Hip-hop has a longstanding relationship with Sprite. What, you thought that Drake was the first rapper to “obey his thirst?” Wrong! The clear soda brand has been in the rap business since 1986, fool. Word to Kurtis Blow. With Drizzy landing a hi-tech Super Bowl spot, XXLMag.com compiled a list of all the Sprite raps that came before. Drink responsibly.

Kurtis Blow - “Sorry 7-Up,” but Sprite is obviously Kurtis’ beverage of choice after a long game of basketball.

Kris Kross – “Drink up, drink up is what you gotta do/'Cause I like the Sprite in you.”

KRS-One & MC Shan – The Boogie Down and Queenbridge reps reignite their classic battle for the love of that green…drink, that is.

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