DJ Unk & Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin & DJ Unk: Wonder Twin Powers, Walk It Out…

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  • killadelphia

    they both some ugly niggas

  • killadelphia

    they both some ugly ass niggas

    • kissin cousins

      could b but unk kinda look like andre 3stacks in that pic

  • Braile

    a loud muthafuckin burst of laughter again
    keep doin this shit man

  • maxamill

    he needs 2 get a blood test asap

  • teddy

    they don’t really look alike

    • http://sdqd.com Joe

      Damn nigga! You need glasses or some shit ? They do look alike, thats why he made the post..shiiit..motherfucker you more retarted than Jim jones on crack….shiiiit!

  • steve

    i got one for a-alikes: jim jones and wwe athlete mvp

  • Tha Ace

    not seein that on at all

    eddie actually look a lil like pac in that picture there

  • that dude


  • Ali

    nah way off….should be Eddie & Pac

    Unk & Dwight Howard lol