KRS-One’s 45 Most Swagger Jacked Lines – Happy Born Day Kris

T-Money “Back Up Off Me”
“Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded/Lookin’ for a style like mine, you can’t find it.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded/Lookin’ for a style like mine, you can’t find it.”

Gravy “Livin In Da City”
“Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded/Lookin’ for a style like mine, you can’t find it.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded/Lookin’ for a style like mine, you can’t find it.”

Prodigy “Infamous Minded”
“It’s evident you not murder material/When you all alone, you pose guns in the mirror, yo.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“Especially when you’re not college material/Wake up every morning to your Lucky Charms cereal.”

Snoop Dogg “Serial Killa”
“Wake up in the mornin’, to Lucky Charms cereal.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“Especially when you’re not college material/Wake up every morning to your Lucky Charms cereal.”

Snoop Dogg “Unify”
“I’m Snoop Dogg, I’m smooth and imperial/I wake up every morning to my Lucky Charms cereal.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“Especially when you’re not college material/Wake up every morning to your Lucky Charms cereal.”

Method Man “Mef Vs. Chef 2”
“I’m hot, bitch, material, Meth beyond lyrical/Wake up every morning eat that Captain Crunch cereal.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“Especially when you’re not college material/Wake up every morning to your Lucky Charms cereal.”

Chi-Ali “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a #”
“’Cause girls look so good, but their brain is not ready, I don’t know/I’d rather talk to a woman ’cause her mind is so steady, so here we go.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“’Cause girls look so good, but their brain is not ready, I don’t know/I’d rather talk to a woman ’cause her mind is so steady, so here we go.”

Chingy “Spend Some $”
“’Cause girls look so good, but their brains is not ready, I don’t know/I’d rather get with baller chick doin’ it real heavy and gettin’ dough.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“’Cause girls look so good, but their brain is not ready, I don’t know/I’d rather talk to a woman ’cause her mind is so steady, so here we go.”

Prodigy “Infamous Minded”
“Won’t shoot to be frontin’, or to waste shots for nothing/If I’m pulling out my torch, I’m gonna hit somethin’.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“Ain’t here for no frontin’ just to say a little something/Ya suckaz don’t like me ’cause you’re all about nothing.”

Prodigy “Infamous Minded”
“I’m not a Boyz N the Hood addict, Menace fanatic/I live the street life for real, so I can brag it.”

KRS-One “Criminal Minded”
“I’m not a musical maniac or B-boy fanatic/I simply made use of what was upstairs in the attic.”

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  • newyawka631

    Happy Birthday My Brotha…Kick some knowledge for da kidz…Word upp..

  • Chris S

    KRS One is the man! but honestly, probably the most overrated rapper of all time

    • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

      Your out of your mind! No one is more overrated then LL! And to a degree Tupac. U may not believe KRS is the goat but he gotta at least be in your top 5! He’s one of the few Mc’s that can actually freestyle off the head and win in a battle. None of that memorized bullshit.

      • Chris S

        well first off i completely agree that 2pac is one of the most (if not the most) overrated. but i don’t wanna start that up.

        honestly KRS isn’t in my top 30 (probably). like i said, i love him. he’s possibly the coolest man to ever walk the planet. he’s just not a great rapper. his rhyming is very simple and basic, usually monosyllabic, and he raps about the same “conscious” topics all the time

        and the freestyle thing is really overrated. it’s a great skill to have and i definitely show respest to people that can do it well. but it doesn’t give you any extra points or anything. i’d rather listen to something outstanding that was written rather than an average verse that was freestyled


          Well you started it up, and you are out of your freakin mind, there is no other rapper out there who left behind a bigger collection of bangers .Overrated? Naw, hell naw.Earned every bit of the attention he got, there will never be another 2pac….ever.Not the most lyrical but the most felt.

        • Verdas

          Top 30????

          The most important thing 4 ur legacy as an emcee is YOUR CATALOG. What other rappers on your list have Classics that can hang with:

          Bridge Is Over
          Criminal Minded
          Still #1
          South Bronx
          Step Into a World
          The P Is Free
          My Philosophy

          …I could go on & on

        • krssssss

          tupac may not be the most technically gifted but he more than made up for it by having a great voice,evoking pple’s emotion ang being a great he might be the greatest songwriter ever em’ said it.what about krs one the only strength he has an emcee is depth which is not enuff to make u a great his music no longer relevant something can’t be said bout’ pac
          krs is pure garbage and anyone who thinks he is g.o.a.t is either deaf or retarded

      • realer

        krs is wayyy overrated totally agree with you

  • mozz

    These seem to be all of the purposeful, signifying, shoutouts. Why you would use “swagger jacking” in this instance is unclear, since that would be incorrect.

    Did I miss something or is it 2010 and there are people who have yet to figure this out?


    I gotta give it up to KRS, as Im an old head and grew up to this shit, but to me he still cant hold a candle to the god mc Rakim. Even back then, I wasnt feelin him and BDP as much as Eric B and Rakim. Too many lyricists owe their dues to Rakim.

  • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

    The real G.O.A.T. Blastmaster KRS One. Fuck what cha heard!!!

  • LZ

    Chris have u lost your fuckin mind most overrated I’m 25 N i know thats bs but its your opinion n i prefer to call him an MC since he actually talk’d about something in his songs…but everyone swagger jacks

  • El Tico Loco

    Ya’ll forgot Diddy’s joint but you can’t get them all I guess.

    Naptown – you’re right about Rakim but Kris is more well rounded MC meaning he got classic joints and on stage he can it down shutdown.

    • El Tico Loco

      He can shut it down.^

  • Sha

    @Chris S…..

    If you had said “The most contradictory MC of all time”, I would have co-signed that….

    But overrated??????

    KRS-One is a battle MC and would lyrically rip 95 Percent of MCs out today. And that includes Kanye, Eminem (still untested as a battle MC/ Nick Cannon and Christina Aguilara don’t count), Jay-Z, and several others (although I think Nas would probably kill him).

    KRS-One is a “God MC”. To really compare him to anyone is strange and stupid. But if you must, check his catalog and put it against any of your favorite emcees based on lyrical content. You’ll be surprised.

    • El Tico Loco

      Sha, Eminem came out of the battle circuit hence the movie 8 mile, but I’ve heard more about his losses than wins most notably getting served by Rhymesfest and I’m talking battle not dis records. You can put Cage, ICP and Everlast on that list too for dis records, I would say Benzino too but Mariah Carey is more worthy opponent, I hoped he would’ve responded when Evidence called him out but he did not respond and Stat Quo took a shot at him too but it fell on deaf ears.

    • Chris S

      “i got a way with words like i got away with murder” > KRS One’s whole catalog

      • Gotta Wonder

        That nigga is overrated.

  • Sha

    @El Tico Loco…..

    Yeah. I knew about the whole 8 Mile circuit. Although people have said this in the past, I am speaking on the world stage.

    A lot of people label Eminem as “The Greatest MC” but the fact that he hasn’t been tested in battle on the world stage automatically disqualifies him from even being considered for that title. Jay-Z did it. Nas did it. Tupac did it. Biggie did it.

    Yeah… I agree with you. Mariah is probaby a more formidable opponent (laughing). But I find it very strange when he was beefing with Royce that he never responded. I think that would have been a very interesting battle.

    • Chris S

      Canibus is more than capable of making great dis records. Eminem completely tore Canibus a new one.

      honestly, people don’t really go at Eminem. one of the most respected rappers ever, Scarface, admitted he wouldn’t even let Em rap on the same song as him…let alone try to diss him.


    Umm lets see who he ruined…. Ja Rule, Benzino, Everlast, Limp Bizkit, ICP, Canibus, Vanilla Ice

    Next up I think he will finally respond to Haystaks wack ass who is goin around claimin he already won because Em wont respond, I also think Em is gonna go at Canibus again because of the diss track Bus just released awhile back about EM.
    Mariah yes but still look at what was said in those rhymes and tell me it wasnt fierce.
    He has battled, he has won underground alot, the only reason you hear about his losses is because they say he was a fierce opponent and only lost twice. Where are the dudes at that beat him now days? Ummmm nowhere to be found, their music is insignificant, because thats all they really can do is battle.

    Eminem didnt respond to Royce because they were close friends and he was hurt by the falling out they had.That would be like battling Proof, it wont happen.

    If you aint heard these are some of the fiercest battle raps I have heard

    My words are weapons
    Doe Ray Me
    I Remember
    Bump Heads
    The Sauce
    Can i bitch
    Monkey See Monkey Do
    The Warning


  • Don mcCaine

    Whoever said KRS only has “conscious” topics CLEARLY hasn’t heard KRS’ catalog.

    Saying KRS is overrated is Hip Hop blasphemy…

    “i got a way with words like i got away with murder” > KRS One’s whole catalog

    ^ …like this

    especially when XXL just did a 6 pg blog on KRS quoatbles that we are commenting on.

    “I’m Still #1″- KRS One f/Eminem

    ^ this exists out there

    @ Sha

    Idk about world stage, but that Benzino riff had alotta media attention.

    KRS=MC legend

    • Gotta Wonder

      KRS=Loser He’s not consistent, with his subject, sound like a broke record, upsett, because nobody buying his shit. If he was happy with his current status, he wouldn’t complain. Its a lot of legends in the game. Krs is just average. You don’t see Biz Markie complaining. All Krs do is Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

      • Don mcCaine


        but what you wrote doesn’t take away his Hip Hop track record.


    Yeah I peeped that song, but it was original by no means. It was a mash up of the original song by BDP and an old unreleased verse Em did a long time ago.But yeah it was still hot.I also peeped the video on youtube where KRS one gave hella props to Eminem. Sayin how ill he was.

  • Don mcCaine

    “where KRS one gave hella props to Eminem. Sayin how ill he was.”

    ^ yep

  • Sha


    It doesn’t sound to me like you are a true student of the artform.

    “Ja Rule, Benzino, Everlast, Limp Bizkit, ICP, Canibus, Vanilla Ice”…

    Dude. Are you serious??? The fact that you even brought this up is hilarious. First off….None of thE artists you named are lyricists. NONE OF THEM!!!

    Meanwhile in the realm of true battling….

    There was Tupac Vs. Biggie

    There was Jay-Z Vs. Nas

    There was LL Cool J Vs. Cannibus

    Face facts. Eminem hasn’t been battle tested. And that (by definition of true MC) eliminates him from consideration.

    What else did you say?

    “Eminem didnt respond to Royce because they were close friends and he was hurt by the falling out they had.”

    On the real? That sounds suspect. Nas and Jay-Z were cool before they even blew up. So are you telling me that Royce and Eminem’s bond was tighter??? Friendship has nothing to do with it. If you get called out on the world stage of battling, YOU RESPOND WITH PURE FIRE!

    Eminem picks his battles (or more like one-sided fights). Let him go against someone with lyrical chops. I am almost certain you and people like you won’t crown him THE GREATEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME.

    And as far as KRS-One giving Eminem props? No one said Eminem sucked. He is dope! Most MCs think dude is beast. But he is not the greatest or can even be considered the greatest because he hasn’t stood in the gladiator’s ring yet with someone of equal or greater caliber. Facts are facts.

    • El Tico Loco

      Did you proofread man? First you said when you started saying that Canibus was not a real lyricist because you bunched him up with Naptown’s list as not being one, but later when you describe the realm of real battling you say LL vs Canibus which is it? And then there’s the infamous battles vs Rhymefest and Juice were true face to face mic to mic battle in which he actually lost in the latter but nevertheless it was a test (a 6 round test), and Cage? Pssh that battle is epic because they sound similar, he had to thru them dudes to get where he is now and I wouldn’t sleep on Everlast either that man got history underground and pop.

  • Sha

    Also…. What is are the requirements to be even considered to be the greatest MC?

    1. The MC needs to be “Lyrically Gifted” (More than above average)

    2. The MC needs to have at least one “Classic” album under his belt

    3. The MC needs to have changed the game and affected the culture in such a profound way that he becomes a bench mark in hip-hop and forever changes public perception of it. (meaning…. “Before MC_ __ and after MC _ _ _”

    4. The MC needs to be “BATTLE TESTED”. He needs to have lyrically battled someone of equal caliber on the world stage. Not some unfair shit, but some real lyrical battling.

    5. Longevity. He needs to have 5 albums or more in the game. And no, I am not talking about “Remix albums” or “unreleased material” or even “Sound Tracks”. I mean full fledged album releases.

    These are the requirements for THE GREATEST MC. If your favorite MC doesn’t meet these basic requirements, they can’t be even considered.

  • Sha

    Who should be considered (by my definition)? This is my list in no particular order.

    1. Nas

    2. Jay-Z

    3. Rakim

    4. KRS-One

    5. Big Daddy Kane

    6. Tupac

    7. LL Cool J

    8. Eminem (if he finally battles someone. Not a couple of line, but a full fledged record)

    9. Biggie (Although I personally wouldn’t allow him based on the fact that he only put out 2 albums. He died too soon. But his inclusion to this list is acceptable)

    10. MC Lyte

    11. Busta Rhymes

    If you go by the 5 rules above, you will see that few MCs will make this list.

    • Gotta Wonder

      SHA, you sound like a Non reliable source. Sound like you gotta lot of Hate for Em, because he happens to be White???? could this be. Fools ain’t going at Em, because he would eat their ass up! PERIOD Oh one more thing. Nigga that’s your list, so GTFOH! Fuck yo list. lol!

  • kedordu


    THIS IS A TOP 10

    TUPAC ( most loved mc )
    ICE CUBE ( the most gagster mc)
    BIGGIE (the best mainstream rapper)
    JAY Z/NAS ( the most influencial of the 90s era)
    LL COOL J (the prototype superstar mc everyone on the list wanted to be him or beat him )
    BIG DADDY KANE/ KOOL G RAP (most INFLUENTIAL MCs to NY regional rap. rapper is different from mc )
    SLICK RICK ( the most classic flow in hiphop)
    EMINEM ( most introspective rapper)
    COMMON (the best conscious rapper)

  • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

    @Chris S Wow….. isnt in your top 30 huh? I think ur out of your mind. I brought up his freestyling simply because its important to have that skill in a REAL battle. And how can u say u love him but he isnt in your top 30? That shit makes zero sense. The fact of the matter is in a battle for the most part he would destroy your favorite rapper. And obviously he’s a great writer becuz dude has classic singles and albums: Criminal Minded, By All Means Necessary, Edutainment, Return Of The Boom Bap etc. We’ll just agree to disagree……..He’s definitely in the top 5 dead or alive.

    • Chris S

      i love Willie D more than any other person in the world. but he is a terrible rapper, and certainly not close to top 30. same with like Snoop Dogg or Pimp C.

      cool people. average to below average rappers.

    • Gotta Wonder

      Hmmmm….I must admit he’s had a few moments thats it. But Greatest, NOPE not even top 5 just top 100, maybe number 52 thas it. Top 5 in his dreams. And only in his dreams. That nigga still mad cause nobody buying his shit. You don’t see Rakim complaining, he still dropping heat. What ya boy Krs doing? Bitching and, all sore. All he has had is a few moments. He’s not consistent with his material. He’s only subject is who is real in Hip-Hop? man come on, move on already.

  • Sha

    @Gotta Wonder….

    My list hasn’t been posted son…. Sorry. This was an example on how to construct it. And no…. I am not trying to be the end all to be all. Check XXL, The Source, and MTV…. They all rank on this criteria.

    As for bringing up the “White” factor as it pertains to Eminem…. I didn’t mention race at all. So stop being sensitive. You must be on that shit because that’s the first thing you jumped to. So what if he is white? He still hasn’t been battle tested….


    First of all you need to eat a dick. No one said that my list was the end all to be all. Stop acting like a woman and showing your feelings. If you have better criteria, POST IT!!! My list is definitely not the end all to be all. But I can guarantee you that your reasons for ranking someone as g.o.a.t. is definitely weaker than mine. Eat a dick!

    • Gotta Wonder

      Hmmmm….so are you going to test him…..NOPE Gtoh, you just a plain hating ass Critic. You didn’t have to bring it up the fact that he’s white, oh by the way, heres your fake ass unoriginal list:

      1. Nas

      2. Jay-Z

      3. Rakim

      4. KRS-One

      5. Big Daddy Kane

      6. Tupac

      7. LL Cool J

      8. Eminem (if he finally battles someone. Not a couple of line, but a full fledged record)

      9. Biggie (Although I personally wouldn’t allow him based on the fact that he only put out 2 albums. He died too soon. But his inclusion to this list is acceptable)

      10. MC Lyte

      11. Busta Rhymes

      12. GTFOH!

      • Gotta Wonder

        Hmmmm….Sha didn’t you say…”This is my list in no particular order.”? You never stated it was an example, so on that note, GTFOH!


      Your still sayin he aint been battle tested.Not one of those artists that I listed did Eminem go after first.They went after him, he ruined them. So by your theory Canibus isnt a good enough reason to say Em has been battle tested, but yet you say LL and Canibus is a battle? You just dont want to admit the obvious, he already said who ever wants it can get it, he dont pick his battlles.Except the corny shit.Which is just him havin fun.
      Please before you go bein a critic about his battle skills, go to youtube and listen to monkey see monkey do by Eminem, then come back and talk to me.

  • Chris S

    and honestly, why does every conversation somehow come around to people listing off their top 5 or 10 of all time?!?!?!

  • Sha

    @Chris S…..

    I feel you on that. But unfortunately when these type of discussions occur, it is inevitable. We are a culture that focuses on winners and losers. From the President of The United States all the way down to your local swap meet. It just happens.

    @Gotta Wonder…..

    You are entitled to your opinion (no matter how biased it is) and I am entitled to mine. I don’t like disrespect so let’s end it there. You have your list and I have mine. Besides…. no one in your top-ten list or mine is putting food on our tables player.

  • BeerGangsta

    If you won’t to learn from a Rapper. KRS1 is the one to learn from. Rap game is shitty!! KRS1 is the one can bring smart lyrics back in the game. Borrow’s Rappers are wack!! They got to say old school Rap verses to help them out. That’s a none Rapping Bitch!!

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    happy birthday to the blastmaster, no doubt. A note on #10, Ice T, “midnight”, that was actually a sample of the original “9mm” heard on the record, not Ice-T rapping the lyric.. so not quite a swagger-jack scenario..

  • Killa X

    Yall niggas need to chill. I gotta give props to that nigga “Sha”…. Like him or not he speaks the truth.

  • Anonymous

    He has a good point, except Em has battled with a lyricist. He is dead wrong on that. And Em will give anyone a run for their money win or lose.

  • Killa X

    Eminem has battled a lyricist. But I don’t think my nigga Sha was talkin bout that. He was talkin EPIC BATTLE.

    Nas and Jay-Z was epic. Big & Pac. Even that niggas Krs-one was in a epic battle. We talkin’ Titans nigga! Not no lunch meat, he made me mad shit. I’m talkin’ shit that shut down the radio waves and has all eyes focused.

    I think that is what that nigga meant. And as nice as Eminem is, Sha is dead on. That dude ain’t battled nobody. EPIC NIGGAS!

    • Don mcCaine


      I think most cats will say the Ja diss was epic, or even the Benzino diss, cause it caught the attention of the press. But I do understand what Sha is saying about epic.

      * That ‘Warning’ song was scathing. I’m saying tho’. *

      But this write up is about Kris, who has had epic battles, and classic songs, and was VERY consistent from ’86-’96. Actually he has put out albums almost every year since he came out.

  • Stylistic

    Big Ups to XXlmag for doing what ALL SO CALLED Hip Hop radio stations, and magazines should do and that is pay homage to THE GREATEST EMCEE OF ALL TIME!!!!With the exception of maybe Nas and Eminem, NOBODY today could lyrically touch Krs, Not Weezy (and it’s sad that I even have to mention this outrageously overrated nigga’s name!) Not TI, Not Kanye, Not Pop star Jay-Z, N-O-B-O-D-Y! Whether people want to realize it or not Krs is STILL Relevent. If you talk to most Hip Hop fans anywhere they still bump Krs-One! He’s quietly released four very underrated albums in the past decade! (Sneak Attack, Kristyles, Hip Hop Lives, and last year’s Survival Skills) Buy any of these four albums and tell me I’m wrong! Straight up and down KRS is the greatest of all time and here are the reasons why….
    -He’s more intelligent then any rapper today, the man’s a walking thesaurus!
    -He puts on the best live show, and when it comes to live shows Rakim (who’s boring live) can’t hold the candle to Kris!
    -His albums (with the exception of Life and Digital) are always loaded with some bangers that could either match or surpass ANY chart topping rapper today! His albums are never boring!
    -He’s the ONLY emcee left along with LL Cool J to still be relevent from the Golden Age. By relevent I mean LL with the mainstream, Krs with the streets, and even college kids!
    -The reason why you don’t see Krs in the mainstream today is because he doesn’t put out borderlined pop music/radio friendly hits like Jay-Z, Kanye, Weezy, TI, and Eminem. If Krs did a song with Lady Gaga he’d be on the radio tomarrow. We are in the Pop/metrosexual age of Hip Hop where Raw Hip Hop like Raekwon’s last album could sell VERY well but never be heard because it’s not Pop, but shit like Black Eyed Peas, and My Dougies is all over the radio and tv. Pop sells Hip Hop struggles! End of story, which is why more rappers ever today are doing pop/r&b collabos to get heard and stay relevent. Somebody correct me I’m wrong! Anyway Happy Birfday Kris, and Thank You!!!!!

  • Axeo

    I just got back from Rock the Bells and KRS-One was dope as hell. Besides Wu-Tang and Snoop he was a huge highlight. KRS-One freestyled,did Criminal Minded and he went up a few notches in my book


    just to add to these comments. Krs is overrated on some degree BUT his rating is leveled out because he does freestyle and battle. he is an MC.

    Tupac is beyond overrated. his legacy was made by what he did off record and when he died. death doesn’t catalpult you to a higher postiton.

    take em’s skin tone out of the equation. he would be a less than average rapper of the golden era. if u really love and respect hip hop and dig deep in the crates you would know this.

    if u saw somebody u could relate to and got into rap because u became stan, than u wouldn’t know this. if u are in the industry and you know this guy lays golden eggs, you will keep your mouth shut and follow suit. read between the lines

    besides this, good article, but in hip hop who dosen’t swagger jack besides Ghostface who is a lot like slick rick


      Average rapper? stfu, you obviuosly know nothin about hip hop moron.He is a student of hip hop and has studied the craft and studied some of the best, thats why even some of the best rappers and legends say he is so ill. they dont say damn i wish he was black then no one could touch him. quit bein a idiot.

      Tupac way overrated? then what is big? way way way overrated, because pac was felt and dropped nothin but classic song after classic song.somethin you failed to mention.yeah his lifestyle played a big part of his legacy, but with out the great music he would have been just another average rapper with a arrest record.

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  • KingP

    How can krs one borrow and lend his own line? smh

  • combatjack

    Um….dude is right people. And no I’m not some cat who don’t know his history. Rakim, BDK…hell Special Ed can’t be fucked with even to this day. KRS, however has been overrated for a LONG time. He was so overrated for so long, he’s now a legend…and honestly he’s not really deserving of the legendary title. He’s CERTAINLY not the GOAT, or even in the top 50 skill wise.

    This is especially true in 2006 because every emcee and they momz (accept for the Beastie Boys because they’re the same way) has passed him up in terms of skill and originality on the mic.

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