Watch Now: Shyne Takes Over XXL’s Ustream

Shyne Po will be taking over XXL’s Ustream page this afternoon at 4 p.m. EST.

The deported rap star will be is currently hosting a special edition of XXL’s new Ustream series, Channel Live, in a few short minutes now.

Presented by Gangland Records, Def Jam Records and Best of Both Offices, the Godfather Buried Alive will be delivering an uncensored conversation, accessible through and XXL’s Ustream page.

XXL’s September issue, which features Shyne and Young Jeezy on split covers, is on newsstands nationwide now. —XXL Staff

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  • http://xxl G-Rod

    where’s shyne po?

  • Anonymous


  • hah


  • Kid Pistol

    Quit frontin’ Shyne is wack. You ain’t the same as you was before. You used to be so dope, I have not heard a single song that was hot now. The new voice is absolutely horrible, and I know I can get more than a few co-signs on that. Bring back the real PO.

  • backachya

    hah can you please shut the F#%$ up if you ain’t got nothing to say then don’t cause you sound like a fool. your vocab is so limited that
    all you have is 2 negative words. you user name alone is a joke “hah” WTF is that. I LOVE everything about SHYNE!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • DubbsMansion

    SHYNE FO LIFE! I’m still singing along to the Roller Song

  • flash facebook witter

    real nows real if youve been to prison like me and shyne then you now
    in the end songs that come out from a man thats been to hell and still stay
    strong and dont give a fuck for you hateing pussys talking dog shit get a life

  • Saratoga N. Blake

    What BOOKS did Shyne read in prison?

    Dude is horrible– how much is XXL getting paid to pimp this shit again?– but maybe (maybe) he can at least kick some truth about lessons learned.

  • matty

    Shyne doin big things, and setting big examples….he is good for da world n da youth right now man…n he a real dude, lettin people know(especially da youth) dis shit aint cool, u dont wanna be like me, be better den this shit…. big ups shyne we on ur side…. n dat 50 phone call was funny as shit tho, 50 a nut i love it big ups 50 too…but big ups shyne, keep dat shit movin boy!!!


    shyne is the real thing, y’all better get that….?A?AS

  • matty21

    good fuckin interview! 100 real shit, all da way real n da truth… good shit, lookin forward 2 da future

  • derrific

    yo shyne 50 killed u nigga
    and you wack now

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  • RaTtI

    seeee!!..50 EDITED THAT PRANK CALL VIDEO!!! I believe eventually shyne gonna be da scortcher in da game!! And i believe a callabo wit the game….50 is finished!!..A fake dude will neva lassst no matter how much u wanna prank call a real G!!

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