FEATURE: Slaughterhouse, Welcome To The Terrordome Pt.1

It’s said that the apocalypse is near when you see the four horsemen. Well if Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9” and Crooked I have anything to do with it, this is in fact the end for a lot of rappers. Collectively coming together to form Slaughterhouse, this Voltron-esque super group has been on the lips of many a fan wondering if the foursome will indeed produce what could be a monumental album for hip hop or just be all talk like several star-studded attempts before them. Pledging their allegiance to the project and riding the momentum of their recent sold out show at New York City’s S.O.B.’s, this four-headed monster sat down with XXLmag.com to discuss everything you want to know about your favorite rappers’ favorite group. Prepare for the Slaughter.

XXLMag.com: How did Slaughterhouse get started ?

Royce Da 5’9″: It started with a record [entitled “Slaughterhouse”]. Joey reached out to me and said I need you to lay a verse on this song. He said Crooked was gonna be on it. I didn’t even know Ortiz was going to be on the joint. After they leaked it out to the net and seen the response to it, he called me back and was like ‘Yo, we need to build on this.’ Not to try to take credit or nothing, but that’s just how shit went down. He was like, ‘Yo, we need to do another joint.’ And I was just like, shit, why don’t we just do an album? Why don’t we just do a group since they fucking with all of us. He was like, ‘Hell yea!’

Joe Budden: I know Royce took credit but I need to be taking the credit [laughs].

XXL: With everybody being all across the country, does geography ever become a problem?

Royce: Nah, it’s just about agreeing to meet at a central location where everybody can be comfortable. If Crooked said ‘I only like recording on the West Coast’ I’d be down to go out there for a couple of weeks. He could come out to my crib for a couple of weeks. Then I’d go out to New York or Jersey…it don’t matter to me. And everybody’s so flexible, nothing’s really been hard throughout the process so far.

Crooked I: I think niggas is so hungry and so starving for this hip-hop shit to return to what it once was that niggas is just gelling right now.

XXL: Hip-hop hasn’t seen a super group like this in a long time. What type of impact are you hoping a showing like this will have on the game?

Joell Ortiz: It’s gonna be a Slaughterhouse [laughs]. We got the perfect name for it. I don’t think anybody else group wise is going to be able to doubt that we’re four of the toughest dudes when it comes to that booth. I think hip-hop as a whole will be excited, especially anyone who like rapper’s rappers.

Crooked I: I wanna raise the bar with this project. All these niggas think they got spit. All these niggas think they going in on the ink pen. I wanna show them and prove even to myself that my bar game is always what I say it is. Of course I wanna get paper, cause one foot in the industry and one foot in the streets, that’s some wack shit. But my main goal with this Slaughterhouse project is to bring that era, that real hip-hop to a new generation.

Royce: We wanna impact all across the board. We’re capable of doing everything people think we can’t do and everything they think we can do we’re capable of doing ten times better than that. I think we all wanna show collectively, that we can do more than the box that people put us in, which is underground.

Budden: My outlook is a little different. I agree, if given the opportunity we can change quite a few people’s opinions as far as perspectives go, but if you just focus on the music everything else will fall into place. Once we just focus all of our talents and energies, people will be made believers.

XXL: So Royce, with you specifically not trying to stay in that underground vein, would it be safe to say you’re trying to reach the mainstream now ?

Royce: I think if we stay consistently doing what we’re doing now, they’ll come to us. I don’t wanna go reaching for it because when you reach for it, people will catch on that that’s what you’re trying to do and they don’t respect that.

XXL: All of you guys have a heavy presence and have been able to eat on the strength of the internet. Will that continue with this project or will there be more of an effort to push it out onto the street level?

Royce: We’re gonna focus on trying to get this shit as big as possible. There’s just too many super powers. Shit, this is bigger than the net. I wanna take it as far as we can take it. We’re not gonna put up with no record with Rihanna on the hook or some shit, but we’re gonna keep it hip-hop and take it far. Same way people like Common did it who never really sacrificed their sound to make hit records.

Budden: That’s happening now. That’s not a concern of mine one bit. I don’t think about who’s big where. I mean we all have our own personal accomplishments and accolades but as a unit, we ain’t accomplished shit yet. But I think just the idea itself is already spilling over into the streets. There’s a different type of excitement and it certainly isn’t just on the internet.

Crooked I: It absolutely spills over into the streets. And I already see we gon have to flatten out a couple of sucker emcees. I can already hear the hating. But that might just add to the project though [laughs]. But it’s to be expected. Now that you can go on the internet, listen to music and leave a comment, everybody’s a critic. What I’m hoping to do is educate the West Coast fans in the street who may not be up on Joe Budden or not up on Ortiz…The internet is cool, but you can’t just live there. -Anthony Roberts

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  • blakey100

    i really respect what these dudes are doing….real hip hop

    • Devon

      I hope this work out if not Im listening to soul music from now on anybody with me

      • $ykotic

        Not for nothing they already made me retire the classic soul and classic rap for now.

        But that “Move On” cut IS soul.


        Sorry XXL for that plug.

  • itsover

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    About to destroy whack ass fake ass “rappers”


  • Aqua Fresh

    I can’t even describe how excited I am about the potential of this group. Shit is gonna be bananas. I love everything they’ve dropped so far, so I’m confident they’ll only get better the longer they mesh in the studio together.

    Shouts out to Slaughterhouse for doing it for Hip Hop.

    Shouts out to XXL for recognizing real Emcees. Real talk.

  • cheee


    its all about slaughterhouse

    you can remove all these other weak ass busters from the site

    slaughterhouse the take over

  • DevilintheFlesh

    As dope as all these guys are….I still don’t think it will move units.

    Hopefully I am wrong.

    • sl

      wow..didnt you just read what they said..

      its about real hiphop and the artfrom

      they dont give a fuck about selling records.

      damnn is that all people focus on these days is the numbera behind the record and not the music

  • NOLA8181

    Hope these niggas take the game back to some type of lyrical content.I know the skill level will be there but will the dumbed down U.S.pickup on it.

  • the smart guy

    its about time, thats what corporations do consolidate. At least some people are thinking about their finances.

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  • dronkmunk

    Hip-hop’s answer to voltron is Wu-tang, not these clowns. That is blasphemy as well as an epic failure.

    • D-Block

      go fuck your self faggot wu-tang is pickin up medicade and shit half of them are prolly in a retirement home. this is the present, wu-tang is the past faggot

      • dj brokeback

        Wu-Tang is forever mutha fucka….remember that!

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      Wu-Tang Clan = Voltron
      Slaughterhouse = G-Force

  • Danny Myers

    Im definitely looking forward to this for 09! These are 4 of the best brothers with lytricism in the game today. By the way… if you dudes want bars, youtube danny myers street verses. Best new upcoming lyricist from the west coast, see for yourself!!!

  • d

    Finally HIP HOP has come back to america!

  • jerz82

    if u dont realize hiphop needs this your lame.when talent like thhis comes together only good can come out of it


    These niggas together in Hip Hop is like a solution to the problem thats going on. We as fans been asking for some real hip hop now we got it and all we gotta do is support and show some fucking appreciation cuz our prayers is gettin answered.

  • Curtis75Black

    It’s not about moving units because Soulja moved units and he’s wack as Hell !! If you’re not gonna buy real lyrical shit as a fan of Hip Hop, no need to talk shit. These 4 will bring it to the masses !! We as fans got to back them, not criticize their game. If you are not into them, they’re not for you.

  • j-dubb

    haha this group intimidates me……its to seriouse yo cant wait to see what becomes of this

  • kermikaze

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!…real hip hop niggaz been knowin about slaughterhouse, i just want the album, fuck the masses, that shit will come to them

  • Mutada al sader the king

    All you motherfuckers big uping these dudes. Lets see how many of you bitches go BUY the album and catch a show or two. Thats the mark of a REAL fan, not bittorrent and youtube cell phone videos.

    If you a fan, make sure you BUY the album and support. These niggaz got kids to feed too and if they put out good product they desserve to be paid for it..

    Crook said we have to flatten out some fake MC’s.. A SH diss track with all on board ?? That would be like bullying. LOL

    • opm509

      co sing that shit see thats the problem how can you not buy the artists you support buy this shit and there you go hiphop is back the majors will have ta look at camps like this ima copp it when it drops SLAUGHTER HOUSE ALLDAY BABY!!!bully dem busters

      • K_Steez

        SlaughterHouse all year….

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    A Dream Come True!!!
    All the need is a one good producer,
    who could be???

  • Ali

    wow….this is gonna be big….don’t know one person who doesn’t approve of this, not one

  • http://www.teamsupreme.wordpress.com Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    REAL LYRICISM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Actually the four best rappers ALIVE right now.

    (Until Eminem comes out maybe)

  • sevdemy

    these niggas is weak…. better do something to help they solo careers

    • ….A….

      you need to lay off the retard sauce, son.

      like Bernie Mac used to say “there’s about to be a discrepancy up in here” once these niggas form like Voltron.

      Game Over


    IF this is done right… If this has the necessary backing from all peolple concerned wit the project… If these rhyme animals click… IF they get the right beats… If they dont fall out.. If they work on stories, battleraps, ciphers and interlinking rhyme schemes.. if the concept is on point.. this could be one of the classic hiphop albums of recent times as they all bring viable talent and hunger to the table.. did i mention they are all rhyme animals..? im waiting on this album! Guys if you read this we the real hip hop fans are waiting for ya’ll to raise the bar for ’09.. go get em slaughterhouse

  • http://www.amalgamdigital.com/blog Amigon

    OMG I wish someone relevent would critisize these guys, i would love to see them take turns dissing some lame sucka duck.

  • $ykotic

    These dudes got a superior buzz right now like when DMX first dropped.

    What I like is how they all came together, not trying to chop each other’s heads off to eat.

    Support these dudes if your REALLY behind the movement.

    2 CDs aint gonna hurt that Jordan stash.

    Now watch how these followers out there “swag jack” and start forming their lil groups.

  • coty cook

    these are the guys man they know what there doing they all been in the game for a minute and there a beast on the mic true emcces at the fullest cant wait for more material. they show the game what it needs this is hip hop .

  • jpdakid

    I already pre-ordered Padded Room (Joe Budden)
    Even though it’s a mixtape, I’ma find a way to cop Free Agent (Joell Ortiz)
    I’m definitely gonna cop Street Hop (Royce)
    And even though Crooked said his album is gonna be free, ima find a way to put money in his hands…

    It’s crazy, cause even before they got together, they were the only rappers I could listen to…
    except Sai, but he’s acting up right now

  • Rasheed

    This is by far the most exciting thing happening in music to me right now. Individually, I am anticipating all of their projects. As a group, I cannot fing wait to hear more material. As far as the speculation they may not move units. Right now unless your U2 or Jayz, the best way to make money is on an indie and through digital releasing. A couple of big name bands/artists have made more money releasing their albums independently via their websites than they ever did before. Forming this super group is the smartest thing these 4 have ever done. From a Hip Hop perspective and a financial one.

  • beagle

    seriously im from australia and slaughterhouse is the best shit ive ever heard these guys are the best, im thinkin about quitin my job and becoming a event promotor and gettin these guys out here idd BE RICH BITCH!

  • Bike Jones

    I think that this is really good for hip-hop….
    What I would like to know now is are they gonna let Stat Quo join Slaughterhouse so they could corner the market…..

    East-Joe Buddens and Joell Ortiz
    West-Crooked I
    Midwest-Royce da 5’9
    South- Stat Quo??????????

    How at me and let me know what yall think

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      Is a good idea Stat Quo but I think the only thing they not have is a producer. They can add Dj Toomp.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    East: Joe Buddens and Joell Ortiz
    West: Crooked I
    Midwest: Royce da 5′9
    South: Dj Toomp

    4 good MC’s + 1 good Producer = Classic Album!!!

  • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

    1 producer would lame up an album. you can’t have just one producer. these dudes are from 3 different areas. i want to hear west coast beats, i want to hear east coast beats, i want to hear midwest beats. yall are some closeminded mah fahs

  • yaboy

    Ill cop the album, no doubt

  • Cinsere

    Royce: I think if we stay consistently doing what we’re doing now, they’ll come to us. I don’t wanna go reaching for it because when you reach for it, people will catch on that that’s what you’re trying to do and they don’t respect that.

    Word, Royce…cuz it took us a while to forget who shows up two minutes into this video.


  • http://www.thebossboard.com EFFeX

    XXL, props for all the Slaughterhouse coverage lately, I respect ya’ll for supporting REAL Hip Hop. Don’t short change these dudes though, you know they deserve a cover feature!

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  • balaramesh

    as a fan of all four, i really want to see them shine. i havent been this excited since uh…. the firm (nas, az,foxy, nature with dr. dre on the beats) and that failed to meet expectations.

    it’s a shame when plies,lil boosie and jim jones are more well known than these dudes

    hopefully, they can form a great product. either way, i am copping the album

    ***budden, stop showing off your chick, it’s getting out of control***