2008 Mid-Year Awards
And The Winner Is…

Dead or alive, hip-hop has sure been eventful these past six months.

Lil Wayne sold “A Milli,” Young Buck was booted out of G-Unit, R. Kelly allegedly didn’t do it and Young Jeezy was cloned at least twice. Here, XXLMag.com honors some of the best, worst, odd, repulsive and absurd events to date in 2008.

*Best oversaturated and arguably overrated rapper with a drug habit to survive kissing a man (not his daddy) on the mouth, not take 50 Cent’s bait, spitefully get leaked by DJs and still sell a million copies in one week: Lil Wayne

*Best Young Jeezy Song Not Performed By Young Jeezy: Rocko’s “Umma Do Me” by an adlib over Shawy Lo’s “Dey Know”

*Best Game Impersonation: Young Buck…They just get so confused.

*Best Club Song To Not Top Billboard’s Hot 100: Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”

*Should You Be Too Busy To Be Doing This Bullshit Award: Diddy Blog, Bitches! Diddy Blog!

*The No-Bitch-Assness Award: Tony Yayo… Even kids can get it, if you have a good lawyer.

*The Eli Porter “I Deed It” Award: R.Kelly = O.J. 3000, Sam Adams Jr. = Johnnie Cochran 2.0

*I Think My Water Broke Award: Rick Ross’ Belly…He got some nerve.

*The Now-You-See-It-Now-You-Don’t Award: Nas, or un-rapper

*The Can’t Get Right Award: DMX… Dark Man gets arrested more than Lil Wayne gets downloaded. And just weeks before he’s due in court on multiple charges in Arizona. What does X do? He gets knocked in Florida. Will he ever see the light? –XXL Staff

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  • bone

    that lil wayne shit was on point overrated kissin dudes and gettin away wit it can’t sum it up better than that

    • MOE


  • dusty boy

    Maan Hol’ Up!!! Yall Foos @ XXL are off the chain!!! I dig this here!!!


    Fuck 1st!!!

  • stuckfesh

    How bout yall give Alicia Keys key a award 4 being the baddest bitch out there!!! Did you see the 2008 bet awards!! WTF!!

    • 239allday

      Ay stuckfresh, I got to cosign with the Alicia keys award homie. Sometimes I wish Ms. keys was a video ho or at least an eye candy. Ay, XXL try to make sumthin happen with that.

  • Shawn Blaze

    Co-sign about wayne…so overhyped

  • Champlain

    Most over used head clothing…gucci anything…

  • Laron

    Why do people listen to Shawty Lo when you can listen to the real Young Jeezy. Shawty Lo is a cheap counterfeit. He’s like a fake gold chain, tryna be the original. Before he calls his ass a king, GET YO OWN MUTHAFUCKIN STYLE NIGGA!!!! You stupid clone.

  • Rodjilius

    now this shit was funny bitchassness award goes to yayo and dat ross shit was funny too

  • Chuck G

    *Best Young Jeezy Song Not Performed By Young Jeezy: Rocko’s “Umma Do Me” by an adlib over Shawy Lo’s “Dey Know”


  • og bobby j

    commenter no one wants to fuck wit…OG

    Most overrated overhype album of all time – C3

  • Oneofthemyo’s


  • Peru

    That Alicia Keys Playboy spread NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!! Or atleast somebody get pics of her in some type of lingerie, lace boyshorts or something!!!

    That is really crazy how Lil Wayne got away with career “assassination.” If Kanye, 50, or even Jay Z kissed another grown ass man on the mouth, not the lips, ON THE MOUTH, niggas would’ve been killin their careers!!! WTF did Lil Wayne do to get a Homopass??? I dont give a fuck how good you think you are or people think you are GAY NIGGAS DONT GET RESPECT IN HIP HOP!!! No matter how you slice that loaf of honeywheat them niggas is sweet!!!

  • Peru

    Next ya’ll niggas gonna see a sex tape of Wayne and Birdman(I call him birdman cuz I refuse to call a grown ass man “Baby”)and say that they were just wrestling or they were helping each other out for medical reasons or some shit…WTF!!! Ya’ll niggas is really trippin!!! Leads me to believe there are alot of closet homo niggas in Hip Hop!!!

    • http://www.myspace.com/itosofly ito

      LMAO @ da next we gon see a lil wayne and birdman sex tape..

  • Justice4all

    ********2008 VOCODER(talkbox) AWARD**********


    **And anyone else that has used it with or without T-”talkbox” Pain killing the hook.

  • Justice4All

    Oh, I almost forgot………..

    ***T-Paintheazs needs to jump of the bay bridge***

  • Atlanta Boy

    The next person that uses the Vocoder should instantly be reduced to ashes right after it leaves the mixing room.

  • Peru

    Award for Biggest Lil Wayne dick rider for giving him his own section on the tab list: XXL MAG!!!

  • Peru

    Biggest example of Hip Hop being a business controlled by old white men: Soulja Boy’s success!!!

  • http://inkstarzz.com Dee

    Y can’t people just focus on the music, Wayne is a Damn good Rapper stop looking for reasons to hate, Oyea and Rocko sucks

  • HIipHopArice

    Ever body is on point and is funny as hell…if kayne. 50.or jayz would have dropped the same day as the carter would it still would have went plat in the first week or would it had been the number one album album ? the nigga had no real comp this year

    • nellz

      if it woulda dropped the same day as any of those it woulda sold more…Just look at Curtis and graduation…U KNOW niggas was buyin Kanye’s album just so 50 would retire.

  • vkhg

    lmao i agree with em especially wayne

  • Rizob

    Yall think “Flashing Lights” is a club song? What da fuck type of ass-backwards boring ass clubs yall go to if they playing “Flashing Lights”? its a cool song, but mos def not a club song!

  • bornnraisedcmr

    XXL is the Fox News of this rap sh!t.

    A bunch of haters.

    • NOPE!

      co-sign…they hate…but give lil wayne his own tab…LOL..and then hat eon em some more

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    The 2008 mid-year “You Tube” Hip-Hop awards:
    Nominee list:
    1. Soulja Girl = I’m pressing charges
    2. Eli Porter = I’m the best “mayne”
    3. Latarian Milton = 7-year-old boy gangster
    4. Ice-T diss Soulja Boy = “I’m apologize but you are garbage”

    and the winner is…
    Eli Porter

  • Peru

    Aint nobody hatin on Lil Wayne, but we not focusing on the music right now…shit they not focusing on the music right now, thats why he aint have no damn comp and thats why C3 was nowhere near what everybody expected it to be!!! Niggas be callin Kanye gay cuz of the clothes he wears but Lil Wayne can tounge down another grown ass man and its ok…NIGGA PLEASE!!! Ya’ll defend Lil Wayne like a bitch defends her man!!! So I’m not hating on Lil Wayne I’m hatin on all you grown man bitches!!! Love his music but dont act like the nigga is paying ya’ll bills…damn!!! Thats why niggas dont like Lil Wayne, cuz he has too many dick riders. A fanbase is cool, but when there is an abundance of dick riders that praise a nigga…THAT SHIT JUST GETS ANNOYING!!!

  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    BIG UPS TO ALL MY HATERS! That one line shitted on that Rocko song.

  • Queens Boy

    even though i don’t like peru he has a point…wayne has too many dick riders. this nigga gets away with murder.but fuck wayne right now let’s me present nas with the AIM award(album is missing)lol but seriously when is his album coming out?

  • yoprince

    damn ya’ll went in on wayne.. love/hate relationship i suppose..

  • mdot12

    that ‘best young jeezy song not performed by young jeezy’ award was funny. when i first heard that song i thought of jeezy. not hatin on rocko but his style just reminds me of jeezy…

  • Rizob

    Its an abnormal amount of Wayne hate and G-Unit dick riding coming from XXLmag.com lately. Curtis really does have yall on payroll.

    “So many doubt, cause I come from the South. But when i open up my mouth, all bullets come out! BANG!”

  • REAL TALK 08

    Well the Best of 2008…

    1. Lupe fiasco’s “THE Cool”
    2.even though he cannot get enuff of kissing Baby..Lil Wayne’s “The Carter 3″ proved hip hop can still sell!
    3. Kanye West gets props..RIP Donda West!..hope U don’t retire ‘Ye!
    4.Papoose..i’m still waiting on dat album..good internet shyt though!
    5. Lil Scrappy…i just added him on becuz this nigga should’ve been King instead of Prince of the South!..he got dat it factor!

    The Five Worse Soulja Boi holds all 5 spots!..LOL..tied wit Young Buck’s bitch azz!

  • Mitch

    Funny list, but why the hate on Wayne?

    • RealTalkFromARealNigga

      agree wit mitch…seems like niggas love u when u broke just like them but when u really become a threat and start shuttin it down, niggas wanna get rid of u and y lo and Rocko gotta b clones..nobody said that when NY was on top, maybe they all just have that southern swag and it comes thru in the music…RealTalkFromARealNigga

  • Laron

    Real Talk I understand what your sayin but Shawty Lo is jackin Jeezy, it wasnt yesterday when Jeezy came out. It is not their swag, if that was the case every southern rapper would act like Jeezy, no they are clones….they saw Jaeezy’s style and they want to be him. To be a real rapper u got to have your own style, your own swag instead of being a cheap copy.

  • Jack

    everything said is the damn truth and if flashing lights had a video that people could understand and was more video channel friendly it would have made it to the top.

  • A’aron

    “Will he ever see the light?…”

    I actually wonder who disrespected X in that way.

    -Poncho McDuogle