It’s game time. With football season officially underway tonight, New Orleans vs. Minnesota in prime time, XXL tore eight pages from various NFL playbooks to breakdown the strategies of your favorite rappers. Red, double X… White, letter L… Hut… Hut… Write!

Play: 23 Option
Formation: Wildcat
Goal: A creative run or pass option for a running back.

This play, developed in the college ranks, has become a lethal weapon for NFL offensive coordinators and a nightmare for defenses to defend. Similar to how Kanye West has become a monster to contain for opposing rappers. With the running back lined up in shotgun behind the center, the QB is either out of the game or lined up as receiver. Given the creative options here to run or pass, there’s no telling what a maverick like Mr. West is likely to do in the Wildcat. However, it’s likely that ’Ye will try to keep the ball for himself.

Here’s what that play looks like on tape:

Play: Havoc
Formation: Spread Offense
Goal: Get the ball to the star wide receiver (Drake) who’s a big play (big hit) threat on every possession.

Ideal for a talent-laden squad like Young Money, Havoc calls for the team to set up in a spread offense designed for a flashy aerial attack. It’s the right play call if you’re trying to pick up big chunks of yardage, or cash money. Three wide receivers line up on the left side, with one WR isolated on the right. As good as the rest of the YM roster may be, Drizzy has pretty much been singled out as the one. The objective of the lone pass catcher on the right is to beat his defender on a slant and get behind the safety. If the WR does that, the QB should hit him in stride for a score. This has long been a bread and butter play for Drake and Wayne, who have connected on quite a few big plays since 2009.

Here’s what it looks like on tape: