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One look at the current top 20 songs on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop charts says it all. Of those 20 records, only eight are straightforward rap, but that’s not the eye-opening statistic. The tell-tale number: of those eight, only one features a beat made by not only a top-name producer, but one who comes to mind instantly as soon as the track begins. “Run This Town,” Jay-Z’s chart-climbing single off of The Blueprint 3, is co-produced by guest Kanye West, one of the game’s biggest beat-makers to date. That much is known mere seconds into the song; naming who produced the other seven Billboard toppers (including Young Money’s “Every Girl,” Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” and Twista’s “Wetter”) takes much longer deliberation. Not to mention, consulting with Google and/or XXL’s “Production Credit” column.

XXL signaled the very-possible end of the superproducer era in our latest issue (in a feature called “Beats by the Pound”), yet the death march sounds louder with every new rap track debuting on radio. Extinction doesn’t feel unavoidably imminent, though—the likes of Kanye West, Timbaland and Dr. Dre show no signs of losing relevancy, while overachievers such as Swizz Beatz continually find ways to reinvent themselves. But in a financially-strapped music industry scrounging for penny-saving ways to stay afloat, the days of producers not named West or Dre charging upwards of $100,000 for beats are past the eleventh hour. Phone calls seeking that expensive “first single” instrumental have mostly been disconnected. While this allows for talent to overshadow popularity, and gives newcomers an equal shot at radio domination, it’s also a striking example of hip-hop’s cost-sensitive new climate.

Maintaining superproducer status for longer than 12 months is impressive enough; reigning for years on end is downright astonishing. And, historical. With that in mind, XXL’s staff tucked away into a crowded office for hours to assemble this definitive list of “Hip-Hop’s Ten Greatest Superproducers.” After heated debate, tons of flip-flopping opinions and several hurt feelings, we’ve settled on the following dime-drop. The criteria was simple, and each of these gentleman needed to meet the majority of the proceeding demands—the producer must be a star himself, must have a long string of hit records, must have crossed the boundaries of either region or genre, must have had a substantial and tangible impact and must be consistently sought after. Even if A&Rs must some day resort to acapellas placed over cheap garbage-can-percussion and beat-boxing, the legacies of these ten superproducers will be the urban legends told in record label board meetings. —Compiled by Matt Barone, Carl Chery, Jesse Gissen, Clover Hope, John Kennedy and Rob Markman

10. Scott Storch
Scott Storch
In Scott Storch’s prime, rappers paid big bucks to secure a surefire hit from the self-proclaimed, “Tuff Jew.” Working his way up the ranks from keyboard player for The Roots, to Dr. Dre’s secret weapon, Storch soon stood on his own two, making it rain for everyone from pop juggernauts like Beyoncé (“Baby Boy”) and Christina Aguilera (“Fighter”) to rap’s elite, Jadakiss (“U Make Me Wanna”) and Fat Joe (“Lean Back”). Now clean and sober, hopefully he can now lean back into more success.

9. Wyclef Jean
Wyclef (R) and his production partner Jerry Wonder (L)

When the Fugees debuted with Blunted on Reality in 1994 hip-hop fans were mostly indifferent, but Wyclef sure did change things didn’t he? Not only was the group’s 1996 follow-up an undisputed hip-hop classic, but The Score went on to go 18 times platinum worldwide. Then there was his 3 million-plus solo debut, The Carnival, in 1997. Since then, Clef has gone on to bless Destiny’s Child (“No, No, No”), Carlos Santana (“Maria Maria”), Shakira (“Hips Don’t Lie”) and T.I. (“You Know What It Is”) with his Caribbean flavored heat. Sure Canibus was a bust, but no one seems to hold that Firm fiasco against Dre. Right?

8. The RZA
There’s no denying that Robert Diggs’s footprint is firmly planted into the annals of hip-hop. Initially making a mark by crafting a slew of classics for the Wu-Tang Clan as the crew’s mastermind, the Abbott later transitioned into movie scores— working with the likes of Jim Jarmush (Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai) and Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill). Though he juggles production duties with movie roles alongside Russell Crowe (American Gangster) and Seth Rogen (Funny People) these days, RZA still finds time to bang out gems for his Wu brethren as he continues to push the envelope beyond hip-hop’s myopic scope. Bong bong!

7. Swizz Beatz
Swizz Beatz
Although it’s easy to forget Swizz Beatz’ contributions to hip-hop, major props are due. When his aunt and uncles formed Ruff Ryder in the late ’90s, Swizz hopped on board and became the label’s chief boardsmith, providing hits for DMX (“Ruff Ryders Anthem”) and Eve (“Love is Blind”). Along with a signature high-octane sound, Swizz’s appeal lies in his ability to reinvent through the ages— from Jay-Z (“Money, Cash, Hoes”) to Cassidy (“I’m a Hustla”) to Beyoncé (“Upgrade U”). Not to mention, a solo album, One Man Band Man. These days, Kaseem Dean is still a monster. For proof, see: Jadakiss’ “Who’s Real,” Maino’s “Million Bucks” and, yes, Whitney Houston’s “Million Dollar Bill.” Extra points for trying to put a ring on Alicia hand?

6. Jermaine Dupri
Jermaine Dupri
When it comes to boardsmen, JD is reigning king of hip-hop soul. He made the So So Def stamp the most coveted remix aside from Diddy’s, lending R&B troupes like Jagged Edge (“Where the Party At (Remix)”) and Dru Hill (“In My Bed (Remix)”) some hip-hop flavor. And luckily, Dupri doesn’t discriminate—even women (Da Brat) and children (Kris Kross, Bow Wow) can get hits.

5. The Neptunes
The Neptunes
Circa early millennium, the jingling of a Neptunes beat was virtually inescapable. While the Virginia duo (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo) flooded hip-hop with singles like Noreaga’s “Superthug,” Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love You,” Mystikal’s “Danger” and Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful,” an impeccable résumé earned them three Grammys, overflowing clientele and crossover appeal (Britney Spears, ‘N Sync). Moonlighting as artists, the pair sold respectably as two-thirds of N.E.R.D. Waning dominance aside— and a poor Pharrell solo effort— the Neptunes remain active, recently producing for Common’s Universal Mind Control, Mos Def’s Ecstatic and Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3. Sky’s no limit.


You know exactly what to expect when you come knocking for a Timbaland track: A head-bopping bounce, bizarre sounds, electric funk and—most importantly—intoxicating music. After 15 years of making club infernos for the likes of Jay-Z (“Big Pimpin’”), Missy Elliott (“Get Ur Freak On”), Madonna (“4 Minutes”), Justin Timberlake (“Sexy Back”), Nelly Furtado (“Promiscuous”), Ludacris (“Roll Out”) and Björk (“Innocence”), Timbo should offer a money-back guarantee that his beats will score top 40 smashes. You don’t think Welcome to Our World really went platinum because of Magoo’s rapping, do you?

3. Kanye West

Heralded as one of the best artists in rap today, Kanye West got his big break by climbing atop the producer food chain. Handling the bulk of Jay-Z’s The Blueprint, with fellow Hip-Hop Since 1978 producer, Just Blaze— ‘Ye helped resurrect soul sampling by churning out hits for the likes of Alicia Keys (“You Don’t Know My Name”) and Ludacris (“Stand Up”). Yeezy has also helped break new aritsts (John Legend) and given CPR to failing careers (Common). Though he now keeps his best beats for himself, the Louis Vuitton Don’s work on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 and upcoming efforts from Young Jeezy, Drake and Kid Cudi, shows he’s still one of the most sought after boardsmen in hip-hop today. Can’t tell him nothing.

2. Sean “Puffy” Combs (Not Diddy)

One of hip-hop’s most prolific producers, there is truly no one like Sean “Puffy” Combs. He cemented his rap legacy when he introduced the world to the late, great Notorious B.I.G. But it didn’t stop with Big Poppa, Puff has helped shaped the sounds of Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Ma$e and Faith, among many others, and put his midas touch on records for New Edition (“You Don’t Have To Worry” Remix), Lil’ Kim (“No Time”) and Jay-Z (“Roc Boys”). Sure he had talent like Chucky Thompson, Nashiem Myrick, Mario Winans and more recently Sean C. and LV behind him, but when it comes down to smash records, Puff is the head hitman. Take that, take that!

1. Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre
Unlike most producers on this list, Andre Young has never cornered the market per se. To this day some of the game’s sickest MCs are dying to cross Dre off their wish lists. Rather than spread himself thin, the obsessively meticulous producer works with a chosen few and chases perfection with every project. In addition to his own two classics (The Chronic & The Chronic 2001), Dre has masterminded arguably more masterpieces than anyone in hip-hop history. Sure, he’s topped the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and contributed tracks to legendary MCs like Busta Rhymes (“Break Ya Neck”), Nas (“Hustlers”) and Jay-Z (“Lost One”), but it’s the good doctor’s ability to break legends (N.W.A., Snoop Dogg and Eminem), soon-to-be-legends (50 Cent) and superstars (The Game) over the last 20 years, that makes him the G.O.A.T. Some producers make hits, but Dre’s undoubtedly a slugger.

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  • cramzy

    why do i feel a lot of “what about dilla, pete rock,etc. coming on?”. It’s a pretty on point list tho’. All these guys covered bases across the board, got classics and completely dominated at one point or another.

    • Hussle’s Way

      LMAO!! I was about to say the SAME SHIT!

      I agree with most of the list : Dre, Puff, Kanye, Timbo. I’d put DJ PREMIER before Swizz.

      Swizz…seriously? lol

      • CHEAA

        Wheres JUST BLAZE!!.. Just is wayy better than swizzy

    • DetroitDraper

      The Neptunes killed that last Common just like they killed Slim Thugga and in my opinion the Clipse. Honestly since his days with the dog Swizz has benn/is straight trash. Every beat sounds the same. Really I think Swizz should just hang it up andplease dont try an produce for Alicia you’l fuck her career up too.



      • NAWLEDGE

        So you guys just all-of-the-sudden forgot about…

        Mannie Fresh??
        Prince Paul??
        Pete Rock??
        DJ Toomp??
        Jay Electronia??
        J Dilla??
        9th Wonder??
        Jazzy Pha??
        David Banner

        EPIC FAIL!!!!

        • Vega

          ARE U SERIOUS MANNIE FRESH?!?!?!? u got a epic fail just saying that dude name he does not belong on the list of greats!!! one thing i hate on this list is that swizy is on here he should be 11 lol just blaze and dj premier should BE ON THIS LIST FOR SURE!!!!!

  • Teddy

    co-sign dres i might just throw on still dre now

  • Moving Sideways

    I swear to everything that is holy, this is the worst fucking list I have ever seen on the topic of producers.

    JD, Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch…motherfucking Scott Storch? You had a heated debate and motherfucking Scott Storch still ended up in the top ten? Get the fuck outta here?

    DJ Premier, who has done records with Christina Aguilera isn’t on the list. Rick Rubin, who has worked with Jay-Z, Metallica, and Johnny Cash isn’t on the list.

    Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?

    • jburg

      “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”

      Please stop using that line!!! It is so over used!! And he was talking about lyrics, not production!!

      • http://WWW.MAJORMUVS.COM *BLOCK*

        BLOCK BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Jesus Martinez

      Rick Rubin is the most versatile producer of all time and one of the best in music, but he fucks with hip hop rarely and thats prolly why they didn’t put him up there…but maybe they’re jus fuckin stupid and that’s why Diddy Storch and Dupri are up there.

      • Moving Sideways

        As of recently, he hasn’t done much Hip-Hop, but you have to remember he basically founded Def Jam and early Run DMC, Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy came under his watch.

        jburg!!!use!!!more!!exclamation points!!!I can’t hear you!!!

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    you got to be fucking kidding me. No DJ Paul and Juicy J, no Mannie Fresh. What a disgrace

    • Skinny Pimp

      Damn str8 i was wondern the same thng…them niggas introduced the world 2 a whole new sub-genre of hip hop music(horrorcore)

  • yoyooyo

    wtf worst list ever. ..storch shud b 2nd on the list.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com BIGMISTA

    although alot of these cats didn’t go commercial it should still be a list for Premiere, Pete Rock, J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Marley Marl and Ali Shaheed Mohammed and how can I forget Prince Paul cmon

    • forest ill

      well said!

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    yeah you could of also replaced scott storch and swizz beats with Premier and Pete Rock. disrespectful to say the least.

  • mford

    No Just Blaze?


  • venemez

    My fav. producer didn’t make the cut?

    Where is JUST BLAZE ???


    i agree with dat list except 4 storch,
    Dr. Dre still no. 1 of all time, so diddy, kanye, swizz, pharrell and tim, u can all go ahead and wear that

    still Aftermath and dre ”we NEED detox”

  • General

    This is why I love hip hop…

    If you make a list, you will be thrown under the bus for said list…

    Overall I don’t disagree with the list…

    I am curious like a few others that commented what led to DJ Premier bein left off???

    With that being said though, all those on the list do fit the super-producer role

  • Enlightened

    Thank you for not putting DJ Premier on the list. No disrespect to dude, but his fans need to recognize that his style is only for his fans – most of his shit sound like a little baby playing around with they Daddy’s equipment – to people who are not his fans.

    I respect his fan base and his achievements in the game, but I always wanna throw up when these niggas compare him to Dre or say he is the best ever.

    I give him props for being completely unique and not sounding like nobody, but that’s as far as it goes with dude.

    • Are1

      You must be one of these young knuckleheads sipping sizzurp…DJ Premiere is one of the best…

    • bermudez.rich

      are you stupid or high. Probably just white. get the fuck outta here.

    • http://intersurf.co.il pipe

      just don’t say your name in public so that people won’t laugh at ya ..

  • L.a Vet

    nah but you should have put 3-6 mafia academy award winnin super producers….

    hands down best producers in the south…

    as far as dre you are right… i mean dude been making hits since super sonic….

  • djbrokeback

    I am a huge fan and enjoy Premier, J Dilla, 9th wonder, Prince Paul, ect more than half the producers that made this list but I understand why they didnt make it. Its because they didnt have as much commercial success. Who I am surprized didnt make the list is Just Blaze and Mannie Fresh. They have the hits and the commercial success to back it. I’d probably replace Scott Storch with Mannie Fresh and it’d be a toss up with Wyclef and Just Blaze. Just my opinion……

  • MindState

    Yeah this list is kinda wack. No Preemo? Dilla? Peter? And not just them there’s several other cats too. at least u included RZA, but damn! Tighten that shit up, there’s no excuse for this. Oh yeah Enlightened is fuckin nuts! I do agree though that the people on your list have been maybe more commercially successful but fuck all’lat.

  • Ali

    Neptunes wayyyy overrated…..Timbo too, yeah I said it!!!!! They both make some weird ass shit!

  • peteroc

    I have a hard time seeing JD and Diddy on here. They really hardly do beats. A superproducer should make beats as well as influence the direction of the song. Bryan-Michael Cox produced half of JD’s hits, and (as you mentioned) numerous beatmakers did most of the tracks that Puff produced.

    Also if RZA is on there (a basically 1 camp producer) then I would have liked to see Organized Noize, Mannie Fresh, and/or Just Blaze.

    • Jesus Martinez

      Definitely agree with the Puff comment. I doubt he leads any of the production on records and has others do it for him. I’ve always hated his sound anyway, way too commercial and all of his samples (unlike RZA or Pete Rock, etc) are pretty much just 80s hits with him “rapping” over them. “Mo Money, Mo Problems” is the gayest production of all time

  • Grand Prixx

    its a SUPER PRODUCER! list,ima bigger fan of dilla,pete rock,premo and countless other mpc gods but they are’n what i would consider a SUPER PRODUCER.a super producer is someone you go to for a hit song that will dominate the charts..the names left off have produced on albums with mass critical acclaim but the ones on this list have mass commercial success
    p.s.i agree with the top five but im surprised yall rated kanye ahead of timbo..i like ye better but i was a lil surprised due 2 timbos longevity and mass production 4 mainstram pop as well as being an ancho 2 many jay-z hits

  • Grand Prixx

    oh yeah,i think Wyclef is vastly underrated and doesnt get the credit he deserves..i think he should b ahead of swizz and rza on THIS list

  • sp tha ghost

    NO PREMO?!?!?!?!?!?


  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    Grand Prixx says:

    oh yeah,i think Wyclef is vastly underrated and doesnt get the credit he deserves..i think he should b ahead of swizz and rza on THIS list

    Wyclef ahead of Rza. you must be smoking the sherm sticks knicca

    • Grand Prixx

      u must not have read what i wrote..on THIS list..Rza does not have as many worldwide hits as Wyclef..”The Score” 18 Million Sold..nuff said
      p.s.it’s clear Rza has more critically acclaimed work(when it comes to the purists of this hip hop shit)

      • Q-B@ll

        I know for a fact Wyclef didn’t producer all the joints on The Score or his own album or Destiny’s Child. He had a team of producers just like Puffy and would buy the tracks and put his name on it

  • hustle812

    fuck this list how could they leave out dj quik,mannie fresh,DJ PREMIER,pete rock,kayne is way too new to be put as a great on any list he good dont get me wrong but he wasint even out in the 90′s everybody else on the list has,so other than that the list is on point

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    honorable mention goes to Prince Paul, DJ Muggs and the late great Pimp C. All underrated in the game

  • James Robinson

    Hell nah, a list without Just Blaze is just wrong. I would replace Timbaland with Just Blaze as a super producer only because Timbo hardly ever does Hip Hop tracks anymore unless its Jay but then it’s a wack beat! Just Blaze is a super producer and is better than “most” (not all) of that list. Premier i don’t consider a Super producer these days, much respect but the first comment is just wrong on so many levels.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    XXL sucks………..your lists don’t mean shit. You think your top 10 lists really mean something, but you’re totally wrong. Some of us can see quite clear. Premier, Pete Rock, Erick Sermon, Havoc….

  • Freddy Vega$

    TOP TEN:
    10: Puff – Cant deny puff did & is still doin his thang, i mean he broke biggie for cryin out loud!!

    9:Dilla eventho he wasnt around long enough, alot of producers give him his just due, he was on some other shit n niggas like that

    8: Swizz Beats – Ruff Ryders, what more u want me to say?

    7: Just Blaze – probably most slept on, if it wasnt 4 him ROCAFELLA would of been screwed..

    6: DJ QUICK- I lied.. QUICK IS THE MOST SLEPT ON PRODUCER PERIOD!!!!! his catalog is thicker than alot of cats & he has hits 4 days, dude is 20+ years deep in the game, True Legend.

    5: Kanye West – ask me again in 5 years and he will be in the top 3, will be a TRUE MUSIC LEGEND

    4: Timberland – what cant this guy do? not only a legend in the rap/hip hop game but is becoming a True Music Legend!

    3: Neptunes- Still the goto guys for hits, cant deny their sound n appeal to the masses! TRUE LEGENDS!

    2: RZA- I ant gotta say shit TRUE MUSIC LEGEND

    1: DRE – THE GOAT

  • goodmourning

    Sounds about right. Dilla, pete rock preemo are some of the dopest producers BUT how many #1 hits have they had? this is a SUPER PRODUCER list meaning the ones that, by now, can take a shit on an mpc and ppl will pay 100′s of thousands of dollars for it. imo Just Blaze is a runner up, hes dope but how many albums, besides Blueprint, has he produced? he had one artist and that shit went absolutely nowhere: greatest story never told. now Timbo= Nelly Furtado…Justin…Aaliyah, Kanye: Common…his own shit…. Swizz held down the whole ruff ryders camp for godssake for late 90s early 2000′s with innovative casio beats. and the neptunes, need no explanation. this list is as on point as it gets

  • goodmourning

    put dillas #1 hit list against timbos, preemos against the neptunes. no shots. we’re talkin commercial success. men lie, women lie numbers dont

  • E-DUB

    I guess y’all missed the headline of the article..it says “SUPER-PRODUCER”, meaning the guys that are most sought-after and labels paying a big price to get them. Don’t get me wrong, PETE ROCK, PREMO, DILLA are superb in there own right, but they never was given the title ‘SUPER PRODUCER” by major Labels unfortunatley.

  • Beast McCoy

    Now I agree with this list because all of these producers helped generate sales. Now if you asked who were the greatest producers of all time then the list would most likely be radically different featuring names like Marley Marl, J Dilla, DJ Premier and etc. I still love the post because for the most part these 10 artists have been nearly solely responsible for the bulk of albums sales. I kind of thought Mannie Fresh & Just Blaze would have been solid choices as well for the list. It’s really odd that hardly anyone caught on to the theme of the list… Mainstream Monster Hit Makers not The Best in The Biz.

  • Eric

    I never liked cash money, but Mannie Fresh definitely should be on the list ahead of at least Scott Storch. His beats engineered a whole new sound.

  • http://www.twitter.com/djfuriousstyles djfuriousstyles

    yall need a honorable mentions, yall forgot to many peeps.

  • jake

    Why are you all considering Dr Dre as GOAT? Ok, he was one of the best (in 90s), but then he only used friends for his beat.. He even has Scott Storch as helper. Doesn’t say that enough? Most of these producer can learn from Pete Rock and DJ Premier, how they flip a sample is art. Puffy can’t say that..

    • Bee-HipHop

      I have to honest and say Dr. Dre has got to be one of the most overrated producers of all time.When you got guys like DJ Premier and RZA…I respect Dre and everything he has done for Hip Hop. But seeing him as number 1 jus makes me wonder about Hip Hop sometimes.RZA has produced a number of classic albums Enter the 36…IRONMAN(True Masta)Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Return..and a slew of other classic records yet he doesn’t get the respect he truely deserves.DJ Premier is the epitome of NY hip hop….he creates masterpieces and he isn’t even on this list.Wow..Dre has classics dont get me wrong but people speak on Dre as if his beats are all flawless.Its no way in hell I would let Dre produce a whole Nas album or a Rakim album.You think Wale would sound great over Dre production hell no !!!!!




  • http://www.singlesexyandsaved.blogspot.com Victoria Page

    I like the list, but really…no Premo? No Pete Rock? I mean those guys have been around alot longer than some of those mentioned on this list.

  • erhkehd

    HAHAHAHA this list is pitiful.

    DJ Premier is not even on here. GTFOH!

  • djbrokeback

    Im gonna get flammed for this but I think Dre is HIGHLY OVERRATED…….yea I said it.

    • Grand Prixx

      u aint da only one fam,i respect dre and his contributions to the success and innovation of hip hop but me personally(as an artist myself) i can name 5-10 people whose production i would pick over dre’s(and thats not 2 take nothig away from NWA,Doggystyle,The Chronic,2001,etc)..he has the most hits(SLIGHTLY debatable) and strong bodies of work but he’s been almost non-existent since 2004-2005…yal may label all this as blasphemy but im not saying hes not great but he isa TAD bit overrated

  • Big Skoop

    what about havoc, alchemist and dj muggs.

  • cmoney

    RZA is 8th, but Kanye is 3rd?!! How can the student be higher than the teacher? There wouldn’t be a Kanye without RZA.

  • drjay073

    What about mannie fresh, just blaze and beat by the pound

  • http://xxlmag johnny r

    is this supposed 2 be a all time list? lmao! Can Premier get sum love? and what about E Sermon? Marley Marl? who shit been more sampled then EPMD’s and Juice Crew’s? overall a bullshit list.

  • ThaHeightzHaze

    Big Skoop – yeah, I was thinking the same thing about Havoc, that dude is slept on like crazy. Look at all the Mobb Deep beats from 94-2003 and I could say he is one of the best. Best beats of all time might be Shook Ones, Quiet Storm, Its Mine and GOD III. Daz Dillinger is another producer that is slept on, he produced Ambitionz of a Rider for Pac. Organized Noize put Outkast and Goodie Mob on the map in the 90′s and how dare you XXL to leave off Premier???? Ya too commercial now a days son.

  • http://-- gaddic

    where is preemo?
    He should at least be in the top 3!
    I respect Dr.Dre’s position he has produced countless hiphop masterpieces!
    Second to none!!!
    Swizz beatz and PUff shouldn’t have made the cut please
    Puff= Biggie
    these guys talent only depend on one artist
    Hell no they among GOAT candidates!
    No Dj premier?
    FUCK this shit list!

  • gift

    no dj premier? no Pete Rock? Even Missy elliot could have gotten it before swizz or storch. no organized noise for outkast? this list is alright, but could have been better

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Cool list.

    I’ll wait for the other producer’s list.

  • malick

    the list should ‘ve been top ten commercial producers of all time. super is something amazing like er dre, premier, j-dilla, rza and maybe even kanye west.

  • frank

    wow so premiere and havoc dont count lol

    • Hanch

      Umm No they dont! Name there #1 hits please and what crossover hits have they had? Read the fucking article first people before you jump to conclusions and start assuming shit. Yall are fucking retarded.

  • 2GUUTA





    1. DR DRE

  • Mr. North

    “you got to be fucking kidding me. No DJ Paul and Juicy J, no Mannie Fresh. What a disgrace”

    You on point for that. First of all DJ Paul and Juicy J coined the phrase Super Producers and secondly Manny Fresh should recieve a Nobel Prize for his production work.

  • by ta

    No disrespect but Blaze n Dilla gotta push off Swizzy and Clef. And I love Clef personally but since the Score his stuff does not cast a wide enough net.
    Storch stays cause his stuff has such mass appeal.
    No credit for the non-hip hop sorry rube, clef.
    Hard to tell if the list is based on all-time contributions or today’s hotness.
    Sean Combs is a little high.

  • HERM

    “Now clean and sober, hopefully he can now lean back into more success.”

    Pardon me, I had to laugh at that.

  • grippboi


  • andre

    Who making that top 5 that crazy? The only one I agree with is Dr. Dre. Puffy? all Big has multi producers easy Mo etc. K. west is good ok he help Jay as producing but top 3. Who paying to be moved up? Rza with so much producing that far back in the count.

  • Freddy Vega$

    TOP TEN:
    10: Puff – Cant deny puff did & is still doin his thang, i mean he broke biggie for cryin out loud!!

    9:Dilla eventho he wasnt around long enough, alot of producers give him his just due, he was on some other shit n niggas like that

    8: Swizz Beats – Ruff Ryders, what more u want me to say?

    7: Just Blaze – probably most slept on, if it wasnt 4 him ROCAFELLA would of been screwed..

    6: DJ QUICK- I lied.. QUICK IS THE MOST SLEPT ON PRODUCER PERIOD!!!!! his catalog is thicker than alot of cats & he has hits 4 days, dude is 20+ years deep in the game, True Legend.

    5: Kanye West – ask me again in 5 years and he will be in the top 3, will be a TRUE MUSIC LEGEND

    4: Timberland – what cant this guy do? not only a legend in the rap/hip hop game but is becoming a True Music Legend!

    3: Neptunes- Still the goto guys for hits, cant deny their sound n appeal to the masses! TRUE LEGENDS!

    2: RZA- I ant gotta say shit TRUE MUSIC LEGEND

    1: DRE – THE GOAT…

  • Chris S

    well first off…Kanye is the greatest producer of all time. thats a fact

    second, where the hell is DJ Premier on the list? and also, although he is not well known at all, Ant from Atmosphere is one helluva producer and should probably be on the list.

    third, Swizz is a homo

    • Hanch

      What fucking number 1 hit has Ant from Atmosphere had? Sorry PPL but SuperProducer is not a list of Best Hip Hop producers! Read the fucking article first if you can. Then you will understand why there is no DJ Premier (name his #1 hit while your at it) Please read before you post dumbasses!!!

  • Avenger XL

    This is almost as bad as the vibe list of top rappers. What you have compiled is a list of well known mainstream superbeat makers and sometime theives with a few actual producers mixed in to give this list legitamcy. I will not argue the point of weither or not these cats have all dominated the mainstream at some point. But what you are doing is listing the more visable cats and note most of them all attempted to rap or even had albums out on their on. So once again this is a bias pop list and will only lead to a bunch of worthless discussion but that is what these lists do (I see you Joe Budden)

  • Chuck_You

    No Preemo=flawed list

    Dilla,Pete Rock, DJ Quik and Q-Tip(yep, Q-Tip)get honorable mentions.

  • The Pharmacist

    MANNIE FRESH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > Scott Storch

  • AR

    What about DJ Quik? he’s got more sales under his belt then half these dude.. Oh wait if forgot ya’ll dont do the WEST, Right?

  • pekka

    They all have the same facial expression, the “Blue Cool Producer Edition”.

  • North North

    DJ Paul and Juicy J of three 6 mafia outha be on that list in my opinion,but i aint hatin.

  • TeeDUB

    Where the fuck is just blaze !!!!!!!!!
    Just blaze justs keeps his mind on those hot ass beats !!!!! he doesn ‘t want to be a artist!!!! about 90% of the people on list has made a solo album !!!!!!!! and dont forget the alchemist !!!!!!!!!! XXL YA’LL FUCKIN UP !!!

  • Mr. North

    Blaze said that he only knows 5 producers (not including himself) that have go paid $100s of $1000s of dollars for a beat. A lot of people be lyin he said.

  • rich

    no dilla. this list loses credibilty. ya f*ckin’ up man. seriously. ya definitely skimmed through this one.


  • SNoopie

    This list is a Major FAIL!!

    COme on SCOTt off his musik is lame!!

  • Emperor Doom

    Primo over Swizzy any day

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    http://WWW.BEATNOTIKS.COM new startup with beats for sale

  • real talk

    Just Blaze, Dj Premier, Alchemist, and NO ID (KANYE’S MENTOR “BIG BROTHER SONG”

    hip hop is dead.

    No more Illmatic’s, Reasonable Doubts, etc.

    Carter 3? Nobody is going to remember that album in a few years.

  • Yagga Yo

    Sorry, but you can’t call this “Hip-Hop’s Ten Greatest Superproducers” – ostensibly of all time – and omit folks like Premier and Marley Marl etc just because they never blew up in the worlds of Pop and R&B. When they’re 2 of the most prolific and influential producers in the history of the genre. You yourselves called it “Hip-Hop’s” as the title for this list. Is this XXL or Vibe 2.0???

  • t-dot

    No preemo, wtf! I actually agreee with most of this list but no preem or just blaze and u got diddy, wtf?!?!?!

  • http://www.myspace.com/specdeliv specialdbeats

    Dilla, Premo, 9th and pete rock are some of my faves but they are not SUPERproducers! This isn’t about who makess the best beats its people who took over the radio for a period of time!

    • http://myspace.com/youngwelling Julius from the bay


  • IndyKid

    Solid list. The only one I thought deserved to be up there was Just Blaze. Dude’s legit for sure


  • money mitch

    that list is whack as hell!

    dj paul and juicy should be on that list no doubt they made great albums for 85% of memphis rappers, mike e clark should be on there as well if you don’t know who he is google him bitches! dj quick is easily better than half those rappers on there scott storch is plain fuckin’ whack! the best thing he did was play piano for the roots and dr dre other than that fuck him!

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    XXL list is a dick-rider & laughable. How cum ‘Ye is in position 3?
    Yeah Dre is GOAT but where is Priemer? Also not feeling Swizz maybe is because i’m hating cuz he’s tappin’ Alicia’s ass.

  • epinz

    I’m sorry, but u got to mention dj premier! In his time, cuz that’s what we’re talkin about, preme had 90′s on lock. Been on countless classics, produced countless of them, and is prolly on more classics to any producer other than dre or rza. But nun of the artists was his artists except for the gang starr shit! He made everybody else shit classic. That’s pretty fuckin super to me. I agree with ur list except for u can’t make a list like this and not include preemo…u can’t!!!!!

  • Anthony

    and its still Aftermath! The way I bring Dre and them with and turn this day into mayhem you staying with me? deff. need DETOX before years out.

  • smear

    Where the fuck is JUST BLAZE!?!
    Dud’es still makin hits (see T.I.’s biggest record last year)


    Bogus list!

    Puffy can’t even work a drum machine yet he’s at number 2! It’s been documented that Diddy’s the type of guy who would add a bell to a beat and then take a co-production credit!!

    No Premo but Storch makes it?!! The guy signed Brooke Hogen to his label! Nuff said!

    Timbo should be above Kanye and Just Blaze should feature somewhere on the list at least! Get ‘Clef outta there! He’s a talented dude but I’ve bumped more bangers from Blaze and even Alchemist then the ol’ Fugee!!

    RZA’s lucky to make the list cus he past his prime YEARS ago, but if you’re going off past merit then Rick Rubin is legendary!

    Also, am I the only one who’s forgot about Poke & Tone (Trackmasterz)?? Those dudes where beast and paved the way for production duo’s like Neptunes, Midi Mafia & Cool & Dre.

    I could go on…

    As a producer myself, I study other producers and this list in my opinion is B-O-G-U-S-!

  • http://www.google.com Ofentse Setimo

    I thought DJ Khalid would actually make the list. Dude makes some seriously banging beats but then again he’s never really crossed over to POP N rnb maybe that’s the reason he was’nt given credit as one of the illest beat makers out there.

  • elscorcho

    where’s pimp c????? he’s slept on as a producer just as much as bun b is as a lyricist…everyone sleepin on the south still!!!

  • m3 LETHATL

    BEATS BY THE POUND —- they had to make original tracks for ALL of nolimit….about 10+ albums a year for what….5 years!!!! who can compare to that work ethic…there were 4 or 5 dude but still…

  • Nav

    Head Bangers? The title should read as “Hit Makers” or if you want to get totally generic with it “Club Bangers.” Head Banger just speaks to me like a producer that consistently makes a track that you can ride to without trying to appeal to any said market. As well as a staple in the Hip Hop community. And if that’s the case, then yeah Premo, Dilla, and Blaze, hell I may have said Wonder as well (shouldn’t anybody say Wonder without saying Krisis as well). But this seems like a Hit Makers party than anything else. In that case, yeah this list sounds about right. Scorch is questionable tho.

    • Hanch

      It sounds like that cause it is dumbass. Read the fucking article retard.

  • http://wreckroomkilroy.wordpress.com/ Wreck Room

    If for any reason someone makes a list involving hip-hop that places Swizz Beats ahead of the RZA, well, fuck that list.

  • oskamadison

    As probably one of the biggest Premo fans there are (I think beat for beat, he’s the best that ever did it), I can understand his exclusion from this list, even glad for it, actually. Do y’all REALLY want Preme on the same list as Swizz, Puff and Scott Storch (?!!!!) Now give me your top 10 PURE Hip-Hop
    (I’m tired of hearing “real”, so I’ll substitute pure) producers list and most if not all those cats on this list won’t make it.

    • fortydogg

      dj premier
      pete rock
      dr. dre
      dj quick
      j dilla
      9th wonder
      erick sermon
      diamond d

  • oskamadison

    Also, judging by the criteria, said producers had to have made a considerable mainstream impact which made me remember something: Preme got a Grammy for his work with Christina Aguilera and he’s worked with Limp Bizkit and Black Eyed Peas. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • Info by John Doe


  • Mister J

    Man you all just don’t know how to READ. Great list of “SUPER” producers… Oh i get it! Make a list of “HIPHOP” producers for all these illiterate fools.

    Ask about me.

  • Piper_1990

    Drumma Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gafinest706

    where is organized noise?

  • mat_fr

    1- The RZA/DR DRE/puffy
    2- Kanye/Neptunes
    3- Timbaland
    4- …

  • fortydogg

    dj premier, pete rock ,dj quick, j dilla ,havoc, 9th wonder, dr. dre , mannie fresh, evil dee ,rza ,battlecat ,dj paul ,focus ,organized noise ,kayne ,just blaze , erick sermon ,timbaland(even though dude said hell neva produce a rap record again) what a fuckin fool,dont turn ya back on what made you. kinda like wayne doin rock but sayin greatest hip hop artist alive (fuck dat nigga)

  • fortydogg

    dj premier, pete rock ,dj quick, j dilla ,havoc, 9th wonder, dr. dre , alchemist , mannie fresh, evil dee ,rza ,battlecat ,dj paul ,focus ,organized noise ,kayne ,just blaze , erick sermon , no id , large pro , diamond d , rob lo , jazzy pha, zaytoven , dj jelly ,timbaland(even though dude said hell neva produce a rap record again) what a fuckin fool,dont turn ya back on what made you. kinda like wayne doin rock but sayin greatest hip hop artist alive (fuck dat nigga)

  • http://www.localislekker.tv South Africa

    I think ya’ll are forgetting Hi-Tek

    i think Focus is a genius, altough he don’t fit in this list coz he don’t have no longevity in the game

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Man, this is what I hate about these types of lists… I know they don’t have these kinda arguments in other genres and they’ve been around WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer.

    Death of Bullshit Freestyle up. myspace.com/federalranga
    E7 up. youtube.com/federalranga

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I would switch Scott with Premier. Other than that I agree with the list.

  • http://myspace.com/youngwelling Julius

    where the F is j dilla!! there wouldnt be no kanye and all the without him… R.I.P. DILLA!!

  • KillyoSelf

    RZA #8 fuck this list! Sped up soul samples,random sounds,movie clips,dirty drums, sound like the last ten years of hiphop beats huh? Most of this list owes Bobby Digi money cept puffy, tim, amd jd. This means you kanye! Also how in the fuck is Premier not on this list.

  • Fireforreal

    Diddy or Puff Instead never even made the beats he told all the other Badboy hitmen what vibe he wanted for certaine records and took credit for it.That’s why the whole hitmen staff bounced because it was more then the money to them. How can they not mention the work Jermaine dupri did on the usher albums and Mariah carey ? Just since the new millennium he had hits from 8701=7xplat,Confessions=10xplat,Emancipation of mimi=6xplat.

  • Bigwylie

    i agree with this list somewhat but here’s what i would say:

    10.Eminem (yeah he was coached by Dre but he still has some nice shit)
    9. Wyclef
    8. Just Blaze
    7. RZA
    6. Kanye West
    5. Q-tip
    4. DJ Premier
    3. Pete Rock
    2. J Dilla
    1. Dr. Dre

  • acj

    no daz blaze or havoc ur havin a laugh aint ya?aint you?

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  • Ash


  • north-miami

    mannie freshhhh hands down the best producer… you better go back and listen to them cash money beats and the carter 1 one of the best produced albums ever… he can make an album and have all different beats combine .. smoking beats , crunk , vibing, ridin, everything..

  • pookie

    10. wycleff
    9. puffy
    8. kanye west
    7. rza
    6. dj premo
    5. timbaland
    4. j dilla
    3. dj jazzy jeff (so underrated!!)
    2. pete rock
    1. dr dre

  • Still a Fan of Fif

    the list was cool. Tim should be second. All that east coast biased in the comments make my stomach hurt. I should say throw Daz and Dj Quik in the mix. Hell naw. Relevant Popula Music in the Past two decades(including this one). Dilla made great beats, but not many hits in the new mille, neither has Premo

  • Avon Barksdale

    WORST list i’ve ever seen.
    Wheres Dilla?? Pete Rock?? Premier??
    P diddy ahead of Kanye??
    n who the fuck is scott storch anymore

  • Avon Barksdale

    WORST list i’ve ever seen.
    Wheress Dilla?? Pete Rock?? Premier??
    P diddy ahead of Kanye??
    n who the fuck is scott storch anymore

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  • balaramesh

    ” have a hard time seeing JD and Diddy on here.”


    neither are real hip hop producers. do you think nas, jay or em would pay 100k for a beat from them?!?!? HECK NO!!!!

    this is a horrible list

  • king-k


  • ThingAlec

    Repace Jermaine Dupri with J Dilla. At least they have the same initials.

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicwayne

    This list is all screwed up