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nitti-11.jpgNitti may have produced one of the biggest hits of 2006 with Yung Joc’s “It’s Goin’ Down” but as far as notoriety, the rookie producer is far from known and he’s looking to change that. The Decatur, GA native recently signed a production and label deal with Warner Bros. Records for imprint Playmaker Worldwide and is in the midst of creating his debut LP, Ghettoville U.S.A.

Besides his work with Joc, Nitti has produced tracks for Young Jeezy, Bow Wow, Young Dro and Boyz N Da Hood. But the producers/aspiring rapper got his start in the industry with the help of 8Ball. During a chance meeting with the Memphis MC in the parking lot of A-Town’s Magic City, Nitty was able pass his production demo onto Ball who chose eight tracks for his 2001 solo album, Almost Infamous. This included the album’s single “Stop Playin’ Games.” In 2004 Jermaine Dupri signed Nitti to a production deal with So So Def Records. But it wasn’t until his hit with Joc that the rest of the industry realized Nitti’s potential.
Now, Nitti is focused on establishing Playmaker Worldwide with his artists Young Capone, Streetz and Scrilla. But their success and the future of the label hinges on Nitti’s Ghettoville U.S.A. While he won’t reveal his album’s guest appearances, Nitti’s adamant the LP will put him in the upper echelon of producers. talks with Nitti about his upcoming album, his new deal with Warner Bros. and his relationship with Yung Joc.

How has life changed since “It’s Goin’ Down?”
Everybody is looking at me as the new producer to make a hit in the record industry. It kind of threw the whole industry off because a lot of labels didn’t have time to prepare for a record like “It’s Goin’ Down.” We really just went to the studio, made the record and put the shit out. So it wasn’t a record that was sitting and waiting to be put out. We just put the shit out and the shit got hot as fuck. It was a blessing for Joc and me. It boosted his career and my career, so we’re just going to capitalize off [it].

Some people have classified your production style as snap music. How do you feel about that?
Nah, I’m not a snap producer. Anybody who really follows my track record back to the 8Ball stuff knows I’m not one of those producers. I’m well rounded. Snap music hit hard in the South and I may do a snap beat every now and then, but for the most part, if you’re a snap producer, it seems like your limited. And I’m not a limited producer. I’ll go up against any other producer out there.

There have been some critics claiming you jacked Lil Jon’s production style. How do you respond to that?
Lil Jon and me are two different producers. We’re both from Atlanta, so it’s just like if you go the West Coast or go to New York, they’re both gonna have similar language or talk. We both speak through our music. We grew up listening to the same music and we both have the same influences. But we are two totally different producers. And right now, I think we’re two of the most noticeable producers in the industry. That’s a good thing, though. The more the merrier.

You just signed a big deal with Warner Bros. Record. What attracted you to them?
They were the label that put up the most money. Well, not the most money, but they were willing to put the most money behind the projects I want to put out. I feel like they had the most power for what I was trying to do. I won’t get lost in the system [there]. It’s a new, fresh building at Warner Bros. and I feel it’s the best situation for my company and me. I have creative control over everything I do. I take the projects to them when they are already done and they put them out. With some labels, they wanted to control a little bit more. But with Warner, I signed whatever artists I want to and I put the projects together how I want to. The only thing Warner has to do is press it up, distribute it and help promote it.

Does that mean Warner is going to want you to produce for their other acts?
Yeah. I did a big, massive deal. You are gonna be calling me Mr. Warner Bros. They put me in the drivers seat over there. So we’re gonna ride out and I’m going over the speed limit. I ain’t slowing down for nobody. I’m running niggas over. It’s just the beginning. I’m the only producer on Warner Bros. with a production deal. I’m in a good position. I’m my own CEO. I’m not signed to anybody.

Weren’t you signed with So So Def before?
Yeah, that’s my people and they are always going to be my home. I was signed to Jermaine Dupri in 2004 as one of his producers. They were the first cats to put money in my pocket. They taught me about the game and they still manage me. But right now, I’m like a kid growing up and doing my own thing.

Why didn’t you sign an artist and label deal with So So Def then?
I feel like the more systems we can get into, the better it is. I don’t want nobody to say the only reason I got a label deal is because I was already with JD. Muthafuckas can’t say that. Niggas can say, “Okay, Nitti hustled and got his own situation, and still was affiliated and apart of the whole So So Def movement.” I don’t like to get handouts. I like to get out here and earn my shit so nobody can take my shit from me.

You’re releasing your debut Ghettoville U.S.A. this fall. Why has it taken so long for you to drop an album?
I’ve been working on this project for the last six months, so there’s no rush to get it out. I’m really putting a lot of time into it and I’m looking at cats like [Dr.] Dre when he put his albums together. He’s somebody I look up to. He puts [his albums] together right. So right now, I ain’t in no rush to put an album out. When they get Ghettoville U.S.A., they gonna be happy with it. It ain’t gonna be like I threw some shit together. So I’m gonna take my time and put it together the right way.

nitti-2.jpgIs Yung Joc gonna be on the album
Nah, I doubt it, man. Joc’s doing a lot of stuff right now and he’s working on so many different things. He’s doing a million things, so I really can’t say if he’s gonna be on the album.

There is perceived tension between you guys. Is that true?
Nah, there is no tension between me and Yung Joc. We have a mutual respect for each other. We are both human and with the work we did together, that helped both of our careers out professionally and financially. Right now, Yung Joc is happy and I’m happy. He’s gonna continue to do what he do and I’m gonna do what I do. There ain’t no beef or nothing like that. One thing about niggas down in Atlanta, we getting’ money right now, so we not gonna let no stupid tension or beef [happen]. That happens in a lot of Coast’s, where people are beefin’ with each other in the same region. At the end of the day, we are bigger men then all of that shit. I seen Joc the other day. There is a mutual respect. So there is no tension at all. I wish him luck… I respect him, he respects me, and we keep it moving. My pockets is good. I’m a certified millionaire right now. So I ain’t got no problems with anybody.

You have several artists on Playmaker Worldwide including Young Capone, Streetz and Scrilla. What are your plans for them?
I got a gang of new artists I’m getting ready to sign, so Playmakers is going to make a big impact. It’s not like it’s going to be one of these one-hit wonders because you can check my track record, there ain’t no one hit wonders. We’re really going to make an impact and make a lot of niggas mad. A lot of niggas are going to have to retire.

So you’re forcing artists into retirement then, huh?
Yeah, they should just pull out their 401K money and call it quits. I’m not scared of any of these producers out here. I support them, but they gotta step their game up. I’m officially in the game, I’m up at bat and I got my shoes tied tight.

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  • runninthe617

    nitti is trash

  • outya’self

    him and his sac carriers gon’ flop!

  • Eman

    ”nitti is trash” co-sign

  • fishscale nigga

    nitti anit playing around i guess haha

  • KB

    Young Capone is wack! Oh my God xxl is slippin with there features its always Koch artists doing interviews. Get famous and relevant people to have us read about.

  • John Cochran

    Garbage. He makes uses the same beat, just put some different annoying synths in it. Same way joc spits “Its goin down” verses every song. the nigga look like he got down syndrome or something too.

  • thecollinb

    *sigh* more imbicile talk from lookers on who don’t know how to put a record together.
    keep doing your thing nitti

  • adlib311

    Im sorry…But dont no one wanna here sum cats named…..what was there name again??? Young Capone, Streetz and Scrilla.

    Get that shit outta here, U produced one of the worst songs ever, Dont be proud about that, u got sum wack ass niggaz lined up, and u expect for us to like that shit, Dude there fuckin names just show us that there wack as fuck, and uncreative,

  • Holla

    Nitti’s produced some dope shit – Young Dro, Boyz N Da Hood. But he’s also produced some garbage – Yung Joc. He does sound like Lil Jon sometimes.

  • John Cochran

    thecollinb Says:

    sigh* more imbicile talk from lookers on who don’t know how to put a record together.
    you call I’ts gowing down a record. It took no talent to make that beat or write that song. Them niggas got lucky. Niether of them will be around 4-5 years from now. He prolly ya cousin or something.

  • blackout

    The nigga streetz is the truth homie fuck nitti heard streetz before dude is sick

  • Federal Ranga

    He prolly ya cousin or something.

    Cosign like a mufucka.

  • Atl’s own

    shots out to nitti!

    we been wit cha since 8-ball “Stop playin’ games” niggaz love dat gangsta ish!

    and for da niggaz on hear hatin do yo homework b4 u start shittin at da mouth!

    long live da south ho!

  • J-Work

    yo 4 all yall hatin azz niggaz dat nigga nitti b puttin dem hot fire azz beatz out der and all ya’ll niggaz talkin bout he suck need 2 stop hatin and get a lyfe cuz u niggaz aint got shit on dat nigga

  • pito

    That’s alot of talkin from that dude…..
    Hopefully he live up 2 it

  • Dr Flav

    Okay if that wasnt a record, whatever it was held the summer of 06 down. The beat was not that complex, but can you do it like and as big as he did it? Ill be waiting for your track. Nitti keep doing it big, certified millionaire, watch these sourpussed fools kickin rocks, in your rear view.


    Nitti been makin an impact behind tha scenes since ’04.. He did tha Joc track, people was feelin tha sound so he rocked wit it. Give em his props. Git Money, stop hatin! JAE ROB

  • JG


  • John Cochran

    Dr Flav Says
    “but can you do it like and as big as he did it? Ill be waiting for your track”.
    I wouldnt wanna do it like he did if I said it was garbage. and holding 06 down wasnt hard cause last year everything was garbage. Just the fact that these guys have careers shows how fucked hip hop is. But I know, I know Im just a southern hater, right.

  • Dr Flav

    Not necessarily brother John, because you didnt categorize you said everything and thats your undescribed opinion. Its Goin Down’s beat was not complicated, but it was hella dope watchin big asses and tatas bouncin in the club in Little Rock I was in drunk when I first heard it. Im just sayin…

  • dscores
  • A-Town Hustla

    Nitti, sign CHA$E. He from St. Louis and he is the next big thing. Hurry up because he’s talkin’ 2 Jay and Mannie at Def Jam. Have JD holla at Abe(Larry Hughes from the Cleveland Cavaliers cousin) and he can plug you. I just need a 10% finder’s fee…Naw I’m bullshittin’ but u need 2 find dude. It’ll be the best move u ever made…

  • six3 assasin

    you niggaz just wait one gonna hear some dope shit from unda yunda.ya gonna see why i am six3 assasin mufuka,PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zee Productions

    Tupac & Biggie – Deadly Combination Zeemix
    Nas – Hope Zeemix
    Eminem ft 50 Cent – You Dont Know Zeemix
    Eminem – Jimmy Crack Corn Zeemix
    Nasty Nate – Piece Of Me

    Produced by Zee…Hottest Production coming from a 16 year old in the UK


  • fuckyou

    damn all these sorry producers hatin niggaz richer than them



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  • Rosevelt

    Niggaz be hatin on nitti homie! you gotta understand that if he give an artist a beat that sounds like another beat of his, the lame ass rapper prolly said “i need some shit like that yung Joc!” Nitti dope to me homie and i’m from Cali, that Got em hatin iz craaaazy… its talkin bout ya’ll niggaz ha ha ha!! GRINDMODE

  • jf0x

    so this is the dude behind all this terrible music…this guy is literally killin hip-hop

  • FoTrey

    Man to many haters…i dont give a fuck who you are…That was a fuckin hit…(Its Goin Down)…i dont give a fuck what club you was in, what coast, or hood…when that track came on white people black, asian, even mexicans…did the motorbike…It was nominated for a grammy…It wasnt just becuase Joc wreck the flow…it was because of the fuckin beat and who produced the beat….Mr.Nitti….
    Hate it or Love it..
    Do your thang,,,my nigga
    BHOC da album is here…

  • Gee-Money

    its going down was a hit one of those but nitti aint never bettered that he aint got like he thinks he do one nice track and thats it fuck that nigga

  • st1d

    my girlfriend just dumped me

  • Noah (T. Jamal)

    ok is that goin down beat a beat that rea or ghost can rap over, or a beat theat kurupt could rap over. nitti’s talented by why does he have to make his mainstream hits so trashy and simplified. why doesn’t he make more alchemist, 9th wonder, rza or dre like beats why all that snap garbage for his main singles

  • southman

    nitti is changed the sound of music wit his production. he banging!!!!!!!!! yall jus mad and broke

  • Steve “Face” Riley

    i met nitti in 2004 at the Atlantis Music Conference, he was on his grind then its good too see that hard work pays off if you believe in your dreams and let no turn you around. Nitti needs to check my artist “SPAZZ” -He’s the #1 prospect coming out of the bronx, nyc. He’s the best out the BX since the late great Big Pun. Hands down

  • Juice

    Nitti can’t control what beat an artists raps over. He as said a million times that his shit is going to be more musical and melodic, and I am already hearing that from some of his latest shit. My nigga Ryan is working wit Nitti, so I fucks wit him, Period! Fuck U Haters!

  • Young Trapp

    fuck wat all these hatin ass niggas talkin bout, TRAPP STARZ iz in tha building and i just gotta say NITTI iz one of my biggest fans, producers like him and MANNY FRESH really inspire me datz why i do wat i do far as dat producing shit goes…..Hopefully 1 day me & dat nigga will Colaborate….HOLLA!

  • sublicon

    All the ladies they say “Nitty, where you been?”

    This album needs to drop quick.