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In honor of the 10-year anniversary of DMX’s classic 1998 debut It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, XXL tracked down the elusive Dark Man X in Arizona to discuss what it was like making the album (that story in the May issue, on stands now). We also got the scoop on his present state of mind. In December 2007, having been released from his Sony contract earlier in the year, X inked a deal with Bodog Music, a division of the Canadian online gaming company Bodog Entertainment. Due later this year, his next projects are two separate albums called Walk With Me Now and You’ll Fly With Me Later. The former disc will be devoted to straight rap, while the latter is X’s first gospel-rap endeavor, which comes as no surprise given his spiritual background. Both feature production by his longtime collaborators Swizz Beatz, PK and Davine Bars. In the last week of January we caught up with the Yonkers MC and chatted about the status of his current project, the shape rap is in, and some guy named Obama.

There’s talk of a new album for you. When’s that coming out, like what’s up with that? Can you tell me what stage you’re at as far as recording?
Well, I’m bout to start working on the gospel album.

Yeah, the gospel album. It’s like a double album right?

It’s two different albums. Two albums, separate albums. I got a couple more tracks to do on it and that’s done. It’s the first time anybody did anything like this—two separate albums on the same day.

What made you want to release a gospel album now?
I’ve done gospel songs on every album. I figured I’d just dedicate a whole album to it.

Right. Can you tell me signing to Bodog, how that came about?
I don’t even really remember how it came about. Some real shit, I don’t remember who did what about what. I remember when I met ‘em it was in Miami.

You met who?
I met, you know, the people from Bodog in Miami and we had dinner and it was just a good vibe, good energy.

When was that? Do you remember?

But you were still signed to Sony at the time?
Nah, I had already gotten a release.

What happened with the situation at Sony? You weren’t happy there, right?
Nah, they did my whole shit—they just fucked my whole project up.

As far as marketing and stuff?
Every way. Every possible way.

So as far as this album, what should people expect from this album? What’s your mind state? What kind of songs are you doing?
Banging joints, just like the last album. Just banging joints. I’ll have a couple of ’em on my MySpace page in a couple days.

Okay, you’re on MySpace now?
I been there.

How do you feel about the digital—like, everything going through the Internet as far as…
I don’t even think about it. I don’t even think about it.

The music business is pretty much going in that direction.
I don’t know. That’s just… that’s probably not… People want the actual CDs not no shit that’s disposable.

It’s like the ringtone rappers are the guys that are selling right now.
Good for them, good for them. I’m glad they eating right now.

You don’t feel a certain way about that.
Nah, I don’t even think about it, for real. I mean, it’s a waste of energy to think about what somebody else is doing and how they doing it. I’ma just do what I do. All that shit is a headache.

What do you think about where the rap game is right now? Do you think it’s in a good space? ’Cause rap sales are down.
We’re coming around to a good space. Quietly, a good position.

Sales are down, though.
It goes in cycles.

Right, but do you think there’s a reason that rap isn’t selling like it was in your day?
Yeah ’cause niggas ain’t saying nothing. People ain’t saying nothing. Ain’t but so many people… Some people buy records just to dance to ’em. Some people buy records to listen to the radio. And there’s people that buy records ’cause they listen to every song. They not feeding the people properly.

You mean the artists?
Yeah, the artists. It’s the same ole bullshit. That’s how it get. There has to be some fuckin’ substance.

Do you think it’s a good thing that Southern music is pretty much dominating the game? There’s no cats from New York, you know. It seems like there hasn’t been in awhile. What do you think about that?
What do I think about Southern music?

I really don’t think about it.

You don’t think about it?

I really don’t care for it. To focus on other shit is a fuckin’ headache.

Right. So what artists are you listening to right now?

Same ones I been listening to—Nas and Scarface.

Nas and Scarface?
Yep, Nas and Scarface.

Have you recorded any songs for the new album?
Yeah, half the album is pretty much done, the gospel album.

Can you tell me about some of the songs, a couple of the songs that you did?
Like, what do you wanna know?

What was the first song…
The single is a joint called “All Ready.”

What were you doing in between—from the last album to this one, that whole time? What have you been up to?

Life. I been up to that. It’s been crazy. Fuckin’ police keep on fuckin’ raiding my house and shit for nothing. They took all my fuckin’ guns. All they did is take is take my guns. All they fuckin’ do is fuck my house up and take my guns. That’s all they did. Straight robbed me—that’s what they did.

Are you happy with how your last two albums did as far as sales?
Oh yeah, I’m happy. I’m happy with whatever they do.

Would you ever think about becoming the president of a label, like running your own label?
Yeah, probably.

There was a video on the Internet recently, I don’t know if you saw it, like with you in the studio.
Nah, didn’t see it.

It was like you in the studio and I guess some other producer and you were recording some songs and you were talking about some random stuff. Do you remember that?

Yeah, I think so.

People were really concerned about you or whatever.
That was a while ago. I didn’t see it.

Do you remember when you were in the studio?

Vaguely. I’d just flown in or something. I know I was tired as a muthafucka.

Tired from recording?
I just flew in. I just flew in.

Do you worry about people getting the wrong perception of you?
No, I really don’t. People could say what they want. I don’t really care. I don’t give a fuck.

Clearly, yeah.

Anything that’s not positive, I don’t have the energy to focus on it. Anything that’s not going in the right direction I don’t have the time or the energy. If somebody step to my face, I’ma take care of ’em, that’s something different. What people think, I don’t give a fuck about none of that shit ’cause they ain’t putting money in my pocket. They ain’t taking no money out of my pocket. They all suck dick when they see me so it really doesn’t matter.

Are you following the presidential race?
Not at all.

You’re not? You know there’s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there’s Hillary Clinton.
His name is Barack?!

Barack Obama, yeah.


What the fuck is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa?

Yeah, his dad is from Kenya.
Barack Obama?

What the fuck?! That ain’t no fuckin’ name, yo. That ain’t that nigga’s name. You can’t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here.

You’re telling me you haven’t heard about him before.
I ain’t really paying much attention.

I mean, it’s pretty big if a Black…
Wow, Barack! The nigga’s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain’t his fuckin’ name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, “Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit” [laughs] “That ain’t your fuckin’ name.” Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack.

So you’re not following the race. You can’t vote right?

Is that why you’re not following it?
No, because it’s just—it doesn’t matter. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. It doesn’t really make a difference. These are the last years.

But it would be pretty big if we had a first Black president. That would be huge.
I mean, I guess…. What, they gon’ give a dog a bone? There you go. Ooh, we have a Black president now. They should’ve done that shit a long time ago, we wouldn’t be in the fuckin’ position we in now. With world war coming up right now. They done fucked this shit up then give it to the Black people, “Here you take it. Take my mess.”

Right, exactly.
It’s all a fuckin’ setup. It’s all a setup. All fuckin’ bullshit. All bullshit. I don’t give a fuck about none of that.

We could have a female president also, Hillary Clinton.
I mean, either way it doesn’t matter. I don’t care. No one person is directly affected by which president, you know, so what does it matter.

Yeah, but the country is.
I guess. The president is a puppet anyway. The president don’t make no damn decisions.

The president…they don’t have that much authority basically?
Nah, never.

But Bush pretty much…
You think Bush is making fuckin’ decisions?

He did, yeah, he fucked up the country.
He act like he making decisions. He could barely speak! He could barely fuckin’ speak!
Can’t be serious. He ain’t making no damn decisions.

Well Barack has a good chance of winning so that might be something.
Good for him, good for him.

How’s your family and your kids?

They’re good. My son is rapping now.

Did he see you? I’m sure he was inspired by you.
Yeah, yeah. all that. Took him to shows and everything.

What does your wife Tashera think about him rapping?
She likes it. She’s the one who told me. She told me.

Did you talk to him? What do you tell him about the industry? Do you give him advice about the industry?

He knows it, he knows all that shit. Ah, man. I give him some advice.

What kind of advice do you give him? Like, watch out for, you know…
Advice about life, advice about girls, whatever a father would tell his son. Everything. Advice about everything. Everything. Advice about everything.

Do you think you’ve been a good father up ’til now?
[Pauses] I don’t know. I’ve done the best that I could.

I guess you never know, right?

They’re all well mannered. I hope I instilled something positive in ’em.

Would you ever do a second—like, your reality show again? ’Cause the first one did pretty well.
Yeah, I will.

After that Snoop had a show and Irv Gotti so it kind of kicked off the reality shows after you did it. Right?
Yeah I guess. Good for them. Everybody’s doing it big.

What do you think about Lil Wayne? People think he’s the hottest rapper.
He is nowhere near the hottest nothing right now. You can’t be serious.

Why do you say that? He’s on like every song.
He has to do that.

Is there anybody that you’re excited about? Are there any new rappers that you’re excited about?
No. No.

What was the last time you got excited about a new rapper? When was the last time that you really liked somebody that was coming out?
I don’t recall being excited about a new rapper ever.

Is it that bad?
No it’s not that bad. I just don’t, I’m real picky about what I fuck with.

Right, you don’t really listen to other people?
Nah, not really.

All right, well is there anything else that I missed? Anything that you’re working on?
Working on life.

Working on life.
Yeah, working on life.

Are you happy right now?
I don’t wanna be happy.

Why not?

’Cause when you happy you get locked in sleep. You get sleepy happy. I always wanna be on point. I always wanna be aware.

Right, ’cause when you’re happy you think you’re safe and you don’t…
Yeah, you get sleepy happy.

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  • Lancelot

    Damn -

    • J Smith

      Truth be told. This is no surprise. DMX has been gone, I mean LONG gone for a significant amount of time. I don’t even feel sorry for him because he seems to be complacent with his ignorance. And if ignorance is bliss…I guess DMX is “sleep happy!”

      And his total ignorance on the presidential race puts black people back about 1,000 steps! Sad…horribly sad!

      • hvj

        J Smith be on that ignorant shit. Black people back 1,000 steps??? Get outta here. When has Barack ever mentioned inner city problems he’s going to fix? What about the high % of blacks/American pop. in jail? So why is DMX going to care about a political system that doesn’t car about him for? Stupid.

        • Patrick

          Excuse me, hvj, but inner city problems are almost NEVER mentioned in presidential elections. It’s funny that you that Barack Obama is “un-black” since he does not discuss inner-city problems.

          Also, the reason for the high percentage of blacks in jail is that such systems as welfare, etc., which are meant to help, only hinder since those people take complete advantage of the system. There is rarely a push to want to better oneself and “get outta da ghetto” or what have you.

          One more thing: if the political system doesn’t care about blacks, which is what I’m assuming your getting at when you reference DMX, then guess what, it never will unless he and others like him actually VOTE. Of course, I’m glad he doesn’t vote since he is obviously an idiot who should have stayed in the ghetto or jail or whatever instead of making shit music and marrying Aaliyah when she was 14.

        • Moralistical

          It is obvious that you are a sell out who really does not know the real history of this so called great country and the Mis-education of the black race men women and children, it is also obvious that you speak without doing your research, it was art kelly not DMX who married Aaliyah.
          As for X he’ll come around in his own time not yours or mines everyone will have that rude-awakening because we all know that nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream and X is not sleeping he’s just resting. His messages have always been deep, shut up and listen. We still love you and the love has not died X

        • juni

          It’s crazy how some people can sit here and analyze a person that speaks from the heart and don’t care what you or I think and someone on the outside call him stupid or ignorant. They called Einstein crazy but on the flip side he was brilliant. Learn who you are Patrick, J Smith and maybe just maybe you could understand what he means when “you get sleepy happy.”

        • eddie

          this isint Directed at anyone its just my two cents. why so excited? has obama done anything for you? i think its Ridiculous that everyone was waiting in line to kiss his ass like he had done something when all he had done up to that point was be Elected and before that even happind he was put on t shirts with MLK malcome x & jessie jackson in the background who all helped change american history and the rights of African Americans. and being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize one of the resons is for reaching out to the Muslim world.a Violent nation who dont forget dont care if your black white or whatever if your not in the muslim religion your are an Infidel and should be killed/die for not praying to there god that is of course the right/only one like every religion that something you want to support? die or convert to Islam that sounds like Oppression dosint it?. dmx dosint care about obama being black Because he dosint think its gona change anything for you or him and sounds like hes as disgusted with the way this country is being run as i am and is probly right even if obama is “one of the good guys”the fat ritch white men that pull the strings and are running this Country into the ground that are the same color as me will still be in charge when obama is gone and will try there best to prevent him from changeing anything substantial and then bash him for not doing anything. the whole sistem is flawed and this is just one more reason im Embarrassed to be white.

      • morningwood79

        It’s “sleepy happy.” And you think just because there is a black man running for president that every black person has to follow him? If DMX has no interest in politics, why knock him? And I’m not exactly sure what you are getting at when you say it puts blacks back 1,000 steps. I’m sure DMX doesn’t represent the entire black population when he speaks about politics. You must have been raised in the south!

      • miss cedra

        You cant be serious right now? How can one person’s opinion take the whole black race 1,000 steps back? If anything if you read the darn thing again he makes sense. The president of the united states cant make decisions without the house and the senate. And as far as weezy he is not hot is like on everyones sh*t so that he can keep up his dentist bill. Young people wake up and realize we are in the last days. And if X aint worried about these clown a** ni**as out here then neither should you! think about Bush sent all those troops over seas for what? and why are they still there? And if Barack does get into office what is he going to do?
        Maybe yall should think about what Barack did as a senator before you jump on his band wagon cause he is black.
        Oh wait he aint done shi* cuz he havent been in office that long to do anything.
        Reasearch black people. Read DMX article again before you judge him.

      • Louis B.

        X is right. Obama doesn’t represent me. I never went to no private school, but I sure as shit ain’t dumb. I do know that if I was snorting coke and smoking j, my ass would be in jail. Instead that mother goes to Harvard and bitches about how hard it is to be a black man in this country. He ain’t ever been a black man in this country!!! He’s nothing more than the same thing as the other two. Might as well vote for McCain. At least you know your voting for an old white guy, not a darker white guy pretending to represent the BLACK MAN!!

      • myaness

        u can be serious man (black people back about 1,000 steps! ) u fuck u dont even know what r u talkin bout ;no president ever have care about people so how u want that dmx care bout this fuckin race is just bullshit
        real shit
        u should respect dmx really respect him
        he know what he’s talkin bout

    • dan morrison

      Typical, uninformed, exploitive American nigger…doesn’t even know about Barack Obama.
      All DMX does is make bad so-called ‘music’ and bad movies. He is living the American dream by exploiting this country…greed greed greed and then whines about it. TYPICAL.

      • http://yahoo m.ward

        dmx is like us all
        fuckt up and human

      • cst2cst

        You call his music bad? What do you listen to? that death-hardcore metal “i wanna jump off a cliff and kill myself music”? his first 3 albums helped alot of young adults get through alot of serious problems going on in their life when they had NOBODY to turn to: one of those people was myself and im truely greatful that i’ve had the opportunity to grow up during his era. You can judge him if you want, but at least he still keeps it real and isnt a sell out. I will always envy the guy and respect him for who he is, X saved my life in alot of ways. I just think thats a real ignorant comment for you to make….im sure you never really LISTENED to his music or else you wouldn’t have made a stupid comment like that

      • Anneil

        Leave DMX alone, he choose not to follow the politics so what the fuck is yo problem…i dnt follow polilitics, fuck it…

      • Q

        Its mighty funny how you can come on a Black magazine and talk about bLACK FOLKS LIKE THAT. The problem is that you don’t understand what X is saying. The Hip Hop Industry as well as the rest of the music industry is fucked up and has been ever since corporate take over or should I say, given to them. X isn’t whining about it at all. If you done your High School US History better yet, 9th grade then you would know that the president can’t make no decisions without the House and the Senate. He can Veto a bill and they can override it. What the fuck is wrong with you dumb fucks?! Go Kill Yourself Dude!!! Smoke some Meth or something. Sheesh

    • Kim

      DMX is an Idiot and I’m not suprised by his comments and ignorance. DMX is definitely a disgrace to the Black Human Race.

      I don’t believe there is any hope for him.

      • steff

        dmx iz a sik rappa

        • ashley

          the fact that u said “rappa” is disturbing. even more disturbing is DMX’s ignorance. Everyone represents their spirituality in different ways, but it always strikes me as odd when a person pushes it while simultaneously saying n*gga this, oh f*&( that.

          and come one…you don’t have to be “into politics” to know who obama is. you just have to not have your head under a rock and brain on drugs


      WOW!..This guy is on the good sh**…what the hell was about a train wreck…its like they pulled this guy out of a cave and asked him questions on world events…he couldn’t even express hisself let alone complete a thought!

    • AMS

      X is not on crack -more like – in the world but not of the world. He is aware of what others choose not to be conscious of. More than meets the eye. The album is gonna be ablaze.

    • Too Nice

      He was just keepin it real politics is a bunch of bull, and the president is never really in control anyway.
      He is right about Lil’ Wayne, hes not hot to me

      • shamika

        I think DMx needs to opay attention to what’s going on around him more because these people control what’s going to happen in this country and be proud that a black man is running ofr president there’s a first time for every thing and he needs to release a hot album cause those other ones were not happening he’s only had two hot albums and for too nice stop hating on Lil Wayne cause he is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE

        • blckkwam36

          well first of all like i said before, it doesnt matter if you pay attention or not this has been white america since day one when they took it from the indians. thats how they get you. trick you into believing you actually have a say in the matter and you hit. did you vote for j. jackson when he ran for pres? and the last thing is lil wayne is ok he aint the best rapper out just because he appears on a bunch of songs. only chicks think he’s hot and if he was another broke nigga you wouldnt give him the time of day.

      • Kevin

        You people are really idiots. 1) This idiot doesn’t know who’s running for president. Regardless of the color or gender or everything else, he should know, since it DOES affect him. Any of you who are agreeing with DMX are clearly buffoons and need to get some education.

    • sipOG

      X is fried, he can barely complete a sentence. if he’s the best NY has, the South will keep running it..Weezy F. Baby for President!

    • P. Moses

      your ignorant! My nigga Dee has been real from the start hasn’t changed one bit. what u and the world fail to realize he just don’t give a fuck. he means that. We go back to 96 he has the same attitude now that he had then. I’m glad to see money and fame hasn’t changed him. This is TN nigga. I wish him nuthin but the best, if he don’t neva sell another album he has did things that no other rappers have done! 2 #1 albums in a year. I’m right behind you DMX. Much luv to the realist nigga next to me.

    • blckkwam36

      thats the dumbest shit anybody can say! whether hes been gone for along time or a short time it doesnt matter. like X said, the president is only the quarterback and the senate and house is the coach. he can only throw what hes told to throw. how come the blacks didnt jump on J. Jacksons wagon when he was running for president? it dont matter who runs for pres white america puts who they want in office and can be easily controlled. prime example….bush fucked-up every company he ran now you want him to run our country? guess what? we fucked-up aint we? his brother(florida) cheated and got caught…twice!! so why was the deciding vote still left up to florida?

    • Matty J

      Man how the fuck he don’t know bout Barack?!!! wat ever he might not be the greatest rapper ever but hes one of the best album sellers. but then again people fuck that up by using Limewire and Aquisition.

    • c

      DMX gives perpetuates racism. This is the most ignorant shit I’ve ever heard. Anyone who listens to this asshole is a horrible person and should feel bad about themselves.

    • jay

      man, you can tell he is out there with some stuff like not knowing or remembering some stuff, but he is by no means ignorant about the political shit he said…. you think the president runs the country…lmao…funny if that is the case… Presidents have a little pull and some big decisions get shifted on them, but that shit goes before others for majority votes… of course there is the veto, but that only works for so much.. they can impeach and whatever… They vote on decisions and bills else we’d have an obama health reform already… come on now…. And i can dig the world war shit… we just keep barking up them desert trees, we are gonna piss others off and we are gonna get shit on we can’t be the strong arm forever we will fall.

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  • http://n/a Skeme25

    CRACK is a hella of a drug

  • crocker

    fucking wow. DMX has lost his fucking mind.

  • Rudeboy

    yo, X is really a funny dude.

    lol @ the comments he made about obama and lil wayne.

    u gotta love that nigga.

  • LOL @ XXL Interviewer

    The interviewer should be fired.

    “I was like”, “it’s like”, “you know, like”

    Who are you, Captain retard? this interview is as bad as the horrible HipHopGame & HHDX interviews.

  • Atl’s own

    what the hell is X on?

    thats the funniest reaction to Obama ever!

  • sooch

    why didn’t he just bark through the interview?

    • DannyStoh

      I lol’d

  • Krime

    GOTDAMN!! They made this nigga sound like a straight crackhead!!! LOL fuck.

    I still love my nigga X tho. That nigga aint worried about nobody!! hes always at da mall down hera in Arizona, just walkin around. Thats where I met him, & damn near everybody i know met that nigga at da mall!

    • ronald


  • moresickaMC

    Yup…he a true crackhead. But i agree with him on the Lil Wayne comment. Weezy is average @ best.

    Damn X what happened tho…you dont even know who Obama is? I wonder if Earl Simmons will still be alive this time next year

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  • pee

    yo this is the best interview!!! the dude x is gone!!! that lil wayne shit was funny!



  • ess

    lol this dude is on crack man. he answered the whole thing with yes’ and no’s lol

  • chuuch

    can someone please help DMX.. im really concerned about his health, he wasnt like this when he first got on the scene..back then he could hold conversations. all these yes men in his circle are just after his money.. can someone please save this dude man.. the is distressing to read

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  • thesilencer21

    You gotta love X, no matter what he’s gonna do him and say fuck everything else. Always been a DMX fan always will

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  • mums


  • travelinprophet

    As my man Clay Davis would say, Shiiiiiiiieeeettt! X is that real talk speakin muthafucka. Except for that crack shit. Been rolling with him since Darkman X. Keep talkin shit X and fucking us up with them gully street bangers. Straight hoodies and timbs. All day.

    sharin in the groove

  • Jack

    he sounds like a really dumb person. i wasted my time reading this interview he didn’t say anything interesting or useful. He must live under a rock to never of heard of Barak Obama. But they have things about Barak and the presidential race on myspace just as banners on the side all the time how can someone be so outdated with there intelligents if they go online.

    • Kareem

      Jack asks:” how can someone be so outdated with there intelligents if they go online.” The same way yo’ grown ass can’t spell “their” and “intelligence.” Like Katt Williams says “I hate smart dumb niggas!” X is that nigga, fuck if he smoked crack. We all make mistakes, judgemental muthafukkas! Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine.

      • Cassie

        Dang Kareem! You let Jack have it with both barrels but rightfully so! Remind me to never piss you off!

    • Peacemaker

      Your fucking kidding me Kareem. Your getting all pissed at Jack, he didn’t even mention dumbass DMX doing crack and there is a big difference between spelling two words wrong and not knowing about a presidential candidate. Next time try to calm down before embarrassing yourself by making another ridiculous post like that.

      Did I spell anything wrong?


        Actually its you’re, not your…
        The whole article to me was amusing at best, but i’ve never really been a HUGE DMX fan. It’s just really unfortunate that he’s so out of touch. He doesn’t have to care about the election- politics ect, but to be so damn smug about his ignorance is what blows my mind.

        I think DMX needs to travel out of the country and get a bit more exposure (i’m sure of which he could afford if he wanted)shit if its that bad- bust a chappelle move and go to africa- he might learn a thing or two. i mean the fact that he couldn’t even believe that there could be a black man named Barack, let alone be running for president- damn damn damn…what is this 1865?

  • Myke_Wayne

    And that’s why I fucks with X.
    Honesty over propaganda anyday
    Budden and Nas too

  • DirtDogggy

    Only naive young fucks wouldn’t understand what hes talking about, the wiser you get the tougher life is, he’s far from dumb, he knows who Obama is retards, he was trying to make a point, that it doesn’t mean fuck all no matter who wins the election. I’ve bin saying the presidents a puppet on a string for years, finally someone said it, it doesn’t even matter who wins it’s just a matter of timing whether people like them or not, presidents just push the button they make no decisions on their own or have any origional ideas. I have a feeling X is right, the black mans going to take the heat for fucking up the US/world but it’s really a big chain reaction of recent years of fuckery by all the politicians and presidents put together.

    Yeah, little wang sucks extra large elaphant testicles as well.

    • um…yeah

      I’m sorry, do u know him? Like are yall cool and u call him Earl or something? Cause u strait up analized the man like he told u he knew Obama…he clearly says he does not kno obama. Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense and making dumb people seem deep. Dude is a cracked out, washed up ignorant man. Point blank period.

      • danthrax

        Wow… he “strait up analized the man”…

        maybe you guys should get a room

    • alonzo

      Yea i totally agree wit u dirtdoggy,I been fuckin wit X since i was 11 yearz old n not on 1 of his albumz haz he said some retarded shit,they all were clazzicz,he hasnt lost it that much, and he has a very good point in everything that he mentioned,shit he just at da point in life where he noticed dat shit really doesnt matter,da gov. gon do WHATEVA da fuck dey want,and itz alwayz been like dat,n itz goin to end jus lyke dat word,man i fuckz wit X till his death true story….
      and u kidz are naive,try readin tha article again,but only diz time take more time to analyze it…
      X livez

  • Travelinprophet

    Fo sho. Fuck em. X gets down and tells the truth. Always true story with X. On fire. Keep rockin X. Fuck em if they don’t understand.

  • mums

    LMAO @ “What the fuck?! That ain’t no fuckin’ name, yo. That ain’t that nigga’s name. You can’t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here”

  • Pingback: DMX is Wylin’ | Inqmnd Blog

  • menaceman305

    That nigga wild…lmfao

    everybody has already taken the words out of my mouth except that NELLY had already dropped 2 different cd’s on the same day (sweat; suit) with “getcha eagle on”, and the song “my place ft Jahiem”.

    still rotf about his “OBAMA” comments, cause i kid u not, i was sayin the exact same shit damn near word for word when i first found out about the nigga.

    Dade County Stand Up!!! We in Here!!!

    • UncleJangles

      Barack means blessed. It’s in the bible. If you don’t think the President does not make major decisions and the presidential election does not matter…just kill yo self…

  • E

    X is bi-polar..thats why he repeats shit..look it up in the wikipedia, that shit is serious

    • BEZ


  • woothis

    really awful questions and pacing.

  • Pingback: DIE MAGAZIN » Blog Archive » BARACK?!

  • darbdarb
  • git-r-done

    “It’s the first time anybody did anything like this—two separate albums on the same day”

    Not true. Nelly did that in 2004.




  • Rodjilius

    hah DMX is too funny he reminds me of dat pimp c interview he fucked up before he died RIP Pimp C but i heard X’s new song hope his new cds gonna be hot

  • nav

    real shit, x sayin it straight

  • G

    X is fine he just humble dude he dont wanna be got up with bullshit in life..any1 who didnt pick that is a fuckin idiot

  • BC

    lmaoooooo. good interview. you know how you see public figures whispering in each others ear when they meet and shake hands / dap up? i guess we don’t have to wonder what X is saying–”Stop that bullshit. “That ain’t your fuckin’ name. Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack.”

  • Shit

    Who is Dmx he a rapper? sound like one depressed nigga i like how he say nobody puts substance in they raps no more so barkin in front of the mic and stop drop open up shop is better than anything out haha nigga please he soundin like a real hater

  • King B

    Interviewer: What do you think about Lil Wayne? People think he’s the hottest rapper.

    DMX: He is nowhere near the hottest nothing right now. You can’t be serious.

    Interview: Why do you say that? He’s on like every song.

    DMX: He has to do that.

    LMAO! DMX keeps it real that’s my nigga

  • Prince WIll

    That’s the attitude X has always had. The “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude. No hating. He’s happy dudes is making money. He just doesn’t care about what they’re doing…He’s just focussed on his own shit. That’s a good attitude to have if u ask me.
    As for the whole “Im clueless” image..i think it’s more of a statement. He’s just trying to amplify the idea that a lot of shit niggas get wild over really doesn’t matter. i agree.

  • lil x

    ayo man this my favortie fuccin rapper 4 real i love this nigga he rite about everything he sed thats i love this nigga yo X son shot out to the whole fuccin Ruffryders(D-block,fullsurface,bloodline)u no we the best in the fuccin game neva any rapper or group betta RR 4 life

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • Chaka

    Guess this is not the same brother that did its dark and hell is hot.He sounds dumb and shallow to me or was he just playing stupid.He is suprised about Barack’s name.Does he think every one is English?Or has he forgotten that there are more than a thousand different languages in the world?Some of us in Africa bear our own native names that have good meanings,and ‘Barack’ is one of such names.The name Barack actually means’Blessed’.If X is familiar with is Bible he must have heard of Baruch the sacretary of Prophet Jeremaih.Barack is a Swahili form of the Hebrew name Baruch…Ignorance is one silly disease.When I hear some black brothers overseas speak as if they are ignorant of their African roots,it just make me sick.Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.

  • baller

    Whoever interviewed X was a fuckin’ idiot…stop throwing your viewpoints and opinions around & ask X some fuckin’ smart questions…..yeah, X wasn’t saying shit, probably cuz he was thinking this guy/gal…whatever…is a fuckin’ douche bag! What an annoying interview….good for X for being vague, he’s got no time for bullshit like this. Next time have some better questions ready ya fuckin dumbass.

  • RayRay

    Dmx is that nigga but he a fuckin crack head he still the realest rapper alive he keep it hood thats y no one say anythin bout him but that crack is crazy lol

  • Cali Is Active

    Dark Man X he’s really been in the dark…

    his first album was a classic I most of his fans grew away from his antics.

  • silas

    Potentially the only interview that hits shit where it needs to be it dont matter who is pres the people that run this country and when i say country i mean corporation do what they want. If crack makes him see truth then all u need to be on it u should all be ashamed talking bad about him u all rats livin in the fog, lil wayne = lolipop wtf

  • Pingback: DMX to Barack Obama: “Get the f*ck outta here” | The Rap Up

  • midwest_monsta

    X is the fuckin’ truth. Fuck Lil Wayne and fuck whoever becomes president. Like it makes a motherfuckin’ difference. For all yall makin’ crack comments and shit, if X is on drugs and he still makin’ more sense than everyone else in the rap game then what does that say about the industry? Use your fuckin’ heads people. It takes heart to say what that nigga jus said. He don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, that’s how real my nigga X is. Like it or not one of the greatest of all time. Dark Man X.


    Based on the post did about this interview I thought it was just going to be D(ark) M(an) X acting like a retard, but it actually wasn’t bad. I agree with a lot of what DirtDoggy(?) said…

    That whole thing about the police raiding his place multiple times and just taking his guns is messed up haha

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true though:

    “X is bi-polar..thats why he repeats shit..look it up in the wikipedia, that shit is serious”

  • Danny Myers

    This was the worst interview ever!!! Yet and still it was real. Those were his true feelings. He must’ve been high as a kite doing this interview though. His son could’ve answered those questions better than that! His 1st CD a classic none the less.

  • Damn

    What da frupp? X done lost his mind, stupid ass muthafucka. That Obama talk was ignorant as hell.

  • Diz

    Man, what the fuck kind of interview is this. I know the interviewer was ready to get the hell out of there. DMX has lost his fucking mind. But you know what they say, some of the best artists are fucked up anyway. Hopefully good music is on the way.

  • Jody Jo

    lol, dis nigga must be on some mo shit 4real, “Wow, Barack! The nigga’s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain’t his fuckin’ name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, “Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit” [laughs] “That ain’t your fuckin’ name.” Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack.” shut da hell up, i used to like u until u said wat u said about lil wayne n i had to read it like 5 times cuz u didnt make sense crack iz a hell of a drug

  • the brown

    HERE..I..AM!!! dmx blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah!
    blahblahblahhhhhhh…shut the fuck up!

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  • chuuch

    man this site is wack and i wont be returning. my post was the only one showing concern for this mans life/health and XXL or who ever verifies comments didnt post it. yet his posted all these other pointless comments that only adds to the circus. fuk this website, fuckkin devils yall dont care about X’s health. im out for good.. post my old comment or fuck yall

  • xlwhite

    this is sad and hella stupid(not gonna waste the time reading this shit when my new issue comes in the mail). dmx used to be one of the hardest rappers in his early career, now he fell of and probably smok[es/ed] crack or whatever. i quit reading the garbage halfway through because of the shit about obama and wayne.THE PRESIDENT BEING DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN MEANS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NIGHT AND DAY FOR BLACK AMERICA. REPUBLICANS JUST TAKE CARE OF THE FELLOW RICH.THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PRSEIDENTIAL RACES SINCE GORE WON IN 2000 AND LOST TO BUSH ANYWAY. WE’D BE SOO MUCH BETTER OFF IF GORE WOULDA GOT IT, AND ITS IMPORTANT FOR OBAMA/HILLARY TO BE ABLE TO FIX ALL THAT BUSH FUCKED UP. and how could dmx not pay attention to current music and wayne,especially when C3 is gonna sell more than both his album together. “that shit gives you a headache to think about”-the fucking crack is giving you the headache earl simmons.

  • Zip Zap Rap

    This interview should be used in “Don’t Do Drugs” campaign.



    • Chaka

      I guess you are the one that is too dumb to understand that Dark Man X is not making any sense here.Peace

  • darbdkandkwd

  • Pingback: SWISS SECTION » Blog Archiv » DMX - Interview: “What the fuck is a Barack?!”

  • the truth

    DMX has lost it. I used to be a big fan until he didn’t show up to a concert I bought tickets to with 4 of my boys because he was too cracked out. Yo X, where is our f#$@%* money?

    Shove your gospel album up your ass and stay in the desert you junkie.

  • Trickdd

    This is the same nigga when he was young maken that Ruff Ryders music but now hes a older man he gunna say niggas aint putin no substance in there music. If he dont listen to Lil Wayne he shouldnt talk about the niggas music im sher when Wayne get 40 he aint gunna be maken Club records no more either. Sounds like X is getin old and dont no what the fuck hes thinkin he need to look back at his own past before he talks about another niggas music his shit wasnt allways gospel i no this nigga aint talkin bout substance and he standin there growlin into a mic hahaha. this nigga X aint notheing like Pimp C, Chad Butler made a point bout what ever he speaked abotu X just be talking stupid shit and thats some TrillShit

    • BEZ


  • hooligan

    ya hes talkin a lil weird but i agree with him on the fact that we are living in the last years…..

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  • HS

    Reads like some US Weekly interview. When will XXL grow up?

  • jimmy henchman

    what da fuck iz abarack,…lol

  • Pingback: Necole » DMX Rips Obama

  • Twan-G

    DMX is a lil off his rocka rite now..dont even kno who runnin 4 pres….thats crazy.he did say 1 true thang tho..lil wayne is not tha hottest rapper out..he ok but tha old lil wayne was better…come on now “wetter than new rain”…”like a white person wit blue veins”…if yall think thats hot KILL YOSELF…

  • danger1

    Dmx hasnt made a good cd since his first cd. It seems like all the sorry wack, non relevant people always have to talk like they on top. Hes garbage, his music is garbage, his wife is garbage. And hes talking bout weezy, like hes the one thats garbage. If he was hot right now and everyone wanted him on their shyt, he would do the same. And for all you idiots, since when did being a retarded,ignorant,crackhead become cool. He doesnt know who Barack is and thats keeping it real to yall, lmao.

  • Pingback: Dark Man X « Son of Detroit

  • uknowwho

    i lost the last respect i had for him right here

  • Dimos

    And then He’ll call out westcoast rappers telling people they ain’t saying nothing in their records and that they’re stupid… lol

    • Yun6 Brooklyn

      wat da fucc yall sayin. X kept it real. Wayne is pussy. kissin other niggas an shit, an u dudes let dat slide? yall some homo ass niggas. an wayne a bklood? come on, i seen real sklobks on da streets, i kno one when i see one, wayne aint real, i hate dat dude. he just like a false claimer i kno name latroy. anyway, wayne aint got paper, X might not either no mo, but Weezy Fuccin Baby sure dont neither. Baby get all da royalties an give wayne handme downs. wayne live in baby old house, and drive his old cars, an dude even borrowed jewelry from Gillie for his videos….Gillie must have more money than him, if wayne had da paper, he could of got his own chain, not borrow gillie’s. Wayne is a fa66ot, an he need 2 b deepsixed. U C^LAIMIN RED, IM A BKANG U IN DA HEAD, DUC^TAPE YA FACE UP, HANG U BY YA DREADS, BKURN AWAY WIT HEATERS, IM A LET DA HK RAIN ON DIS NI66A C^ALL IT HURRICANE KATRINA

  • FLipp

    ya should ask him about that judas record that ja rule had out… por interview

  • Babyboy

    man X look wat crack done did u

  • dachill1

    CRACK is a hella of a drug

    mother fuck D
    mother fuck M
    only X i know is triple x 4 show
    so nuff of that crackhead whore

    Quote Crooked I

  • dachill1

    And then He’ll call out westcoast rappers telling people they ain’t saying nothing in their records and that they’re stupid… lol

    thats why crooked i killed him

  • post_the_video

    Yo, post the video of DMX wilding in the studio!

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    ya’ll lil kids is reject mutts,

    lmaooo, he’s saying fuck the election cause it don’t matter anyway, when has the changing of presidents had any major effect on our social needs?

    X is right for everything, i guess ya’ll would rather him clog his throat up top praise your favortie rapper Lil Wayne, or ride the sudden “politically-aware” rapper movement that sprouted this year like the rest of them sheep ass niggaz!

    Nice Read! and some of you shouldn’t be so quick to downtalk DMX’s vices, some of you muthafuckaz were born high if you was born after 1980, it wasn’t called the Crack Era for nothin you puppets!

    and if this shit makes to the post section, i meant every word!

    Peace 2 All

  • im from cincinnati

    yeah cocain is a hella of a drug..but i see what he sayin about rap today most of the new artist aint got no lyrics…LIKE SOULJA BOY AND ALOT OF NEW ATLANATA ARTIST..and the gillie the kid..i mean ha ha lil wayne comment cant be mad at that…he think he gillie..think im lying and just talkin shit..go to YOUTUBE..and type in gillie and you a see..what he mean

  • im from cincinnati

    yeah cocain is a hella of a drug..but i see what he sayin about rap today most of the new artist aint got no lyrics…LIKE SOULJA BOY AND ALOT OF NEW ATLANATA ARTIST..and the gillie the kid..i mean ha ha lil wayne comment cant be mad at that…he think he gillie..think im lying and just talkin shit..go to YOUTUBE..and type in gillie and you a see..what he mean..but i know people aint smoke crack and i aint come out high!!!!!dat was funny doe

  • HipHop Lives On DBLOCK

    X is a living legend fuck what all you dumb ass kids think, you aint know shit about rap if you think wayne is the best. as far as the politics hes right it doesn’t fucking matter rappers selling out acting like they in politics. hes always been a real dude and no matter what shit he gets into i got his back

  • jay

    “Are you happy right now?
    I don’t wanna be happy”

    lol he really needs help-i didnt know he was a free agent
    damn,nobody believes in him

  • Trickdd

    I ain’t on no one’s nutz gay boy im nineteen years old so im gunna stand up for my generation of music the only reason niggas gunna hate on Wayne cause they didnt do what he does if you really no about Dmx music then you would no he wasn’t allways about that gospel shit tell his grandma past. So i guess since X switch up it means every nigga in the rap game should bow down to the nigga like he god fuck that nigga do you X dont hate on the next generation cause you help made it what it is like i sayd think about your own music past before you speak on some dum shit about others. Is that all you can come up with homo get off a niggas nutz you a lame that would be like me sayn get off Dmx dick cause you commented about this but i wouldn’t type some lame shit like that Ya Dig.239 Fla

  • P

    This is one of the most hilarious interviews I’ve read for some time.

    “What the fuck is a Barack”

    The dude has simply lost it, I mean what the fuck? What planet are you on X? The rest of the interview is equally stupid

    Sleepy Happy? Hahahahahah I bet the interviwer laughed his ass for some time after too.

    Man I wish there was an audio to this so I could laugh my ass off even more


    Whoever did this interview in my opinion is a fucking asshole.
    Clover Hope considers him/herself a journalist ? The questions he/she asks are like he/she is trying to make DMX look bad. Its in the Public eye that DMX has had problems but to kick a “dog” while he’s down is wrong. My advice to you is to be an adult ask some real questions. It’s obvious that your insecure by what your trying to do in this interview.

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  • ant

    Umm this nigga cracked out….and mac dre dropped 2 albums in 1 day rip mac dre

  • final

    What the fuck is a barack!!!?? LMAO

  • Lucky

    The Dog is back.

    DMX Baby

    X i gotta hear some new music from X or some mixtapes.

  • Ding Ding

    Shut up you dumb muhfuks Dmx spoke the truth all the way through

  • Yung Brooklynn

    X aint on cracc, X just bein real. An im sick of all yall niggas sayin barrack obama is blacc, an dat he’ll be da first blacc president….da nigga os only half blacc, dats da only reason he stand a chance in da election. yall callin dude blacc, da media callin him blacc, get it right bitches. He ONLY HALF BLACC, but i gueess to white people if u got any bit of blacc in u, then u all nigga right? Barracks motha is WHITE…Anyway, X kept it real. Wayne is a pussy nigga, and he garbage. like 50 said, he a whore, try 2 get on everybody tracc because he has to, to stay relevant. any nigga from up north would slaughter dis dude lyrically. You got one southern artist who is a 5.5/10 wit his lyrics, an yall dicc ride him sayin he da greatest ever? HELL NO. Jay-Z, Nas, and X in any order are da greatest alive, Pac, and Big are da G.O.A.T.s im 18 an i say so….fucc u succa niggas. get at me.

  • G.C

    He bein real….

  • Skitzo

    “You say u hunger for knowledge… Here it is eat it” – X

    This nigga one mad mofo, but he keeps it real

  • c

    Barack is mixed race, so all y’all blacks voting for him because he is half black is stupid. He is between a rock and a hard place. Voting is a waste of time anyway. The next person to hold that office is in a world of stress anyway. The economy is accelerating down the tube, WATCH!

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  • The Oscar

    Fantastic, articulate and right on top of things…he makes me proved

  • Pingback: I HAVE THE INFO » DMX Weighs in on the Election.

  • Pingback: DIE MAGAZIN » Blog Archive » BARACK?WHO?

  • Hustler

    This is just hilarious, X makes himself look like a complete dumbass yet again.

  • http://BET SUGARMELT

    DMX can we say leave the drugs alone,he totally sucks and his career is gone down the drain.I believe his mind has been taken over by drugs and he doesn’t care long as some money comes in from somewhere,he isn’t trying to be on top he speaks like whatever happens happens and his spiritual side oh please!! give me a break.His label dropped him now he is with some cornball label just anyone who will listen to him bark and cuss.Talk about Lil Wayne all you want he is doing waaaaaaaay better than Mr arf arf and can blow X away with the funds.I feel like another reader here on board it was a waste of my time to read this.Now his son is gonna be rapping ah ok!

  • http://BET Emmanuel Luix

    I just feel for DMX.This is a guy I love soo much.Right now,I dont know.He´s doing a lot of drugging and he´s da shit right now.If he say.s he does´nt know Barack Obama,then he need his brain examined.

  • Sean

    Damn Asshole….I wont buy his records….He needs to be kept in Jail…Ignorant wizzle!!

  • what

    that dumb motherfucker doesn’t know shit

  • Ms.Cre

    Dam! D sounds like he’s mad at the world!!! lol…..I cant get over what i just read (it’s not funny but then again it is) He mad his self look and sound like a fool…..

  • Marla Mathis

    All of you that are downing DMX are just dumb stupid individuals who have no concept of reality. DMX is right on point. ” Sometimes its best to be thought of as dumb” ignorance is bliss…and Lil Wayne is just a joke..nothing about him uplifts our people..

  • Marla Mathis

    All of you that are downing DMX are just dumb stupid individuals who have no concept of reality. DMX is right on point. ” Sometimes its best to be thought of as dumb” ignorance is bliss…and Lil Wayne is just a joke..nothing about him uplifts our people..uhm

    • Chaka

      The following words from one of the post on this blog is for people like you:”Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense and making dumb people seem deep. Dude is a cracked out, washed up ignorant man. Point blank period”.Peace

  • LaLaBelle

    Does the guy come up with subtitles? I barely understood a word…



  • http://hotmail Beauty

    Well my comment is:”he’s putting out a new GOSPEL c.d. because of his spirituality that he has sought. Please give me a break with that. He’s fake.(hypocrite). No need for the vulgar language if you are ‘SAVED’, I mean please mister if you are going to say that you are,don’t say phrases or words that’ll make ME cast doubt. You should have found a better choice of words “mister I FOUND GOD”.

  • http://hotmail Beauty

    poor mother she must be disgraced of the words chosen.

  • iZno

    I wish there could be a video for it…

  • Reesy

    I have always had respect for DMX for his real lyrical content, but his ass done gone crazy or something. It sounds as though he’s depressed. How can you not give a F**k abut being happy. I would’ve thought that he’d be the main one up one the presidential race, but that’s what those everyday drugs do to you. Fixate you in a world that only revolves around yourself. He needs to get himself together because I’d hate to see what was once a great mind go to waste.

  • lawyergurl23

    How could someone be that careless and cold hearted. Yes, I would have to agree that DMX has lost his mind. It really shocked me that he didn’t even know who was running for President. And he lacks so much knowledge. If he only knew how much this Presidential campaign was important to the African American community, I still don’t think he would get the point. It’s rediculous and sad to know that there are actually people out there like him.

    • Joy B.

      Well if X lacks knowledge, so do you. Rediculous is spelled Ridiculous. Please reread your comments before posting them. It does you no good to comment on someone’s knowledge/intelligence if you haven’t checked up on your own first.

  • Ressy

    Young Brooklyn you is dumb dude. Everybody know that even the slightest drop of black makes you black. What the f**k is half black. If that’s the case yo you half stupid

  • A Reader

    Dang! It’s like that?? I applaud him for being real but he needs to open up his views.

  • Nino

    DMX is a good rapper but dude’s still fucked up in the head.

  • DirtDogggy

    “I’m sorry, do u know him? Like are yall cool and u call him Earl or something? Cause u strait up analized the man like he told u he knew Obama…he clearly says he does not kno obama. Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense and making dumb people seem deep. Dude is a cracked out, washed up ignorant man. Point blank period.”


    Fuck nuts, if you can’t understand that he was being sarcastic and playing stupid trying to make a point that the Pres doesn’t matter either way, than I feel sorry for you. Maybe crack would be a good option for you.

  • Trish

    A beautifully articulate interview from an obviously educated and enlightened man. Now that’s sarcasm, DirtDoggy.

  • MentalGymnasticz


  • Joy B.

    X is hilarious. I think he acts that way because he truly doesn’t want to be interviewed by these idiotic people who have nothing to ask. I think he does it because of the reaction that he gets in the media and with the fans. He really doesn’t give a crap about anything outside of his circle which is his family, his friends, himself and his career. I am sure X is aware of everything that is going on, but he finds people’s reactions to his behavior too much fun to bypass. He uses that for his music and as inspiration. So I want everyone to keep hatin and doubtin X.

  • Pechey

    That MuthaFucker Has gone officially lost his money mind. I think we should throw Black America a bone and BOYCOTT DMX!!! I ain’t trying to hear anything he has to say ever again. He is ignorant beyond belief and I am pissed that there is any record of this interview WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER!!! ..SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

  • ED

    He has clearly lost it. I would like to see how he feels when his albums don’t sell since he doesn’t care what people think. How does he expect to keep a fan base if he isn’t supporting anyone else and doesn’t care about what his fans or anyone else thinks? This man needs to get it together. I used to love him, but I think he just lost one.

  • Greatness

    This is ignorance at its finest! How is he going to teach his son about life ane how to be a real man when he doesnt even know about the presidential race right now. For all of you ignorant and blind X fans. Grow up! How is he going to come out with a Gospel album when he cant even hold a decent interview. Like get real! Not to mention using cuss words like there regular verbs or nouns. People dont know how stupid you are until you open your mouth. This interview has confirmed his stupidity. You dont have to be a true politician or read everyday to know basic information about whats going on in your world. I bet if someone told him that the president is going to determine if his child gets shipped over to Iraq at a certain age he will start reading about Barack Obama a little bit more. People on here acting like they go to Golden Corral every Sunday after church with him and hold deep conversations need to be shot too. You dont know him so please stop defending him like he helps pay your rent each month.

  • that fool is sleepy happy

    Sleepy happy sums this dude up. To me, DMX has always seemed like a tortured soul; I feel for him.

    However, that is no d#&% excuse for not being involved in the current presidential campaign!!!! It absolutely DOES matter who the next President is to:
    Parents – who want to send their kids to college but struggle to afford it.
    Teachers – the ones who really want to make a difference,but need to earn decent wages just like the rest of us.
    Children – who recognize they are the future and will inherit the messed up country we are living in today.
    People – who can’t afford health insurance and end up dying like Deamonte Driver because the cost of health insurance is sky high.
    C’mon y’all…X is truly sleepy happy.

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  • CK

    “Barack” comes from “Baraka” – a Swahili word that means “blessing.” Other famous Barakas are Amiri Baraka – Black American poet and playwright. His name means “Rich blessing.”

    So S the F U, DMX.

  • Trickdd

    I dont see X been sarcastic he sound like he was straight up on PCP if he was been sarcastic he wouldnt have been tryin to make sense about all the shit And if he was been sarcastic about everything thats some fake shit on X’s part why would you make your self sound like that. Yall actin like the nigga dont do drugs he was just locked up for actin like the police and haven coke on’em i think he fuckin with that dust now though he on some stronger shit than coke you dont talk like that he was talkin like he had no idea about reality he liven in that fantasy world with all them drugs. I dont no one real nigga that talks like that

  • mis_tykl

    You know what……..I am so embarrassed that this man had the gall to even go there. If I were the editor, this mess would not have been posted. That mentality is what keeps blacks literally in the BACK or on the tail end of everything. Please strive to do better.

  • Atlas

    “Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense and making dumb people seem deep.”

    Hear Hear! And to think that half of our kids listen to these motherfuckers and think we’re “hatin” when we call the dumb motherfuckers out on the stupid, ficticious negative influence, ignorant ass shit they say.

  • phatkitten

    X is tha truth! Yall better listen.

  • The Watcher17

    This is a shame man. All his answers are stupid and unintelligent. What happened to DMX? Is the game so bad that he has basically become a hollow shell? -sighs- What can you do, but pray for the brother.

  • tp

    X is right about rap music and Lil Wayne. We haven’t had qualitiy rap albums since the late 90′s. I’m just sad that he doesn’t know about Barack Obama and the significance he will make.

  • Edward M.

    DMX is the dumbest piece of shit I’ve ever heard.

  • Malcolm

    DMX is an idiot. I can’t believe this shit. He’s a talented dude and it’s sad to see that he is so far removed from what’s going on. Wake the hell up.

  • jay

    Dude is DEPRESSED! Everything he said comes from a sad place – all about getting fucked over, out of touch with his kids (his wife had to tell him about his son, he prolly gives em a blue moon call and thinks he gives em advice but really talks crazy to em), being out of touch and disillusioned with an industry he is supposed to be part of (and hasn’t really been for so long), seeing nothing but wrong in a presidential race that could help this country… and not wanting to be happy?! DMX not fit to represent ANY community.

    Where I come from we call this wallowing… others may call it keepin it real but I disagree…

  • wyse

    I can’t believe the number of ignorant azz individuals who actyually agree with this man. Dud is 40 something and he has no clue of what he’s talking about. Real talk? How about Real Ignorant. No wonder we’re behind all the other minorities,we have this fool as well as th dumb azzses who support him.

  • Erlend Palm

    Haha, what a fucking jerk-off. “What the fuck is a Barack?!” is easily the least intelligent thing I’ve heard yet this year. What a shame he’s allowed to raise a kid…

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  • R

    Horrible interview. He replies with the same three answers, which aren’t even answers.

  • Adam B

    Seems to me in the midst of all this DMX made a very VERY valid points:

    “What, they gon’ give a dog a bone? There you go. Ooh, we have a Black president now. They should’ve done that shit a long time ago, we wouldn’t be in the fuckin’ position we in now. With world war coming up right now. They done fucked this shit up then give it to the Black people, “Here you take it. Take my mess.”"

    “The president is a puppet anyway. The president don’t make no damn decisions.”

    Can’t argue with either of those things.

  • kwirl

    this interviewer is a fucking idiot – its obvious he was boring DMX to death, and he doesn’t have shit for questions.



  • gamble

    Like he said he doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone says or thinks because every last one of you will be sucking his dick when you see him. In October 2006, Simmons was arrested in Boston after severely injuring 4 armed men just hours after Monster Jam. The charges were dropped after it was discovered he was acting in self defense. That is off wikipedia, I listen to wayne but wayne could clone himself 15 times and X would beat the fuck out of all 15 of him with a broken arm. + X has more money than Barack Obama the shit that matters. He is actually right about it meaning nothing to get a black president and the reason he really doesn’t give a fuck is because it means nothing to his bottomline and his life which is what matters. Yall are asleep wasting your time worrying about shit that doesn’t affect you while X stays miserable, rich and on his grind. Why get a headache if it doesn’t make you shit?
    Bitches will never get it and that is why you will never get it. GO suck some dick.

  • Nas

    Can someone please take the pipe away from this dude?

    He is a shame to the black race…not knowing who Barack Obama is!!!

  • Sherry

    You know what this ain’t even funny at all man… You a rapper “superstar” and u ain’t even know Barack…How sad don’t u think?!? &+ Barack is a african name and all black people are african hint the word “african american”. THIS ni99a needa go to school and get an education. fck da gospal album datz shiit, how he gunna speak about gospal stuff and he on dat crck shiit. Man dumb ass douche and plus lil wayne a 1,000 times betta den “DMX” so he needa stop and get offa weezy’s shit and fix his. cuzz weezy on dat coke but at leat he know how 2 do an interview! dueces

  • dreday

    lmao dmx is dumb and funny as hell

  • Pingback: TabloidWreck | Privacy Is A Privelege » Blog Archive » DMX Definitely Isn’t The Brightest Crayon In The Box

  • Ofi

    Crack does stuff like this to you. IT MAKES YOU LOSE ALL OF YOUR MENTAL FACULTIES. obviously the guy has lost it. Hes stuck up in the conspiracy theory type way of thinking. He thinks its “real talk” or keeping it real or being truthful when in essence its sheer ignorance. DMX dropped off the map, as far as the rap game is concerned, faster than a crackhead going after a dropped rock.

  • sh4dy

    hahaha everyone needs to relax he’s fuckin fine! You really think he wants to sit there and be interviewed by some xxl guy who by the way is horrible at giving interviews? But then again its not easy giving an interview to someone who obviously doesn’t want one haha Thats all it was, was an awkward interview with someone who jus doesn’t give a shit! haha All I know is if “Already” is a accurate to what the rest of the album will be like its gonna be fireeee!

  • SMX

    I, too, always wanna be aware…and I, too, have no idea who is running for president.

  • sh4dy killer

    shame on you sh4dy you sound like a trans



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  • nate


  • Jack-Town Breed

    WOW!! DMX is my nicca and always going to be my nicca because he be on some real shit. But this time he kind of lost me mid way and at the end of the interview. All I can say is keep him in your prayers. Because the Devil is busy and he is trying his best to keep anyone who has any knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Father down and cripple. But we just need to LIFT HIM UP. KEEP UR HEAD UP X!!!

  • Kip

    I was outside the “W” in NYC a couple years ago, he was without any escort. At the time, I didn’t have any idea who he was, but people kept coming up to him, so I asked him who he was. (I figured he was a pro ballplayer.) Unguarded, he’s a really nice guy.

  • digz

    fuck if x knows who obama is, like the interviewer said he can’t vote anyway. why should he follow politics in any right. and this supossed “hip-hop” community is trying to say that they cant relate to the jaded feelings towards mainstream society, government and popluar culture. try being the realsest artist in the game and being abandoned for talentless garbage music. and for what reason being the man he talks about being. god forbid someone be real these days. to all you haters… get a hobby

  • chynna

    DMX is on drugs. his answers don’t make any sense at all. the brotha is gone for good!

  • Real Talk

    X is on drugs, it’s no secret. He’s got a drug problem. It’s sad but that’s rock n roll man. If a normal person is on drugs, they can’t eat. If a musician is on drugs, they still got money coming in. He’s like Ozzie Osborn wit it. Hopefully he’s not completely gone, you know? I hate to see people become just a shell of what they used to be.

  • Rican

    I knew he was going downhill, but man…he’s an idiot!


    Someone needs to put this monkey to sleep real quick before he gets loose and hurts some good white folks.

  • HipHopFive15

    DAMN!!! Dude seems fucked up. Oh well tho, he talks real, he dont front, so thats cool. Dude really seem like hes lost his shit tho

  • Pingback: Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack. | Providence Daily Dose

  • fabiosta

    super, u’ll be big always, u’re my favorite artist, take u safe DMX

  • kushiro

    Other artists who have released two separate albums on the same day: Bruce Springsteen, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Tom Waits, Lambchop, Bright Eyes.

  • Stabmaster Arson

    I don’t want to jump the gun here, but I don’t think I’m alone when I say “DMX in 2012″

  • Pingback: Pawlitickz « Good and evil matched perfect it’s a great romance

  • Moron Patrol

    Seriously, DMX was never very smart, but he’s a stone cold moron now. I’m astonished anyone would WANT to interview him.

    It’s a shame he reproduced, but also that this is the state of children’s role models today.

    And DMX is a good name somehow – Barack isn’t? Maybe Barack just doesn’t consider himself a “nigga.” X could use a little self-respect himself. Or a bullet to the brain (what there is up there).

  • Rahan Cotterel

    …don’t allow the media to continue leading you a tray.

    X is the most honest, loyal, and intelligent person in the industry. Period.

    Read the entire interview (between the lines).

    He did fall off though!

  • Speak

    lmao @ that two-bit negro crackhead

  • judge dredd

    Man ,that X boy is dead fo real!! Fuckin waste of talent. Have a nice trip nigguh!!!

  • RotterdamSoldier

    I remember when X came on the scene.
    He was the shit and he had the streets on lock.But somewhere down the line…i don’t know man.He still keeps it real but it’s obvious he’s on something.But what i’m surprised at is that nobody is helping him by telling him(maybe forcing him into rehab but hey i don’t see X being forced..haha)that he needs to stop whatever the fuck he’s using.And i for one really hopes this nigga finds peace with himself and recovers from this shit cause i don’t want to read in a year time that he died cause of an overdose or some shit like that.Fuck this music shit,get clean, find peace with yourself and enjoy your family.

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  • john

    forget what DMX says…its no surprise that he’s that out of touch with reality….im more surprised with the “journalist” Clover Hope. Clover? thats your name?

    either way, Clover….like that was like, the most times i’ve like seen the word “like” IN AN ACUTAL PRINTED FUCKING INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    journalism at its finest.

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  • paul merrill

    Hilarious guy.

    How do these people ever make so much money??

  • Pingback: More Various Reactions to Wright, Obama and Obama’s Speech « Constitution Club

  • chrisBZ

    DMX!? X? What kind name is that? Get outta here with that DMX Bullshit!

  • ENZO

    No substance?

    I dare any and everyone who wrote that to listen to Its Dark And Hell Is Hot all the way thru and put that crack shit away. You might realize the man is profoundly deep and he has succumbed to his demons. And he’s been putting strong messages on 85% of every album since.

  • RCV tha MC

    I actually agree with what some of X has to say, but he really has alot of issues he has to deal with. I like how he doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone things of him and how he doesn’t give a fuck about the industry around him. X does him and that’s all he ever needs to do. But the comments he made about the election and that “sleepy happy” comment was just weird. He needs help.

  • Michael Douglas’ tears

    Wow. I didn’t realise people were actually this naive, or stupid.

    DMX actually has a career?

  • omy

    I am embarrassed for this man. Feel sorry for the people around him that must be exposed to this on a daily basis.

  • Farts McKenzie

    Hahaha oh black people, how WON’T you shame yourselves?

    • Jennifer – Minneapolis, MN

      It has nothing to do with him being black dumb ass….it more than likely has to do with him being on drugs. And you want to talk about shaming yourself? Look at all the lil rich white princesses (Britney, Paris, Lindsey, etc.) or all the trashy people who go on Jerry Springer, Court TV, etc. There are a lot of foolish, ignorant ass white folks too! And I’m white. But sometimes I just shake my head and say “Thank GOD I am not judged by what every other white person does!”

  • Barack O’ Wayne

    This is Barrack and DMX is right, we are in our last years. I need to ask myself am I doing the world justice by running for President? Is the man trying to get a 1 up on us colored people once more.

    (Singing) AHHHHH HAHHHHH now what I look like if it ain’t money then it don’t look right, and that don’t sound right…No Homo He’s so sweet that I let her lick the rapper, So I let her lick the rapper. ROTFLMAO

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  • 11KAP

    DMX is that nigga.

  • X-Clan

    J.Smith,and all niggas who leave a Comment here about the dog that he is gone and all that bullshit,you can all suck my dick,fuck you fuck you,hi is the best no west,no south,and no east king except DMX


    That interview had no substance. It was probably tough interviewing DMX but the interviewer just didn’t get that DMX don’t give a crap about anyone else but his immediate family.

    If a man tells you I don’t have time to worry about anything or anyone else and you keep on the same line of questioning you really must wonder wtf the interviewer smoked! The interviwer seemed stuck on bullshyt and wanted some standard bullshyt answers.

    The best question you asked was about his kids! lol..

    Sleepy happy is when you walk around thinking everything is good, I’m eating, I’m doing this and doing that and then boom your whole world gets fucked up cuz you aren’t prepared! That was obvious…It’s hard to get stuff when you have to analyze and think past the obvious!! It’s important to read about other things people it does stimulate the mind and it is fundamental!!

    ^5 Marla

  • stephen

    Is DMX handicapped?

  • Spyke

    Alright, I got two things to say.
    One: yes, it has been done. Somebody has released two albums on the same day. Not in the urban scene, but an indie folk entity known as Bright Eyes. Look up I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning or Digital Ash In A Digital Urn. Both released on the same day in 03.
    Two: Yeah, he doesn’t care about the race. But one thing I think he’s saying is that he doesn’t care because the U.S. is falling fast. And he could easily be right. I mean, this is how the unstoppable Roman Empire fell. Aside from Clinton, who was the last really good president we had? The Romans had a gang of bad emperors right before the end, and strategically poor wars. Think back. Have we done anything militarily smart since WWII? He may seem completely ignorant, but he may also have a point.

  • Bucky

    This Is why I hate idiot Niggers.
    What, does he think he’s cool or something?
    oh, i don’t care bout nothin, such a stupid prick.
    I hate Rap, I hate pointless rambling, and i hate stupid fuckin niggers.

    burn in hell, you are nothing.

    • Jennifer – Minneapolis, MN

      Bucky and everyone else on here who uses this interview to point out why they hate an entire race and then to use ignorant and hateful words, I ALMOST pitty you in your ignorance! Do you want to be judged based on every stupid stumbling comment George Bush makes, “Oh, there goes another assinine white guy!” Or ladies, do you want to all be judged based on the idiotic ramblings of Ann Coulter? Grow up already – this is the reason why we need Barack Obama NOW – to heal some of these racial divides and make it so that racist rednecks feel like idiots every time they open their mouths, or just eventually die out!

    • DeMarcus

      Yo bucko watch what u say cuz your not showing that u even have a bit mor itelect than x by what u just said u in fact are the most ignorant person on here and also u aint any thang special ur just a weak fuck that uses this word too try and degrade a race but its not going to work and it wont last i dont hate you i feel for u that word is only sticks and stones homei stcks and stones

  • douchebag bigaloo

    This should prove that only idiots should still be messing with rap music. Who still buys anything this crackhead does? Isn’t it a shame it’s allowed to reproduce? Can you imagine that child’s future with a dad this retarded?

  • What’z Crackin

    @ bucky

    If you hate rap and niggas so much why you come to a hiphop site?! what to shit about blacks and say things that will get your ass beat if you said it out loud to a group of black people. {sigh}
    Anyway X used to be one of my favorite artist and put hiphop on his back when pac and biggie passed away. Now, damn dude is talking like he in the twilight zone and as a fan it kind of hurt to see your favorite artist just all cracked out and shit.

  • bamidele

    Fela Anikulapo Kuti once said “if the gods give you the gift of music and you misuse it, you will die young”. From here in Africa we are watching our beloved son DMX dying before our very eyes. Can our brethren in America not hear his plea and come to save him?

  • Lol

    So you’re not following the race. You can’t vote right?

    Well that’s a relief.

  • Impulse 187

    Q:But it would be pretty big if we had a first Black president. That would be huge.
    A:I mean, I guess…. What, they gon’ give a dog a bone? There you go. Ooh, we have a Black president now. They should’ve done that shit a long time ago, we wouldn’t be in the fuckin’ position we in now. With world war coming up right now. They done fucked this shit up then give it to the Black people, “Here you take it. Take my mess.”

    I feel where he’s going with that shit. as soon as they fuck up the world is when they give the black man presidency? What the fuck type shit is that?! Someone needs to step in and save humanity already, cus we getting flushed down the toilet.

  • Johnny Mo

    The utterly retarded comments DMX made in thsi interview aside, (and seriously, its hard to put them aside. What a retard. Who wants to listen to anything, let alone a shitty gospel album and another likely equally shitty album by someone so ignorant, so stupid, so removed from reality….)

    For real. Wanna know how I can make a per-judgement like that? Here’s how: People who are terribly stupid and terribly self bloated, self righteous, and so unawares of their complete idiocy that they would broadcast that same idiocy to the entire world cannot possibly make music worth listening to.

    Unaware of existence of Barack Obama, and you make fun of his name, in an insulting and degrading way that only serves to make most every literate human, (you obviously don’t know many,) capable of reading this article astonished and appalled that you could be allowed to by your record label to defame your own idioty name so terribly. What an ignorant turd burglar you are.

    Anywaym I’m off of my tangent, and I’d like to say what I originally meant to post here:

    Actually, DMX, something else you are entirely wrong about: Frank Black and The Catholics actually released two entirely separate, unrelated albums on the same day in August of about 2001, maybe 2002.

    Ever heard of the Pixies, DMX? Frank Black=The Pixies.

    Anyhow, his band released Black Letter Days, and The Devil’s workshop both at once, same date. So when you say Nobody’s ever done nothing like this before, well, actually they have. Like, nearly a decade ago.

    But for real, I still think you’re great. Go you.

  • Bob Dole

    HAHAAAAAA SLEEPY happy this interview is the BEST!

  • Abs

    God damn it ya’ll. Shit… What the fuck so wrong with what DMX said, shit… seriously. Isnt it true about what he said about the presidential race? that 1st they fuck up the country and then they hand it over to the black people to fix the fucked up country. damn, that just cant be denied. hes right straight up. and for fucks sake, so what if he bi polar? hes as smart and aware of the world as a muthafucka. shit… p.s the greatest rapper to ever have lived along with 2pac baby ;) fuck the rest, nobody keeps it realer than them two. peace out

  • dominique

    i also thinks it’s a shame that XXL is censoring comments.
    hey dominique, i manage the website here at xxl. we’ve recently introduced filtering software to take care of the endless spam comments. the only censoring we are doing is deleting spam. please bear with us, as non-spam messages sometimes get caught by the filter.
    you should be ashamed XXL.

    print my comment(s) or i will be taking this situation to another magazine.

    did that sound like a threat?
    good, because it is.

  • shamika

    Fuck all them niggas hating on Wayne

  • TPG

    Yo LMAO!!!!
    Yo X is tha truth. That nigga is funny as hell! He’s here, but he ain’t here! That’s the place to be. Now you see me, now you don’t! Suckas!!!!

  • justin


    • MonkeyNinja

      I’m sorry, Justin, what are you trying to say? Maybe you need to double the size of your caps to REALLY show what you mean cause I have no clue what you’re babbling on about.

  • J

    This is no surprise; DMX is a man with personal issues going all the way back to his childhood. Sometimes you get intelligent responses, but most of the time you get ramblings of incomplete ideas. He is a flawed individual and just because you like his music does not mean you have to listen to everything he says. My biggest problem with this is the moron doing the interview. This asshole can’t ask a straight question and over the course of the interview starts sounding like X. He should have been better prepared, it’s like he didn’t know who he was about to talk to. Don’t ask X three questions at one time! Did you really think you’d get a descent response? If you want a straight answer ask an intelligent question. I blame the interviewer for most of the ridiculousness of this interview.

  • lulzgoon

    what a stupid person

  • http://pimp sevensevenfizzo

    Yo, DMX is crazy as fuck. He aint hardly saying shit or answering the questions properly during the interview. If i was the interviewer, I would of cussed his ass out and said fuck u. DMX needs to sit his lame ass down. Talking bout he dont keep up with this and that. That bitch a lie. And Weezy is the best. The south runs rap right now. RUNS IT!

  • streetz

    dmx is crazy as hell

  • 2ndprize

    damn, stephen curry can play ball, go jayhawks.

    a lot of what DMX said is partly true, our government is fucked, but it doesnt make not caring right.

    that is how society got this way and stays this way, people in power wanna keep it and want us to think we cant change anything. it is a trap, and DMX has fallen into it, that isnt keeping it real, that is surrender.

    i dont find what he DMX said as funny, but sad, he, like lots of otherd, has lost hope.

    we dont care and dont try and change things the end days will come. why give up, why not fight for a better world, /shrug, what is DMX a pacifist?

  • Supa

    “What do you think about Lil Wayne? People think he’s the hottest rapper”.
    “He is nowhere near the hottest nothing right now. You can’t be serious”.

    “Why do you say that? He’s on like every song”.
    “He has to do that”.

    LMAO…Classic X, some funny shit. Funny as hell.

  • http://none ELZ

    Pay attention Folks

    first Historically X is hands down one of the hardest people to interview and work wit in the industry. Not because of Crack, because he’s In My Opinion (bi-polar) and can’t stand the interview and album promotion process. He hates it with a passion. There’s countless interviews he’s had in the past where during the interview itself, he’s said he not enjoying this sht. He’s even said it on TV. His video shoots everything in specific the “Who we be,” video was a nightmare. XXL interviewed him right after a flight. He says it in the interview,
    I just flew in. I’m not the least bit shocked he did a sht interview. It sounds like he’s un-interested and just wanted to move on.

  • G.E

    well its a tough subject and massive amounts of opinions so i guess ill just type it up anyways…:)

    dmx is real..define real?..because hes a rapper whos gone through a lot>?…NOPE!
    because hes an individual who consciously went through these various stages in his life and aside his mistakes he took what the lesson to be learned was an input it into his life…

    now i understand crack head crazy and an ex drug addict…i dont give a shit about x’s drug use or anything that has been said or publicly published about him.he has remained solid and my opinion this interview was the opposite of ignorant.he was asked a question..and answered it!
    i do admit he answered them in a strange sense and might of rubbed your brain the wrong way but the dude wise and knows what hes talking about…

    and weezy the best rapper alive?
    okay coo dude is grinding hes on every song he has hott records bars are dope…so naturally the re-up is potent..

    *though he aint the only rapper..wake the fuck up ….(fuck mainstream “hip hop”)….

  • REal

    “. The president don’t make no damn decisions.” He’s right about that thanks to the fuckin Jewish Lobby! Who you think supports these so called Honest Politicians? Who you think filters the media? Why do you think America waste 3 billion dollars a year or more on isreal’s military and other diplomatic and financial backing? So all of yall who jumped on DMX for not giving a fuck you need to open your eyes.

  • Darkman

    What do you think about Lil Wayne? People think he’s the hottest rapper.
    He is nowhere near the hottest nothing right now. You can’t be serious.

    Why do you say that? He’s on like every song.
    He has to do that.
    Lol now that shit is funny,X is on ssome shit.X kno the nigga ain’t nowhere near the best,its like X is spaced out in this interview

  • BarNone

    Who gives a DAMN bout any of this? Haha.. Everyone is worked up, gettin racial, and political.. I vote, my vote doesn’t matter. Congress is in charge.. the rest is bullshit. DMX is a rapper, not a politician. Who gives a fuck what he thinks about politics. Leave the man alone.. And as far as all the people on here bashing each other. Haha damn you have nothing better to do. (Like me.. right now)

  • Richard
  • CWill

    This guy doesn’t know who Barack Obama is…my 6 year old knows B. Obama
    the home of the smart sexy rich and crazy !!

  • bigcheze504

    i feel X on some of tha stuff he was sayin’ and he does make since…but on tha other hand, that brother needs to learn a lil somethin’ from tha gospel album, cause tha words and tha way he expresses his thoughts says he need a hug are something….he didnt even have anything positive, to say about his own son….” X snap out of it”

  • t

    fuck all of you faggots.. DMX is better than all of you fucking hating homos. Cause he doesnt give a shit about barack obama that makes him an ignorant nigger? DMX is the realest rapper ever.. you guys are probably lil wayne lovers and dont understand real rap

  • WestCoastin’

    damn, this interview was entertaining as fuck….i read a few of your replies….some valid points coming from each end….

    big ups to DMX….

    he tryin’ to get his shit straight and don’t giva fuck bout nothin’

    funnyass mofucka…

  • Chris Grant

    Yeah… he is a complete moron, and if anyone supports a dumb@ss like this they are part of the problem.. and yeah dont be so full of yourself, plenty of other idiots have worked on two albums at one time.

  • Jermzhi

    …gone gone GONE!!!

  • xxx

    Wow dmx sounds so ignorant. I like how he conflates being more religious/spiritual with being isolated and only caring about things having to do with himself. I mean, god forbid, he know something about what’s going on with his country/the world. And a black person having an african name makes them less black???? What kind of retarded comment is that?

  • Gus

    X is X man… he’s always been that way…. dude is real, a human, talks for the people… the Dog always been cool with me and I’ll support his music. He’s entitled to his opinion, and he’s entitled to NOT have an opinion if he wants… I can’t be f*cked worrying about all the B.S that’s poppin’ with politics and sh*t…. I read, I’m aware always but do I give a f*ck? No.

    That new single “Already” is f*cking flames!!


  • wha?

    X is allowed to believe whatever he wants, pay attention to whatever he wants, tune our attention to whatever he wants. Who are we to judge him? X has always been a closed and personal person and I bet he knows about the election but has just decided that it isn’t something he wants to “fuck” with much like Lil Wayne (one of the worst rappers out in my opinion, I hope Southern rap dies out soon). I’m glad he is taking the time to keep his attention focused on what it should be, music.

    And a note to most of the people leaving messages here: Be more intelligent. Reading through half of these was like watching BET and now my head hurts from the stupidity. ‘Nuff said.

    Can’t wait for the new album (not the gospel one) X.

  • Quis4sho

    This nigga iz hilarious & everyone gets on niggas in da south…??? come on now… This iz a very good example of nuthin’… LAMO x 10… This interview iz straght classic material… Dis nigga iz really retarded… Lol…Lol…Lol… but on da real I hope he snaps out of it soon… Damn X… you made my day wit this one…!

  • hoof

    this is what happens when you do crack and rap! don’t rap or do crack kids.

  • Trickdd

    How would anybody no the year the worlds gunna end if that was the case the people that new would have sayd shit before the millineum shit happen lol all the computers are gunna shut down and the powers gunna go out haha bitch please stop letting people scare you aint nobody on this world gunna no the day are the year the worlds ending

  • Justin

    I agree with him about Lil Wayne, he’s nowhere near the hottest rapper.

  • jl

    Please tell me this is fake..

  • DMXisBrainless

    DMX is so stupid; people like him do not represent African American. He said “What the fuck?! That ain’t no fuckin’ name, yo. That ain’t that nigga’s name. You can’t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here.” DMX only knows names given to him by his slave master, such as “Earl Simmons”. My nine years old know who Obama is. This is a sad story.

  • ErnieMoney

    Yeah, you know…. sleepy happy.

  • Didishow

    Fuck i actually love that man but what the fuck is he going on about ? he dont answer questions, he dont even know who the fuck Obama is, is this a joke ?? wake up Dmx what the hell is wrong wit you? you cant be no happy ignorant thats not the way to be!

  • Morehouse

    its crazy that ya’ll can eb so blind to the intelligence of this man.. he acts like he doesn’t knwo whats going on, and that he’s ignorant but he’s able to compeltely stabilize any claim that he makes. he says white america now places there burden on blacks because they have run our country into shit, and with the current economy and contiuing rising gas prices, is that not in some sense a truth… and when he states that the president’s power is limited, he’s correct, the president can nto make a decision without thorough complacency(spellcheck) from the house the senate and his cabin.. the fact of the matter is Rice, Chaney and the rest of the presidential cabin are puppeting the president around becuase he’s a spoiled idiot who used his families pwoer to get into office.. so please don’t call dmx a “crackhead” “ignorant caveman”, or any of that shit.. when this man is break shit down right before your eyes… and he’s even more correct when he says that lil’ wayne is not the best rapper, wayne’s pinacle and fall was on the carter 2.. since then he is just a hype ass nigga talking a whole lotta bullshit and making trash songs… so yea, don’t knock a man who’s been in the business probably logner than i’ve been alive, he knows more about the music game, life, this country the a lot of peopel, he’s been through the in and outs of the judiciary system and has seen it all..



  • HEYSh

    he loox so funny though

  • Trickdd

    Just for the Haten Lil Wayne Dick Ryders Imformation Carter 1 Whent Platnuim Carter 2 Whent Double Platnuim And Carter 3 Bout to go Triple Thats for the fucking Lil Wayne Haters. Not to bring up the Hot Boyz And Waynes first solo albums plus at the age Wayne is right now he doing it lke no other nigga has in the game so go head and hate cause you no you are. 239 Ya Digg

    • Mozeek

      You know, Trickdd, Lil’ Wayne is probably the reason why DMX says “rappers ain’t sayin’ nothin’.” You know that, right? Like when Lil’ Wayne talks about recieving a blowjob in almost every song. You do realize that, right?

  • dan

    es a fukin crakhead lol rrr hes jus fukd lol…hes musiks gd doe lol

  • TazerTNK

    first off why on all of these interview pages, someone is offended at a rapper/producer/dj etc.s comments?? Why do you all care that much. DMX is just fed up with the bullsh*t goin on round him. He’s stopped caring, same as most smart people. Everyone over-hypes everything these days, then go on and say ooh he’s not as good as him, he flopped etc when you have their albums illegally downloaded anyway. Soundscan is bullshit, the presidential campaign is bullshit, lil wayne is bullshit. DMX, thanks for not feeding the middle-class media-concentrated retards the controversy theyre all gagging for.

  • B

    That’s awesome. DMX is hilarious.

  • Snoop

    x is teh shiz yo.

  • RicoUNO

    X is wrong for that one Dissing Obama…Yo here is the same man name is kid Tacoma after a Show he did in Tacoma, Washington or whatever.. Yo, he needs to regroup for real! I’m not going to name my kids after Pulp Mill Smelling Ass City! Get the “bleep” out here, Man!

  • Evil Pimp

    I’m so sleepy happy now that I’m on my way to buy his new records…


    Wow, I can’t believe DMX went off about Barack name like that… Wow…. I have no words for this interview except WOW…..

    Calling ALL Artist
    Rappers WANTED

  • Beenz

    that interviewer sucked for real, puttin in all them “likes” and shit. askin dumb ass questions. Im surprised X didnt flip on him. Darkman still great though, always something from him thats hilarious, he knows what hes doin.

  • Will a.k.a. Hip Hop Is Alive & Well

    Even though he has been going through some ill shit with drugs these past couple of years…X is still dope!No pun intended.Straight up and down!-Will

  • DMX_IS

    DMX is very stupid, i used to like the guy up until now. His music was HOT, remember the song called SLIPPIN’ , may DMX doesn’t even remember that song. He is doin a GOSPEL album, what does he talk about on that album. Because on this interview he cant even say one positive thing. It’s a shame that we still have these kind of rappers, when they are asked about their album and the content of the album, the tell people to listen to the album. That must money didn’t make you smart at all.

    Wish that your album becomes a flop.

  • dee dee

    i love x ive been a fan for years and i fill the way he does they are going to do what they want to no matter how many people vote they are not giving us a black president and to x you need to hurry up with a new album i have all of them fromm the first to the last so try not to keep me waiting and to all of the haters so what if they say my nigga does this and that he is still the realist nigga out there

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  • Rawr

    lol that xxl person is dumb as hell. dmx on crack makes more sense

  • Pingback: OMFG, ROFL, LMAO, DMX doesn’t know who Barack Obama is…. | Gordon Swaby

  • Black Spyder

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  • Leviss

    Ya’ll fuckfaces don’t understand the meaning behind he’s words

  • niggafrommemphis

    Your day is done,if you really want to impress someone,leave that pipe alone.I ain’t mad about you not caring about the south,cuz truth be told,I don’t care about the shit the east been droppin in the last 10 years,with a FEW exceptions.Catch up on reality,before you spit some shit you already said years ago,muthafucka.

  • gsnyebum005

    yea ik this interview is great but i want some different news this shit been up there for a month now

  • KGEEZY86

    im a black man! but its funny how cuz obama is black he gotta care about the ghetto and all that street shit! 2 b honest it aint his problem! black people put themselfs there!! aint workin hard in school! to lazy 2 find there ass a job! thts y they live like tht! and y shud DMX know who Obama is? hes conerntrating on his shit! makin his money!! people who concerntrate on other shit and being nosey just wastin time and throwin away there time in makin this money!!

  • mikro


  • kidtwist33

    I’d like to comment on the interviewer, Clover Hope. I understand DMX can be a hard interview, but that was some extremely lazy journalism. Do we really need to hear the same bullshit ten questions we hear in every interview: “What do you think of hip hop right now?” “The South is taking over, what do you think of that?” “Sales are down, why is that?” “Since you’re Black what do you think of Barack Obama?” “Lil’ Wayne is supposedly the hardest, what do you think?” I mean come on. Then he just gives up and asks how his family is doing. Do your homework and ask some more thought provoking shit and maybe the artist would be more responsive.

  • Yo

    this site has fallen off in the features department.

  • SoCalTrojan77

    ORDER NOW!!!

  • Pingback: What the fuck is a Barack? « Esquilo é o novo Rato.

  • This

    What a dumbass. I say that not only because of the Barack Obama thing, but because he has no opinion on anything. Damn.

  • wayne

    DMX dog for life, all u cunts need ti stop bitchin cos he said he doesnt care about a black president, y the fuck should he.
    wat he does in his private life is his buisness same as wat u do is yours.

    like a said DMX dog for life.

  • Anon

    What the fuck is a DMX? Dumb Mutherfuckn X?X?X?X


  • Mozeek

    I don’t know about the rest of his interview, but I do agree with him on one thing; TODAY’S
    RAPPERS AIN’T SAYIN’ NOTHIN’!!! There’s only a handful who SAY SOMETHIN’ and they hardly get any radio play! Case in point, Mos and Talib. They both put out albums last year and none of their songs are on urban radio! I mean how many songs can you make about how much money you make or how much your rims spin? It’s enough to make your HEAD spin! If Hip-Hop wants to exist, we need to clean up our act!

  • Pingback: Secret Rap Legend » Blog Archive » DMXXL

  • davey

    DMX is played out. He’s a one hit wonder and if he does drop anything new it’s not going to matter anyway. For him to say he never got excited about another rapper in his life reminds me of this quote :

    “Rap industry is responsible for giving jobs to people who don’t even like the music or give a shit about the culture”

    DMX should shut the fuck up and stay out of rap. Dumb ass faggot.

  • Pingback: DMX on Barack Obama…DMX should stick to rapping….

  • Pingback: Obama - The Unfolding Story - Page 36 - The BN Village

  • most_high

    X! I’ll still buy yo record. . so that I can review and rate you shit!!

  • Uhh

    Uh.. He DOES represent black people everywhere. The black demographic listens to him predominantly, and will eat up his opinions.

  • dominique

    this comment is directed to the person in charge of

    while i appreciate your spam filter situation, i still find it odd that my lengthy comment (which put XXL in a negative light) wasn’t posted. it wasn’t spam – so shouldn’t it have been released from the filter system and posted? can it be found in the filter system and posted? i still don’t see my original post.

    there are more than several rubbish comments that contain nothing but slang and filth, yet the filter has no problem with them?

    does the filter also delete comments where the words are spelled correctly?

    i don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but maybe invest in a new filter?

    and people who spam…STOP!

    have a good day :)

  • Sam

    If you want to follow a rapper – hitch your ride to JayZ – give this guy a miss – he’s clueless.

    JayZ has come from nothing as well – but is worth almost a half a billion $$ – and if you asked him a few questions he would answer intelligently – this guy has got the swat team – surrounding his house waiting for him to make one wrong move – he doesn’t even seem to be aware of what is going on with his own child. Yet he has made millions and has had opportunities many black or white will never have.

    Why doesn’t he do something for the black community himself – like investing in those areas – but then – he would have to give up his drugs and sober up – perhaps that’s one HIGH he may never achieve.

  • call me li

    DMX may not be perfect, but i think he got his shit together. people think hes crazy n outta it cuz he ain’t know whos running for president. thats simply cuz he doesn’t place value on the same bullshit everybody else does. he’s focused and tryna be good in life, which is all anybody should be doin. so big ups to the dark man, them albums is gunna be nice.

  • E

    DMX is a bitch. you have to be a bitch if you’re going to fucking fight innocent puppies. No man would ever do that shit. That nigga whack.

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  • Southside’s Finest

    X was right about Lil Wayne. He is nowhere near being the hottest rapper. For all u bitch ass niggas talkin shit about X being a crackhead need 2 shut tha fuck up cuz he’ll fuck all u faggots up.

  • RL

    this has got to be the most ignorant nigga i heard in all my life… he done smoked too many cools…and a lil too much crack wit Whitney…

    how he don’t know about barack…and then he stuck on the dudes name for like 20 minutes! is dmx really that stupid? and he think he gonna run a record label?

    and then he gone do a gospel album…oh wait, two cd gospel album, but cussin all up and down…

    and lastly…in case u don’t know, or better yet, in case this nigga is uninformed…don’t come out to the west dmx…niggas don’t want u out here…stay out the west unless u roll in wit a vest… and i don’t care how many guns u got or how many the cops done took…


    and stop dog fighting, dummy! how stupid iz u?

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  • Gunner

    fuck you illiterate niggas with the crack jokes, jump on your radio rap bullshit

    DMX 2Pac Nas and scarface are a few of the only good rappers at all, but you jump on some bullshit

    have you ever noticed that all rap is the same, but DMX Nas Pac and scarface changed it up or switched up the game?

    but i dont give a fuck about obama, like he is going to be elected by any redneck fucking retards like you, and even if he does you voted just cause he was black you dipshits

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  • Burak

    i love DMX

    He really dont care about nothing , exept himself , and his music ,


  • nana

    first of all i do not understand dmx first he says that he wants to do a gospel album but after every word in his sentence is a damn curse u can not be serious about doin an album with all that negativity around u it makes no sense that is not a sort of thing that a gospel artist would do they would always have a positive image so that people would want to buy your music the way that he presents himself talkin bout how the popo takes away your guns, if he was a holy man he would not own any guns; only if he is planning on killing someone; all that im saying is that he needs to clean up his act if he wants anyone to take his seriously

  • Dion

    dmx is the realest person in the game right now he tell exactly whats on his mind.and thats how it should be

  • John

    What a fuckin nigger, pretty much fits the word to a T.

  • Will Bouz

    i think dmx might have smoked too much to not even know who barack obama is

  • Pingback: CISNKY » links for 2008-07-21

  • tom

    its not ignorant when its the truth.

    presidents DONT control shit.
    politics DONT matter.
    bad shit WILL happen REGARDLESS of one persons p.o.v.


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  • Samuel

    You have got to be kidding me! Is this a joke interview or is DMX really just your stereotypical retarded nigger!?! He not only doesn’t know whats going on in the world around him but he doesn’t even have a clue about whats going on in his on world of ‘da rap game.
    Fucking moron

  • lynx

    DMX said “The president is a puppet anyway. The president don’t make no damn decisions.” and that’s why he doesn’t follow politics, because he’s intelligent enough to realize it’s a puppetshow designed to distract us all from what’s really going on. corporations run shit, the president and congress just follow orders and that’s a fact.

    and for that ya’ll call him ignorant! look in the fucking mirror.

    • Goapele

      WHere are you from? Are you male or female? age? I really like your comment

  • Sarah

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  • Africa

    I mean, I guess…. What, they gon’ give a dog a bone? There you go. Ooh, we have a Black president now. They should’ve done that shit a long time ago, we wouldn’t be in the fuckin’ position we in now. With world war coming up right now. They done fucked this shit up then give it to the Black people, “Here you take it. Take my mess.”

    Retards cant fathom this kind of intellect

  • thedon

    yo….DMX was right… fuck… lol

  • TruthBeTold

    The reason its ignorant for him to not know that a Black man was running for president, is because his forefathers fought for the rights of black people. Theres quite a few rappers that are out there being intelligent and talking about things that matter, its funny that he says he listens to Nas…who is a big obama supporter and wrote a song about him. Dmx also openly bashes homosexuals in his songs, Hating someone for their sexuality is no different than hating someone for their race. So its alright for him to discriminate homosexuals, but not alright for people to be racist. People need to open their minds and think about things like this.

  • Munchh

    Its a good thing X aint political, he’s about life, thats what makes him real.
    I’ve been able to vote for 21 years and i’ve done it once, not because i’m ignorant, but because i’ve not had time to learn enough to do it justice, life is happening everyday, putting food on the table for my kids is more important.
    I just wanna hear the next album, he still gives me goosebumps when he starts up, shit, you lot forgot this is about the music and the music is about life, not which way he votes!

  • Truth

    Black people using the internet.


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  • Mob Hollows

    if you pay attention, X clearly didn’t want the interview to begin with. i’m sure the promotion part of it’s cool, but he’s a pretty private guy. and anyone who listens to or has seen any DMX films, knows that his ideas and opinions are well thought and deeply considered. i’m a white boi, and eff that racist guy tryin to down-talk an entire race through a forum based around a rapper. that guy shouldn’t even be in this conversation. i’ll be the first one to say it’s my ancestors who screwed the blacks up in the first place. I’M NOT PROUD OF THAT in any way what-so-ever. us white guys kidnapped and enslaved them, seperated them from their families, worked them to death for less than you make in a jail job, and the worst part is: when they finally were free, we segregated them and didn’t give them a chance to make something of themselves. they couldn’t get jobs or educations back then, so they were forced to congregate in the cheapest living areas, and learn how to hustle and grind to make a living. and it’s pretty bad that even to this day there’s people that would make deragatory and racist remarks to anyone of any race. especially when there just some white boi with no friends (unless you count the kkk) that’s jealous because a black man makes 6 figures, and they don’t make sh**. even with the unfair chance we gave them, they managed to make something outta themselves, and not sell themselves out while doing it. the people that post on this forum to disrespect a succesful artist and his opinions are the same reason that artists like X don’t say sh** to these interviewers. they feel like their words are wasted on the ignorant fu**s that don’t even get the whole picture. they just wanna bully and degrade everyone else to make themselves feel more secure about their faults. idk, take from this what you will, like X, idgaf…
    -Mob Hollows

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  • D.Gora

    Did anyone find this funny???

    I KNOW I DID!! XD lmaoo

  • Quiet Truth

    Wonderful fervor, Now if you would only put all of this passion into something that fucking mattered. DMX seems to not care if you like him or hate him. Go fix a school or volunteer your time someplace.

    I’m off to bed so I can go feed some homeless people today.

    Ps. Some of you (You know who you are) really owe your english teacher an apology. Even if your point is well thought out, you come off as mentally deficient.

  • Hip-Hop Connesuir

    Father U C King all y’all ignorant ass people hatin’ on The Dark Man. X speak the truth straight from his heart. He’s one of few real Emcee’s still in the game. Anyone who really knows and understand real, true Hip-Hop would tell you the same thing. X was and still is one of the greatest who ever did it. And people who knock and criticize others for what they say and having opinions of their own need to shut the hell up and look inward. Most likely they’ll find something about themselves that much more deserves their time and energy rather than hatin’ on others who are actually droppin serious real science and knowledge. WAKE UP!!!!!!



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  • steve

    for you dumbasses in an interview after this DMX told people that he was joking about to obama shit, that he’s suprised people don’t have a sence of humor

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  • Lastmanstanding

    It’s funny because everyone thought X was being ignorant but everything he said about Obama turned out to be true. Just another puppet propped up to clean up whitey’s mess. This man is real and he doesn’t give a shit about pandering to pseudo-intellectuals, he just tells it like it is. Look at what the government has been doing to him. I wonder who he pissed off so badly.

  • Ifyou’rethelastmanstandingthenwe’reallfucked

    Yeah, that damn government, always trying to bring X down by confiscating all his illegal guns and drugs. You tell’em, X!

    Lastmanstanding, you’re a fucking idiot.

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