Vote For The Best XXL Cover of 2005 [DAY 6]

It’s week two of XXL’s look back on our decade of dominance as we reflect on all the covers we’ve done over the past 10 years. Throughout the years, various staffers have chimed in on which was the best XXL cover and for the first time we’re bringing you, the reader, into the discussion with a special online ballot.

Last week we began posting the covers year-by-year so you can vote for the Best XXL Cover from the past decade. We’ll continue putting up all the covers from a different year (2000 to 2009) until this Friday (Jan. 15), when we’ll start tallying the votes to determine the top 10 fan favorites by year.

Then, next week we’ll kick off a second round of voting that’ll run from Jan. 18 – Jan. 21 to find out which one will be crowned the Best XXL Cover of the Millennium. You can only vote for one cover a day, but feel free to come back to vote again for your favorites from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. The Best XXL Cover of the Millennium will be announced on Friday, January 22.

Without further ado, the 2005 XXL cover nominees are…


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  • King G-Unit

    That Yayo and 50 Cent cover got my vote…out of all the covers here besides Jay and Em, they are the only 2 who are relevant…2005 was not that long ago!

    • latino heat

      @ King G Unit

      you can’t be serious homie. your saying Yayo is relevant right now? 50 is barely relevant.

      what your saying is Wayne and T.I. are not relevant anymore? how many copies did that Young Money comp just sell?

      as much people talk bad about Game, people aren’t checking for his albums when they drop?

      Cam didn’t drop one of the hottest albums last year?

      spit 50′s nut out of your mouth homie. that shit is disgusting.


        No cam didnt drop a hot album that year. actually he has never dropped a hot album.

        • latino heat

          @ Nnaptown

          have you been reading Combat Jack’s blogs? pretty much everybody except you apparently, thought that Crime Pays was one of the hottest albums of 2009.


          No I havent and dont need to especially if he rides Cams dick that hard. Cam has had maybe two hot songs in his whole career.You mean everyone including you that read that blog agrees that it was hot, cus I dont know anyone who really bumps his shit.Cam is a mediocre rapper. He has been close to blowin up just not ever good enough to actually do it.

      • cokane2009

        AT latino heat well yung money sold less than 50 so u kant say fif aint rev. 50 album is stupid raw if u want real shit ofcourse not fake shit like game or officer ricky i might spit but still FAKE!!! cuz 50 dont knw wat fake is so he goda keep it real son …so get that shit out of herre

      • King G-Unit

        Nicca, where did I say that Wayne and TI wasn’t relevant???!!! Get off Cash Money’s dicks and put ya wife on it…they sold 142,000 first week, BISD sold 159,000 and is sitting at 364,000 according to Hits Daily Double, Yung Money sitting at 202,000. Killa Cam???!!! Wasn’t that the year that nicca made that video of him in that kiddie swimming pool dissing Fif? Wayne wasn’t very relevant in 05′ TI was but I never put those nicca’s names in my comment. Wayne should kill himself…his music is just hot garbage that suburban white boys bang to in there Escalade’s while us niccas stay hungry

  • abdulnasir

    this magazine so dick-rode 50. DAMN Y’ALL!

  • that nigga

    ………………and still do!

  • dj

    Yall right. Nigga gets at least 2-3 covers a year.


    hands down the Jan/Feb issue w/ Em on the cover. strictly b/c of those pics of Esther Baxter dipped in honey. OMFG!!! those pics were something delicious.

    • dockevoc

      yup she’s one of the top 10 things to ever happen in hip hop

  • yafam22

    That Apr 2005 – Snoop & Game; young & old; crip & blood; but we all in the same gang; classic

  • Blakout615

    Lol @ that fat joe quote.

    Surprised no Houston rapper got a cover that yr. They RAN ’05

  • King G-Unit

    Breakdown of the covers:
    Eminem (Jan/Feb)- “8 Mile to Mile High Club”

    50 Cent (Mar)- “Where Ja at? I’mma finish this nicca”

    Snoop/Game (Apr)- “Where Dre? Pac gone, we gone and irrelevant”

    Fat Joe (May)- “Real Crap”

    TI (May)- “Real Hard Time”

    Dame & Cam’Ron (Jun)- “Jay we hungry too…”

    50 Cent & Yayo (Jul)- “I get top bunk”

    Roc-a-Fella (Aug)- “Net worth: $1.2 Billion”

    Suge & Petey (Oct)- “Where’s are lawyers at?”

    Juvenille (Dec)- “Hustle Harder???!!! I ain’t done nothing since the Hot Boyz”

  • Enlightened

    Damn, this shows me where my head is.

    I scrolled straight down looking for who was on the Sex Issue that year. I’m like “Damn, no sex issue!”

    Oh well. I had forgot about the whole Suge/Petey Pablo episode too.

    Damn, Petey Pablo been on a milk carton ever since he first hooked up with Suge. That nigga at least had some shine. I don’t know what he was thinkin.

  • #1

    The Roc cover was good. Concept Great but no foxy ,No Freeway. No Gunners, No Clue , NO PEEDIE,no Teanie Marie. Only person that did something was Jay and Kanye. Jay was supposed to be the new Russel .Snoop and Game was dope. Two Flags on one cover

  • Gift


  • roCCampe



  • Jamal7Mile

    I don’t even see a reason to vote anymore. If you check the ‘Day 3′ ballot, you’ll see that a Bone Thugs fanclub is hacking their votes w/some kind of code. They also plan to hack the final vote.

    Props to CHICO G for exposing those frauds!!

  • ?

    You idiots chose a Roc a fella cover over Eminem?


      no the fans of a better rapper chose a better cover.but from the looks of the votes the jay z dick riders are out in full force,when are people gonna wake up and realize jay-z is good but not the hip hop savior, he is over rated.funny eminem is your favorite rappers favorite rappr.prolly the same hackers who hacked the bone page for the votes did the same for this page lol.

  • latino heat

    that Roc cover was another classic.

    can’t front on the 50 / Yayo cover. only because i remember if you turned the mag over it was a back shot angle of the front cover. it reminded me of the classic Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule cover. most of ya’ll know what i’m talking about.

    h.m. to Cam’ron for finally getting a cover and Beans finally getting a solo cover even if he had to split it with Wayne.

    Patey and Suge on a cover? what the fuck were ya’ll thinking? neither one of them deserved it solo or together.

    can we please get the Bone cover disqualified? this shit ain’t fair. all the Bone stans who don’t even frequent this site are stuffing the ballot box and i think it’s bs. there not even voting for any other year besides ’02. if anybody else thinks they should be dq’d please speak up.

  • Chilly Willy

    Although it’s puzzling to see Bleek in something that is not a doorag, the RocFam cover get my vote. Close second is 50 Van Helsing.

  • Ron Mexico

    i chose 50 for best AND worst.

    50 with the crossbow for best. 50 and yayo glorifying prison life = fail.

  • Nodd

    lol at jamal7mile, nobody is hackin anything nor they plan to do so, that board have 30,000 active members, even hours before the “hack” was suggested by a member, Bone was winin by far, plus if you chek that youll see that the tread that a member posted about the hack only have like 20 views, cut 20votes n bone win 4 lke 200more

    pd: i voted 4 snoop n gamee

  • REAL Nigga!!!

    @ “Latino heat” Wtf? are u talking about about This Bitch nigga Must of Bumped his Head or sumthin cause This was ’05 This was when 50 sold 11 million Worldwide on that “Massacre” shit so don’t talk that shit saying he ain’t Relevant nigga!!!

    and The Four BEST for me are 50 wit that Arrow the Mar. one and i Like that 50 & Yayo…..that one is sick i Like that Eminem one of course and i like that Snoop Dogg and Game one is HARD as fuck!!!! and I’m from da Westcoast!!! But ima go wit That 50 and Yayo one Got My Vote!!! and The one wit 50 and that Arrow!! i did NOT get any of these ima have to get that Back Order!!!

  • latino heat

    @ Real Nigga

    did you read King G Unit’s comment that i was responding to? he said that Yayo and 50 are the only ones still relevant along with Em and Jay out of all the rappers that were on the 2005 cover’s.

    i’m aware of what 50 sold in 2005. i went to the store the day The Massacre dropped and bought it myself. but the comment i responded to was that Yayo and 50 were STILL relevant in 2010. were not talking about 2005 anymore, were talking about 2010. how many records did 50 sell of BISD? i don’t care what he sold SIX YEARS AGO! and Yayo literally can’t give his mixtapes away. don’t believe me? check the comments section on Nah

    if you believe that Yayo and 50 are still relevant MUSICALLY, not from the comedy shit 50 does, in 2010 then you are as big of a stan as these Bone fans that keep voting for their cover.

    and maybe next time read all the comments before you leave a stupid one.

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  • REAL Nigga!!!

    @ Latino Heat Get off Cash Money’s Dick nigga!!!! U Just as BIG of a Stan and i ain’t one i’m Just kickin Facts 4 you nigga!!! so calm ur Punk ass down on that shit!!! and Plus Cash Money Album Sold Less Than 50 so WTF!!! and i definately Think Yayo isn’t Relevant anymore!!! but u Me and Everyone Knows 50 Cent is Relevant nigga and Yes “Musically” Maybe Not as Much as ’03-’06 But Who has The same BUzz as They Came in? Young Jeezy doesn’t T.I. Doesn’t and EVEN Lil Wayne doesn’t!!!! so STFU!!!

  • Maurice Garland

    the 50/Yayo cover was the first XXL i ever wrote for…so im rolling with that one! ahaha

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  • Jakee

    co sign dawg

  • Janiiice

    Seriouslyyyy!! Eminem Conquers