Dead or alive, hip-hop has sure been eventful these past six months.

Lil Wayne sold "A Milli," Young Buck was booted out of G-Unit, R. Kelly allegedly didn't do it and Young Jeezy was cloned at least twice. Here, honors some of the best, worst, odd, repulsive and absurd events to date in 2008.

*Best oversaturated and arguably overrated rapper with a drug habit to survive kissing a man (not his daddy) on the mouth, not take 50 Cent's bait, spitefully get leaked by DJs and still sell a million copies in one week: Lil Wayne

*Best Young Jeezy Song Not Performed By Young Jeezy: Rocko's "Umma Do Me" by an adlib over Shawy Lo's "Dey Know"

*Best Game Impersonation: Young Buck...They just get so confused.

*Best Club Song To Not Top Billboard's Hot 100: Kanye West's "Flashing Lights"

*Should You Be Too Busy To Be Doing This Bullshit Award: Diddy Blog, Bitches! Diddy Blog!

*The No-Bitch-Assness Award: Tony Yayo... Even kids can get it, if you have a good lawyer.

*The Eli Porter "I Deed It" Award: R.Kelly = O.J. 3000, Sam Adams Jr. = Johnnie Cochran 2.0

*I Think My Water Broke Award: Rick Ross' Belly...He got some nerve.

*The Now-You-See-It-Now-You-Don't Award: Nas, or un-rapper

*The Can't Get Right Award: DMX... Dark Man gets arrested more than Lil Wayne gets downloaded. And just weeks before he's due in court on multiple charges in Arizona. What does X do? He gets knocked in Florida. Will he ever see the light? --XXL Staff