R.I.P. Sporty Thievz’ Marlon Brando

On May 11, 2001, Sporty Thievz member Marlon Brando was struck by a car in the Bronx and died at the age of 22. Prior to his death, Brando made a name for himself alongside his partners in rhyme King Kirk and Big Dubez. Known for their comical take on everyday topics, the group’s claim to fame was “No Pigeons,” their answer record to TLC’s smash hit “No Scrubs.”

In memory of Brando and the Thievz’s place in hip-hop history, we’ve compiled a few of the group’s most memorable tracks.

“No Pigeons” Sporty Thievz

“Cheapskate” Sporty Thievz

“Cheapskate (Remix)” Sporty Thievz

“Hit it Up” Sporty Thievz

“Uh Oh” Sporty Thievz feat. Pace Won


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  • rrahha

    RIP to brando….i have that album too. good album. He died saving a little girls life

    • Capital G

      Hitmen, we charge 30 g’s a head… Them dudes told stories in their ryhmes. Definitely a talent that never got the chance to shine.

  • sealsaa

    RIP to brando….i have that album too. good album. He died saving a little girls life

    Ditto. A hero in every sense of the word.

  • Jaydc

    Criminally slept on album

  • capcobra

    i didn’t vote on the poll because my joint isn’t up there..it’s the one with the denice williams “silly” sample..”why i gotta do this?/why i gotta do that?”..and i definitely agree that this dude is a REAL HIP HOP SUPERHERO..thanks for saluting him XXL..R.I.P MARLON BRANDO.

  • Nicky Beast

    Listen I been trying to tell dudes from way back that their “Street Cinema” Album has to be the most slept on Album in the History of Hip Hop (TRUE STORY)!!!. They smashed it with that Aqua Men joint. I’m from the 401 (Providence) for those not aware, and these dudes got heavy play out the Gold EV’s on the back dash, shutting down whole parking lots with like 100 Heathens ready to hurt something!!!!

  • http://www.sporty-thievz.com/ King Kirk

    Thanks for the good talk and fan support. For 2011 – 2012 Everybody stay in tune with our new music and Album releases at:
    -King Kirk

  • Nic

    Heard This Album All The Way In OZ… Still In Mint Condition And Played Often…. Best Album I Heard!!!