Rick Ross’ Teflon Don By the Numbers – Raps Per Minute

This past Tuesday, Rick Ross released his latest album, Teflon Don. The LP is Ross’ fourth solo release and, if this week’s projections turn out to be correct, it has the potential to be his fourth consecutive album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. For that to happen, though, it means that he’ll have to overtake Eminem’s Recovery, which has sat atop the charts since it dropped in mid-June and has already gone platinum.

Earlier in the week, XXL posted its official rating of the album. But after our Aim & Fire discussion about whether or not Ross can stand on his own two, we decided to break the album down even further to see just how much time the Bawse spent on his own disc. Here, we break Teflon Don down by the numbers… “Young and radical, methods are mathematical.” —Compiled by Adam Fleischer and Calvin Stovall

Number of Tracks: 11

Number of Featured Guests: 15

Number of Songs Where a Featured Artist’s Voice is Heard More than Ross’: 4 (T.I., “Maybach Music 3;” Trey Songz, “No. 1;” Chrisette Michele, “Aston Martin Music;” Raphael Saadiq, “All the Money in the World”)

Longest Rick Ross Rap on the Album: “MC Hammer” (3 minutes and 9 seconds)

Shortest Rick Ross Rap on the Album: “Maybach Music 3″ (52 seconds)

Sample on Album that Lasts Longer than Rick Ross Does on “Maybach Music 3″: Black Panther Party speech sample on “Tears of Joy” (59 seconds)

Number of Rick Ross Verses on Album: 24

Number of 16 Bar Rick Ross Verses on Album: Not 24

iTunes Price: $9.99

Amazon.com Price: $7.99

Torrent Price: 3-10 minutes of waiting

Number of Minutes Rick Ross Raps on Album: 22:58

Number of Minutes on Album: 47:17

Number of Possible Minutes on One CD: 80

Number of Words Rick Ross Spits on Album: Roughly 3,700

Rick Ross’ Words Per Second on the Album: 1.26

If Bought at iTunes Price, How Many Rick Ross Words 50 Cents Gets You: 185

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  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    Disgraceful….11 tracks feat 15 Artists who outshines you.

    • roderick504

      who cares its great music…if the album is better with top people within the genre and it broadens his audience then fuck it whhy not…the only person we could of really done without was diddy cuz its the only consistently skippable track on the album

      • Fung

        That’s a great comment right there nigga. Who cares how many people he features on Teflon Don. The objective is to make great music and Rick Ross achieves that objective. There is no point in a ngga spitting on the whole album by himself if its going to be a shit or mediocre album. Great work Rozay. keep doing your thing and fuck the haters. That’s how i know Ross has made it. Look at the level of hate he receives.

        • drox

          all those ppl featured on this album, Rowse should change his name to DJ Rick Ross and officially join DJ Khaled

      • matty21

        well then it should be a damn COMPILATION ALBUM, not a rick ross album… dats what it is…. obviously da guests deserve more credit

    • sway-z

      Illmatic was only 10 tracks, so it ain’t about the length, but every song having a feature is growing tired because it’s always THE SAME FEATURES!

      Jay on your introspective song, Kanye on your “creative” song, “Insert R&B artist here” for your chick/club song, sprinkle in T.I. & Rihanna on something, and your good

  • M. Baby!

    Thank you thank you thank you, you’re far too kind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Ross fan but he kind of played us with only 11 tracks and features on every song except “I’m Not A Star.” I was a little disappointed when I looked on the back of the CD and only saw 11 tracks, but I bought the album because I’m a true Hip-Hop head and I support good music. Back in the day, dudes gave you 12 tracks but that was when you didn’t have any leaks and the only songs u heard were the official radio single. Most people heard Super High, MC Hammer, BMF, Free Mason, & Aston Martin Music…that’s 1/2 of the album right there. How are you gonna give us a free 13 tracks on the Albert Anastasia LP and it’s almost as hot as your official album. Everybody’s talking about he killed this album but he really didn’t. His word play is the same as usual: Guns, Money, Drugs, and Girls. He doesn’t stay on topic. He talks a little bout his kids & his mother getting old, but then goes right back to guns & money. This is what happens when rappers reach a certain level in the game and start getting “Super High” and just go in the booth and say whatever comes to their mind. You can hear how it sounds. He even says, “I stop writing so f*ck it, I do it mentally.” T.I. did that and we all saw how T.I. vs. TIP turned out. He went back to writing and Paper Trail was official. Everybody wanna be Biggie & Hov. I was gonna put Ross up on my list with album, but can’t. The album is tight, but just when you get to the last two songs and get hyped up like yeah, that’s it….u gotta start all over. Just not enough tracks. Just like XXL said, I’m starting to question that Ross can’t hold his own, he needs features.

  • DJ Postman

    I would have hated to be the person who had to listen to this album over and over and over to get these statistics. It is kind of pathetic that he only give us 11 songs. You’d think “Tha Bawse” could have done a little more.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Ross is popular but as an emcee, he is extremely overrated. Also, I know bragging is a part of rapping, but he acts like his albums go diamond every time. Hopefully now he won’t compare himself (and his sales & money) to Em.

    • jburg

      Exactly what I was thinking. He talks shit like he selling millions.

  • that nigga

    HAHAHAHA, this is some funny shit. Still, I fuck with Ross. His mixtapes are incredible. As most artists.

  • P

    lmao… number of people he think he is: 10

  • 305reprezentah!

    i have never seen so much motherfuckin HATE on an mc before in my lifetime.if there was a graph made on ALL mc’s,shit would realy hit the fan! Iam a true 28 yr old hip hop head that knows my shit.Has anybody ever met a miami C.O.? Most miami c.o.’s are HOOD as fuck and have ties to the streets.Its a well known fact! Rick ross was never a cop u dumb assholes! All you haters that work for xxl mag should all suck a dick!![realy?..a graph?]Fuckin peoples is funny as fuck! shit reminds me of THE SOURCE back in the day when they were hating on eminem+50.Let this nigga ROSS live and stop hatin!!

    • james

      ? a pleasent surprise it was 2 read this post. Everything u stated in this post is true but I am going2 take it a step further. 4 XXL 2 do a graph break down of “how much time the bawse spent on his cd”is absolutely pathetic and inconsistent. I say that bcause u chose 2do this with rick ross to try n discredit him for putting together an album that is arguably the best this year. Y didn’t u do this with Em’s album(pink, rihana, little wayne, kobe). Is xxl going 2 do the same thing when Dr. Dre’s album comes out. The point I’m making is that rap albums are filled with guest appearances and no one ever criticizes it. 2do an article like this is just absurd and obviously biased. This is the reason that I am so disdained with how hip hop is covered.

      • yungk

        yeah well obviously they’re not gonna do a feature like this when dre’s album comes out for example. The reason they did this is cus his rapping was so obviously and noticeably short on this album

        • http://rapgeek.webs.com steve-o

          Dre. doesnt even write his own sh!t so they could make a graph and not even include him if they wanted.

  • Infamous

    Rick Ross takes the approach of putting a album together, like he’s putting together a movie. One thing that’s apparent is that he takes the time to think his albums through to make classics… I don’t care about the interpretation of the numbers per minute. When you grab this album, it has Rick Ross’ stamp on it. He gave everybody Albert Anastasia for free, and so don’t try to act like the man ain’t capable… If you hate on the outcome of the album, then you a crab… This article comes across as a biyatch running for office, trying to pass a law to stop a nicca pants from sagging… Let that man do his thang, wear your pants how you want to ho nicca!!

    • james

      You are absolutely right. Let’s not forget that 50 is the editor and chief of this magazine.

  • bylaw99

    @ 305rep…Uh yeah you have seen an mc hated on worse then William and his name is Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. You’re a true hiphop head at 28yrs, well i’ma former mc myself at 33yrs, and not one time have I seen an ex-corrections officer become a Teflon Don! GTFOH..you think the industry woulda accepted Slick Rick if he used to lock niggas up and make em spread they cheeks to check for contraband.

    • Anonymous

      Listen up lil nigga! u sound corny as fuck takin sides with 50 and ROSS! if u think that a nigga cant become a drug dealer after a brief 18 months of being a c.o.-Then u must be RETARDED. This nigga ross was 19 years old when he was a c.o.,he is now 34 years old!! GET THE PICTURE LOSER? Expand your mind a little bit and think outside the box just for a second-& GET A MOTHERFUCKIN CLUE! Everything is not black& white,life is deeper than that

      • Anonymous

        word but its useless to preach to the the internet. theyll figure out eventually. itll b by a slow painful process called trial and error.

      • james

        Amen. Please people open your minds and start being objective. You know what I find funny. No one ever ?’s emminem’s life story. It’s just a given that he was poor or that he’s had troubles with drugs. y doesn’t anyone ever say hey em when were u in rehab and how long. Tired of the double standard. Celebrate Teflon Don for the great album that it is.

        • DETROIT

          Dude is 30 years old, was a co for a year and a half, went to college and played football for a year and a half, and has been a rapper for about 8 years now…WHEN DID HE HAVE TIME TO SELL MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DOPE? BE SERIOUS! if u like that fake shit, u just like it…it’s cool. the beats bang, etc…but lets stop acting like this nigga is not a fraud! he pays niggas for cosigns! what hood is this nigga from? what block?

          i knew ross was a faker when he said that noreaga owed him 100 favors…dude has a great imagination!

        • DETROIT

          ALSO, some of us are from the era when rap was anti establisment, with songs like black cop and sound of the police. it was also about originality…now u have a guy trying to be biggie and portraying the street life when everyone knows that not his thing. to his supporters, if he was a co b4 he became this kingpin, how come none of that finds it’s way into his music? how come he never tells u about his college experience? his football days? his construction job?

          “last words to a bitch nigga….why u lie” – tupac

  • 305reprezentah!

    A GRAPH!?!…….Realy? ya’ll niggaz at xxl mag look sooooooooo,soooooooooooo fuckin corny right now! WACK as FUCK. I still cant get over that shit! Shit is so funny to me! DOES ANYBODY AGREE WITH ME? SERIOUSELY? A GRAPH? Ya’ll took all this time & energy to create a graph to SHIT on an mc! U niggaz is LOSERS!

    • Malik

      Shouldn’t you be out “pushing weight” instead of posting on the damn internet? And yes, graphs are commonly used in mathematics and specifically statistics to give a visual representation to what you’re talking about. It’s not that taxing of a practice if you know how to use Microsoft Excel.

      • Anonymous

        Realy? i had no clue what a graph is used for! wow. thanx for the reminder! u clown ass nigga.

        • Malik

          If you actually had the reading comprehension of someone who graduated middle school, I’m going to assume you don’t based on you response, you would know why I mentioned the graph.

        • Gotta Wonder

          ” I’m going to assume you don’t based on you response ” ?????? its YOUR, you idiot! LOL sound like you need some lessons of your own.

        • Malik

          Me or my keyboard not registering when I press “r” is not part of reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is understanding what and why something was written. Congratulations you just learned something new today.

        • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com STFU

          Nigga What Is You Proving With Your Comments You Lookin Stupid Tryna School Niggas On A Rick Ross Post…..I Swear I Hate Smart Dumb Niggas

  • bylaw99

    ***Yeah @ Anonymous..I see you are a defender of corrections officers so why did he lie about it since its “no big deal and erybody can become the biggest drug kingpin in Miami after an 18 month stint in police uniforms” LOL..you sound upset..are you a corrections officer who wonts to become a hiphop star like Big 5.0. from Hustle & Flow..you can do it…William did! If a nigga lie about his old job then a nigga lie about anything. Case in point! dont hate my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      i dont hate on anybody’s opinion. im just so surprised at niggaz simple minded views on street life & rick ross situation! Everybody has such a week argument bout dis nigga.Real,real,week arguments! Thats ALL.

  • http://nowahblack.tk moneymove

    wow! best album of the year , and broke people still hatin’

  • Malik

    No one is “hating”. It’s a follow up post on their discussion about Rick Ross last week. And guess what, the people at XXL LIKE HIM. The have the review on the page too with a XL. The post exists because they were unsure how much time does Rick Ross spend on his own album and as shown, it isn’t much.

    • http://reverbnation.com ross

      i see a lot of hatin ! album of the year !

  • yoprince

    lol. good work.

    yet and still..

    TD >>>>> Recovery

  • joshchrome

    such a good album, everyone is crying cause he has a lot of help and stuff. THAT IS NOT A BAD THING! if it makes a good album STFU!
    if Ross had held the whole album by himself then people would be like WAH WAH it sucks!

  • TT

    Aston. Martin. Music!

  • bylaw99

    I’ma be 100 wit u niggas straight up..I was a Rick Ross fan until all the lies and deception came into play..I’m a 70′s era nigga and hiphop that I came to love is now all tight pants, lip rings, and niggas who blatantly lie about they life..its one thing to say “I’m just speaking on what I seen or heard” but to say I’m the biggest boss” when erybody who knew you said you wasnt moving like that! I cant respect that..I can accept it but not respect it. I like dudes music but now I know he’s a fraud I take it with a grain of salt and for what it is and thats a good story over great production. dont hate my opinion.

    • yoprince

      if you’re “70′s era” and it took until rick ross for you to start listening to rap with “a grain of salt,” then….

      you LOST.

    • valdez

      co-sign bylaw99…

  • A.K.

    HAHAHAHAHA…a pie chart and a graph? XXL yall fools for this right here. Officer Ricky aight, ima probably cop the album. Good music is good music.

    • 305reprezentag

      FINALLY……..Somebody else that that finds this graph/pie chart fuckin hilarious to look at!! Made to shit on somebody’s album.

  • TheezNuts

    Case in pint, niggas get to caught up in the Rick Ross situation. I really dont give a f**k about the C.O. shit. I know from experience C.O’s are grimy MF, so he lied. Now niggas fell perpetrated and broken hearted about it. I like the music because I’m a true hip-hop fan. Whats relevant is that after all the Bullshit, nigga still here getting support. Look who many niggas he pulled on the album, Jay, Gucci, Drake, etc. As for XXL, you niggas are clown ass niggas in suits for this graph. If you want to be heard don’t be a Herb, Son.


  • Nikeaddict23

    I’m not a Rick Ross fan but I had to admit it was a clean album.
    It’s one of the best rap albums this year, but then again, there hasn’t been any good albums out this year besides Recovery, so there really isn’t any competition to compare his album to so far.

    I know rap is supposed to be entertainment, but I don’t buy his character. And it’s harder to believe him when he has lames like Gun Play on his team. I treat Ross how I treat Kanye, I like their music but I don’t care for them outside of music.

    And the main reason why I just downloaded the album was because how short it was. I’m not gonna pay for a cd that’s the same playing time of a mixtape. And plus I already had the Albert Anastasia EP, which is half the album already.

  • doubleclutch95

    I always felt a real artist can sale and make records without the help of guest features… Ross maybe one of them but as of now ima say no.

  • Kingroy

    The graph was shown how much words he used. This does look like it wasn’t needed, but at the same time. I rather want Rick Ross to rap on his own in most of his album. Seriously, it does make him look as if he needs his connects.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    this is too disrespectful BUT i promise rick ross next album will have little features. keep in mind a lot of those features are artist on hooks. If drake didn’t sing his album would have just as many. In fact he still invited singers like alica the dream he did hire super producres kayne timbland. the middle of drake album is str8 features.

    305 dude is absloutely right. its many other albums with features. Its like you want rick ross to fail. Regardless, his name in the streets, his music in the streets. the man makes music for people to ride to.

  • hater


  • http://www.myspace.com/kryakabillybonez Kry

    Haha, I was wondering about some of these stats I just didn’t have the patience to actually try to figure them out. It’s a good album , but it is a little ridiculous when you look at some of these numbers

  • hater

    The best track didnt even make the album, Super High RMX with Spitta and Wiz

    Kush and OJ >>>>> Telfon Don



  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    only built for cuban linx had way more features. Ghostface even has his own song on the album. Is wutang a weak group for not being able to be as good without the entire group? Are they frauds for their gambino styles?

    Love hip hop. its music people music

    • Malik

      Less than half the album had features, ignoring Ghostface because he was credited as it being his album also. And yes, there’s a difference between having people in your group on your album than bringing in every other hot rapper on your album.

      Basically every solo album between 93-97 was a group effort by the Wu.

      • DETROIT

        WOW, we’re comparing ross to wu now? DON’T DO THAT TO YOURSELF HOMMIE! OB4CL is a classic in the true since of the word. if u want to compare them, then lets compare them. if ob4cl is a 10 that would make ross’ shit like a 4…ON THAT SCALE. and to compare a group of niggas from the same project to this ross shit is crazy.

  • M. Baby!

    I felt the graph was necessary, especially in a time when music isn’t selling like it used to. XXL should start doing this in their magazines along with the reviews for albums. Holla @ me XXL for some ideas, lol. People are getting tired of million mixtapes floating around out there. We’re starting to want quality or quantity and most people like me who actually didn’t wanna hear any leaks and want to take it back to that feel of buying an album for the first time and being shocked, I was shocked. It’s a little disappointing when it’s only 11 tracks and features on 10/11. With a title like Teflon Don and all of the hype surrounding this album you would expect a little more. Wayne’s Carter III was anticipated like crazy and people would’ve been mad as hell if he only gave us 11 songs…but he gave us a good 17 songs plus an extra couple of songs if you bought the double disc CD. Is this still Hip-Hop music or is this executive/A&R music. DJ Khaled did a good job in helping Ross put out a nice mixtape. I call this album another mixtape because your album is supposed to be about you. Not u and everybody else. That’s why I can’t wait for my boi J Cole to drop. He said he might not have any guest features on his debut album. That says a lot. It’ll probably be good but won’t get the attention like Ross or Drake because he doesn’t have songs featuring everybody on his album.

  • mandy

    The pie chart and graph are hilarious! HAHA
    Rick Ross probably should have spent more time on his album
    No matter what anyone says, he DID have TOO MANY features
    Officer Ricky should have used his album to fully show case his skills,
    or lack thereof.
    I give this album an “L”
    I would rather buy pilot talk
    Recovery > TD

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk


    Y’all bit Dallas Penn’s pie chart blogging!!!!!

    Complex just did a ‘How many times does he say Bawse’ blog so this ain’t bad, but Dallas has been doing this type of breakdowns when certain albums drop.

    Yo double f realistically you cannot compare Wu to this guy. They came in as a group, fans always wanted those Wu cyphers on an album. Nas was the only collab/guest/feature on OB4CL, but you could even get technical and say Cappadonna was a feature.

    I just wanna say if this dude was in the streets like that, cool, I just don’t need to/want to hear on every single song that you were pushing weight. And honestly, cats that I knew that really were heavy in the game like that didn’t need to brag, you already knew the deal. You didn’t see them, you saw the workers ’cause there was too much at stake.

    I’m just tired of cats saying it’s entertainment, then saying he’s speaking for the street dudes, who already know the game don’t usually go down like how Ross is portraying it, then say all rappers lie, like you can generalize all because of one. Pick a side and stay there, it sounds and looks like some are trying to justify in their own mind why they should listen to this guy.

    TD was not the conceptual album I thought it was gonna be, especially with them JL beats. If a hunnid features works for dude, so be it. At the end of the day I’m more worried about Wal-mart putting bio-chips in it’s merchandise than Ross’ resume.


  • Anonymous

    I agree with the first person who commented this, Only 11 song but 15 features and your getting outshined. Ross aint goin out rap Kanye or Jay, hell i can T.I. in there. Now Kanye’s Good Ass Job has almost 20 features for 16 songs but kanye isn’t outshined especially on his own shit.

    • james

      I’ve read 2 post that states “11 tracks 15 features and he gets outshined”. Seriously did you get the album? probably not. The one constant in all reviews that I have seen on this album is that lyrically right now “Ross is on his game”(listen 2 the track Mc Hammer). It’s gotten so popular for people 2 say “He got murdered on his own shit”, just to say it. Go and listen to the album, be objective and you will realize that he holds his own if not more against anybody.

  • Devante’

    I agree with the first person who commented this, Only 11 song but 15 features and your getting outshined. Ross aint goin out rap Kanye or Jay, hell i can T.I. in there. Now Kanye’s Good Ass Job has almost 20 features for 16 songs but kanye isn’t outshined especially on his own shit.

  • jozeppi

    Man XXL, a whole article of cheap shots at Rick Ross. Like what’s the point of this besides to try and point out meaningless numbers persuading people to believe Ross put out a bad album.

    P.S. You guys forgot one..

    Number of hip hop albums better than Teflon Don in 2010- 1 (Revolutions Per Minute, Kweli & Hi-Tek).

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    in no way am i’m comparing ob4cl one or 2 with ross joint. However, the features is what i’m trying to point out. As stated, too many rap albums in the past during the golden era were featured up. Clearly, ross is trying to sell that golden era feel. his entire album and flow is 90′s rap.

    i don’t know dude, so i can’t say he is really in the streets or if he wasn’t. i did my time in the streets. I kno dudes in the streets. out of my crew 3 of us graduated out of 20. some of my best friends are still heavy in the streets. Trust, they feelin ross.

    the average street dude feels ross. ross smokes a blunt with the average dude. does that make you real street? no, but it shows you respect a persons hood. once u gave a hood’s love u are always welcomed and they will always big u up.

    i’m not a ross fan BUT i did download the ablum. next round he might get my money. this album is a classic of this time. the features don’t take away from it…its ross chyphering with the greats. all of his fans wanted this and when i talk to people they all like it. ross joint is bumping at lights and intersections and he killin the clubs.

    give dude props.


      I respect your opinion…but here’s where i disagree…

      1. again, rae and ghost were a part of the same group! that would be like ross making a whole album with gunplay featured. had he done that, i don’t think he would have gotten this reaction.

      2. THERE WERE 22 SONGS ON OB4CL, NOT 11!

      3. They followed ob4cl with ironman, another 20 track album featuring rae and capa. so all together the gave u 40+ cuts…not 11.

      4. street niggas bump anything with a thumpin beat! that has been proven over and over again. that doesn’t mean that niggas respect dude, no more than they respect a nigga like lil wayne who has never been a street cat, but raps about killing grandma’s and shit.

      5. no way an 11 track dope fairly tale album is a “classic”. u guys throw that word around too much. 10 years from now, no one will be bumpin teflon don…just like no one is bumpin port of miami now. thats just my opinion tho, cuz on the real, there’s no way to know weather or not an album is classic after 1 week, lol. this is a convo we should have 5 years form now. i’m no 50 fan, but “in the club” and “many men” are classic cuts…nothing on teflon don can stand up to those, and 50 is hella avg. it’s dark and hell is hot is a classic, put that up against this fairytale shit and you’ll see what i’m sayin. and don’t sleep Ross pays niggas to be in their hood, that’s why there’s ALWAYS a camera around. lord tariq confirmed that when he was in the bronx. let’s see him walk through his hood…where ever that my be…lol.

  • August Martian

    When rappers like Ross start to actually go into depth with the realities of the drug game as far as the tens of thousands of lives lost to murder, the prison system (especially since he has REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE as a C.O.p) family breakdowns from substance abuse, bound to wheelchairs for life from being shot, police brutality, etc…THEN he will get my support.

    Its one thing to be a studio gangsta/wanna be drug lord but you can at least give a balanced viewpoint when your on the mic instead of selling out with the glamorized exploits and you still have none of your singles go gold or platinum AND your album still not going to go Gold. Is selling out even worth it?

    Only with us black people is it ok degrade ourselves for nigger pennies. Ross is not the only one but he’s the most blatant example. We’ve lost a whole generation to the madness and I refuse to ever support any artist that profits off the madness if they’re not going to give a well rounded, balanced point of view

  • August Martian

    And when I said none of his singles went gold or platinum I’m talking about off of this latest project not in his entire career.

  • http://www.soundclick.com/showtimeny ShowTimeNY

    Longest Rick Ross Rap on the Album: “MC Hammer” (3 minutes and 9 seconds

    ^^^^^ LOL

    This whole thing is hilarious but that Had me rolling.

    Its a solid album.

    I wanna listen to his other albums just on some student of the game shit.

    He’s hot right now. I no longer live in Brooklyn anymore and I can still tell he’s hot in the streets.

    He might knock em out the # 1 spot at least in the first week.

  • Dub

    Dude makes good music, more than I can say for 50 anymore, he too busy on Diddy’s wood…Only hope for 50 to get that old buzz back is to let Game back in G-Unit and start pumpin out those collabs..

  • iGotOnMyBackpack

    Black Thought rapped on less than 50% of The Roots new album. Where are the negative comments about that? Y’all niggas are funny always trying to diss Rick

  • WOW

    Wow you moron, The Roots is a BAND! They are on their whole album. You can tell its these south dudes saying “music is music”, if Ross was from NY, y’all would be saying he’s average at best. His story, his raps, none of it adds up to what he actually he, he’s a decent MC, but I’m tired of dudes getting all amped up about a damn half assed rapper just cuz of where’s he’s from, if “music is music” y’all should be saying DJ Khaled is the best rapper cuz he puts together hella hits, i’m done

    • iGotOnMyBackpack

      we all know The Roots are a band, dickhead. BT is the mc of the band and if you’ve been following them since 94 you know that he’s carried the mic duties for the majority of the albums. it’s obvious that you’re a young buck and don’t know shit

    • iGotOnMyBackpack

      we all know The Roots are a band, idiot. BT is THE mc of the band and if you’ve been following them since 94 you know that he’s carried the mic duties for the majority of the albums. it’s obvious that you’re a young buck and don’t know ish

  • http://theorganizegrind.com musicconnoisseur

    A graph… really??? WTF are yall into XXL? I’m quite confused here, obviously yall feel some kinda way… so why the fuck did yall give dude album a XL??? Oh yeah, I forgot, everything has a price huh? Yall turning inot that other magazine yall took out the game. features or not, Rick Ross put together a dope album…. yes indeed its rather short, but all in all – - – who says they have to be long? Shout out to Rozay, clearly he doing something right bc he got more haters now that ever.

  • http://theorganizegrind.com musicconnoisseur

    And yeah, this will be his 4th straight number one for dude too by the way, how many other hip hop artists have opened up number 1 on every one of they’re albums including their debut (1st album for you slow folk)…….. yeah – 0 – none. He in a class all by himself, huh.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=86217 smh

    man fuck rick ross! dudes a fake

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross fucken sucks thats why he has all the guest on his album so that people will still buy it

  • Ty

    Features? Really, Yall complaining on features?….wooooowwwwwwww! The best songs in the world have features on them.

    Wale had 12 features of 14 songs for Attention Deficit….The album is STILL FUCKIN GOOD!

    T.I. 10 of 16 features on his last album….GOOD ALBUM!!

    You have features to give your album more defition. Making it more broad….When you look up Raphael Saadiq now on youtube. You will see Rick Ross….CeeLo…Rick Ross…Erykah Badu….Rick Ross…Raekwon….RICK ROSS

    If you ass holes knew anything about marketing, which Im sure you dont, because half the people here do not have degree’s. You will notice that the only way to survive in a saturated market is advertising, networking and marketing….

    And what is he doing Advertising OTHER artist…Networking with OTHER artist, and marketing to OTHER genre’s..

    Smart move on him and that production team.
    The FUCKIN ALBUM IS PERFECT! Espically if you got it from iTunes with “Audio Meth”…Cuz he kinda step on Detroit’s toes with the Detroit Style Cypher instrumental thats on “Audio Meth”
    Love every second of it

    Quit hatin, doin graphs….All all this other excess shit. It makes you look VEEERRRYYY Bad….After this, I wont buy another XXL magazine. Cuz this shit is just OVER the top

    Next person to hate….Yall make an album with 5 features, and lets see how many records you sell….And you can have your staff do that too!


  • Cribba

    You guys are Funny, RIck ROss ahve no air time at all in Europe. RIght now the only rap song on the biggest radio stations are the Eminem song with RIhanna.
    Im not hating on Ross but i think that Teflon DOn are his worst CD to date. I really dont understand how some of you can feel this at all. The first song on the album is the only song that i could play more than 1 time..

    And like i said before, im not hating, im just thinking that the Teflon DOn CD are really wack..

  • Cribba

    And by they way, i just saw someone mention that Ross is one of a kind because he has had 4 number 1 albums, come on son. If you release an album with no competion what would you expect? Eminem sold like 740k of Recovery first week, Ross need to add his first week sales for ALL of his albums to reach that numbers.
    Do i think that Ross are a legend? No. Is he good rapper? He is ok, nothing more. He is on the same level as Tom Green(and that not so bad regarding to Too Short :D )

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dj Smokestack

    Album is dope straight up. A lil dissapointed in 11 tracks.. I mean he kills Aston music and money in the world then its back to not a star…

  • swype-matic

    This was a solid album no matter what, but damn, the breakdown and charts were HILARIOUS! hahaha!!

  • http://xxlmag.com JD- JDILLA


  • fuckdahatred

    they should do a graph for the latest Roots album and Black Thought. That shit has a lot of features too but they wouldnty dare critique the great Black Thought now would they. They got some strange standards these magazine critics. I listen to Ross and the Roots, Gucci Mane AND KRS 1 (wheres your review of KRS Back to the L.A.B.? BTW?)

  • your moms is my bottom bitch

    XXL this thread proved yall haters, he had 15 featured artist. He had a few songs where guests sang, Ne-yo on superhigh, cee-lo on tears of joy, drake and chrisset michelle on aston martin music, and rahpael saadiq on all the money in the world. yeah 11 tracks is a dissappointment but it was 11 solid tracks that he made. Im a fan of ross regardless of what his past dictates. its the music i could care less if he works as a baliff on peoples court. cuz aint nobody perfect. Many people get judged for what they say they did and what they try to do. All the people on here that hated or hates on ross need to look in the mirror and ask yourself the question are you living right. Some of you mofo’s is some deadbeat dads who aint never seen your kids since he left your nutsack. let the man live. i don’t think rick ross is losing sleep over all this hate i think he making more money off the hate.

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck what a hater gotta say

  • Anonymous

    rick ross sucks bad

  • Durban

    K.I.S.S method thats wat Ross did in this album kept it simple stupid and its gud

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