen n em nigga.


    Funny all them dudes talkin about stop snitchin ..would be the first to roll over on their boys if they was facin life over somethin their boy did. Be a fuckin man. Big, Jay and Pacs killers will never be found because of losers who say stop snitchin.Their is a big difeerence between snitchin and bringin a killer to justice ruined the lives of a cultural icon, the lives of their families and their fans lives.
    Its not like someone is tellin over some dope bein sold or somethin. big fuckin difference.And why should you care it doesnt directly affect you or any one close to you anyway.

    I remember the days of breakin to your music and jammin the tv loud when the videos first came on. Run DMC was one of my favorites from the golden era of Hip Hop and JMJ ill always be sorely missed.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll never forget the time RUN-DMC performed @ The fairgrounds in Middletown Ny. One of the records started skipping, so Jay threw out into the crowd..R.I.P brotha, I miss you.

  • DJ mIsseda Flow

    I’ll never forget the time RUN-DMC Performed @ The fairgrounds in Middletown NY. One of the records skipped & Jay threw it out into the crowd,,classic show. R.I.P brotha, I miss you.

  • blog-ologist

    One more thing…i cant be no rat…i never proclaimed to live the street life…snitching is when u and your comrads do a crime and u roll over on your friend to keep from doing your time…Im a civilian. I live by civilian laws. Ur not a snitch or a rat if you bring a killer to justice. The criminal mentality had spilled over to civilians and they think the rules apply to them. If u rob a bank with no mask, and the bank teller points u out. The bank teller is not snitching!!! The teller is a witness. People need to understand the code. If you dont want to talk to police thats fine, but dont turn the people in your community into cowards because you choose not to speak up!!!

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