FEATURE: Nikki D, Ladies First

Although the BET Hip Hop Awards may be the topic of conversation today, some people are still harping on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors show that aired a couple of weeks ago. Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of Def Jam Recordings, the show featured tributes and performances by some of the label’s most notable artists throughout the years. While it was impossible for every act that’s walked through Def Jam’s hallowed halls to be in attendance, one artist in particular was very vocal about her absence from the festivities and rightfully so.

As the first femcee signed to Def Jam Recordings back in 1989, Nikki D paved the way for future female artists like Foxy Brown and Shawna to be on the roster. For that fact alone, Nikki felt she should’ve been included in the tribute or at the very least invited. But neither happened. The day after the show aired, the veteran MC, who scored hits like “Letting Off Steam” and “Daddy’s Little Girl,” let her voice be heard in a 12-minute vlog entitled “Hip Hop Dishonors.” XXLMag.com caught up with Nikki to talk about the Def Jam slight, how she feels about Foxy and why she thinks Nicki Minaj is not a real rapper.

XXLMag.com: We heard you were invited to perform at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors but you claim that you weren’t even invited. Which is it?

Nikki D: [Actually] I had got a call from somebody at VH1 and was asked to perform and I said, “Sure no problem,” but after trying to get in touch with him for two weeks after we weren’t getting callbacks, emails or anything. It just didn’t make sense that he would offer it and then turn around and say no. So I said, “Oh, well, cool, whatever, it won’t be a performance, fine. I’ll just go to the show, show my face, get my press and represent,” but thereafter I didn’t even get an invite.

XXLMag.com: Were you invited to participate in the Def Jam documentary?

Nikki D: I found out that they were doing the 25-year documentary through a friend [who] asked me was I doing a VH1 documentary and I was like, “What documentary?” and they were like, “They’re doing a Def Jam 25” and I was like, “Well, nobody called me.” [The producer Jack Benson] told me that he was looking for me but no one could find me I said, “I don’t know how no one could find me. I worked in Russell’s office for the last eight or nine years.”

XXLMag.com: Wow, so how did you feel about the slight? Were you mad?

Nikki D: I was Def Jam’s first female rapper. That was a big deal back then. So it baffled me [that] none of these people thought to contact me. People were saying, “Oh, that’s your PR person.” I don’t think when you’re creating a history of hip-hop that you would need to actually get in touch with a PR person just to get somebody on the show… Nikki’s always been around Russell. I’ve never not been around him. Not to blame Russell for it but at the same time if somebody shows you a list, Russell, and shows you who is performing and how it’s going down, I was his pet project, you would think he would say, “Oh, shit where’s Nikki D?” I just thought that was a shitty deal from all angles.

XXLMag.com: Did you have a good relationship with Def Jam back in the day?

Nikki D: Nikki D: I had a new budget but I chose to be released from the label because back then that they didn’t understand women. They were trying to market me like the guys and I wasn’t a guy. I was a hardcore rapper but you couldn’t tell by the commercial single… I love “Daddy’s Little Girl.” I just felt like after “Daddy’s Little Girl” I should’ve been able to do me, which once again didn’t happen… I never got to make my own decisions and since I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own career I wanted to step out. That’s just the kind of person I am… I know my vision and I know what I want and if I can’t get it from you then what am I supposed to do? That’s why I left the brand back then but what I decided to do was to work for the brand and say, “Hey, you know what? Maybe [I’ll] take an executive position and work it out.” I might have given up too soon on myself as an artist but I think they just left a sour taste in my mouth.

XXLMag.com: Based on your vlog, a lot of people were trying to make it seem like your anger was more geared toward Foxy Brown’s presence than anything else.

Nikki D: That’s not it at all. The point is, I felt like I should have been there as well. I felt like [West Coast rapper] Boss should have been there… Boss is the second female rapper signed to Def Jam. Foxy’s like the fourth. You got other women that were on that brand before. And I felt like that was a disrespect to everybody. I couldn’t vent for Boss and I couldn’t vent for BWP so I vented for myself.

XXLMag.com: So there’s no beef with Foxy then?

Nikki D: I [don’t] want people to think I was bitter. I wasn’t bitter at anything. I’m not mad that I’m not on the label. I’m not mad that other female rappers came out after me. I embrace the whole roster thereafter. I embraced every person that came including Foxy Brown, who turned out to be a really nasty bitch in the end. I was never a hater. I just wanted to make sure people knew my place ’cause I really worked hard to find that place. That was my mission after high school—to become the first female rapper on Def Jam. I was so passionate about it and everybody around me knew that so when I didn’t even get an invitation it just really pissed me off.

XXLMag.com: So what do you think about some of the new female MCs that are out now?

Nikki D: There aren’t any out! Who’s out? You mean, Nicki Minaj? That’s not a rapper. That’s a girl with her ass on the screen. Nice hairdo and she’s saying some things but she’s not a rapper. She’s not an MC. She’s an artist. She’s an entertainer. There’s a difference. She can go out there and open her mouth and say whatever but people ain’t listening to her. They looking at her. And rapping is about the skill. It ain’t about your fat ass. It ain’t about your set of titties. It ain’t about that long-ass weave.

XXLMag.com: Damn, Nikki, want to let off any more steam?

Nikki D: I would like to say to everybody involved at the VH1, whoever was involved in Hip Hop Honors, all of the executives, everybody who had anything to do with that shit, you’re wrong for sitting there and watching that shit happen like that. It ain’t just about me but it’s about me and all the other people who were not included in that bill. There are a lot of other people besides Nikki D that wasn’t there but to just leave out the first female rapper signed? Yeah, that was some shitty shit. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • j money

    Shut the hell up NickiD, with yo hatin ass! dont NOOO body know who the Fuc u are! Hatin ass bitches, needa stay in 2009!

    • Nikki D

      Hi Jmoney, the is Nikki D. I’m sorry to hear that you think I’m a hating ass Bitch. I didn’t ask you to love me or hate me, as a matter of fact I didn’t ask you for anything. I will just say this: I as any artist has a right to feel how they want about situations that involve them directly. This was part of my history and while I don’t feel the need to explain to you, I felt the need to defend my beef. I don’t expect anything from anyone, but as the first female rapper signed to the brand, the first to get a number one single and sell gold, I would have like to been considered when speaking of the bricks that were laid to give Def Jam 25 years. I hope some day you’ll too be a part of such a large empire, but I can tell you, or maybe you already know since you think that’s what I’m doing, but hating will get you no where in this business. Well I hope your 18th birthday is a good one!

      • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

        Nikki D hi! First of all I was born in 1985, and if Nicki Minaj was out back then my mother would never let me listen to that filth! I remember I snooped and listened to Lil’ Kim. That kind of fucked up my head lol. I should of listened to my sister and stuck to Wu Tang which I eventually did lol. I am an up and coming emcee out of Houston and I understand. So many people hate Nicki and its funny to me. I can’t respect a girl (thats what she is a girl…) who tells a young lady “step your pussy up”…this was an adolescent. And she has no problem in doing so. She has even admitted to fucking guys to “get what she wants”. For someone who has been spitting since the age of 8 years old, and would never lay on her back to get a deal, things like this isn’t fair. That’s meant for marriage not for business, and I respect you very much. The young girls who listen to her are nothing but ages 14 through 17 and have been fucking since the age of 3. So don’t worry. And I will say this: I hate it when our black people say “Oh ur hating they getting money”. Its more than just MONEY. This is art. Michaelangelo didn’t get paid for his David sculpture at first, but the bucks rolled in. IF THERE WAS SOME HATE TOWARDS THE ARTIST AND WE STOPPED BEING PUSSY AND SCARED OF BEING ACCUSED OF BEING HATERS THEN MAYBE THE GAME WOULDN’T BE SO FUCKED UP!! We are so scared to be called that word we just accept anybody. Black people can never have anything because we fuck it up.

        • Anonomous user

          Hip hop went completlly dead when auto tuner came…. Skee Lo was a good rapper. Nicki Minaj Is a “Trash Talking Hoebag” Nikki D I first heard of her by a status on Facebook So I decided to Google her Kanye West is decent. But T-pain, Lil Wayne and Young Money use way to much auto tuner. Tupac, MC Hammer and Biggie smalls. were way cool they ran from the cops due to the fact the cops after them were pretty much racist. that was early California for ya. Well to sum this up Nikki D, Don’t Let haters get you down and you just proved. that Hip-Hop Artist/Rappers do in fact use Grammar. Adios Amigo and Bon Voyage

      • Deadly MIME

        Hey Nikki its Deadly MIME. I totally agree with you. When I saw it my homeboys dad first question was where’s Nikki D? I was like oh yea she was the first female signed to Def Jam. I wonder why you weren’t on it. Same with Boss. But that was fucked up what they did. I had to sit there and instead of you or Boss perfroming or some other artist that was on Def Jam like Slick Rick or even beastie Boys, I had to watch ole, fat Officer Ricky performing so badly. If you watch it again and see the reaction of Russell and Rick Rubens faces you can tell they weren’t impressed. and neither was I. As far as Nicki Minaj goes, your right about her. Now I’m a guy. When I first saw her, the first thing I thought about was hum when and where am I gonna fuck her whereas with legendary and respectable women like you, MC Lyte or Queen Latifah show up on my screen I never think like that. First thing I think about it “what they gonna say that’s gonna be dope”. I just think that people or what I really think as black people we chose to forget because we think were better and know more than the previous generation.

      • http://www.facebook.com/thechrismoraleexperience Donna Hunt

        hey Nikki! some of us out here appreciate where u comin from! Ive been tryin to track down some contact info for you so would apprec if u could get in touch with me or Chrismorale Villain on facebook..we have somethin that may be of interest we would like to discuss with u! Peace and Blessings1

        Donna Hunt aka Mofo Hari
        co-host The Chrismorale Experience on WIFI 1460 AMm

      • Rochelle the dunn

        I dont think you hatin , you the baddest ass female rapper ever and keep doin what you doin despite this gay muthaphukka. I learned from you you was my role model. They was wrong as hell not to let you perform all of us wonder why you wasnt on there ALL OF US!

      • Rochelle the dun

        2009 female rappers aint shit, we need real ass bitches out there and theres none so millions of people want to veterans back from 1990. talking real shit ya feel me. wack ass music these days nothing poppin off.

    • J-SHINE

      Ok RETARD!!! sit the fuck down and put a dick in your mouth…2009 aint doin shit with all these corny ass niggas thats on now…you were prolly born in 1991 and your fave rapper is prolly Lil deezie,beezie,sleezie…or whatever corny as country bumpkin backwood ass nigga that suppose to be HOT now.

    • Born & Raised

      j money shame on you if you really don’t know who Nikki D is.

    • Fletch

      j Money your a fucking idiot..you just don’t know hip hop or youd mos def know who she is. She has a place in the formation of hip hop history. She helped open doors for female emcees which also opened doors for female rappers. Learn at least a bit of history about hip hop before you open your mouth and look stupid now go back to listening to lil wayne and Nicki Minaj…Can’t stand people who don’t know hip hop then run off at the mouth.He probly thinks Drake is a great emcee lol..ps she sint come off bitter. If you the first at something like she was at def jam then new hires get promoted over you for no real reason yeah you gonna not be happy and not to have def jams first lady there was wrong and thats all she said

  • UlishaWest

    Thanks Nikki D God is incredible!!!and so we give him his glory and much appreciation for Thee Lady’s who paved!!we will work hard 4 ya’ll!!Love and Salutes!!

  • yoprince

    lol @ “shitty shit”

    ahhh… bitter females

  • gift

    I feel why she’s mad in a sense, but at the same time, it has never really been publicized like that. Nobody on any documentary or hip hop associated show, has ever mentioned her for being def jam’s first female artist. That’s big no doubt, but I and probably a shit load of people after me, will not know who the hell she is. Smoke a blunt and get over it. It’s fucked up, but def jam and the industry as a whole, has been full of fuckery, unless of course your they kick ass bread winner. real talk.

    • Manamongst Hussein

      @gift: shut your young ass up, they did her dirty I know it any head that was into ANY DefJam music knows it. For them to be sitting up there in the rafters was ridiculous. PArty Fouls: Trey Songz singing Nate Doggs part…he ain’t even got that lower range. Foxy out there lookin a hot mess, couldn’t even understand her ass.

      “Daddy’s Little Girl” could be released now, that was writing. For you young cats out there, there’s no excuse Youtube that shit and shut the F*&$ UP!

      DefJam lost their soul long ago when Russell and Rick sold out…

      Can anyone tell me definitively what is Lyor Cohen’s role there…and wtf is Def Jam’s Imagine manager…well better yet what does that encompass? He’s always come off as sketchy.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Lyor’s @ Warner Music Group now…

  • sb

    she’s right

  • richie rollins

    i can dig ma. true in every since. did anyone else notice that there were no performances from anyone associated with the rocafella brand.

  • Sam P.

    Yeah Def Jam did do her dirty! She should of performed if not she should have atleast got an invite… DAMN! gift^ is right Def Jam is full of sh*t unless you made major money for them they could care less! Yo, I didn’t even know that BOSS was signed to Def Jam. She should have been there too real talk remember Deeper/ Recipe Of A Hoe she was ill! If it was a real show about Hip Hop Honors they should have been there! Hopefully with tne new young breed of female rappers/emcees like Jean Grae, Mae Day, Tiye Phoenix, and La Femme Nikita <– who btw reminds of the female rapper BOSS the lack of female emcees in the mainstream spittin dat real will be through! Nicki Minaj is not an emcee!!!

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    I definitely can understand where she’s coming from. I owned all the cassettes she spoke about. Hers, BWP, & Boss. Broads on the mic, back then, were a big deal, & although a lot of the younger heads may not be up on them, these chicks really did lay down some groundwork. & Def Jam had the ingenuity to sign them. With the exception of Bythed Wit Problems (they never really made too much noise), they should’ve been honored, even if only for their aesthetic in regards to chicks rapping on a more mainstream level..

    It’s always Latifah & Yo-Yo & Lyte, but as far as Def Jam, it was Nikki D & Boss (& her DJ, Dee) played a part in the Foxy’s & Shawnna’s.

    & my older heads will co-sign this; Nikki D had the biggest, most voluptuous boobs in hip hip. Simply marvelous…

    • Curtis75Black

      A definite Co-sign !! Nikki was a Beast on the mic holding her own with every male repping Def Jam. Look at Lady of Rage at Death Row, Same shit.

  • AZ40

    Thsnk you! Minaji is an entertainer which isn’t a bad thing at all, but you can tell when she spit all the voice changes and shit, she got some okay bars and all but c’mon son, I think most people think about hittin’ it first moreso than her rhymes

  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    I mean damn they did put orange juice or whateva his name is on there.

  • P-Matik

    Nikki is right though. She got played. She had hits in 1989 for Def Jam and was their first female emcee. They still play “Daddy’s Little Girl” from time to time. Not only that but she was pretty nice on the mic. If they could put Oran Juice Jones on there, they could have at least let Nikki get some shine.

    It’s a shame overall what labels do to female emcees these days and I blame a lot of young heads for that cuz they buy that BS over say a Jean Grae or Eternia.

    Grands: that last paragraph? No doubt, Nikki was packing those for real! She just had that gold tooth. Kinda messed it up the look.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    I gotta agree with Nikki. Def Jam really dropped the ball on that one. What makes it even more fucked up is that they DIDN’T forget about her. They called her and changed their minds later. No oversight here.

    Co-sign Grands, Nikki got some big ol’ tittiiiies!

    I had the BWP tape, too. Damn, they was dirty! With songs like “Go Change Your Kotex” and that other slow-jam song about fucking, I thought that they were THEE female 2 Live Crew, LOL!

  • capcobra

    daddy’s little girl was that shit back in the day…shout out to nikki d….and yes..them titties used to sit like siamese twins in a chair.

  • shone jones

    This chick knows damn well she was a one hit wonder.

    Daddy’s Little Girl wasn’t that big of a hit, it got a slight buzz because of that sample of Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega

    Being the first lady on Def Jam holds no weight if you can’t sell records. She maybe should have gotten an invite… but that’s pretty much where it stops. A lot of artists really tend to exaggerate their importance.

    I mean really… if they had Nikki on the show, then I guess they shoulda also had the Flatlinerz, No-Face, Afros, BWP, Mel-low, Boss, Cormega, CRU, Trigga Tha Gambler, La Rockco Tee, South Central Cartel, Resident Alien, The Famlee, Comp, Twinz, Dove Shack, Chuck Stanley, Tashan, Newkirk, fukkin’ Alyson Williams, The Black Flames… where does it stop?

    At the end of the day, it’s a business.

    • dolo

      Lol @ the list. . good point. But if you can put Foxy i dont see why not Nikki D .. I was wondering where Boss was..

      p.s. U forgot Joe Buddens!!

    • El Tico Loco

      Nice n Smooth was definitely missing and Slick Rick shoulda came back.

  • Worth The Read

    WELL DAMN!… I was rocking wit her till she went Off about Nikki Minaj!… I mean DAM!… What she do to her, and Nikki DEF HAS BARS!… HOT BARS!… She entertains cause she SEXY AS FUCK, Can’t help that!… but for Nikki D to sound all bitter and a Bit HATERISH!, is beyond Me!… WHere the hell she been ANYWAY!…

    I DEF think she should’ve been on the Honors show tho if she was the FIRST female Rapper signed to the label outta respect… but in Real Life, Bitches aint doin nothin wit this Rappin… Minaj is the Hottest but she got a lil more growing to do before she’s SOLID best Rap Bitch Out!

    • Mzz.Lina Babyy

      @ worth the read, yu just spoke my thoughts. First of all nikki d, who are you?? Let’s keep it a hundred, I do understand y you mad tho. U had me until u spazzed on nicki minaj, dat girl can spit flames wen she want to, yes she’s a entertainer but if u listen to her words she real tough. Yes ur a hater because you tryed to put her on blast, ok she let her chest show, suck on dem motherfuckas lol. Who is nicki d? Stop puttin emphasis on “first lady signed” cuz nobody cares. Why do people try to fight the fact that they were a 1 hit wonder that faded away, then try to create tension towards other rappers?

      • Deadly MIME

        who the fuck you are trying to say Nikki D is hating? She’s not hating she’s telling the truth. Def Jam fucked her over with that hip-hop honors and she’s right NIcki Minaj is a face with a waist but that don’t mean shit. I’m a dude and the first thing I wanna do when I see Nicki is to do a fuck and leave like a drive thru. See obviously your one of those kids that think they know it all and think that everyone is hating when the person is trying to voice their opinion. Nikki D is a fuckin legend if it wasn’t for her being signed then Nicki would be on the streets hoing for 5 dollars in which I would take full adavantage of

  • Worth The Read

    OH YEA… But she RIGHT THO!… I DO Wanna Do some Nasty things to Nikki Minaj, she is Sexy as Fuck!… rap or No RAP that bitch would be BAD!

  • T.RicH

    Daddys.. Little.. Girl/but not the girl that daddy knew/daddy never hadda clue/on what his little girl could do!!
    Boss’s “Deeper” STill Knocks 2this Day!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Co-sign Tony G$……….She had the biggest titties in hiphop!!!

  • TROY


  • no hate

    She should have been on the show! I remember Nikki D when I was gettin’ into rap in those days, moreso in the early 90′s. At that time she went hard. And to be the first anything on that flagship label, that’s a HUGE oversight on the part of Def Jam and just goes to show the relevance of women these days in hip hop. It’s sad that there aren’t any quality women in the game doin’ things now. I remember when there was MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Da Brat, Boss, Bahamadia, Conscious Daughters, The Lady of Rage, etc. who were runnin’ things before Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Shawna, and now Nicki Minaj– Yeah, she got body, sex appeal, and a horrible need for a hair make-over, but despite what Nikki D said CAN spit better than a gang of dudes out now… Did y’all see OJ and Wacka Flocka? And I ain’t even sayin’ Minaj wrecked that, but by comparison, MAAAAAAN, dem boys suck!

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    There aren’t any out! Who’s out? You mean, Nicki Minaj? That’s not a rapper. That’s a girl with her ass on the screen.

    Nice hairdo and she’s saying some things but she’s not a rapper. She’s not an MC. She’s an artist. She’s an entertainer. There’s a difference.

    She can go out there and open her mouth and say whatever but people ain’t listening to her. They looking at her. A

    And rapping is about the skill. It ain’t about your fat ass. It ain’t about your set of titties. It ain’t about that long-ass weave.

  • Cornbread Turner

    I think the fact that most of you niggas don’t know or care to learn who Nikki D is, is part of the reason why Hip Hop is such a fuckin cesspool nowadays.

    And her assessment of Nicki Minaj was dead on. I still haven’t heard any of this bitch’s music but she’s the hot topic on every Hip Hop blog and message board these days and most of the talk is about her looks.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    C/S the boobies. But the gold “toofis” came off Gargamel-ish.

    LOL @ Russell leaving her at the office:

    “Nikki I’ll be back…”

    Props to XXL for letting ol’ girl let off some steam. But…

    Heather B>>>>Nikki D

  • nicholasdelorejo

    She’s probably right about Minaj. But folks lets be honest, nobody here wants to invest their time and energy on a female rapper that’s not sexually attractive. If so then Shawna and Jean Grey would’ve at least gone gold. People don’t even purchase male rappers for their lyrics let alone women. If a chick gotta show her ass to get folks attention in these times, I say go for it. In fact Minaj needs to show more ass. People need to stop targeting only one artist for their rap criticism (wayne) otherwise they’re simply a hater.

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Is it me or does she look like Grandmama (larry johnson)? No disrespect. lol.

  • Dale Mabry

    She is absolutely right. Look how Def Jam did Warren G after he brought them back from the dead. Short memories at that label sometimes, I guess like most other labels to be fair…but yeah, it might come off harsh but I dont see many flaws in her argument.

  • FC

    yo tell em nikki!

    p.s always thought you were hot on the mic (and the eye :-)

  • Industry Advocate

    It takes a true school MC like Nikki to teach the truth!! Nicki Minaj is all look and no content! Not hating, she didn’t knock the chick, she spoke truth. Even Foxy and Kim were sexpots and both could spit! Nikki D, amongst other, was an example of what Female MC’s should climb up to the bar and be. Nikki needs to come back in the game on a industry level and bring out who should really be here, even if it’s independent. Go to Duck Down or Koch and represent Nikki! Don’t disrespect a legend, just Wiki her and respect!

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  • http://www.myspace.com/opalellyse Opal Ellyse

    Yeah they played you Nikki. . .Im glad u n everybody else went off on J. Money for that ignorant comment lol truthfully I didn’t know you were the 1st female to sign to Def Jam and that’s exactly why they should have honored you. . .females in rap is always a battle so being the first was a big damn deal any way you slice it and you shoulda got some shine. . .an invite with VIP seating at least:) Kinda funny how you went off on Minaj. . I cosign what Ms Spittuh said I’m an 80′s baby too and this “pussy pretend” rap is nothing but garbage. . at least when Kim n Foxy did it they had some lyrical content, better delivery and at least some real life songs out. . .Minaj not so much, “can anybody hear me” is the only time she’s even remotely good. . .and that bad impression of a cartoon ass Kim she is doing on 5 star chick is weak lol and you are so right about folks being scared to be called a hater. .. fuck that Im a female MC too, I got sexy songs too, but that’s not all I have. . .it should never be all you have, rap or life. .. Love to ya Nikki D. . .Make your own damn documentary about Def Jam get gwap n tell that shh from a female perspective:)

  • Botopdawg

    Big props to Nikki D. I watched the show and asked my wife where is Nikki D. I remember when she dropped Daddy’s Little Girl. Because of the song I used to tease my daughter about being my little girl. As to calling her a hater, check the facts. Back then women didn’t get much respect and those that did earned it. Yes I knew she was the first signed to Def Jam. I happen to be the same age as Run Dee and Jay. So I have followed Hip Hop from all the way back in the day. Glad to hear from you again Nikki.

  • http://myspace.com/evergreengardens P.I.V.

    I was a fan of Nikki D back then and I still am. A couple of years ago I had the honor of meeting her in HMV on 125th Street. It’s crazy meeting someone who is your idol. I was shocked and excited. She probably was a little intimadated because I was so animated. It was the best day of my life. I wanted to be an emcee because of her. I was hoping to see her on the Hip Hop Honors but I knew she wouldn’t be there. Instead I got to poke fun at Foxy Brown who I love. But she looked horrible.

    Nikki, other than discussing Nicki’s anatomy, I feel you. Her rhymes are pretty lame. She’s a human cartoon that is gonna cost female rappers a great deal of pain in the future. I wish her well.

  • http://yahoo Detroit_Diva

    I’m sorry but I got to agree with what Nikki D said about female artists these days, well nicki minaj. Nikki M is a cute girl but she can’t rap for shit; the only reason she buzzing right now is cause of who she’s affliated with, and the fact that she’s bi-racial. You know being mixed is the new black these days, lol. I think Nikki M is reppin female mc’s wrong, the bitch put minaj in her name yet u don’t wanna be considered just another hoe in the industry? She sayin weezy is the president and she’s monica lewinsky, umm being the rap monica is’nt a good thing. She puttin herself out there like a hoe. Lauryn hill, da brat, missy, shawnna. those are real female rappers. Thats not bein a hater, my nigga those are facts, lol.

  • MusicSpeak

    …uuhhh, Nicki Minaj IS an MC! A bad one at that! Her style is very original. You see her talent first…then her beauty! I’m a 45 yr old woman that is a BIG music lover! I can spot a musical winner….ask somebody.

    • J-Shine

      Nicki Garbage a real MC??? talented??? original??? WTF??? Hunnie get your eyes and ears checked!

  • http://www.whomag.net William

    Good interview Nikki D! I was was wondering why they didn’t include you or BOSS. Now that you mentioned it. As well as Sam Sever of Downtown Science fame and Domino. Who were also on Def Jam back in the early to mid 90s.

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

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