His new album is still almost a year away, but the man known as Pitbull is hard at work anyway. He has another Lil Jon-featured banger “Crazy,” that’s heating up the club scene, he’s been hitting the studio with the likes of the Ying Yang Twins, and he’s been busy searching for a new recording home to release his next LP.

We know Mr. 305’s talked at length about TVT and how unhappy he was to be there. So XXLMag.com went off on a tangent instead and asked Pit about everything from his last fight to the last time he was out shined on a record. Wepa!---Samuel J. Newman-Beck

XXLmag.com: When’s the last time you bought an album?

Pitbull: I bought a bunch of albums the last time I went to the store. I bought Trick Daddy’s last album, Rick Ross, Nas and this was like a year ago!

XXLmag.com: When’s the last time you were star struck?

Pitbull: When I ran into Hulk Hogan. I ran into him in a club and he was like, “What’s up Mr. 305!” That fucked me up. That was definitely a moment to remember.

XXLmag.com: When’s the last time you were in a fight?

Pitbull: Man, about two nights ago.

XXLmag.com: So you knocked someone out?

Pitbull: It was just some knucklehead looking to earn some stripes and he just fucked around and barked up the wrong tree.

XXLmag.com: When’s the last time you forgot your lyrics on stage?

Pitbull: Well that’s happened a bunch of times. But the last time was like 5 months ago.

XXLmag.com: And what happens then?

Pitbull: Basically you mumble them until you get to the part you remember. The crowd doesn’t really notice anyways. If I really mess up on stage I’ll tell the crowd I just fucked up on stage and run it back.

XXLmag.com: When’s the last time you outshined someone on a record?

Pitbull: I think I outshined Lil Wayne on the “Got Money” freestyle. But Wayne is great so don’t let that turn into anything else.

XXLmag.com: When’s the last time you went on vacation?

Pitbull: I went to Dominican Republic in July, so about two months ago.

XXLmag.com: When was the last book you read?

Pitbull: “48 Laws of Power” about 10 years ago…Oh shit that’s a long time!

XXLmag.com: What was your last job you had before rapping?

Pitbull: I was at a telemarketing firm about 10 years ago.

XXLmag.com: When’s the last time you ran out of gas in your car?

Pitbull: That will never happen to me. My whole life I lived with 2 or 3 dollars worth of gas in the car. Now I have the money so as soon as that bitch hits a quarter tank I fill it up.