For y'all that don't know, C-N-N can drink. The rap duo from Queens tend to see the world from a cup half-full perspective, if you know what we mean. And we're not talking about beer goggles, Capone and Nore’s drink of choice is a special alcoholic beverage from China called Tiger Bone.

It’s hard to describe TB, unless you’ve tried some for yourself. Lucky for us (or unlucky depending on how you view it), the rap vets let us sample a few shots during a recent visit and then entertained us with their hilarious past tales while under the influence of this magical elixir. Before we present C-N-N’s "True Tiger Bone Stories" on the following page, here’s N.O.R.E.’s disclaimer of the Tiger Bone experience.

[Editor’s Note: Please excuse the shaky camera. We were a tad tipsy].

[video: l]

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