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Laugh Now, Cry Later

katt1.jpgIn this cold, ice grill-filled society, finding the humor in hip-hop ain’t always easy. Before delving into music, Dayton, Ohio-raised comedian/actor-turned rapper Katt Williams first hit the national radar with his role as Money Mike in Friday After Next. As a permed, tiny pimp with a stack of gusto, Katt became the unprecedented scene-stealer from Mike Epps and Ice Cube. Since then, he’s voiced the pimp Slickback in Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks, starred in Wlid N’ Out, played a role in Three 6 Mafia’s film Choices 2, and made memorable cameos in many music videos, from OutKast’s “Roses” to Paul Wall’s “Girl.”

But the ever ad-libbing Katt surprised everyone by signing to Diplomats Records early this year. A comedian releasing a rap record? With Dipset? Well, nothing’s really what it seems from a dude with a perm and a high-pitched voice. Now in his early ’30s and residing in Southern California, Katt is putting the finishing touches on his debut album, It’s Pimpin’, Pimpin’, which, in addition to the Dipset family, will feature MC Lyte, E-40, Lil Jon Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Lyfe Jennings and Lil Scrappy.

With a new DVD out and two movies on the way, Katt has been staying busy, even hosting tonight’s BET Hip-Hop Awards—a perfect opportunity for him to mix his comedic savvy with a new rap career. XXLMAG.COM spoke with Mr. Williams about defying expectations, hosting Nas’ birthday party with his Dipset chain on, and why he hopes to follow in William Hung’s footsteps.

Listen To:
Katt Williams feat. Suga Free “Hustle ‘N Flow”

Katt Williams feat. Snoop Dogg “Mind Right”

When did you first hear about the Diplomats?
I’m a hip-hop dude. I already owned everything that Cam put out. So I already owned everything Juelz Santana put out. I’m a connoisseur—so it’s not uncommon for me to buy 50 CDs a month, because I’m interested in what’s out that’s new. And as an unbiased person, I just want to get what’s new so I can decide if I like it, because you just don’t know.

What did you like about the way they operated?
There are artists that follow the tried and true methods: You put out an album, you go on tour, in a year, you put out another album and you go on tour, and another year you make another album. That’s all well and good, but that’s not how the Diplomats operate. They’re constantly putting out new material. They’re constantly putting out fresh product. And their material, even though it all reflects the overall Diplomatic experience, you never get the feeling that any one character is predicated by the other, meaning if you have Juelz Santana CD and Jim Jones CD, they don’t sound the same. They don’t sound like they were done in the same place. The producers aren’t the same. You’re hearing separate voices. We get a lot of the same voice. We get the same six producers producing everything that’s on the radio. So that was the kind of thing that attracted me to the Dipomats, the fact that they might have an entire album and not have one producer on there that you’ve even heard of but they still achieve the same goal.

katt5.jpgWho reached out to who?
Well, I only had three places I was considering.

So you were shopping a finished product?
I’d already made the album before I started searching, because I don’t want to leave things up to people’s perception. If I just walk in and go, “Yeah I’m thinking about doing an album,” that kind of gets laughed off. So I did the album myself, funded the album myself, contacted the artists myself, paid the artists myself, did the studio time myself, put it in mixing myself, got it mastered myself and then, with the project in my hands, that’s when I went to find out where home was gonna be.

Cam was a fan of your comedy?
We were both mutual fans, so we already had that going for us. So the next thing was whether our business plans coincided. They’ve had an affinity for comedy and wanted to be in the comedy business for quite a long time, as I’ve wanted to get into the music business for quite a long time. Once we were on the same footing as far as what type of work I was putting out and what type of work they were already putting out, that takes care of most of the negotiation there.

What’s it like kicking it with them in New York?
You can almost imagine. You just aren’t expecting it. Even if you hear the rumors, you don’t really don’t think it’s really true. You really don’t think that Katt Williams the comedian is really in Dipset, until you see it. And then you understand it is what it is. But that’s what made the last appearance of 106 & Park so important.

Exactly. A lot of people I think were impressed when they saw you up there rhyming on the couch next to Jim Jones [click here to view Katt on 106 & Park]. Was that a lot of pressure?
Why would there be pressure? I can rap. If I can play basketball, and you challenge me on the spot to a game of basketball, I could play. I wasn’t forewarned that they were going to pull that. I kind of think that it’s a good thing that I actually can rap, because I don’t think their goal was to showcase me rapping. I think their intention was, Oh you rappin’? Let’s see it. You don’t do that to people on national television, do you? I’m sure if they had Beyoncé on, when she was doing her first movie, they wouldn’t have Beyoncé on and go, “Yeah, so we heard you’re acting, can we see some?” But on the other hand, if you can do what you say you doing, why should it be a problem? If somebody’s wondering if I’m funny, I can prove that.

katt4.jpgYou’ve moved around, had a lot of experiences. Do you feel like being on an East Coast label will make people pigeonhole you into one sound?
You can’t put me in a box. It’s not possible. You can’t say, Man, the last actor we’ve had before that had a perm was…Yeah, I’m not box-able. You know what Katt William’s comedy is like? It’s like…it’s not really box-able. The Wild N’ Out stuff I’m doing can’t really be put into a frame. So even though I might be on an East Coast label, for all intents and purposes, Dipset is a Harlem label. And everybody knows I’m not from Harlem, which matters not at all. Just like it doesn’t matter that Sean John is probably made in China. That American flag was probably produced in Taiwan. None of that matters when you’re doing big business, that’s not really the concern.

Everything that I do has to uplift the name of the Diplomats in a positive way, help them get into some doors that otherwise they would have no access to. By the same token, that is also what the Diplomats have to do for Katt Williams—put him in some circumstances that he wouldn’t normally be in. That tradeoff is good when it’s good, and it’s awful when it’s awful. The same dudes that want to rob the Diplomats in the club are the same dudes looking at my chain. The same dudes who make a living robbing rappers and shooting bodyguards, those are the same people I have to deal with as a comedian. I don’t know any other comedians that pay four full-time bodyguards. What need do they have for it?

It seems like signing to a label like Diplomats comes with a lot of baggage. Does that ever bother you?

It is what it is. You have to take the good with the bad. As far as the Diplomats’ beef, I am a Diplomat. I am also a grown-fuckin’-man, you know what I’m saying? Although I do uphold the beef of the crew that I run with, I’m also a grown man. Let’s take someone who doesn’t exist—let’s say that the Diplomats have beef with Rodney Evans. And I happen to go in the club and Rodney Evans is there. I’m not going where Rodney Evans is, I’m going to my table. As long as Rodney Evans is able to stay at his table, then Rodney Evans and I do not have a beef. If Rodney Evans chooses to take the opportunity to make his beef personal against me, then it is what it is. I don’t blindly walk into situations. I’m new to my squad, I’m a rookie. Rookies have to find their element.

I just hosted Nas’ birthday party [at Manhattan’s] Canal Room. This was something Kelis was putting on for her husband. I like Kelis and I like Nas. So they called me and asked me to do their birthday party. As a grown man, I accepted. I also understand that you have beef with some members of my faction. But I’m a businessman, and if I can do business without getting in beef, that’s what I choose to do as a man and as a father. On the other hand, were there people at that party who certainly did not appreciate the fact that I was hosting? Absolutely. Did it kind of bother them that I hosted the entire event for Nas’ birthday with my Dipset hat and Dipset chain on? Absolutely. Were they a little offended by the fact that all the bodyguards had Diplomat shirts on? Yes, they were. On the other hand, did Nas have a fantastic birthday party? Of course he did. Did I do my job as a professional? Of course I did. And that’s all that matters.

katt3.jpgSo how much of the album will be rapping and how much will be comedy?
It’s rap music. I’m rapping. That’s it. It’s interesting to me the trouble people have wrapping their minds around it, only because that doesn’t work the other way around. Like, an actor and a comedian doing a music album is kind of difficult for people to fathom. A rapper or a music artist acting is no problem. If somebody told you, 50 Cent doing a new movie, you don’t say, “Can he act?” You don’t say, “So what’s his theater background? Has he done a play? And when he’s doing his movies, is he really acting? Or is somebody else acting for him?” So that’s part of my job, to show you this transition.

You’re definitely one of the first to make that transition, unless you count Eddie Murphy. Is “Party All The Time” the blueprint?

Well, Eddie Murphy’s thing was different because Eddie Murphy was asking you to switch emotions. It’s much more difficult for you to go from being funny to singing love songs. That’s a difficult transition. But how quickly we forget. We have to remember Jamie Foxx is a platinum artist as well. We have to also remember that William Hung sold 500,000 copies. William Hung went gold. Mr. “She Bangs.” And if we go down the list of artists who didn’t go gold—it is what it is.

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    That’s a funny dude: “I just want regular w33d”

    Anyway, shout to Kat, and my cuzzo Mike w/ Rollingout.com in Atlanta.

    youtube.com/mikemelendy (He’s got some Kat footage on there).

  • Dion From (detroit)delray on vanderbilt

    jay released a track dissin cam last night on i think shade 45. could u belive that jay said cam did his diss for album sales but jayz dissed cam the week before his album gets out looks like he afraid the world isnt gonna like his already leaked cd but cams ready for 15 rounds so me my nighas and kat williams is gone strap on our dipset boots and go to war.
    The end is near for gay z and cock a fella well cock a fella already done

  • GetReal

    “Did it kind of bother them that I hosted the entire event for Nas’ birthday with my Dipset hat and Dipset chain on? Absolutely not they think I’m a joke just like Dipset… Were they a little offended by the fact that all the bodyguards had Diplomat shirts on? Yes, because clown costumes weren’t part of the dress code.”



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    Im feelin dude he come with the real…i aint mad at ya playa…

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    katt is my nigga but puttin him in the same sentence as jay is very stupid on your part dumb nigga be real jay gonna sell mad units he gonna sell more than the whole dipset sold dis year

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    hiphop is dead dipset aint gangsta nigga they are joke fuck the lame a .k.a butterfly bitch hes fake
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    whats the has nas? nigga that dont ryme right nas is pussy a bitch nigga
    fat joe more like a fat hoe he silly
    makaveli is the don “what can i do i be thugging till i am dead and gone”
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    all the rappers nowdayz are studiogangsters beef with empty words

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    katt is a funny individual. Ill reserve judgement on his album, but I think it will be decent.

    The song he has with Suga Free is pretty tight

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    I’m with Boogs on that one- that fool does need to shut the fuck up!! Of course Makiavelli is the Don, no one can take his place. But don’t be a hater!! Oh yeah Fernando, that song was tight as fuck!!!

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    Katt Williams aka Money Mike




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    You ain’t going to war for shit. Hell, I doubt you even get out of your little computer chair to take a shit. Shut the fuck up and do something with your life. Even if you did go to war with Jay or try to kill him, the security guards would hear your ass from down the block because you’d be huffing and weezing like the out of shape POS that you probably are. I’m no Jay fan, but for you to say some stupid cliche “I’m a ture warrior” bullshit was too much. Nigga be real.

    Shut your ignorant ass up. You probably molest children so you really don’t have the right to judge anyone.

    Crazy J
    (Serving Ignorant Niggas One At A Time)



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    pimpin, pimpin, pimpin.he was funny as hell on the BET HIP HOP AWARDS

  • Jenisis

    ey yo imma say this right now, i aint never been a big fan of the Dipset crew. shit, i can count on 1 hand how many songs from Cam that i liked, but that aint niether here nor there. i’m feelin that man Katt Willimams, he tryin to expand himself and do somethin different with his career. aint nothin wrong with that, he just tryin to mak that money. its true that he a funny dude, but can he rap? hell if i know, but imma find out.

    btw people, dont hate on the man cuz he signed to Dipset. the label market dont exactly have a lot to offer ya feel me? do ya thing pimp. peace

  • http://www.ruinrod.com Ruin Rod


    sounds fucking gay.

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    he sounds more intelligent than most rappers

  • L.R.N.A.


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    Good Luck, Kat. You have a brilliant strategy, plus you speak very eloquent and articulate. I think people will learn a lot from you, pimpin’. Keep up the good work.

  • http://xxlmag.com TEXAS HARDHITTAS

    Dipset all day Cam putting his team in position to expand and dats what Katt Williams is doing and Dipset running this rap game now and you hatas keep hating cause thats your job
    and ya doing a good job ya dig.
    Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!
    Cam’ron new cd
    Jay-Z hope you ready fo 15 rounds (B)

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Kareem

    And All I did was battle once!! everyone get raised up to the plate..
    and Ima step up again and grand Slam your ass… part in me ..Dipset

    Dc Fitted Dickrider you are the Homo Money Mike is one of the funniest comedians out there


  • Qwerty Mak

    I Fucks wit tha Nig KaTT Mayne.. Any Haters can suck a dick for free.. Its PIMPIN BITCH!! He’s GETTIN MONEY! like you should.

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    wat it iz my nigga $$$$ mike wats crac66ing dude well i see you doing your thing and shit and you allready know it’s the dips all day everyday so keep doing ur thing my bwoy and holla back at the kid if ya can 1 love dip dip dip dip set!!!!! all day my nigga hot shit u diz 1

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    damn i didnt kno Katt was gona be that hard

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    (maybe it’ll sound right the other way)
    MONEY MIKE…DIPSET.(yeah I like)


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  • L.R.N.A.

    see when u hate more hate just comes out..plez stop hatin ..xxlmag didnt make these comment boxes so that no life nerds can come on the computer and hate on a nigga..they did it so that u can give ur opinions …none of u dont even know JAK SHIT about muzik to even judge it cuz u dont even know wat good muzik is..


    iceman you should just stay off this site. told you everyone was going to impersonat you….lol!



  • fqyallbitch-nigas

    HAHAHAHAHA……LRNA yo you’s the perfect example of a dick rider u fuccin fool,lol nigga you from or live in Canada.and u say your second homes are jersey and new york I guess so cuz your first home is bitch made.mutha fucka y’all cant even have guns there so wat u sayin you come drinking fucbite,shut yo bitch ass up and act like you know fool.

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    Dip Set bitches

  • http://N/A nicole

    While Katt is working on his come up M.W.S is coming up with his mixtape grind thru 50 cent’s dj whoo kid to hear him copy and paste link





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    TORONTO HAHAHAHA, what kind of shit is that i know some bullshit BADNEWS holla at me


    oh and kat is funny as fuck but i dont know but rappin his diss wit the game 2 da young gunns was funny but that was one time wit game how he gonna hold up in sales or worse a beef wit 50 cent,nas,jayz(mite have a good shot jay good but startin 2 slip and fall off)or some other well know beef start or diss artist he’ll end up left short and i dont mean his height ha


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    man I think this thing wit katt william is kinda crazy man because I see cats like me tryin to get in the game a make alittle legal cheese so to speak and then you got comedian takin the job you don’t see that nigga Nas tryin to host comic view I just think these niggaz need to wake up and see that the unsigned niggaz is the one’s to be afraid of because we comin and if you keep me underground I will take the bottom from under you G Hustle niggaz and Six Deep Records Representa Holla at ya boy.

  • fqyallbitch-nigas

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    While Kate get his grind up 50 cent’s Dj Whoo Kid gets his grind up working with newcomer M.W.S to hear him copy and paste link


  • john cochran

    FIRST OFF, WHY DO YALL NERD ASS NIGGAS USE THE COMMENTS SECTION TO SAY SHIT TO EACHOTHER YOU WOULD’NT SAY FACE TO FACE. Second, I think the whole dipset movement is a joke as far as thier music, but I respect the hustle. Jim got jay playin right into his trap. And cam probably just lickin his wounds from that terrible lose he just took with Killa Season. These niggas makin Christmas albums, signing comedians, and taking shots at legends. Is there anybody who takes them seriously?

  • Thats him thats that bastard

    okay for one im no dipset fan but at the same time i dont hate…if you got a nice song then thats whats up. But as far as lyrical ability none of the Dips can and never will be ever to do what Jay did. Jay is a trend setter. Think about jay wore button ups and what happened. Everyone retired their throw backs. They really cant say nothing to jay or nas. Cam is ok…he’s no jay or nas. Shit if you want to be honest the dude is not better than Weezy. Cam is mad about what???Mad because he is no longer on the roc(nor is dame) and he’s over at koch. I mean come on man lets be real lyrically they can not mess with them…and mark my word jimmy better watch his mouth….because i really see a Jay-z nas diss song in the near future. Jay is setting the dumbass’ up. They just to caught in the moment. Jay is too smart and so is nas.

  • Stax On Deck

    Mayne I say do yo thang Money Mike shyt. He one of my favorite comedians (did i spell dat right?), But N-E-Way he got a flow so i hope da album Be Fye. They Need 2 Put Katt Williams, Mike Epps, and Dave Chappelle in a movie. Now that would be comedic GOLD!!!

  • Lolo

    Yo he’s halarious that nigga’s frecking funny

  • James

    Whatta fuck is goin’ on here? Be nice and you get nice…

  • Big Chops

    That’s Apimpnamedslickback you say the whole thing, lke a tribe called quest! !

  • braaaap

    wtf this guy is a goof why is he rappin altho these 2 songs at all bad

  • Young Durrt

    Funniest guy since Richard Pryor hands down.

  • http://iamahotboy most valuable dawg

    @ BRAAAAP wtf r u talkin about saying katt williams is a goof he is one funny gay just steppin his game go get yourself a tv and watch wild n out he is one of the funniest guys out there


    @ BRAAAAP man you is really fucked up talkin shit like katt williams is a goof get yourself a tv ANd watch wild ‘N out he’s one of the funniest guys on that show. XXL, keep doing your thang


    @ BRAAAAP you is one faggot ass goofhead talkin trash like that Katt Williams is one of the funniest guys out there go get yourself a tv and watch them episodes of Wild ‘N out Recognize his talent haters



  • nesh

    you a rider and soO aint dipset soO dont niggas hate just fall back EARLY!!..

  • Sac Diesel

    man i dont know bout this whole katt/dipset thing….im just not feelin it i mean yeah katt is a funny ass nigga but the dipset is weak… i give juelz some props, but the rest of those niggas got no lyrical skills they aint shit…. and anyone who knows the industry knows you dont sign comedians/actors to try n make some record sales….. my opinion Jigga holdin down the 4th quarter this go round…… maybe the re-up

    Sac Diesel
    Detroit’s Finest
    Deuce Click Nigga!!! im out


    What it do Katt, get ya money right Mike rep DAYO!!!!!!!!! cause we here 4SHO!!!!!!!!!!! DAYTON, OH-so-HI!!!!

  • JDefinition

    peace God…this is how you know hip hop is falling off. katt does not belong in the hip hop game, stay in acting and comedy and all that shit, he a funny dude but thats it. he not good at rappin, snoop shouldnt have even made a song with him, hes not good at all. dipset is fire, they line up is fire but katt in that shit is jst the wrong move, he fuckin sucks…eazy.

  • clicklclick

    wtf is dis dude?….that cigar has his face covered up

  • yung breed

    yo kat williams is the corniest nigga ever to enter the rap game he needs to drop off and die from the game…

  • http://www.myspace.com/gopentertainment Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    myspace.com/gopentertainment Check it out and cop it from cdbaby.com/sayso

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    He looks stupid on this picture, infact is that a dick in his mouth?

  • Cripset

    I’m wit that bastard. these niggaz don’t understand what the future is holdin for em. they thinkin my man jay is fallin back.Jay gotta plan 4 these niggaz I can feel it.Really to me HOVA doin that nigga a favor cuz if it was no beef jim jones would still be lame. Summer wit miami was fuckin garbage. this nigga hollerin he gangsta and he strapped and all this shit but when he got his ass beat in rucker park and his nigga cam didn’t help him he ran. all ya’ll niggaz hollerin bird gang a word of advice rollin wit them niggas make sure you strap ya nikes!cuz you never know when war gon start and ya’ll niggaz gotta get ghost.

  • JDefinition

    this is how you know hip hop is goin in the wrong direction…katt shouldnt be
    rappin, dipset got a fine line-up right now without him, he should jst stay with
    the acting and the comedy…hes good at wild-n-out cuase its a comedy show so
    its good cause its funny, but on some serious shit, hes not good…when his
    album drops, if anybody has it, its becasue the downloaded that shit, cause it
    fuckin sucks and they jst wanna laugh at it and not spend money on it. snoop
    shouldnt even be on a track with him, snoop is a vet., katt is jst ass. hes one
    of the funniest guys out there but thats it…when it comes to hip hop he should
    jst stick to listenin to it….eazy.

  • P-DawG !!! IM RICH BIATCH !!!

    @ JERMAIN fuck you you punkass wanksta I will smack ya ass tha fuck up you fagotass pussy!!!

  • Los B.

    Katt Williams is a business man. He is not caught up in all of the bs beefs that Dipset or anybody else is in. Get that man his check on time and he is happy. Anybody that can’t see that is freaking blind. That is why he can hang with everybody. He is using Dipset to finance his business ventures. Once the contract is up then he most likely will be out. Like a true pimp, why use your own cash when somebody else his willing to spend. That is Business 101. “OPM= Other Peoples Money”

  • mikal

    wtf man he a good comedian but not rapper

  • Dre Boogie

    katt cool, jigga cool, killa and dipset cool…i aint gat no opinion. imma buy jigga shit, killa shit and katt shit. if thats what they do then let em do it. Beef is beef and it’ll be over

  • http://www.findrentals.com Findrentals.com

    I really like to see people like KATT do his thing. I really feel like he one of the Top DOGGS out there in stand-up game. I really hope he rap game is just a tight.GOOD LUCK $ GOD BLESS …..

  • diva_sweet

    keep doing what u do….And may god bless….Continue keepin it real…..loved u when u came to Shreveport, La on Dec. 7….

    Keep Pimpin, Pimpin

  • Ice Gotti

    Dip SEt, All DAy . Katt do ya thang my nig. What up to the big homie Killa, and the rest of the dips.


  • http://www.poeticstylez.com DatBoiD

    Thsi katt dude is funny as hell and will go far…him making some music/rappin … can’t wait to cop that shyt lol

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  • Master of Disguise

    Nigga do yo damn thang. Jay could not have said it any better…Men lie, women lie; numbers dont. Like I said, do yo damn thang pimp!!!

  • brooklyn

    yo son i grew up in bedstuy do or die dipset aint the new wu tang but they still keeps it mad solid so all you niggas hatin dipset and katt williams slow yopur roll b word is KILLA all the homies suwoo to the g gang and we fly in high nine trey and jay z is mad old b word is born so duke really need to retire cuz dipset and jim jones is capable of makin another ether ya dig dip all day.

  • brooklyn

    dipset byrd gang

  • http://none killa black

    Keep doing your thing katt, get ya money, at lease your on a label that wants you to eat,I wish you the best. BUT THE FUTURE IS HERE (MYSPACE.COM/ATLAS)

  • Casper

    Katt Williams is a Busta for real though man. he is copying off of ice cube. this is some bullshit.

  • Ice Gotti