101 Things Young Jeezy Taught Us – Words of Wisdom From the Trap

41. Don’t let your guard down in light of your success
“Birds by the flocks, clips in the glocks/Multi-platinum, still watchin for the cops.” — “3 A.M.” — from The Inpsiration

42. Always tell your mother you love her
“I shoulda, hugged my son, shoulda kissed my mother/Spent some time with her, show her I love her.” — “Bury Me a G” from The Inspiration

43. You only have one life to live
“I’m a Legend like John, we Ordinary People/You only get one life, there’s no sequel.” — “Bury Me a G” from The Inspiration

44. Count your blessings
“So you can’t take nothing for granted/And don’t take granted for nothing.” — “Bury Me a G” from The Inspiration

45. Hustling is addictive
“Mom smoking rocks, the same shit I’m selling/So who’s wrong? Her or me?/She addicted to the high, I’m addicted to the cash/Almost put my hands on her when I caught her in my stash.” — “Dreamin’” from The Inspiration

46. Loyalty pays off
“Headed O.T., I sleep why you drive/Me and my dog, we trippin’ off fire/Remember back when we shared our clothes/Look as us now nigga, we sell out shows.” — “Dreamin’” from The Inspiration

47. The streets have ears
“Streets is talkin’, whole hood’s whisperin’/Careful what I say cause I know them folks listenin’.” — “Keep It Gangsta” from The Inspiration

48. Black rims > Everything else
“They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice/I say the blacker the rims the sweeter the coupe.” — “What You Talkin’ ‘Bout” from The Inspiration

49. Critics criticize
“The critics criticize me ‘cause a nigga talking yams/I ain’t sugar coating shit, this is who I am.” — “What You Talkin’ Bout” from The Inspiration

50. Money machines are for chumps
“Triple black ‘Vet, yeah I call it the stealth/No currency machine, I could count it myself.” — “Mr. 17-5” from The Inspiration

51. Being poor is a sickness
“CTE that’s the label that pays me/I own that so I pay myself/Being broke’s bad for my health.” — “I Got Money” from The Inspiration

52. Jeezy loves the kids
“The big question is what can I do for the youth?/Everybody lyin to ‘em so I told ‘em the truth.” — “The Inspiration (Follow Me)” from The Inspiration

53. Coming up short on a drug sale can be problematic
“And if you show me the money, I put this brick in ya face/And if you ain’t got my money, I put this strap in ya face.” — “Welcome Back” from The Recession

54. Don’t share your business plan with strangers
“Young what’s your business plan, none your fuckin’ business man/What’s wrong with you pussy niggas, need to mind your business man.” — “Welcome Back” from The Recession

55. When speaking in code it’s okay to substitute White hip-hop producers if referencing cocaine.
“Yayo in my kitchen, Scott Storch everywhere/White vette, black top, Kung Fu Panda Bear.”— “Welcome Back” From The Recession

56. Ladies who pleasure themselves are desriable
“A movie star bitch, we can make our own flick/I just came to beat it down, you play with your own shit.” — “Welcome Back” from The Recession

57. Dead people sometimes resemble pastries
“The boy might go nuts/Puttin’ holes in niggas just like donuts.” — “By The Way” from The Recession

58. As the head of a crew you must keep your boys entertained
“Can’t let the goons get bored, got to keep them niggas busy/And I ain’t trustin’ no body, so I took my money with me.” — “By The Way” from The Recession

59. A good hustler knows magic
“I turned a brick into a clothing line, a boost commercial/And they still talkin’ young, so who’s commercial.” — “By The Way” from The Recession

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  • T-Mac

    This was disrespectful…Tryna make Jeezy stupid or some shit.

  • Anonymous

    fuck jezzy and the 101 reasons . I need to get 1 reason why your magazine did not review distant relatives. can you do that for me

    • NW ZeuS

      fuck you talkin bout?? Jeezy’s da truth.

  • michael

    please just give me one reason why distant relatives did not get a review in your magazine

  • Sha

    This kind of seemed like a diss…..

    But fuck it. Hip-Hop doesn’t teach me shit. It entertains me.


    Stop looking for hip-hop to teach these dumb niggas. Parents, do your jobs!!!

  • Da Illest

    I learned all this hustling crap in the 90′s. Like Ving Rhames said in Baby Boy ” What you call new is all a fucking rerun to me” lol

  • Jack Devereux

    Fuck this Southern artists. Finally the south is beginning to end. Jeezy is not as popular anyomre and that goes the same for lil Wayne and that bitch T.I That fat Rick Ross nigga never was a platinum artist anyway so he a nobody. My nigga Jay-Z is the only hip hop artist besides Eminem who has managed to go double platinum, let alone 1 platinum in the last year. New York is on its way back. A N.Y artist the only one still relevant after 15 years in the game. New York baby. The South was just a fad. Jay-Z who is a New Yorker can rhyme better than any Southern Country boy. That means New York is the best.

    • Mack

      Jay-Z…the same guy who had two Southern artists on his album (Jeezy and J.Cole).

      Jay-Z…the same guy whose “successful” tenure was based on the rise of Southern artists (Jeezy and Rick Ross).

      Jay-Z…who when he named his OWN top 5 named two Southern artists (Scarface and 3000), one Midwest artist (Eminem), one West Coast MC legend (2pac)..and one DEAD New Yorker (Biggie).

      Seriously, shut the fck up.

    • swype-matic

      You don’t have to get a new alias Capo Status, you sound the same as usual.

    • NW ZeuS

      quit hatin da south. New York been soft ever since Snoop came through n crush da buildin!! Na New York got da top 5 dead or alive and da most hated and under-rated MA NIGGA KILLA!no homo…….50′s wack,same with Escobar600, nigga should just quit rappin, period.Jay aiight.watered down, extra cocky and subliminal but he still aiight.

      New York need to let the youngins in da game like Math Hoffa and A-Mafia.

      Jigga sold da game to da Chi n da A and N.O. M-i-yay-yo, HIP-HOP IS DEAD….in New York!

  • Anonymous

    yall crazy!!! read those lines!!!! jeezy the truth 4 the street cats!!!!!! tm103 on the way!!! lets get it !!!!!!!!1

  • geico lizard


    “Swear to God the minivan do tricks
    Hit the brakes, hit the lights and wow, there go them bricks”
    -Get Throwed Bun-B,Jeezy,Pimp C and Z-Ro.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    101 ways 2 bed a bad chick………………..!

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z signed Jeezy did he not?

  • http://collaborativelaw.tk Jenna Alvarracin

    Powerful post.