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  • Q461

    My girls peruvian too…. i been down there, the girls in Lima are fly….this shorty can get it though.

  • Speaks Truth

    i wanna know what happen to the days when xxl models had big ol booties although this girl has a sexy face though but what happen to the good ol days lol i guess king magazine has picked up the girls yall use to get to first

  • PHD

    its sad the show magazine has ruined print models for me…I expect small waists, thick lips, phat azz and ample chest every time or else have a fine un-photoshopped face.

  • What cuz!

    She pretty cute.
    J cole you got another one she is on your UH KNOW!

  • Noa

    she has an exotic beauty thats all. Not every female has to look thick in the nose or ears to look fuckable.

  • Llim

    body like baywatch Face like crimewatch……..smash her from behind.

  • BeerGangsta

    Super fine with a nice skin tone. Dam i got to get my money more up. So I can have a nice Heffer like this!!

  • Anonymous

    sheeeeesh! she got that give it to me face on… Only one thing left to do…

  • jhood

    this chick look mexican, not a good look.

  • KP4short

    Great pics…I’m glad a friend of a friend is getting it in : D

  • Anonymouse

    She definitely has it going on!

  • NVSicc

    well damn..! Look at this badd liddo specimen..! :) she makes the back seat look like that’s where it’s at..! Supa sexy.. I can definitely digg this..! Way to swagg on um mama..! #dopetastic!..

  • Mike

    She flyyyy

  • Wayne Royale

    My homie Peruvian Connect is definitely doing her thing. She’s been on the model grind, making cameos in the music videos, & doing the tv hosting thing real heavy. I’ve had the privilege of socializing w/ this cutie on Twitter & she’s def down to earth too. She deserves this feature & many more.

  • IfyouDontNoOwellz

    She is definitely bad, keep up the good work shawty!

  • antonio

    Agree on the from behind!
    wack photos again – don’t help the model

  • Southcidal

    Average. Nothing special about her. Would I hit? Yes. Would I wife? Nah.

  • Fury The Don aka Q

    I know Betsy, These shots dont do her justice. SHE’s alot hotter in person ;-)

  • fresh

    Her face can use some help, looks like a dude.

  • jerimiah

    shes not cute & looks to photoshop’d 4 me

  • tellin u

    dis bitch got a dick i swear that on allah’s broke ass

  • Nicole

    Go Betsy!!!!

  • AZ

    SEXXXYYY Hot pics girl … & she looks even better in person :)


    Her pics are hot Go on with your bad self girl.

  • Mary

    Looking good Girl !!!:)

  • Anonymous

    this is one fineeeeee bitch

  • coop

    dope pics…coo chic

  • fly2def

    This girl is HOT! There’s not too many Peruvians doing it like that. Sexy with brains. You can’t go wrong with that.

  • Da Illest

    Peruvian girs are usually very pretty, exotic, nice bust but no ass. I dont think I have ever met a Peruvian girl with an ass in my life, lol. Im Dominican so Im used to big asses everywhere. She’s a cutie though.

  • not really

    mafukkas must be desperate these days. better than the last 2 rats tho. .

  • Anonymous

    She ugly as hell IMFAO

  • jesus

    good work.

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  • Emmitt Fickert

    Amaze! Photograph hunting yahoo and google all night with this and i finally think it is right here!

  • Ptah

    wow your good looking

  • conceive a boy

    This is a great article. Thanks for sharing this.

  • the flyest

    She looks like a rat in her face. Ugly girl!