Wiz Khalifa: Shine ’Cause I Grind

With a new deal on Warner Bros., is this Pittsburgh MC ready to kick back and put his city on the map? If you ask Wiz, the struggle has only begun.

Two years ago, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa bragged that he had “a street buzz before [he] had peachfuzz” on his debut mixtape Prince of the City. At the time, he was an unassuming, somewhat shy teen who could be found at the ’Burgh’s ID Labs studios scribbling lyrics in his notebook and learning the knobs in the producer’s deck, hours after the rest of the MCs left the stable.

Today, with Khalifa recently dropping Prince of the City 2, all that shy shit is gone. The notebooks are scrapped. In the trailer for his new mixtape, you see him in the booth spittin’ lyrics jotted in his Sidekick. At ID Labs, he mans the control boards, cueing up songs from his deep digital catalogue, rockin’ his head to his every creation. A huge, canary-diamond Pittsburgh Pirates “P” swings from his neck.

With three mixtapes (Prince Of The City, Grow Season and Prince Of The City 2) and a street album (Show and Prove) to his name and a slew of performances from “Pistolvania” to New York, the kid has demonstrated he can produce product with his independent crew Rostrum Records. Now, after inking a deal with Warner Brothers this summer, he’s out to show he can move the product.

In an interview with XXLMAG.com at his ID Labs “home,” the 19-year-old speaks confidently with direct eye contact. Wiz earned his swagger by logging in more hours in the studio than he could pay for back in the day, and now it’s paying off. He’s been featured in just about every hip-hop and music media outlet that matters. His buzz has officially begun to outgrow the streets, just like the peachfuzz has officially grown into a moustache on his upper lip.

Listen To:
Wiz Khalifa “Be Easy”

Wiz Khalifa f/ Kev Da Hustla & S. Money “Head To The Sky”

Wiz Khalifa “Poppin’ Rubberbands”

all taken from Prince Of The City 2 (2007)

You were grinding for almost two years between the two installments of Prince Of The City. How have you changed?
There’s definitely been a lot of growth and development, as far as me learning how to use my voice in different ways. On Prince Of The City 2 you’ll hear a lot of tracks with me singing on them—not like trying to blow, but harmonies and hooks. Also, my wordplay has developed, my concepts, my hooks have gotten better. The whole POTC2 is original beats—these are well-formatted songs. It’s pretty much different than any other mixtape that’s out right now.

You’re sending a lot of messages to the haters on this new one. Are you positioning yourself as a battle rapper, or are you more concerned with making hits?
I can battle rap. Some people just get caught up in that one facet of music, though. I try to cover it all and be the best at everything. I gotta make singles. I gotta make mixtape songs, and if someone wanna battle, I gotta be able to do that as well. I don’t really get into it all like that because there ain’t a lot of money in that. I’d rather just do this, and do more shows and do more stuff to get people to like me rather than all that friction.

You stay working with other Pittsburgh artists. Have you begun to establish relationships with other rappers outside of the ’Burgh yet?
I meet these dudes, but as far as establishing relationships, I haven’t gotten there. I feel like I gotta establish myself in the game a little bit more. I’m really not trying to ride nobody else’s wave into the game, or get some song with the biggest name dude around, because the audience ain’t gonna be payin’ attention to me then, they gonna be payin’ attention to him. So I’m really trying to get myself out there, to make a name for myself to the point where those artists will want to come work with me. I think it will get to that point. I got a lot of respect for a lot of these dudes I see and meet, ’cause I do a lot of shows, but there’s no relationships or nothing.

Who do you consider your peers in the game?
I consider every artist my peer, but who I like? I mean, Weezy is the best rapper right now, as far as spittin’ goes, so lyrically I gotta always make sure I’m at least keeping up with him. Kanye and Common, ’cause them dudes…their albums are wild.

Now that you’re on a major label, Warner Bros. Records, how does that up the ante for you?
It looks bigger to the people more than anything. But to me, now I gotta get to the next step. It’s my whole lil’ journey through this game. I got a lot more to do, but I’m excited about where I’m at. It’s making me go harder. I always took it all the way serious, but now it’s to the point where it’s a job—it’s paying my bills, it’s feeding me. I’m good off rap, so this is what I have to do to make sure I’m doing good. Plus, it’s just good for the whole Pittsburgh scene. It lets everybody else know that we got things poppin’ here and it gets people who were non-supporters at first to take part in what we’re doing.

Do you feel pressure to carry the whole city of Pittsburgh on your back?
I don’t feel no pressure because, like, the city wasn’t fucking with me when I was just doing my thing, when it was just me fucking with me. I’m glad that the city supports me, but I don’t let it give me no pressure because at the end of the day, this is just what makes me happy. But representing Pittsburgh and putting the ‘Burgh on the map definitely makes me happy and I take a whole lot of pride in that.

When’s your first release from Warner dropping?
We don’t have a release date as of right now, but we got the “Young’n On His Grind” single that’s been going crazy. The video’s all over the place. The spins just keep doublin’ and triplin’. We’re about to kick off the next single [“Say Yeah,” his Warner Brothers Records debut], which is the big one.

Has Warner made you feel like a priority artist on the label?
Yeah, they definitely make me feel like a priority. I understand how things work on labels, so things get slow sometimes, but that’s just dealing with the game. I’m patient, and I got faith in my [Rostrum Records] team. They take care of all that stuff and make sure that’s all worked out for me. Everything’s been gravy. I’m happy with the whole Warner situation.

What specifically attracted you to Warner?
They were more direct than anybody else. Everybody else was like, “We’ll take a look at him. Yeah, we heard about him.” But Warner was like, “Okay, we going out here to see him, we gonna talk to him, and we gonna make this happen.” They basically were the most aggressive and were talking the best for my career. They were saying what I needed to hear as far as what I want to do with my future.

Warner’s not necessarily known as a hip hop powerhouse label.
They have a lot of new staff. A lot of them are from Interscope and were there when 50 and Eminem were blowin’ up. They have a lot of people who helped build Death Row Records. These are the people who’ve been hands-on in my project. It’s a real all-around effort. It’s not like it’s just two people on the project—people all over the building are working with us.

The ID Labs studio is known throughout Pittsburgh and beyond as a popular hub where a lot of real hip-hop work is getting putting in. What has ID meant to your career?
ID Labs is big for me. When I first started, my dad was on some, “If you gonna do music, learn how to do that shit.” I learned how to use Fruity Loops and he bought me a mix and mash board. At 15, I knew about studios and engineering, so I knew how I wanted my stuff to sound. I came here and we hit it off. I liked how it sounded. I liked how quick we worked. I would come in, pay them, then do my jams. They would hear me and think, This dude’s really good, so they started letting me come for free. This led to me getting my deal. So if it wasn’t for ID Labs, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. I don’t feel comfortable in no other studio. This is home. And the artists who come through here, we all influence each others’ styles. The Lab has brought together a lot of people who normally couldn’t be able to be in the same room or same club together four or five years ago. Now all these same cats are makin’ music together and trying to be in each others’ videos. Cats who was usually beefin’ is now all tryin’ to get this money. And then cats who’s really doing it with the music, it’s making it realistic to these cats. Like, we can really do this shit. They like, “Wiz was at the Lab every day, and he still come to the Lab every day and he got a deal.” It’s bringin’ more people together. Before we didn’t have nothing to look up to ’cause cats was only gangbangin’ and selling dope.

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  • Peachie

    Just wanted to give a shout of appreciation out to B.Mock Ski (love u and miss u boo) and to say to Wiz that his number 1 fan is soooo proud of you! I know how hard you grind and it’s great to get to watch you live your dreams. POC 2 is that ish. So many favorites on this one. As a matter of fact I don’t skip any tracks when I’m listening to it lol


    • datdudedeezy

      yo this on the other side of the pen state homie. keep it poppin youngn Alllentowns here!-1

    • Steel City 25

      lmao the “fighting illinis” is weak as hell please go to a real college…imma freshman at pitt and will stomp ur weakass right out of the peterson event center

  • naledge


  • 5yearslockeddown

    good luck on your career fam. cuz alot of people may not kno but like anywhere else its hard for blacks to make it in the city, but in a city that didnt have alot to offer as far as the music scene, except for back in the day when the Hill was known as lil Harlem. but then came the riots and they said forget yall. so the blacks in pittsburgh resorted to gangs before there were even bloods and crips it wasnt colors but it was crazy. then like in the late 80′s early 90′s when bloods n crips came here it was a wrap. the crime rate was sky high, murder by ratio was higher then anywhere in america lil do people kno. so what im tryna say is i mean for a city that has been struggling long enough and to get kno attention. we need the rap game. i mean atleast if u dont like the music please support it. because to be honest niggas is despirate. niggas is gettin killed every day in our city. but the only thing people kno about us is the steelers and sidney crosby and alot of nfl players. so let us in the game!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/julianofatboifresh

    All Im gonna say is this..

    I been grinding this shit out right along side wiz for these long 2 years.. even though we dont chill and shit like that.. I feel me as a producer has alot of pressure to help put this dude in the game as well.. From making 40+ jams for all of his albums.. to making this HUGE SINGLE on warner bros (SAY YEAH!! PRODUCED BY ME..)

    I know if we keep on grinding shit will pay off no bull shit… at all..

    Weve created unique sounds…

    Such as the dr.dre shit for his album 2001
    Melman from the hill coproduced everysong alongside with him.. helping giving birth to the whole sound that made that shit classic..

    I think we got what it takes no matter what..
    FUCK it.. wheter you like it or not.. Im tired of the cliche swarms of bullshit i hear everyfucking day .. Its disgusting… lets focus on what really matters the actual music.. holla


  • krb

    i seen him last year when he open up for t.i. in a college above pittsburgh and the kidz seem to like him alot. they brought up his cds and shirts. much sucess to you young’na

  • Me

    Yo I’m from Da’ Burgh born and raised. But I travel a lot u feel me. I never heard of Wiz untill i was up new york. it was on allhiphop…next second he’s in the xxl new artist section. i go back home and i ask about him, no one can give me anything. Then that youngin’ on his grind was on the radio. i saw some boys handed his material out…the people thought i was wiz. i’m at the clubs all the time, he ain’t. i’m every event in da burgh he ain’t. Hey xxl if really want to know the boy doing it is M.A.R. he’s the the hottest hear. Read wiz’s articles he claims Germany and north dakota. Now i know people are gonna call me a hater, cause as a fan of hiphop somehow i’m required to just accpet you. Naw homie it don’t work like that. Mark my words…M.A.R. is going to put the city of Pittsburgh on the map the correct way!!

  • Steel

    Born and raised in da’burgh. Never heard of wiz untill i was visiting new york and saw on a website and xxl. He’s not from here, he’s south dakota and Germany fam. Read his on words…the city wasn’t feeling him. The boy that’s really doing it here is M.A.R. he got the hottest mixtape here. So hot even wiz bit this nigga…it ain’t about being from the streets or keeping it real…it’s about the truth

  • BlackMike

    congrats on all you have accomplished young wiz. good luck in all future endeavors. your future does looks bright. just when i think i’ve heard your best,you go and drop POC2. non-stop bangers. luvin every track.

    as for mr.naledge, if you had any hip-hop KNOWLEDGE you would know who wiz is. Hopefully this isn’t Jabari aka:the educated rapper aka:the prince of chi. if it is stop playing yourself son. you’re supposed to be too smart for that. college degree and all. you can’t hide in cyberspace.

    Prince of the City 2

  • 4one2

    yo big up to wiz and 412…s-mula and th whole GOV gang doing big things…be on the look out for Steel Gifted blowin up in the burgh…

  • 4one2

    yo big to wiz for doin his thing…fuck the haters
    shout out S-Mula.Boaz.the whole GOV gang
    be on the lookout for Steel Gifted.First Step In mixtape coming real soon..ya dug

  • Peru

    Ummm….is this weezy or juelz….or every other nigga tryin to rap…..yo, rap music is dead for a reason…..its crap, no hatin, just statin a fact…..who really cares about rap music besides the mutha fuckas still tryin to get in the game cuz it seems like easy money, I aint seen no actual talent in……forever nigga!!!! Weezy is the best and that nigga is mediocre….so what the nfuck is you niggas really saying…..show me a nigga with a huige buzz and I’ll show you a commercial rapper….aint no street nigga makin no real money rappin, cuz don’t no streets got the money to buy an album, they just steal…..be for real and stop gasing these niggas up….and if he does blow up….congrats, but there is a better chance of global warming killing us tomorrow….”so be easy”….weak ass niggas!!!!

  • blackmike

    congrats on all you have accomplished young wiz. good luck in all future endeavors. your future does looks bright. just when i think i’ve heard your best,you go and drop POC2. non-stop bangers. luvin every track.

    as for mr.naledge, if you had any hip-hop KNOWLEDGE you would know who wiz is. Hopefully this isn’t Jabari aka:the educated rapper aka:the prince of chi. if it is stop playing yourself son. you’re supposed to be too smart for that. college degree and all. you can’t hide in cyberspace.

    muthafucka named peru nuf said translation:pussy ass hater with no talent

    Prince of the City 2

  • loomoney

    big ups to wiz doin his thing for sure….all u fucks say who? you’ll be finding that answer in no time….look out for the whole gov fam, cocky rocky n other locals…pistolvania bitches…412

  • slimm

    Wiz is reppin hard for the 412!!!

    I wanna know is there really an album coming out on Warner…cuz I heard there won’t be an album. Just singles. They won’t be backing none of Wiz albums. True or False?

    412…WE GOT NEXT!!!

  • Bill Celender

    Yo Wiz keep it up man, I’m from right across the river in Sharpsburg, been checkin out all your shit and lovin it keep it goin and show em what Pittsburgh Rappers can do! I saw you at Summer Jam and you killed it.

  • http://allhiphop.com dude


  • Kip

    Yo who the fuck is this cat Peru? Hatin on cats cuz their doin it big, and he’s nobody… I can’t stand when people hate on others for doin something with their lives!!! He’s talkin bout Wiz ain’t shit!! Nigga you ain’t shit, so stop hatin on him cuz he got a record deal, and your probably still selling crack on the block… Do us all a favor cuz, and jump off the Fort Pitt Bridge!!!! Big up Wiz Khalifa

  • http://myspace.com/seansimplydevine Sean Devine

    The haters are always present…

  • 4one2

    yo def see the haters come out all day…real shit wiz aint even the best in the burgh but hes puttin cats on the map…motherfuckers just hatin cause they money long like wiz or anybody else for that fact.

    hi haters we see u 412 all damn day

  • http://myspace.com/sayezhussein SayeZ

    Im riding for young wiz, do your thing, pgh stand up

  • http://www.damixxologyexperience.com DJ D-Mixx

    I’m originally from Pistolvania(Braddock) and now reside in Atlanta, GA. Wiz is the truth and it will show in his future songs. I’m glad that he will be responsible for putting the Burgh on the map…Sam Sneed and Mel Man was the original gangsters from the Burgh but they were hot producers on Death Row and Aftermath Records. This is Wiz Khalifa a lyrical assasin that has established his name without the help of the industry. Glad to see he gettin his respect because this is one of the hardest cities to come from and get a deal. Good Luck and Keep It Gangsta, PGH, Pimps, Gangstaz,N Hustlers on the Grind.

    World Famous DJ D- Mixx 100

  • http://WhoNeedsBeats.com Gm3

    Whats good Wiz mixtape is piff, get at me fam, keep up the good work.

  • blackmike

    mr. naledge, if you had any real hip-hop knowledge you would know who wiz is. is this the same naledge aka the educated rapper aka the prince of chi aka jabari. dont play yourself son. you cant hide in cyberspace.

    peru hahaha the name alone cracks me up definition, hatin azz no talent loser. its ok not to like someones music but to attack them personally and call them names? how ignorant is that s**t. wiz is living his dream and youre not. is that really your issue papi.

    im not from pittsburgh but i support anyone pursuing a dream. ive been a wiz fan for a minute now. just when i thought i heard his best he drops POC2. i bang that s**t every day. congrats on all of your success and good luck in all future endeavors. great interview

    Prince Of The City 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K’lajh

    That head to the sky track is crack. Pittsburgh stand up, DMV stand Up!!!! 301 to 412

  • http://myspace.com/yungdouble eat

    Pittsburgh Pa up next nigga just deal with us cause its a lot of niggaz here that be spittin I mean when I first heard about dude I was like who the fuck…..so I copped his grow season and was like okay he aight then he droped poc2 and that made me respect him and what he was doing but double jay up next nigga myspace.com/yungdouble check it out

  • Skitzo

    Damn, this dumb nigga again. Someone must be pay’n doe for this shit, because in our streets (PGH) no one likes that nigga. I never seen him with one bitch either. Only the big group of skinny niggas that look like his homo ass and who must like his balls cuz he aint gettin no pussy.

    REP THE 412

  • pee scholar

    yea he isn’t poppien out here, but he be here to say the least… i peeped him at the movies, i was with my bitch and he ain’t have on no ice so i ani’t run him..LOL!! but he do be out here, niggas don’t feel him in the burgh because 4 some reason y’all compare gucci man to jay-z!!! trips me out but youngien on his grind is really hot, i think they should play it on wamo more tho i mean he do be here at least…..

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  • Mizz J

    This Niggas be hatin on wiz .. i mean point blank show some love cause he is on his grind and they mad cause they can’t get like him.. hedoing his thing and im proud cause he reppin 412 ” tha burgh” … and so is s.moneyhe doing his thing to as a matter of fasct we from the same hood ! but yeah i support wiz and who ever doesnt is a hater .

  • FromAtlToPgh

    Yeah most people round here aren’t feelin him. Personally I think he’s got a lot of potential hits coming.
    For anyone sayin they don’t see him anywhere… Pittsburgh ain’t a small town son. I’ve seen him in a few places around Oakland mainly with cats he grew up with.

  • I Know

    See, here’s where everyone is wrong. Wiz does have a buzz in Pittsburgh, of course, how couldn’t he? Not everyone knows about him because he’s not out in the streets, like he said, he’s in ID Labs EVERY DAY… You wanna see him, go there, point blank period. So the people in the streets fuck wit each other, he sits back and does what he does… Granted, those in the streets and hoods get love from the people there. You see everyone in the hoods fuckin wit whoever is doin’ it for their part of town, which is understandable. Wiz is talented, but he’s not the only thing the city got, not at all. And don’t name one person because there’s too many with actual skill and buzz to name, get off the internet and go fucking find them!!! They do exist! And another thing, just because someone is born in another country, state, doesn’t mean they have to rep that place you fucking idiots… He came here when he was 2, now, 18 out of 20 years, I’d say he can rep this place, he prolly doesn’t even REMEMBER Germany! Like wtf does that have to do with anything?? Plenty of people were born in different states n shit but claim where they been the longest, and this is the ONLY thing you can pull out your ass to clown him on?? LOL… get real.

    Anyway, it’s time to know what we’re talking about, especially if you live in Pittsburgh. Quit rootin for that one person who’s dick your own, get out there and listen to everyone before you mark them off. This shit is gettin old and BORING as fuck.

  • Peru

    For some reason niggas hate to hear the truth and for some reason niggas think I was saying something about this Wiz kid….You tell me what signing a deal means….just cuz he signed one means absolutley nothing…all that money is recoupable, labels aint stupid, we aint the only ones seeing shit aint selling….Wow, Blackmike, thats the way to stand up for boyfriend, pussy ass hater with no talent…very creative, ummm…yeah so you can watch me every night the Fighting Illini play, I’ll be the one dunking and staring in the camera….bitch!!!! Shouldn’t even have addressed you, blackmike, the name cracks me up by definition, a nigger with no future and bound for prison ass rape….I could give a fuck about RAP MUSIC or anybody in it, all ya’ll some dickridin ass niggas, I aint never lied on here before and I still havent this nigga will be a minimal blip on the radar, no fault of his own, but rap just dosent matter no more, its the hip hop culture whitey is stealing now….smarten up bitches!!!

    • E

      couldnt have said it better myself

  • PA Alumni

    Yo that nigga blackmike is talented as a muthafucka, didn’t know a nigga could swallow a dick whole and type at the same time….that nigga is cold with his shit…I get what you’re saying Peru, but this nigga still might blow up, let time be the judge and RAP music does suck animal balls, all that shit sucks, Blackmike killed me with his dick sucking skills though, can’t let that one go….LOL

  • Real Mill

    Haha, Blackmike is an alias for Wiz to comment on his own story. I thought only Marilyn Manson was the only nigga that could suck his own dick, I stand corrected, and Blackmike stands injected, with his own seamen. Peru made a point, white folks and technology killed rap as a selling artform, now their turning the culture into a commercial thing in hopes real niggas wont want to be involved anymore. You see TI in the chevy commercial, Jay Z up and down Budwieser and that computer company’s dick….everything hip hop is going mainstream, whats the next big underground movement???

  • lil LT

    keep it up, wiz!!! theres big things in ur future, cuz!!!i love that PRINCE OF THA CITY 2!!!
    damn, peru, got yourself a little hot under tha collar didnt you?!?!?!?! lol.if u”dont give a f**k about rap”, why u all ovcer this site???
    spreadin ur little hatin ass comments everywhere. . . . . u no, its REAL childish, as soon as someone says tha littlest thing u dont like, u bring out tha bitch as insults. . . . NIGGA PLEASE!!!! but this isnt about u, its a bout a young star on his way to tha top,and he should keep up tha good work!!!!

  • SistaSoul

    I been a Wiz Khalifa fan since his first album. I luv his flow cause he’s sayin something and I can understand what that is. lol

    WIZ, congrats on yo newest joint, Prince of the City 2. You are one hard-working brotha! I’m happy for the positive things happenin for da Burg and I think it’s cool as hell that your hard work is starting to pay off.

    For you haters, you should follow some advice I heard a long time ago–if you can’t say something nice, SHUT THE F**K UP!

    Do you, Wiz!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/teejaybiz Tee-Jay


    I’m proud of you homie, you a thoroughbred homie…i wish all the best to you…pay hate no mind…hate is the new love anyway…i hate him…i hate that…but they wasting they energy on you young homie

    it was da bizness to meet and do a song with you…even if them lames in PGH dont like you,..the niggas in the pen…rooting for you..and them is the real thug niggas

    stay up

    I hope and pray you master that publishing field, thats the bizness…you say you a hustler…hustle young homie

    Tee-Jay aka Slim

    BIG up to Rostrum Records, Chad, E-Dan, Artie…wuz good

  • http://yahoo.com nikkaCHEAH


  • Mr.Wang

    Pittsburgh going on the map is good. Really means we expanding in Rap right now.

  • Pghgirley

    Yo…I have been a fan of Wiz since Prince of the City 1. Through all of the bullshit and other Pittsburgh haters who are jealous of how he came up…but on the real. He earned this. He works hard and lives hip-hop everyday. Just like Juliano…he bleeds beats. watch out…Pittsburgh’s coming up. I’m a fan of Pittsburgh Slim as well and he is also doing great things to hype da burgh!

    Because of the recognition that Wiz is getting other Pittsburgh MCs have been stepping up. It is amazing how much better the hip-hop has gotten in our city just in the past year. And I believe that it is all because kids see that they can get recognized while residing here in PGH.

  • http://ljslaj DatDude

    Just copped POFTC 2…didnt like it at first, but the sh*t is growing on me!!! Im always down to learn somethin from conscious rappers like kweli, common, etc etc. I take wiz’s music for what it is ya dugg?? haha Keep doing your thang homie!!!! PITTSBURGH grindin 412

  • blackmike

    once again bigup to young wiz i read your article in the pgh city paper http://www.pittsburghcitypaper.ws/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A39584
    also heard about you being honored by rolling stone in their 40th anniversary issue by being named one of the top 40 up-and-coming artists in the world. these fuckin idiots waste their time talkin shit online meanwhile you stay on your grind in the real world. keep givin them reason to hate youngin.

    i don’t normally engage in juvenile banter, but what the fuck i have a minute to play. checkin the date and times for peru,mr. fightin illini (what a fuckin joke!!)pa alumni and real mill it is obvious that it’s either the same lil lonely boy or three lil boys who only have each other for comfort. how fuckin dumb can you be? the theme is exactly the same “prison ass rape” and “dick suckin” Wow!!!! muthafuckas come out the closet everyday but this IS NOT the right forum for that. or maybe i missed it. maybe its supposed to challenge my manhood. fuck outta here with that childish shit. but i will offer you this encouragement cuz thats what i do. mentor. peru aka pa alumni aka real mill: you aint shit, you will never be shit, live with it and die son. ok, im done playing with peoples dumb ass kids. on to something else.

    Peace and Prosperity to you and yours Young WIZ




    who cares where he is from??? good music is good music

  • Young Henness

    wiz is killin it
    pittsburgh is killin it
    get @ me
    my muzik

  • 4one2

    hennessys butt haaaaa

  • PA Alumni

    Damn, the nigga swallowed another one!!!

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  • TheGifted1

    BEWARE!!!! of this website http://2020proof.wordpress.com/2008/01/09/wiz-khalifa-say-yeah-aka-say-butabi/
    this guy didnt like my comments in support of wiz, so he edited them to say what he wanted. then he used my email addy to locate and post my myspace page. when i called him on it he deleted all comments. i posted 3 new ones. lets see if he deletes them too. his name is peter divito. he runs 2020Proof out of pittsburgh. YOU FUCKED UP HOMIE!!!!!! Wiz fan or not who needs this kind of BULLSHIT

  • http://www.2020proof.org 20/20Proof

    I interviewed Wiz in the 4th issue of 20/20Proof, which prob makes you think I am going to be all about his new single. Sorry, but this shit is Omar without the thuggin’- straight ‘mo. At one moment I actually thought that Steve and Doug were going to run up behind and start dancin’ n’ at. “Say Yeah Butabi” is disappointing because Wiz has more potential than this. When Wiz says “make it rain, man” and that is flow is “sorta retarded like that Rain Man” you not only peg him as a lazy lyricist, but question his knowledge of film. Did you ever see a retard do the shit that Rain Man could do? “Retarded like Sean Penn in I Am Sam” would have been even a little better. Did I mention the sample is fruity as hell?

  • DTM

    ALL i got to say is when they play your song on Kiss FM (Mainstream Radio which is heard across the country not just in PGH) and your single cracks the top 100 downloads on ITunes and you got videos in rotation on cable television and you had a video premiere as THE New Joint of the Day on 106….. Well obviously u made it somewhat… so i guess the haters come rollin in with the success!

  • severe3000

    i liked “hustla on da grind” (or whatever that tracks called) but these tracks here officially made me a fan. im finna go cop da potc2 online tonite. stay on yo grind homie.

  • severe3000

    co-sign I KNOW

    damn theres alot of haters in the burgh. lol

    who gives a shiet where the dude is from or where he was born. home is where the heart is…and good music is good music. period.

  • LPEAZY412

    severe3000 u tellin the truth…in the Burgh we should fuckin be happy that Wiz opened the door for us the way he did…everybody fucks wit him i know…nd i rolll wit one of the hardest crews in 412(R.A.DUB-R.A.W ENTERTAINMENT) so FUCK ALL HATERZ CUZ WIZ IS THAT DUDE..and i hope u read these Wiz cuz ya boy LP supports u more than any other! PGH STAND UP!


  • http://HIT_CITY.com MacPolo

    Wiz music is what is.