Devil’s Night: 10 Hip-Hop Halloween Stories


Halloween’s not like my favorite holiday but I dress sexy to the [Halloween] parties. I never got egged or nothing like that but when I was younger in Brooklyn we used to go on the roof and my mama used to let us throw eggs at people. I think that’s a Brooklyn thing [laughs]. But when I was younger I used to toilet paper people’s houses and stuff, but I never really had no horror stories, thank God. I just always dressed up sexy.

I’ve been a CIA agent—that was last year—I’ve been a maid, I’ve been a soul angel, I’ve been everything… they need new costumes. I love dressing up. This year, I dunno what I’m going to be yet I gotta go shopping. Something sexy, of course…

Or, maybe I could be Nicki Minaj [Laughs]. All I gotta do is bat my eyes and I gotta get the fake butt. Maybe I should do that just for the fun, for the fuck of it, right? Which one, the pink wig or the green wig? Oh, my God, that’s hilarious.


[Me and my boys] were walking up the street during Halloween and we were all dressed up—I had the Jason mask on. We’re walking and all of a sudden we hit this corner, and it’s like no one is on this street we’re trick or treating [on]—and we were older kids trick or treating. You know, those assholes?

I had toilet paper in my backpack, and we were getting ready to toilet paper houses. So I was walking and all of a sudden a big ass crew of people are walking towards us and we’re on this dark ass street. I walk by them, and then I turn around and my homies are getting jumped and robbed for their candy. But they didn’t touch me and I kept all my candy. I just sat there and I was like, “Oh, shit!”

We were young; we were probably like 12 or 13. I was talkin’ shit the rest of the night about how they didn’t wanna fuck with me ‘cause I looked so mean and tough [Laughs]. I had a Jason mask on—they weren’t fuckin’ with me.

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  • Caine

    Lettin da eggs get rotten, now dats classic… Ya’ll betta be safe out der, halloween is the night a lot of hood niggas hit licks…

  • The187Worm

    I see this Mac Miller is a bitch ass muthufucka….lettin his boys get jumped and shit…i know kids younger then that…that would never let this shit go down…his music is bad anyways…pussied out in front of a club i seen too, for stealin an unknowns beats..then they confront you on camera lol…pussy ass chump

  • Money Mitch

    Nothing from an artist from Detroit?? I mean damn half the city burns down every year!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Devils Night…cuz I came back to rule this time
    Cuz I came back to take whats mine

  • Anonymous

    @the187worm –I agree with you one hundred percent. If I was one of his (boys) I would had the crew jump him.

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