B.G. & Juve
1999 Men of the Year

bgjuve2.jpgIn 1999, the Cash Money Millionaires snatched the city of New Orleans—and, really, the catbird seat in hip-hop as a whole—from Master P’s No Limit Records. Led by brothers Bryan “Baby” and Ronald “Slim” Williams, the eight-year-old independent label leaped from the local street scene after signing a groundbreaking $30 million deal with Universal Records and rode to power on the raps of their young supergroup the Hot Boys: Juvenile, B.G., Lil Wayne and Young Turk. Juiced by singles “We On Fire” and “I Need a Hot Girl,” the quartet’s album Guerilla Warfare sold 870,000 copies in ’99, while solo albums from B.G. (Chopper City in the Ghetto, featuring the smash hits “Bling Bling” and “Cash Money Is an Army”) and Juvenile (400 Degreez, with “Back That Azz Up” and “Ha”) went for more than four million combined.

Eight years later, B.G. and Juve have long since left Cash Money. Rap sales nationwide have plummeted. But “bling-bling” is in the fuckin’ dictionary! B.G. and Juve talk to XXL about dominating the last year of the 20th century.


Was 1999 an important year in your career?
Yeah, ’99 was most definitely a big, big, big year, ’cause prior to that,
I ain’t never have a video or been all over the radio or nothing like that. All the units I ever put up and everything I ever did was strictly for and from the streets. So for me to be getting this much attention was new to me. Being an underground legend and being a neighborhood superstar wasn’t nothing new to me, but taking it to the next level was.

What do you think your contribution has been to hip-hop?
My contribution is that real New Orleans, gangsta, gutter. My contribution has been to represent the real New Orleans. My contribution to the game would be me. I gave the game my life, and I still give it my life. At the end of the day, I’m just happy to be a part of hip-hop and be relevant to the industry and to everything I’m a part of, so it’s all good.


When you think back to 1999, to what Cash Money did that year, do you think you guys changed the game?
Oh, definitely. Listen to the songs now. I think, as far as the South, we had a huge influence on the game. And right now, as far as the hip-hop biz, even though hip-hop ain’t doing that great this year, the South have a few artists that are really standing out right now. And I think it’s because it was cats like us that came through and paved the way.

Was No Limit a model for you guys?
Cash Money came and was already doing they thing. No Limit kinda came as a shock to us. Not saying it wasn’t New Orleans grown, but it was just the fact that P was out there in [California] when he first started the company and first got it popping, and then he came back home and started scooping a lot of cats and putting a lot of cats on. We kinda, like, felt like it was our territory, and he came, and he took it from us. But, you know, everybody got they own story. I think it was a good thing. I think the whole No Limit/Cash Money era was a good thing. We just wasn’t smart enough to sit at the same table together and get that money.

——- Read the rest of our B.G. & Juve feature in XXL’s September 2007 issue (#95)

XXL Staff Picks:

Songs of the Year:
“Holla Holla,” Ja Rule
“Back That Azz Up,” Juvenile featuring Mannie Fresh & Lil Wayne
“Got Your Money,” Ol’ Dirty Bastard featuring Kelis
“Vivrant Thing,” Q-Tip
“Da Rockwilder,” Method Man & Redman
“Bling Bling,” B.G. featuring Big Tymers & Hot Boys
“Quiet Storm (Remix),” Mobb Deep featuring Lil’ Kim
“Still D.R.E.,” Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg
“Hate Me Now,” Nas featuring Puff Daddy
“Simon Says,” Pharoahe Monch

Albums of the Year:
2001, Dr. Dre
The Slim Shady LP, Eminem
Murda Muzik, Mobb Deep
Nigga Please, Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Chopper City in the Ghetto, B.G.

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  • http://www.force-1.dk TariQ

    First Snitchesssss

    Force 1

  • Stax On Deck

    B.G. and Juve been doin it BIG!

  • cmoney85

    yeah 99 was the year for gizzzle thats when i started listenin hard to what that nigga was sayin and it definetely was different than the no limit which i had grown to like. yeah man that was like forst yeasr in high school for me i was loving it

  • J S-O-T

    Nas is one of my favourite rappers but “Hate me Now”, are you serious?

  • Incilin

    This is sooo fuckin stupid. You can’t be serious How can Juve and BG win this?? This is the first year so far where someone didn’t really win for business vuntures (If it was based on money making then Baby should be the winner, right? I mean Juve and BG would leave later claiming never to have gotten paid) and instead for being actual rappers. How can either Dre not win this award??

    BG and Juve sold 4 mil combined, but 2001 sold 5 mil alone. Not to mention Dre brought Eminem into the rap world the same year and went triple platinum (I voted for Em by error thinking The Marshall Mathers LP was released in ’99). Plus 2001 and The Slim Shady LP are both considered classics or dam near classics (Either way their a lot better then the filler filled Cash Money releases, especially 400 Degrees which had 3 remixes of “Ha” just to take up space) And as far as biz ventures go, Dre finally got to put Aftermath on the map which lead to them becoming the jugernaut that they are.

    And as far as album of the year, how can “Black On Both Sides” not be on that list. It was certainly better than “Murda Muzik” (Personally I believe, that’s right where Prodigy began slipping) As well as “Beneath The Surface” which are one of the few good albums from the second batch of Wu solos (It’s a little better than the ODB, but not by much)

    How can singles of the year not have “My Name Is..” and “Big Pimpin”? You guys certianly made space for “Holla, Holla”

    By going 2 for 3, it seems like you guys are choosing southern rappers just to satisfy the current rap climate where the south dominates the mainstream trends. I’m sure guys the sucess of guys Master P, BG, and Juve have had an impact on current superstars like TI and certainly Wayne, but that doesn’t mean they should be held in such high regard in retrospect.

    • General JV

      fuck u incilin BITCH u lame ass pussy juve and bg is the realiest niggas alive. u just mad cause them fake ass niggas u listin 2 aint shit while my niggas climing 2 the top ill beat yo bitch ass u say dumd shit like that again) JUVE & B.G IS THE FUCKIN BEST


  • Incilin

    I just realized that “A Prince Among Thieves” was also released that year and should without a doubt be on the best album list. It’s greatest hip hop concept album ever made.

  • therealwayno

    ^^^ Prince Among Thieves – Damn right!!! It ain’t all about whips and chickenheads.

  • Rizzop

    And as far as album of the year, how can “Black On Both Sides” not be on that list. It was certainly better than “Murda Muzik” (Personally I believe, that’s right where Prodigy began slipping)…………………Did you listen to the album homie???? “Murda Muzik” was not only their most successful album but is one of the only albums you can go through from top to bottom…if you like that thug shit that is. Doc dre had the best album and should’ve been man of 1999

  • J.R.O.

    Co-sign, Incilin. Juve and BG did their thing, but what Dre did with ’2001′ and bringing in Eminem was pure brilliance.

  • Incilin


    Ahh, so your telling me “The Infamous” (a top 25 album) and “Hell On Earth” (Strong follow-up) aren’t top to bottom albums? Are you actually saying Murda Muzik is better than “The Infamous”? I felt the production was stronger than the rhymes on MM. Either way “A Prince Amongst Thieves” as well as “Black on Both Sides” are far greater albums then BG, Mobb Deep, and ODB’s album. Although I still did like them.

  • http://edward.e.callahanmac.com Lil B.G.

    B.G. been holdin it down, thats my DOG!

  • redd

    Cosign incilin where the fuck is big Pimpin on that list? XXL seems to be downsouth dickridin wtf??

  • Biggie

    B.G. Juve & Mannie fresh they got to get together & make a real hit

  • http://www.lunetz.com Lunetz

    It feels like it’s yesterday and it’s good that I still see some same names then years ago and now in the Tops…

  • smac

    ‘Big pimpin’ will be on the 2000′s list, because vol 3 was released a few days before the end of 99

  • tave

    Man, fans of southern hip-hop stand up cuz we’re sick and tired of yall northern cats cryin’ because that garbage ain’t sellin no more. Master P doesn’t get the credit he deserves for what he brought to the music game. He did things that Russell, Diddy, and Jay still haven’t done. He made it from nothing on his own. He came from a region that still doesn’t get the props it deserves and became the highest paid and in the process paved the way to get real money. Yall listen to UGK- “Quit Hatin’ the South” and shout the f@#$ up! B!%(#*s!!!!!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com son of sam

    Werez Nas he owned that year with I am nastradumus was wack cuz the good tracks but than it was leaked. His hits were classics. NAS 4 GOAT,BIG 4 GOAT, RAKIM 4 GOAT

  • Rodjilius

    yea juve and B.G. really did change the game they sold way more than anybody at cashmoney

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  • Hard Headz

    Much respect for puttin my niggs on this list and actually givin them somethin they deserve!! Juve and Geezy been doin there thing and plus there from the realest city in the US..Much respect

  • N.O. 4 life

    where would southern rap be if it wasnt for the five hundred and fo ???????

  • DoubleClutch

    Co-sign. Shout out the B.G. & my dawg Juve. Without Juve I don’t know when i would of started 2 listen to hip-hop.

  • austrianhustla

    fuck juve and fuck the addict b g

  • http://myspace c.r.e.a.m.

    I been fuckin wit Juve since da album soulja rags, he handle his business ya dig. I been fuckin wit BG since da album tru story and and dem first niggas on cash money, U.N.L.V. Uptown Niggas Livin violent, BG handles his business ya dig. Ain’t no need to hate on dez niggas on any other niggas ya dig. bottom line, if u aint feelin a certain artist style and flow dont fuck wit um, but dat don’t mean dey wack, it just mean it ain’t ya prefence ya dig. DONT HATE!!! Im a die hard MAC fan, da nigga from new orleans dat caught a muder charge, yall need to do a story on dat nigga. he aint really dat known but dat nigga spits some real ass shit from years ago dat people aint heard. he used to b wit no limit. he in prison right now, yall look out and do a story on my nigga MAC for me.

  • green doggg

    in 1999 bg and juve really changed the game all the southern rappers after dat tried to bac dat azz up or bling bling so dont hate give props where its due . ok dre sold a lot of units but the style of cash money was so unique at the time ! you gotta love it WHOADIE!!!!!