While different, Nicki Minaj’s martial arts-inspired “Your Love” video is nothing new for hip-hop. For years rappers have let their infatuation with Asian culture shine through their videos. XXLMag takes a trip down memory lane and recalls 10 rap videos that pre-date Nicki’s newest clip.

Whoever thought of arranging Shaolin ninjas on a chessboard is a genius. The sword brandishing to block out the song’s explicatives were a nice touch also. “Da Mystery of Chessboxin” clip is proof positive that when it comes to martial arts and hip-hop that Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

Is Busta Rhymes the meanest, the prettiest (pause), the baddest, toughest low down in this town? That’s debatable, but when it comes to re-creating Hollywood blockbusters for his music videos, Bussa Buss is sho’ nuff the greatest. Take his clip for “Dangerous” as an example, where the Dungeon Dragon takes pieces of Lethal Weapon and mixes it with The Last Dragon for a classic result.