Reality TV usually isn't the best vehicle to jump start a rap career. While Diddy's Band went gold with their debut, Too Hot for TV back in 2003, the group's members are now remembered for taking part in a classic "Chappelle's Show" skit, not their music. Enter Ahmad and Kamal Givens, better known as Real and Chance of I Love New York fame. Though their musical roots precedes their Reality Show run, the brotherly pair's group, the Stallionaires, has benefited from becoming VH1 mainstays in the past two years. Now the stars of their own show, "Real Chance Of Love," Real and Chance plan on becoming multifaceted stars. caught up with the two brothers to discuss looks vs. chemistry, shuking and jiving and getting love from Hollywood A-listers.

XXL: If you could give a chain to any celebrity, who would it be?

Real: I’d give Nicole Sherzinger a chain, cause she’s looking good.

Chance: I don’t know some of these girls’ names that I see out here, but I sure would love to give them some chains. I’m all about the exotic women, man.

XXL: The average viewer thinks the show is about you looking for fun, not love. What do you pick your girls on, looks or a genuine connection?

Real: I mean, we’re just getting to know these girls. Some girls may not be as physically attractive as others, but they might have a better personality. Some girls may be more attractive on the outside, but they ain’t got no personality. So it’s just about the chemistry. We’re eliminating girls based off of chemistry, who connects with us and who’s not connecting with us and that’s why you see the girls that are still there are the ones we have a connection with.

XXL: Chance, why did you get rid of So Hood. You guys seemed like a good match.

Chance: At the end of the day, she’s just a nut, dawg. I like hood girls and stuff like that, but she was past hood, she was halfway retarded.

XXL: Real, how do you feel about getting rid of Sexy Legz knowing she didn’t betray you like you initially thought?

Real: I mean, it’s all good. Me and her didn’t have much chemistry anyway.

XXL: You seem like you were feeling her, though.

Real: I was feeling her, but…

Chance: [Cuts in] She was way taller than him anyway, so it was like Big Bird and Elmo, man. It was like an odd couple, man. Too tall, too tall. Big brother’ll stroke the hell out of Elmo.

XXL: "Flavor Of Love" and its spin-offs have been criticizing for putting black people in a bad light. What’s your response to that?

Real: If you’re gonna say we’re under the "Flavor Of Love" franchise, as far as we’re concerned, we’re on the Stallionnaires franchise. I mean, you can say black people are acting ignorant and stuff…I guess ya’ll can say that about Richard Pryor, Martin Lawrence, David Chappelle, Eddie Murphy and everybody else that’s acting crazy. When white people do it, they don’t say that about white people, but when black people do it, it’s a whole…It’s just a thing to put black people down, man. We can’t help that we’re just the funniest people in the world.

Chance: What about when white people used to dress like black people and look ignorant back in the day and stuff like that. Plus we’re all about some entertainment at the same time, man. Even though we’re looking for love, people need to come home and enjoy some TV.

XXL: The Stallionaires date from before "I Love New York," correct?

Chance: We had a reality show before all this. We shot our first reality show with our uncle Mike. That was gon come out, but the VH1 thing came about and we were so hype for all that and he just gave us the green light like, “Ya’ll go ahead, man. We’ll just put this shit on the back burner.

Real: Our younger brother Mikey, he’s produced stuff for Blackstreet, Kirk Franklin, 50 and Michael Jackson. He was working.

XXL: Do the Stallionaires have a deal or do you plan on releasing music independently?

Chance: Right now we’re doing independently, man. If somebody wants to join the bandwagon, they gotta come up cause we’re doing real well right now.

XXL: You guys must be rub elbows with a lot of celebrities now, how do they respond to you when you meet them?

Real: Everybody show up respect, from Denzel Washington to Samuel Jackson.

Chance: Man, everybody wants to do a show. Everybody loves us now, man. I just met Samuel L. Jackson the other day at the gas station and he loved me and I love him back. I was like, “Sam!” and he was like, “Chance, is that you?” Awww, damn! Samuel knows me. So he came and told me he heard me on Big Boy [radio show] the other day on told me he loved what I’m doing and keep it up. And I told him I love what he’s doing. Hopefully some day we can work together. We do what we do and we do it well, man. And not only that, we keep it real and we got love. And they respect our independence, how we came up. -Bruce Moses