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  • destructed

    this shit did not even work wow

  • So sexy and sassy

    I think this was an actually good directorial debut for 50 cent. He seemed to pay a lot of attention to the plight of the characters and made a character with real hubris and struggle. I just hope that this movie can encourage the youth who watch it to deter from this type of lifestyle because the consequences of the actions taken in this movie led to the demise of the protagonist. Well done.


    not bad camera work for a new director. story needed MAJOR assistance. direct to video at best. good luck, my nigga. that hollywood bread is long. hope you got a short ride to get some.

    there ain’t an ounce of hater in my blood…

  • de3

    It was alright up until the ending

  • Enlightened

    This ain’t about this movie but I have to get this off my chest.

    Did any of y’all see the movie 50 was in with Deniro/Pacino last year?

    **********spoiler alert**************

    Shit was cool, but the scene where 50 got killed was crazy. They had a bullshit, low budget lookin ass dummy flying out the window that was supposed to be 50. I CRACKED THE FUCK UP when I saw that.

    I’m like damn, y’all could afford Pacino and DeNiro but y’all couldn’t get a better lookin dummy than that? Shit was wild.

    Looked like on “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” when Jack Spade’s mama started whoopin the dudes in the bar and turned into a white man with a mustache

  • http://xxl sqoot

    The movie wasn’t bad at all. It just teaches you a lesson at the end. M.O.B.!!!

    The album was alright too. He just needed some bangers to make it an classic though.

  • droopey

    The movie was good until the ending, it didn’t resolve anything…I was annoyed.