Nichelle, Crazy Sexy Cool [WEB CANDY x 15 Photos]

REPS: Los Angeles, California

STATS: 36B-26-43

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “I still like the fact that my friends call me saying, ‘That’s you in Dance Flick, that’s you on Lincoln Heights, that’s you, that’s you…,’ but my biggest career highlight is graduating from a university here in So Cal. Before any of this [modeling] I’m a student and that’s a major highlight. So the next move… Grad school, while taking over the big screen.”

FAVORITE ARTIST: “I have so many but the people who have always been in rotation are Aaliyah, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Ludacris, 50 Cent and 2Pac.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “MJ’s ‘Thriller.’ I could not wait ’til Halloween rolled around as a kid so I could do the dance moves!”

DREAM JOB: “A lawyer—and I mean a paid one, for sports and entertainment.”

TURN-ON: “Confidence is the key, but honesty will get me! So many liars in 2010 it’s crazy! Leave that bitchassness at the door!”

SEX APPEAL: “I honestly think my personality makes me sexy, I’m crazy and not afraid to be myself around men… I’m not stuck-up and I’m not afraid to get dirty. I laugh and smile! That could be very sexy to men to just think: ‘All I have to do is make her happy and not always have to spend my money on her to get a smile.’ On the guy’s part, if a man can remember all that and take that into consideration; that could be very sexy to me because here in Los Angeles guys aren’t really that romantic or it would take a while for them to even do something nice for you. So, that’s sexy to me because it’s like, Okay, he’s willing to at least show me that he could step up and maybe be my man. L.A. men don’t like commitment or dating; they just like to ‘talk” That’s immature. Intelligent, fit, go-getting men are incredibly sexy.’”

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Photography by Christian Arias of Slicfore Studios and Paul Cobo

Photography by Christian Arias of Slicfore Studios and Paul Cobo

Photography by Christian Arias of Slicfore Studios and Paul Cobo


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    please can i be web model of the week i can send you some pics
    my twitter name is Simmy Wilson



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  • orangejuicejones

    Damn, she sexy as hell. Love the sexy dark skinned sistas. If you can keep em away from the Oprah-Tyler Perry syndrome or the massive inferiority complex, they’re way more wifey material than the redbones…..

  • BossGame

    Sis sound like she got her game plan on lock. Nice pics love. Do ya thang!

  • Shawty J

    Thank you, XXL

  • Speaks Truth

    Toshay To All The Great Comments This Chick Very Sexy & She Has Some Nice Soles Although Im Missing The Thick Chick She Is Definitely Sexy

  • Free Speech


  • blackbeauty

    Go XXL for representing beauty in all shades… Go Girl do your stuff!

    Just beacause a girl is light-skinned does not make her automaticaly prettier…look beyond the skin color.

    All these hispanic girl representating us… red-bones yeah right.

  • anutha_level

    this bitch is the hotness

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  • the brown

    Yo! Baby, yes! I can’t believe this!? This is beauty! Very nice, Nichelle.

  • MalMoe

    Wow is all I can say. This is the reason I cant stand Tyra’s dum model show. She’s better than any of them ugs on there. And I’m talking face first and then the body.

  • Anonymous

    I guess she’s ok, better than the last few. Her face is average but her personality is a huge plus. The only reason she isnt a ten is because, I love big-breasted women over big booty ones. I also tend to go after the boogie redbones too.

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    yo this bitcch is tight i tell yu , yu should spent yo money on that one

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  • Queen

    She’s Hot!!!!!

  • Pimpndistress

    I think she should be shot for the magazine. By far one of the best i have seen on this website in a very long time, natural, seems interesting and a beautiful black woman.

  • carlos pereira

    Lovely babe!

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  • Kristacks

    ok with these females doing photoshoots with XXL mannn I could blow these chicks out of the water. but thats if I was a model (that had an agent) piff this girl is ok.

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      Poor Kristacks. The typical hater comment “this girl is okay” This girl is actually beautiful

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