In the Can – The Best Sprite Raps Before Drake’s

Hip-hop has a longstanding relationship with Sprite. What, you thought that Drake was the first rapper to “obey his thirst?” Wrong! The clear soda brand has been in the rap business since 1986, fool. Word to Kurtis Blow. With Drizzy landing a hi-tech Super Bowl spot, compiled a list of all the Sprite raps that came before. Drink responsibly.

Kurtis Blow – “Sorry 7-Up,” but Sprite is obviously Kurtis’ beverage of choice after a long game of basketball.

Kris Kross – “Drink up, drink up is what you gotta do/’Cause I like the Sprite in you.”

KRS-One & MC Shan – The Boogie Down and Queenbridge reps reignite their classic battle for the love of that green…drink, that is.

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  • Pierzy

    I kinda miss Kriss Kross. Yeah, I said it.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter – NaS & AZ win hands-down.

    • Lowedwn

      definitely co-signing both of those sentiments, the Nas & AZ joint was always a fovorite

      • The $ykotic Don Mac

        + 1

        Why XXL didn’t put Drake in the competition…y’all scared to have/see the youngin take an L…


    I agree with Pierzy and Lowedwn Nas & AZ had the best Sprite commercial hands down

  • Worley

    Nas and AZ for sure.

    Now let’s start the real trivia. Nas and AZ rhyming on the steps is based on which group doing the same thing in which movie?

    Pierzy, Tony Grands and $ykotic I know y’all know. Let the youngens have a go at it.

    • The $ykotic Don Mac

      * salutes Worley *


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  • Way Upstairs Productions

    Yo, You gotta go waaaay back to know Wild Style…

  • AfrikaBlack

    Dem Jordan 5′s Drake got on, on the homepage fake as hell. I know for a fact dat colorway was never released. All dat cake an he rockin fake J’s. Where the Fake Sneaker Police wen u need em.

  • homework

    YO does anybody rememebr those 5 deadly venom commercials with like eve and amil and mia x???? i been looking everywhere but cant find the videos for em, i think they were for sprite??? Or maybe im craaazay (c) gnarls

  • oskamadison

    C’mon, Nas and AZ + “Down By Law” (that Wild Style joint)? Instant Classic.

  • GOOZ

    none of them had the best sprite commercial. Biggie did with the one that sprite wasnt aired due to BIG’s legal issues. XXL should know this


    i’m voting that grand puba pete rock joint

  • Ladidadida

    wow that voltron one was terrible hahah

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  • Marjory Whittinghill

    This is really among the list of greater articles of people who I have read more the following matter nowadays. Good function.