If having Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zeeky come to the XXL offices yesterday to appear on our weekly Ustream show, Spotlight, reminded us of one thing (and trust, it showed us a lot more than one), it’s that we really missed seeing and hearing these cats together. Their chemistry is undeniable—both on and off wax—and their hiatus left a void in the world of New York hip-hop that no other group has been able to fill.

But, fear not, because they’re back. Seeing three quarters of the Harlem contingent (we missed you, Cam) live and direct made us further believe that this said reunion may become a reality, after all. We gotta admit, though, we were a little skeptical at first. The construction site picture was cool and all [see above], but it didn’t give us what we needed from the Dips. Money-making opportunities aside, the glaring question mark was, well, where’s the music? We’ve only been treated to two joints (“Salute” and “Toast”) and, to be honest, they’ve kinda been like eating an appetizer that just makes you hungrier for the main course.

So, until they do decide to serve us that entrée (their album), we here at XXL have come up with a plan to tide ourselves and Diplomat fans everywhere over. We’ve compiled Dipset's Lost Set, a collection of our favorite tracks from the Dips and its members that never appeared on an official release, but we’re itching to hear fully mastered and without a DJ—an idea in the same vein as our suggestions for Nas’ Lost Tapes 2 and Lil Wayne’s The Lost Leak. Check out our play list below, and then let us know in the comments what songs you’d include. We really mean it. Ah!

"Show You How (Remix)"

"Shut The Fuck Up

"Oh Girl (Oh Boy Remix)" feat. Baby

"Oh What A Night"

"Facts of Life

"Diamonds and Pearls

"Harlem Music"

"Fly Boys"

"One For Peedi Crack"

"Crown Me" feat. T.I.

"What's Really Good (Original)" feat. DMX