Happy Birthday 2Pac – 39 Track Salute

Today (June 16) would have marked Tupac Amara Shakur’s 39th birthday. In the time since his death on September 13, 1996 (the result of a drive-by shooting six days earlier in Las Vegas) he has become an iconic figure in not just hip-hop circles but the world over.

With an immense catalog that continues to grow even after almost 14 years after his death, 2Pac’s influence and spirit lives on now through music, film, poetry, politics and literature. Rather than mourn his passing, the XXL staff chose to celebrate the life and music of the late star with a 39 Track Salute. Ain’t nothing but a gangsta party.

Happy Born Day, Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996)





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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    I’m sure I’m the only one that will pick “Life Goes On” but that song helped me when my best friend passed away. It’s a tribute song without being too specific so almost anyone can relate it to their own life.

    I don’t play it as often as some other tracks, but that only makes its impact on me that much stronger.


    Damn a real 2PAC fan couldn’t ever pick… Pac had emotional music one second this song is all that matters, the next its something else… He was an artist that made the soundtrack to life. RIP PAC…

  • these posts are racist

    RIP, the greatest rapper ever.

  • that nigga

    Made Niggaz: Hottest song ever. Dont even know if it made this list?

    • that nigga

      Didnt make the list??? I voted for Tradin’ War Stories….Closes thing to Made Niggaz.

  • Tyrannical T

    WideAwake Ent. wont have to worry about money anymore if they just release a Pac CD. Disc One OGs Disc Two Remixes (Just Blaze, Premier, etc.)

  • DV8

    No More Pain
    Definition of A Thug Nigga
    Str8 Ballin
    Hold Your Head
    Made Niggaz
    They Dont Give A Fuck About Us
    My Only Fear Of Death
    just a few songs you missed

  • M. Baby!

    The best 2Pac song of all time…dang, that’s hard to choose just one. Ummmmm, I’ll go with “Dear Mama.” The impact that song had was ridiculous. Everyone loved that song. Honorable mention, “Keep Ya Head Up”

  • eesco

    I love pac. My fav joints gotta be “only god can judge me”, Lost souls”, “Made Niggaz”, “R U Still Down (the version with no jon b)”, only fear of death”, “they dont give a fuck about us”. Pretty much his whole catalogue is timeless. Its crazy that things he said still apply 20 years later.

  • E-Man

    damn xxl, how you skip “Me Against The World”
    the lyrics on that song moves me everytime I hear it
    you can’t really pick a favorite pac song though


    I love a damn near all his work but the song that always sticks with me is Troublesome.
    Violent was hard too, the bass line will punish your speakers.Starin through my rearview another hot one.

    • Anonymous

      Life Goes on, pour out a little liquor, bury me a g, how long will they mourn me….all classic dedication songs and very heartfelt.

  • boon

    life goes on is one of the dopest pac songs IMO.

  • http://yahoo capp

    fake ass bitches no. 1

  • Jerome

    @Pierzy actualy homey your not the only1 2 of my close friends got shot 5 months apart from eachother n they both had this played at their funerals, kinda nice to listen to life goes on n unconditionla love n reminisc with a beer. I luv pac, pacs my hero n idol, he helped me get through hard times with his music n im talking all his music. iv got like 5 gig filled on my laptop with just pac n it never gets old, Happy birthday 2pac n Rest in paradice, hope bowie n liam are there with u riding. 1 LUV x

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Damn…I’m sorry for your loss. I think that’s a testament to the music – that so many people from so many different backgrounds can feel and relate to it.

  • Anonymous

    Man the version of how long will they mourn me that xxl has on here i have never heard and it doesnt sound nearly as good as the album version for some reason.

  • J-P

    Unconditional love hands down thats his deepest song 2 me personally im gonna have that played when i pass…but overall all his songs are timeless…but my favorite albums are me against the world and makaveli….

    R.I.P. PAC’

  • Kecia

    RIP TUPAC-Love U 4 LIFE!!!
    My favorite song is all of them-TUPAC has so many classics who can really pick just one. Man all of his hits made you feel his every word. From the “street classics” to the “club bangers” to the “feel good about your people” hits – I love them all.
    Miss you much Tupac-tear………

  • Anonymous

    wtf? happened to the comments

  • http://dspremiere.blogspot.com/ cramzy

    no brainer for me: Pain!…kind of shocked its actually winning but good to see im not the only one. That 3rd verse was incredible for the passion in his voice alone. Hellrazor is close second for me.

  • Caino

    so many choices my head nearly exploded. l got a fave Pac song for every mood.

    Strictly is probably my fave album.

    The song last wordz with him , Ice cube & ice T is tha shit

  • CDOE

    I always wanted a big bruv. RIP TAS. Thank you and thank GOD for your life.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    This songs catalog takes me waaaaaaaaay baaacc!

    Almost any of the selected songs r my fav……

    In the words of the late Gr8………….
    “There r things that u gonna c that gonna make it harder 4 u 2 smile but thru all the rain & storm u gotta find that sense of humour..u got 2 smile”

  • fiona long

    I,m loving al the love thats on the net from PAC fans, alot of love coming from the fact that on alot of levels we connected with him, I grew up on tu-pac, he’s a poet warrior in these fucked up times and you know his words comfort ya, he understood the shit that certain kids and families go through, love you PAC. XXX