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romeo-1.jpgPercy “Romeo” Miller, Jr. isn’t your average student at Beverly Hills High School. Sure, he’s on the basketball team and just got his drivers license, but while his classmates spend their lunch period doing homework and smoking cigarettes, Romeo is on the phone doing an interview with The son of hip-hop mogul Master P is only a junior in high school but over the years he’s slowly carved out his own niche as a teenage rapper and actor. As an MC, he has three albums under his belt, including his gold 2001 debut, Lil’ Romeo. As an actor, he’s starred in his own self-titled Nickelodeon sitcom, which ran for three years before being cancelled last year. Now, the 17-year-old superstar is looking forward to the next stage in his career. in addition to gearing up the release of his latest album, The Gumbo Station, on his own Guttar Music label, Romeo has a promising basketball career. As a 6-foot point guard on Beverly Hills High’s B-ball team, he attracted the attention of Division 1 college coaches across America. Then, last month, the New Orleans native committed to play for the University of Southern California for the 2008 season. Romeo takes a break from his studies and the studio to discuss his decision to play for USC and his upcoming album with

With your music, schoolwork and basketball career, how do you have time to balance everything?
I’m real busy, but I’m really dedicated to my work. I love doing what I do. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love doing it. I’m one of those people that look at life like, you only live it once, so you might as well go all out. It’s usually the weekdays that I’m real busy. But I still go to class and I’m [always] in school. I have two free periods during the day. One in the morning, so I workout with my basketball coach. We’ll go hit the weights at like 6:30 AM. Then I have another free period later, at like two, where I’ll chill and just do all my homework or whatever. It’s real busy and I try and stay active with the business side of it and then the whole acting and rapping thing.

Tell us about your new album that’s coming out?
The new album is called The Gumbo Station. I named it that because I feel like it has a lot of different variety. I got songs that will make you dance, think, cry and [get] crunk. I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from this album. A lot of people are saying this is my best album.

Coming from a family of rappers, was it tough for you as a teenage rapper?
It was actually real easy. Being around my pops and my family, I’ve seen all the things they were going through—how hard it was being away from their family—so it really helped me in that way. I’m not going to rush my childhood. I’m not going to rush my age or whatever. I’m going to just go with the flow and still do kid things. I was brought up in an industry where you had to grow up fast, but I still feel I was able to maintain my youthfulness. That’s why it was good for my mom and pops to send me to regular school. It kept me really humble, just seeing what kids go through in their daily life. It taught me how to deal with life. I thank my moms and pops for that. If you look at all my albums, I mature as the time comes. I don’t try and rush it, but I always mature.

Do you feel pressure to perform on the basketball court since your father played some pro ball?
I do this for fun. The pressure, that’s a whole different subject for me. I just love playing ball. I’m one of those people that you see having fun when he’s out there playing on the court. A lot of kids have pressure to get a college scholarship because that’s all they depend on. For me, I’ve already accomplished a lot of things and I’m able just to play the game for fun. At the same time, there can be some pressure, but my pops is there for me and I’m gonna keep doing what I do.

You’ve made a verbal agreement to accept a scholarship at USC. What attracted you to them?
I actually had over 10,000 letters from college coaches and I’m still getting letters right now. I was interested in probably four other schools, but I’m going to sign with USC officially in November when I become a senior. I wanted to get it out of the way so that I can focus on doing what I do. I feel knowing what school I was going to [attend] would help me learn their program before I got there. The reason I chose USC is because I wanted to be in the PAC-10 or the ACC conference. I felt I could get the best of both worlds at USC. They have one of the best film schools and it would help me accomplish what I love doing—basketball, music and acting. I felt like it was my dream school and the coach out there, Tim Floyd, is one of the best college coaches. I call him the college Phil Jackson. I feel he can really take my game to the next level.

Since your father has a lot of connections, are you working out with any professional players?

That’s one of the main things I do. People wonder why I’m in [such great] shape when I play in high school games. That’s because Nate Archibald works me out. It’s crazy because it’s a good opportunity. My auntie is a big sports fan and she showed me [his] game footage from back in the day. To work with him is a real honor because he doesn’t just work anybody out. He told me he likes me because I’m not the biggest player, but I have one of the biggest hearts and I get it done.

What is your pops going to do when he can’t coach you from the bench anymore?
[Laughs] He’ll be in the stands cheering, so it’s all love.

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  • Holla

    I respect him for going to college and working hard even though he has all the money in the world.

  • that dude

    good 4 romreo. whack ass interview tho

  • David Broach

    MAn fuck this nigga lil romeo i aint no hater so its nothin mad props lil nigga doing his thing wit the b ball and rappin situation but hes still a bitch and so is bow wow they aint got shit on me im the realist and these niggas fake shit if i was rich or had a rich dad you would seee my face everywhere juss like em so its nothin its just a money thing and thats sumthin i aint got i wasnt born wit it so i got to die wit thats what my man weezy f baby sais and thats a real nigga and im real nigga that stays in the street fuck all these fake niggas real talk D-Broach that what it is

  • outya’self!

    fuck you!

  • R.C.

    I don’t believe this guy still 17 & someone should’ve posted a recent picture of him…

    anyhow, co-sign wit’ that dude

  • sk

    lol, he called Tim Floyd the college Phil Jackson r u serious man .WTF has Tim Floyd won on the college level.

  • these posts are racist

    Props to Master P and Romeo.

  • Rodjilius

    good for you i might just check this album out

  • dahoodiesnig

    he sucks(TERRIBLY)…..oh yea and so do lil wayne

  • HollyHood

    That’s good he’s goin 2 school and hoopin. But I think he should leave the rappin and acttin 2 LUDA, cuz romeo sucks @ both!!!


    romeo? chill out. that nigga do suck! but i respect him 4 going to school even though he gots millions of dollars. o and DAHOODIESNIG, lil wayne dont suck as a rapper. he gots some lyrics and swagger. now if u say that he sucks DICK, now i could kind of agree with u. i dont respect niggas that kiss another man dawg. that why Miami hood niggaz dont fuck with him like that. and he be tryin some of the locals down here. them lil haiti niggaz was ganna kill him at da club the other night. but check out,,, and
    3-0-5 TAKIN OVA THIS YEAR!!!

  • Dade County 305


  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Damn!!! Big Ups to Romeo you doin big and livin out your dreams!! Keep it up man and brush the haters off, u inspire my brother!!!

  • NYG

    good shit, goin to school, doin his work and putting his heart in it, im suprised cause his dad’s got like $400 mil in the bank…props to romeo can’t hate on him for this

  • Belize

    Nate Archibald ?1?


  • bigg dame

    yea nate archibald. do some research loser. nate was one of the first short players in the league. he played back in the 70′s wen evry one was 6″8 and up. but he was 6 ft 1. he was the first player to win scoring (34 a game) and assist a game (11 agame) in one season. hes a hall of famer dick head

  • Beeyo

    6 feet? When the fuck…? Bow wow must be pissed cuz he’s still 4 foot and a half. Good for Romeo, proud of everything he’s doing. He sucks tho. Rapping and acting. You suck Romeo. You have no reason to be in rapping or acting other than your Pops. And he sucks too.
    Stop please, so we can respect you for the admirable young man you are and not see you as an attention starved wackass rapper like yo Pops, unless you really do love doin it. If that’s the case, rap your heart out. But for real tho, 6 fucking feet??

  • ATL4YOA$$

    go to sleep fake bow wow

  • $e-L0c

    i respect this kid for going to college and shit, but wth. he cant rap for shit. becuz of his dad, he got all his fame in rap. hes just another bow-wow wannabe.

  • J.R.O.

    He’s doing his thing. Some dudes forget about that thing called college.

  • rom

    daym, lil romeo and bow wow still big ass faggots

  • TheBeatniks

    Good for Romeo…he’s a good role model for black men. These haters on these boards are bogus.

  • bottom boi out da boot

    Real talk yall can say this dude cant rap cant act cant hoop but you know inside you only hate because you havent accomplished nothing of that caliber in your life. Say the dude cant rap he got two gold ablums and one platinum. Say the dude cant act he had one of the highest rated kids shows for three seasons. Say he cant ball he just signed with a D1 college. USC. I mean man i guess all there is to do is hate cuz you cant step your game up. You mad at your 9 2 5. Instead of respecting this dude for doing what he feels, i mean two many kids stars try to grow up to fast but he is enjoying his kid life. Get it Kid LIfe you grown ass men on here saying he cant rap get a damn life no matter fact end your pathetic life. less haters in the world

  • Ziggy


  • http://xxl eric

    don’t hate him because his daddy got money,u need to b mad at your parent

  • brian

    big up’s to Romeo he gonna kill at USC with Oj Mayo

  • Dre Dinero

    bottom boi out da boot, Now thas real shit… He may not be a lyricist but he jus a fuccin kid, jus cuz he dont wanna b fake and do gangsta rap when he aint live that life.. He rap about watt he’s livin unlike majority of the game now jus copy shit off movies and shit, no true thought process, u ask me, college may make him a better lyricist than most out, he might be poetical which is rare fa us 2day in hip hop… I rap myself and my music talk fa me, so I’m not gettin in to dat, and yes I’m piss’n and shit’n on ur fav rappers, but yea Romeo, doin his and I love that and wish all of us Young African Americans would focus on positive shit and becoming successful than no one has to hate cuz we all got cake… In other word while u was hatin u coulda been makin paypa but instead u jus drift and wish u had, go get it, hav some damn intuition. I aint seen him ball and his act is str8 fa a youngsta, he aint no Jaleel White, but where is Urkel now, so get off tha youngsta nuttz, jus cuz he aint no gangsta dont mean he dont hang with em niether…. I’m gone

  • Si Ryan

    this dude suck… he tha worse (so called) rapper i ever heard… i mean, juss cuz his dads master P aint mean shit… nigga need to stop.

  • DC’s Finest (New York Dese Nuts)

    wayne suc, bow wow suck, juelz suck, and romeo suck. lil girls need to realize dat…

  • king tip #15

    i giv da ni66a his props since we boff da same age im kinda jealous dat he can play ball 4 usc i gat a ride to memphis even tho we aint gon play each otha most likely i wanna c wat he gat n if he can handle a 6’2 185 gaurd dat wasnt trained by a former pro

  • Jones

    Those are all admirable accomplishments if you look at them from face value. Gold records, tv shows, D1 basketball, etc. But think about why he got all that stuff. Gold records came from good marketing and pop sensibility and of course his father putting up the dough for it. His tv show came from that minor success in music, but that junk was so stupid that Percy Sr. kept pumping money into it just to keep it on the air for his son’s sake. And lastly, D1 basketball at USC. I’ve seen him play several times and he definitely can play a little bit and has some skills. D1 caliber? No way. But then if you think about it, what athletic program couldn’t use a kid whose dad has 400 million dollars on their team? Thus the explanation for the supposedly 10,000 letters. (The number 1 defensive lineman prospect in the nation attends my high school and he might have gotten 150 letters tops). Like I said at the beginning, good accomplishments if you take them at face value, but look deeper and you’ll see the root of it all ($$$).

  • real reck trill

    listen here Jones. You looking to deep into it. The fact is he did accomplish alot. He living his dream. Would you rather him be living a thug life or riding a skateboard smoking weed. Master P is the ultimate business man. He is very smart is company flopped so to keep his money he filed bankrupt gave up the no limit name and renamed his shit so they couldnt touch his millions. Thats to damn smart. Then he sees his records not selling so he puts more time into his son. Which was smart as hell think about it without hating for a second. he always was thinking about another way to get paid. Plus P was a fool in basketball back in in his younger days. HE taught his son the business and basketball. Dudes hate on P but the dude is and always will be rich. At least he doing it legal and what I like most is that P is aspiring more young black youths to start looking past music and sports to make money and aim higher to be CEOs. So instead of hating please support black people thats actually doing somthing postive and pay attention to your kids more. Cuz if you do then you would want the best for your kids and thats what he doing. Much respect to P and rom. Real father and son making money.

  • Romeo

    Well done Romeo, good for you to keep up the studies.

  • Dow Jones

    WOW, I have never read so much hate on one blog in all my life. Co sign Bottom Boi (. . .nh). Let this young rich black man do his thing. P did his thing to make sure his children wouldn’t have to struggle, now look, his son is on point enjoying life. The bottom line is you’re mad because your Dad didn’t have any hustle. Next time you see you Pops you should smack the shit out of him for not hustling hard to make sure your miserable ass life would be better.

    So let this be a lesson, if you have kids and your not providing the best possible life for them then you’re a fucking waste; stop sucking up this expensive ass air you fucking leach. And don’t hate when my kids are in a better position down the road because I was working on my grizzly while you were watching the game; fucking dick head.

    GET THE FUCK UP, GET THE FUCK OUT, AND GET SOMETHING. . .u lazy mothafuckas. . .start a business. . .open a bodega. . do something ! ! !

    Jesus H. fucking Christ; making money is not fucking rocket science; heads looking like it’s black magic or something. Fucking idiots. Its America in a global economy, there’s nothing else to do but make money in this motherfucker.

    Note: $15,000 in a 403b (ROTH IRA) will get you over a million in 35-40 years. Just let it sit there so when you retire, and you will retire, you down trodden fucks; you’ll get a check for a cool couple mill. Go buy a Mansion and a Porsche and shut the fuck up.

    I’m done.

    (and don’t bite my fuckin’ name)

  • da king

    With a name like ziggy i would be pissed too!

  • BOSA

    blog gangstas strike again!

  • daisha

    what romeo can i have you cell lover boy

  • daisha


  • http://www.xxlmag Angelica

    wow, you people suck all of you who wrote what you think.ROMEO IS THE BEST no matter what you assholes say and are jealous because he is RICH,CUTE,INTELLIGENT AND HARD WORKING.nothing you say is gonna stop him from doing what he does best.ROMEO I encourage YOU to KEEP GOING MY NIGGA.I’m from South Africa and I’m a NIGGA TOO but not yet a recording artist. I’m still waitin’ for a recording deal but I’ll get it soon.Even though your music videos are not played in my country I still ADORE YOU and I get them from the internet and I listen to them EVERYDAY. I can’t start a day without listenin’ to your music.don’t listen to this haters they wanna bring you down and it won’t happen,not now,not ever.I am 17 years old too but born in 1990.I’m a girl but i really love your music and your father is a great rapper too, he rocks.I HOPE and PRAY THAT YOU’LL GET THIS know the meaning of LIFE and that is IMPORTANT especially when you are RICH.This people don’t know what you’ve been through in life and they’ll never know so don’t listen to them because they are the devil’s best friends.Just keep “PRAYING” EVERYDAY and I’ll “PRAY” FOR YOU TOO.bow wow ain’t got nothing on you and I think he is scared of you. fresh azmiz is wack, and he is iced chains,rings,earings,bracelets and watches.he doesn’t keep GREEN on him LIKE U RICHY RICH .I really “HATE HIM”.ROMEO, you should check out the song i wanna DO after gettin’ a deal and it is called ‘THE RULER IS HERE’ and i’m gonna tell him stuff. If you don’t mind I’ll Help You in your BEEF and you’ve won it ROMEO.I’ll be calling Myself “THE PEACEMAKER” as an artist and I can’t wait to ‘MEET YOU’ one day and maybe you’ll sign me up as your ARTIST.i really LOVE GUTTA MUSIC (ROMEO,MASTER P AND RICHBOYZ) you ROCK MY WORLD.

  • Grand Ave

    yeah, kind of a wack interview.