Believe it or not, there are still some rappers out there that Lil Wayne has not collaborated with… yet. Earlier this week, during a call-in interview from Rikers Island with Funkmaster Flex, the incarcerated MC revealed that one of the artists he most wants to work with is Midwest independent king Tech N9ne. That got us to thinking about of other collabos we’d love to hear from Weezy when he comes home. With some imagination, a little wishful thinking and cue-taking from Tech N9ne’s playbook (he just released his third collabos album, The Gates Mixed Plate), XXL dreams up a track list for the ultimate Lil Wayne collabos album (that needs to happen). —Calvin Stovall

1) Lil Wayne feat. Tech N9n: "Headbanger Ballin’"
The metal rock-influenced style that Tech has been serving the Midwest over a decade is the logical next step for Wayne’s sound after his Rebirth experiment.

2) Lil Wayne feat. Slaughterhouse "Feed Me Rappers"
Sampling a screwed version of Wayne’s famous line from DJ Khaled’s “We Takin’ Over,” Weezy chops it up with rap’s four baddest butchers (Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz). The bars are epic, but the song’s highlight comes at the end as Budden and Wayne are heard arguing in the booth over whose checklist of industry girls and Eye Candy conquests is most impressive.

3) Lil Wayne feat. Wiz Khalifa "Kush & Purple Drank”
EZ Wider papers and Styrofoam cups litter the studio as Wiz and Weezy bond over their mutual love of tats, weed, and taking other niggas’ women.

4) Lil Wayne feat. Ghostface and Sean Price "Touchy Subject"
Things get awkward in the studio when Ghostface gets his “Wizard of Poetry” on and spits a few nasty stanzas about what he would love to do to Nicki Minaj. Kimbo Price’s vicious ad-libs tearing into “soft-ass, singing-ass, light skinned, pretty boy MCs” only make matters worse.

5) Lil Wayne feat. Mos Def and Jay Electronica "Bayou, For You”
Knowing that he can no longer claim “best rapper alive” if he let’s fellow New Orleans wordsmith and serial “Renegade-er” Jay Electronica outshine him, Wayne spits his best verse in years before teaming with Mos to croon an off-key, yet oddly enjoyable, bridge and chorus.

6) Lil Wayne feat. Lauryn Hill "Miss Us?”
With Weezy fresh out of the box, and L Boogie finally back from her decade-long sabbatical, the found ones team up for an acoustic remake of Drake and Wayne’s “Miss Me.” With Wayne on his electric guitar, and Ms. Hill strumming along with him, this track has the makings of an instant classic.

7) Lil Wayne feat. Dr. Dre "Doctor’s Patience” [Released in 2022]
Thought it was recorded just days after Weezy’s release from Rikers, it takes 12 years for the good Doctor to deem the track ready for public consumption. By the time the video shoot rolls around, a now middle-aged Wayne is wandering around the set bemoaning rap’s new jacks and telling anyone who’ll listen that hip-hop is dead.

8) Lil Wayne feat. 50 Cent: "Mature Money"
In a sign of fan-satiating growth, Fif calls upon Wayne, one of his past subtle-diss targets, for the first single off his latest album. The verses, detailing the megastars’ shared affinity for all things monetary, serve their quotable purpose, but the record’s highlight comes once the final hook ends. After a quick bridge, 50 and Weezy go back and forth with reckless, and hilarious, ad-libs.

9) Lil Wayne feat. Foxy Brown and Cocoa Tea: "Rikers Island 2010"
Weezy and Fox trade bars through the phone direct from the Island over a sample of Cocoa’s 1991 reggae classic. Just imagine a DJ Khaled-orchestrated “All Rikers (Remix),” featuring every MC who has ever passed through the infamous NYC jail.

10) Lil Wayne feat. Lupe Fiasco "Speakin’ in Afrikaans"
Lupe threatens to hold the collab captive until Wayne apologizes for spontaneously yelling, “Shout out to my nigga, Nelson Mandela,” during their Apartheid-themed freestyle over Vado’s “Speakin’ in Tungs.”