Shrouds serve more than one purpose. They can hide the true form of something. Or they can give cause to mourn. The shroud covering the Air Jordan XVI did both. Designed by Wilson Smith, the Air Jordan XVI was a lightweight, high-tech basketball weapon in disguise. Like the Air Jordan XI, it made use of patent leather, giving it a formal look as well as a stretch-proof toe. The upper was mostly lightweight mesh, the Airsole visible once again (for the first time since the VI).

But it was the removeable leather shroud that separated the XVI from all Jordans that came before. It fastened with magnetic snaps over the upper, providing a more formal look—but no real performance benefits. Well, unless you count an extra place to have a name and number embroidered as a benefit. The idea was that it was something like a warmup suit—something to tear away before game time, exposing the all-business side underneath. Still, a lot of players elected to play with the shroud still on.

Once again, those players didn’t include Michael Jordan. Instead it was a new crop of guys like Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson, along with old friends Reggie Miller, Mitch Richmond and Michael Finley.

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  • sugar

    damn how many shoes does jordan need? one for every day of the month or what nah he needs like six more pairs

  • Dj Ca$h

    1st homie
    They look iight.
    I might just get them.

  • ebony

    yo ive been waiting for these to come back out since i was 11 son but these shits are tight

  • ebony

    ive been waiting for these to come out these are tight

  • Justice

    For you Newbies to the Jordan World, these are old reissues.

  • Look hea Justice u lil bitch

    Newbie who tha fuck u callin a newbie bitch i kno dem shits oldies u lil hoe…Chitown….bitch….

  • Look hea Justice u lil bitch

    a Ebony how u doin gurl wassup witcha you gotta myspace…

  • jordan fiend

    yea man its called retros!!get on it

  • J

    Thats why I cop them fake!

  • stack-a-million ent

    lol yea…these mad ol’ bruh

  • Killathedon

    This is like the worst j’s ever the best are the 7′s and the 11′s

  • King Deezy

    WHAAAAT!? Niggas aint seen these before?! Damn… I been wantin’ a pair of these since they came out in like 2001, but back then my gear wasn’t like it should have been, so I couldn’t afford them.. But now that I can afford them.. I can’t wait til they re-release these… Especially the black and red joints… But I liked the whites, they just fucked up faster…. When these comin back out?

  • money

    dey sweet

  • Wall

    ya’ll trippin… when do these come out? the XXII jus came out… and these are the XIX’ the math (plus the year of their release is right under the picture…) ya’ll are UG.

  • WTF

    Why do the fire red retro 3′s keep on getting delayed, dey were supposed to come out on 2-24-07 but now dey were delayed to 3-24-07

    Dont hate matafucas!!!

  • Ya Boy AJP

    i hated this shoe right here, it didnt even look like a jordan shoe, the 16 thru 20s were the worst jordan shoes (no disrespect) but the 21s was hot and i just picked up the 22s


  • 7th ave

    they dont plan on re releasing these this year so stop wishing and hoping

  • Rob Da A$$hole

    When are they goin to re-release these again. These 1 pair I didnt cop

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