R.I.P. MC Trouble – Trouble’s In Paradise

Nineteen years ago today (June 4) hip-hop lost one of it’s pioneering performers, LaTasha Sheron Rogers, better known as MC Trouble. As the first female rapper signed to Motown Records, Trouble made a name for herself with her hit single “(I Wanna) Make You Mine,” featuring the Good Girls, in 1990, which paved the way for her debut disc, Gotta Get a Grip.

Possessing a style that blended hip-hop and R&B sensibilities, Trouble seemed primed for success. Unfortunately, she suffered an epileptic in her sleep that resulted in her untimely death. She was just 20 years old. Today, XXLMag.com remembers the late MC Trouble with some of her memorable tracks and a tribute from fellow artist Nefertiti.

R.I.P. Latasha “MC Trouble” Rogers – July 30, 1970 – June 4, 1991




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  • that nigga

    R.I.P babygirl.

  • Worley

    Rest in Peace

  • stuckfresh


  • hannibal cannibal

    Rest in Peace. And peace to all the pioneers, unsung artists dead or alive

  • SP1200

    Tracks are nice! RIP maybe she been reincarnated by now. Peace.

  • this dude above me is nutso


  • http://www.yahoo.com Streets Is Watchin

    i remember watchin Video Soul and her video was on, Donnie Simpson came on right after and made the announcement she had passed. Me & my cousin just sat and stared at the screen for a minute, jaws hung open. RIP MC Trouble…….

  • lowlife

    rest in peace! im still enjoying your album

  • Your, fan

    I made a decorative display that I plan on leaving at her resting place which is at the Inglewood Park Cemetery. Im making the trip up there from San Diego this Sunday May 29th 2011 Memorial Day weekend. It’s the very least I can do for you LaTasha. Im leaving her a gift and I hope her family members will like the display and enjoy the gift as well ? I enjoy her music and the positive spirit I can feel in her music and videos that she has given us. Her memory and music are like all the classics, they remain around for the generations !!! Godbless you LaTasha !!!!!!!!

  • Your, fan

    Actually I have been seeing the wrong dates as far as the information is concerned on her birth date and on her passing on various online websites.i went to her resting place over the Memorial Day weekend and her gravestone says she was born July 30th 1970 and her passing was June 4th 1992. Which means she was 21 years , 10 months and 4 days old. She was 56 days (just under 2 months) shy of having her 22nd birthday. Therefore actually this post of her passing made on this website in 2010 would have marked 18 years since her passing. Now that it’s 2011 and June 4th is approaching this coming Saturday, that will mark her passing 19 years ago from June 4th 1992. Wikipedia etc have her info wrong. I don’t think the family would get the dates wrong on her resting place. In any case like I said in my previous post above I left a decorative display for her over the Memorial Day weekend. I went on May 29th. I called the cemetary which is Inglewood Park Cemetary, and asked the grounds keepers how long displays can stay up and they told me about 6 days after Memorial Day. After that they are thrown away if not claimed by someone. If you are a family member of M.C. Trouble or close friend of the family and plan on going up to her gravesite before or on June 4th this Saturday 2011 and see the Display and gift I left please do me a favor and either tell her family about it so they can see it and take it or maybe you can take it and give it to the family . I would hate to see it trashed. I placed the items in a clear giant zip lock bag with floor tiles and pieces of wood flooring inside to keep the display weighed down so it would hopefully keep it from blowing away. Hopefully the ziplock plastic bag can stop the elements of rain and moring dew from ruining the items inside. I wrote a letter and included some old magazine pictures and articles which I copied and they were laminated . I also included an old 1965 board game called “Trouble”. It’s complete with all the pieces and the popper that holds the dice piece still works. It relates to what I wrote in the letter. I even included my cell phone number explaining to the person or persons that find this display if they could please call or text me letting me know that they got my gift and display. I also said in the letter which is inside the Trouble game box which is under the actual Trouble game board , that if you are just a fan and not a friend of the family to please leave the display alone but if you are a fan or friend of the family to please tell them about the display or take it to them. If any family member or close family friend is reading this post please go up thre and get it for the family. It has been there since Sunday May 29th 2011 todays date is Tuesday May 31st 2011 . Like I said displays can only stay up for 6 days and on her passing date which is Saturday June 4th 2011 it will be the sixth Day from Memorial Day. The groundskeeper named Victor told me he would allow me an extra 3 days to have it up there. So if someone can pick it up for the family no later than Tuesday June 7th I would really appreciate it. Im going to keep in touch with the groundskeeper by telephone and he said he has instructed the rest of his staff to leave it alone until the 7th of June. Worse comes to worse if no one claims it I guess I have no choice but to drive all the way up there again from San Diego and claim it and then try to get up there again to Display it on her birthday which is July 30th ? I don’t really have the gas money these days. The longer the display sits out there the more the sun exposure gets to it and I would hate to see it get really faded and discolored by the constant sun exposure. I just don’t want my expession of thanks to LaTasha and her family to simply go in the trash without being seen or read. Thanks for listening and Godbless LaTasha and her Family. Your, fan.

  • Your , fan

    Happy birthday La Tasha !!! Im coming up to Inglewood today to kick it with you and spread the love we all have for you and your music. I made a few t-shirts I plan on giving to people that feel the same way I do about you and the great music you have given us. Your,fan.

  • Your, fan.

    I just want to say thanks to the people that remembered La Tasha Rogers aka Mc Trouble. Yesterday I drove up from San Diego to visit her in Inglewood. Upon leaving to go back to San Diego, I decided that I would walk around Inglewood and hand out the few shirts that I made out of respect for her on her special day. I walked into random salons, barber shops, restaurants and even the Vons by the Forum. I was starting to get discouraged and a bit saddened that some of the people I talked to didn’t know of her. However when I did walk into the first barber shop one guy did remember her and said he remembers her attending Fairfax Highschool. Man that really made my day to hear that as a fellow fan. Then I hit another barber shop and the barber and one of his customers also remembered her. So I gave them both a t shirt and an old interview I copied and was planning on leaving at her gravesite. I even brought my box and was rocking “Highroller’s Girl” and “Make You Mine”. The one guy remembered “Make You Mine”. When I was kicking it with La Tasha I stayed with her with my box until she got to hear every song off her debut album and all her remixes and the tributes The Boys and Nefertiti did for her. I even played her “Send Me” which she did with Lady Irene. I bet you didn’t think I had that one huh La Tasha ? ha, ha. That one was a pleasant surprise for me to find. I hope you were happy to hear your musical art again and to see that your true fans will never let you down !!!! Im only one person and im doing this all for the respect I have for this lady. I don’t have the funds to mass produce shirts or any other items to keep her memory alive but hopefully with the few shirts I did hand out to people those people will tell another person and so forth and so on and before you know it she will keep on keeping on with her fans and new found fans. I think her music should be rereleased and I think any live performances she did should be made into a dvd and I think a documentary should be made of her musical carreer. If any one out there is reading this such as family, friends or fans we all need to come together and make projects like this happen ! Hey Nikki if you are reading this PLEASE write a book about your sisters carreer. I know you ,Neffertit, The Boys, King Tee, and others could contribute to such a project. Believe me quantity does not always mean quality. MC Trouble might have been here for a short time but man she had it all. She could dance, sing, and the girl had lyrics !!! She was very mature for her age. She was rapping about some deep shit on “Gotta Get A Grip” and ” Black Line” and then she would flip it on a completely different tip on ” Thing For You”. She was an all terrain vehicle !!! Ha, Ha ! LETS MAKE THESE PROJECTS A REALITY PEOPLE !!! La Tasha is looking down on us and she guided me to do what I did and she knows I can’t do it all by myself. Your, fan .

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