The Death of Proof
Bare Witness

Mudd, whose government name is Reginald Moorer, was one of three people that accompanied Deshaun “Proof” Holton to the CCC the night of his death. On the condition of anonymity, Mudd spoke to XXL in the July 2006 issue about what happened that tragic night at the CCC club. The investigation is still ongoing. After several months, Mudd has decided to come forward to tell the entire story about the night that went horribly wrong, resulting in the death of two men, his gun, and the testimony he gave in court this week.

Mudd’s friendship with Proof dates back 15 years to an Osborn High School lunch table. He was a freshman at Osborn when he met Proof, who was a senior at the time. A few years later, Mudd joined a group with Proof and another rapper, Thyme, called 5-Elementz (5ElA). The group gained notoriety around Detroit in the mid ’90s. They all worked at Maurice Malone’s Hip Hop Shop and— with the support of Malone—moved to New York in search of a record deal. Proof ultimately left the group to join Eminem on the road. After a falling out, Proof and Mudd smoothed out their differences in 2004, and the two frequently hung out when Proof was in Detroit. Mudd raps on Proof’s Searching for Jerry Garcia. Here is his story.

mudd1.jpgWhat was your relationship with Proof like most recently?
It was like five years of catching up on all the experiences he had been through. It was still the big brother/little brother type relationship. We had a routine: Wild Woody’s on Wednesday, Tuesday was Northern Lites, Mondays we would hang at a titty bar call Jon-Jon’s, Saturday was the State Theater. If I wanted to see him or find him, I knew where to go. We would play pool at Bookies.

In the last few months before his death, was there anything different about Proof?

It was different. He was starting to get more focused. He had stopped all the pills and weed smoking. Before, we were deep into metaphysics. Anything that he was doing, he was fully aware of the concepts. Proof [was] not only a very intelligent person, he was very spiritual as well.

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  • wasted

    R.I.P Proof.. much love..

  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac 1971-1996)

    Yeah R.I.P. Big ” Detroits finest” Proof. That guy said that it wasen´t Proof who shot first or even started it. Cause we got somebody who said that Proof started it and shiiiit,
    so it´s like wow! This case is like other cases in the rap history. We never know 4 sure who killed who and what really did happen.

  • Doc Flav

    Wackest Shit I Ever Seen, It Was Like 25 comments on here yesterday. you made a few slight changes to the article also. No matter what you do it dont change the fact that Proof Didnt Have To Grab That Gun From Mudd. When do Bender Fam get to speak?



    • Willie beamen


    • minus nine

      fucking dickhead. fuck off with ur shit. rip proof

    • http://n/a James J Torgerson

      bro you are a fucking idiot. you are fake from the start let me say. my predictions are as follows: #1 your probably fucked up right now. #2 you obviously are a fuckin git #3 you never did your history on rap in its own element listening and appreciating all rappers within the rap community. #4 your so quick to call out on a niggas manhood n balls when ya aint got none yourself, cause you speak in a sense of “looking into the fish bowl”, but not being the fish. so i have to end this that you are a stupid wanksta ass bitch, prolly even a snitch, so shut up them bitch lips n gets the grip on reality n tragedy.. LabelAce1 ^^ supermans a bitch


    YO XXL!!!

    What happened to the other comments from yesterday?? Did you take them off?? Coz of what?? Sell-outs.

  • Hannah

    ok i wouldnt b sayin shit bout proof cuz no one still really knows the whole story so maybe u should keep ur mouth shut till we all kno the whole story fo sure






    i sux dick too thats why me and you should make love!





  • Paolo

    Dudes like SUPERMAN really need to get a fucking life…Don’t be so disrespectful, you gotta understand people that actually knew Proof are gonna read this. Moron. RIP to Proof

  • Fred Fantastic

    thats fuckin bullshit superman how u gonna talk on some one thats R.I.P get a life show some respect

  • Q-Mac

    aye on some the real I miss my nigga P and some of ya’ll are being very disrespectful…It doesn’t matter who was right or wrong when lives are gone. If your mother poppied somebody wouldn’t you still miss her? P is my man’s and I don’t care what went down that night. I care about the outcome of what happened that night. My nigga is gone. P is a good dude none of this should have happened. Bender and P should both be alive, but they aren’t. Ya’ll on here posting that bull shit. Get a life. I’m goin to the bar to get a shot of liquid cocaine for my nigga!! Fuck the haters

  • Angie

    R.I.P Proof. Condolences to family and friends. Much luv Mudd and Thyme, stay strong. For others …. lives were lost show some respect!

  • maruih_hash

    mudd is a true friend. busta can learn a thing or two from him..fuck that stop snitchin shit.

    To my knowledge, there is little or no physical evidence at all stating proof shot anyone. No ballistics, no gun powder residue on his body, no evidence has been made known. mario’s gun was never found.

    Virtually all of the evidence painting Proof as a murderer is based on notoriously unreliable eyewitness testimony, mainly that of the accused, Mario Etheridge. Etheridge has a vested interest in having his version of events accepted as fact; his cousin was one of the shooting victims. and i find it very suspicious that mario turned himself in, the same day the docter told him his cuzin had severe brain damage and was not expected to live at all. Why is it that he turned himself in, all lawyered up, but did’nt bring his gun with him if he had nothing to hide? t did he lose the weapon? or did he get rid of it so his family would’nt know the truth? and why is it that the employees said the club did’nt have cameras, but according to carlos tate, a former triple c employee, the club did indeed have a camera. matter of fact, there was a camera near the bar…but as soon as proof is killed all of a sudden the camera mysteriously dissapears??

    I would say that the police investigation was botched, but it doesn’t even look like they did much of an investigation to begin with. I’ve said this before, but I would strongly advise Proof’s estate hire a good private investigator to help clear his name, especially in light of the pending wrongful death lawsuit brought by Keith Bender’s family. Also, if the Detroit police are incapable or unwilling of completing a thorough investigation of this crime, the case should be given to another department to solve.

  • pauline

    what the fuck? okay i’m confused. I read in another article last week where mudd said, proof was running around scared as hell from the gun shots; pushing people out the way. he pushed mudd into the pool table and the gun fell on the floor. and proof picked it up

    but in this article he’s saying proof tackled him for the gun and forced it off him??….okay so which one is it?

  • goodgirl20042002

    if your going to blame anyone blame mario. he’s the one taht pulled his gun out first. he’s the one that fired 2 shots in the air. he’s the one that made the situation worst. your not going to make a things better by bringing a gun into it..his irresponsible actions caused the death of 2 men and injured another.

    i mean, since when did u need a weapon to to break up a fist fight?? whatever happened to stepping in and breaking it up? i’ve been to numerous clubs before and that’s what the bouncers always did. NEVER did they ever pull out weapons. this guy proof was a skinny little dude, standing 5″8..and this guy mario is mean to tell me his big monster ass could’nt have stepped in and try to break up the fight? WOW i’m amazed.

  • shaunta

    it really makes me sad that people like superman say disrespectful things about someone they did’nt know..i mean, if you don’t like the man for whatever reason, then why bother posting? why bother reading an article about him? do you think it’s funny?. I know this is the internet, but you really need to think about the things you say sometimes. If you knew proof at all like We his family did, then you would know what a terrific person he was. you would know what a fun and down to earth person he was, how he could bring you up when u was feeling down. how he could briten up your day when it was dark. so why say hateful things about someone you don’t know or met a day in ur life? if ur not feeling the pain of losing proof, if you never gotten a chance to kick it with him or see what a great person he was, or how he can bring some fun in your day, then don’t throw salt on his name. you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

    big ups to my nig mudd. you did the right thing.

    and r.i.p to my bro proof

  • Rick_D_07

    MAn Why mufukas gotta always speculate like idiots…


    To Mr. Holton
    & To Mr. Bender….

    get yall minds right…

    this is senseless death.

  • brian

    lol at the person who’s still blaming proof. as if it was all his fault.
    did u even bother to read the article?

  • therealestkillah

    Mudd is’nt the only person with this story. I remember Somebody posted a very similar story on the rapbasement message board about 3 months ago. HERE’S THE LINK:

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  • sugarbear

    I always knew the media story was bullshit. What I don’t understand is how the cops can come out the very next day after proof was murdered and say they know how everything went down. Don’t they need to do ballistics tests in order to prove who shot who??? It just seemed kinda fishy to me that they had in all figured out in such a short period of time. That in itself is very suspicious.

  • Steve

    Fuck The Punk Faggots Sayin’ Their Wack Ass Bullshit, Actin’ Like Proof Caused It. Fuck U Bytches.

    Course He Went For His Man’s Gun, If Ur Fighting With Sumone, And U Hear Shots, Ur Not Gunna Stop, Look Around Then Try And Defend Urself. Bottom Line, They Did Proof Shiesty. Tryin’ 2 Make It Seem Like He Shot First.

    U Tell Me, What Multi Platinum Artist, With 5 Kids And A Wife, Is Gunna Risk Spending Their Life In Jail Ova A Jealous Military Pussy?

    I Hope Sum Muthafucka Shank’s That Fat Etheridge Fuck. He Caused It. They Were Fist Fighting, No Guns What so ever. He Fired The First Shots.

    It Sounds Like They Set Proof Up. Have Him In The Club, Jump Him, Then Sue Him And Make Sum Money Off A Civil Suit For Assault. I Reckon The 2 Women Going Into The Bar Were A Lure As Well.

    But Derty Harry Got The Best Of Him & That Fat Fuck Couldn’t Stand His Faggot Cousin Gettin’ Whipped, So He Shot A Man From Behind. Fuckin’ Coward.

    R.I.P. Proof

    King Of The D

  • Dj Q

    This is some sad shit…the man is dead and muthafuckas got stupid shit to say…if you aint got some positive shit to say..SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! Regardless of what the fuck happend..Proof was still my freind..somebodies son……cousin…best friend…this was a messed up situation for both men…2 black men dead over some bullshit!!!!! Proof I’ll miss you dawg. All the memories of me djing for you at the Ebony Showcase and the 5 Ela shows will always be with me…RIP Brotha…..oh yea..SUPERMAN YOU DICK SUCKIN FAGGOT..SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH…YOU SOUND REAL STUPID RIDEING 50 CENTS DICK YOU FAGGOT…FUCK YOU BITCH AND RESPECT THE DEAD!!!!!


    Rap mortars & hip-hop fathers / lost souls dwindel sons & daughters / forgive us all cause we left in doubt / no time for justice cause we left without / evidence, or a credible story / we seek the truth but then it just gets boring / so we just ignoring the facts and actions / those we loved so much & what they packin / pistol-whippin out-blastin / how could this happen / we want a part of them for history, but we just get fractions of rations / so let it be known, so we could be shown / how dare we bicker over death? damn…we should be grown.

    R.I.P. Proof, Bender & many more.

    created in real-time by:
    Ronald Lewis Jr.

  • Doc Flav

    Thats why it was bogus the way XXL deleted the other comments. No matter how much you star struck folk wanna holla RIP and blame it all on Mario, Proof was in the wrong too. A gun shot in the air vs going to grab a gun after a fist fight was broken up by the warning shots? “Proof, they aint trying to kill us…” Why he go back with the gun? Why if you a celeb, are you even up in that type of shit? I Actually used reading comprehension with this article, and what I got is that Proof fucked up, and his guy is trying his best to put a good spin on it. Im eager to see the results of a full investigation, because the law would not have gave Mario that verdict if he shot both his COUSIN and Proof.

  • Doc Flav

    And Steve your post is full of contradictions. Sadly that King of the D shit is probably much of the problem. A setup, WTF?

  • gauge

    midwest love,,,rip big proof,,in our hearts forever…like o boy said shit should never have happened..
    keep it street and do ur thang…..

  • sugarbear

    this comment was written by kuniva of d12, on the rapbasement message board in response to someone who said proof was a gangsta and a bad person

    “You really need to think about the things you say sometimes. Especially about someone you did’nt know at all. Yes, you’re right, we’re not gangsters, nor murderers. But do you realize that when we DO get out of the “hood” that we’re surrounded by muthafuckas who dont want us in their neighborhood. Rich doctors, and snotty lawyers peeking out of their window looking at us like we’re goona shoot the whole block up and break in their houses.So who can you relate to when you’re young, black, and a little wealthy? The dentist next door who’s afraid of you because you got braids and tattoos? do you think our family and friends ALL stay in the burbs? Fuck no man! Do you think that we want to be treated like we”re less than nothing in the burbs? The cops treat us the same way in the ghetto! when the fuck did you see Kon Artis with a gun homie? check your dvd player again dog. i was there,just in case you forgot. Try having something in a city where the majority has nothing. Take a trip to a country where there is little food and water, and start waving around a large pizza and a giant bottle of Absopure water and see what happens to you. We have every right in the world to protect ourselves and our families. So if we choose to carry a gun or a bulletproof vest or even a fuckin baseball bat, we have it in our minds everyday that somebody out there wants what you got. somebody will start some shitt with you just to say that they got into it with a nygga from d12. We dont WANT to be gangstas my homie, but we ARE gonna protect ourselves to the fullest! You may call it dumb, but WE call it survival. Maybe you should visit Detroit for a week and stay in my old neighborhood. Maybe you’ll understand what i mean. God bless you my homie and be safe. I respect your opinion still, because you’re speaking your mind. thats the only way that we can trully understand each other and change our way of perceiving one another.Peace to you and yours. KUNIVA out!”

  • goodirl20042002

    to doc flav

    does it not matter to you that proof ain’t kill no one? is’nt that the most important thing??

  • Steve

    Doc, Whatever U Could Think Of Could Have Happened. But The Most Definite Thing Is That The “Official” Story Is The Biggest Contradiction. People Could Be Led To The King Of The D Argument, But I Doubt It Was The Cause. U Really Think About It, If They Were Playing Pool One Minute, Then Bender Was Saying “I Don’t Care Who U Are”, Do U Really Believe Proof Stopped And Started Saying “I’m Famous”.

    Me Personally, I Believe Proof Was Set Up. Whether It Be For Money, Or Over An Old Beef Or Just Jealousy, I Don’t Believe It Was Random.

    Rapper Equals Bad Person These Days. If U Dedicate Ur Life To The Microphone, And Go Forbid Something Happens, Your Right To Justice Is Declined Because U Rap.

    Mudd Is An Eyewitness, His Story Contradicts The Official Story, Yet He Wasn’t Subpoenaed Until The 2nd Last Day Of Etheridge’s Trial.

    How The Fuck In The Official Story Did Proof Fire First When An Eyewitness Names Etheridge As The First One To Fire. How Is It Proof Supposedly Shot Bender In The Face When He Was Firing At The Roof. Etheridge Killed Both Of ‘Em.

    “”All of a sudden I hear some shots coming from my right side, behind me. I look up and see it’s Mario Etheridge shooting in the air, I guess to break up the fight. As he’s pushing me back. I’m looking at Etheridge. He’s shooting in the air. He walks across to where he was fighting with Bender and he shoots in the air, I guess answering the shots that Mario put in the air. And so with that, Bender attacks him. Before I could get over there, Mario had came through and started shooting in the direction of Proof and his cousin, Keith Bender. I see them both drop. There’s smoke everywhere. Mario Etheridge leaves. I’m moving people out of the way. I see Proof lying there hit, blood everywhere. Keith Bender is lying there bleeding, blood slowly running out of his head.”"

    I Hate The Fucking Fact The Media Are Trying To Portray Proof As The Instigator In This.

    The Whole Incident Was Caused By Etheridge & Bender. Bender Threw the First Punch, Etheridge Fired The 1st Shot.

    Its Fucking Sickening That Proof’s Children Were Robbed Of Their Father. And The Scum Responsible For It Is Only Going To Do 9 Years

  • r.i.pdeshaun

    this story is very believable. out of all the ones i heard this is the only one that actually makes sense. it answers all the unanswered questions. First off, we NEVER got a chance to hear anyone from proof’s side give their story from the very beggining. I always thought to myself, “was proof at this club by himself?? does’nt he usually travel with entourage? who was he playing pool with? why are’nt we hearing anything from anyone on his side?”…I always had a feeling that there was more to this story then the media was saying. i don’t know mudd personally, but I think it’s great that he finally decide to come foward. I mean, I know his boy chop was murdered, possibly becuz he knew too much, so I really don’t blame mudd for being scared. Most people will see this as snitchin. but i think it’s the right thing to do. I’m sorry that chop was murdered.FINALLY someone from proof’s side is speaking up. So why are people so quick to cast doubt? why would a man with so much to lose decide one night to throw it all away over a game? if proof was really the animal that the media is portraying, then why is it that we never heard of him ever shooting anyone before?? and he has admitted many times to getting into fist fights.

  • detroitnigga72

    yo steve,

    I feel you, but the thing is, this was’nt a set up…well…at least after the shooting. this was something that just happened out of the ordinary.. first off, this is’nt the first time a shooting has occured at this club. triple c was a death trap, and i think it’s pathetic that it took proof getting killed to finally shut it down. but anyway, my boy derty D.C. was there and he told us everything that went down. mudd’s story is very similar to his story. according to him, proof was playing pool with bender’s boy, and bender’s friend accused him of cheating and wanted his money back, but proof refused. the dude walked away and told bender that proof was acting crazy. that’s when bender got involved, telling proof he ain’t shit and that he did’nt give a fuck who he thing led to another and proof beat the shit out of bender. mario comes and see proof whoopin his cousin’s ass and fires 2 shots in the air. BIG MISTAKE. everybody’s running around going crazy. from what i was told, the club doors were locked becuz they were opened after the closing hours,and did’nt want anyone else to come in. so could’nt nobody get out.. Okay, i don’t know about mudd saying proof forced the gun off him. I don’t know if he’s lying trying to make himself look innocent, but chuck told us he gaved proof the gun willingly, without hesitation…but anyway,proof fires one shot in the air, bender’s still talkin shit, and once agin they began fighting. mario sees proof with the gun and assumes he’s going to shoot his cousin, so in defense of bender, he tried to shoot proof..but missed.. and hit his cousin instead..he gets so enraged at his mistake, he fires 5 bullets at proof, hitting him 4 times, and hitting horny mac in the hand. everybody that was there was related to bender and mario in some way. they were having a party, celebrating bender’s good heart condition. so it was just old friends and relatives. you don’t want your friend to go to jail, so what’s the best way to cover up a killing?? well, u blame the person that’s not here to defend him self. all the evidence was destroyed, including the camera. mario got rid of the gun. the only reason mario turned himself in, is becuz one of the victims was his cousin. he did’nt want his family to know the truth. if keith had’nt been hit, his ass would probably be on the run from the cops right now. and just to let ya’ll know, mario’s uncle is a police officer. he’s the one that suggested he turned himself in. he’s the one that hired Ronald upshaw to defend his nephew. and that’s when they came up with a story.

  • liberiagemini

    pointing the finger at keith or proof is’nt going to solve anything. it does’nt matter who did what to who. the fact of the matter is, 2 men are dead because of one faggot and his bad aiming.

  • A$H D-J

    I’m down wit hannah! all u muthafuckas that can’t keep yo big mouths shut need to get shot up like my man Proof did… so until you know the whole story jut SHUT THE FUCK UP… and FUCK that supaman cat.

  • stacey

    i always knew proof was innocent. I did’nt have read a news paper or watch t.v.. I always had that feeling in my heart. I just could’nt see a father of 5 and a man with so much to lose, just throw it all away over something so petty. I never stopped believing in him. I know he was’nt a perfect man, and i agree that he’s probably made alot of mistakes in his life, just like the rest of us. and these same mistakes were the ones the media was using to portray him like the “violent thug”…I did’nt know him personally, but judging by the videos i’ve seen, the interviews i’ve read, and the statements his friends made, i’m sure he was a good person. this i was defientley a lift off my shoulders.

    r.i.p to deshaun holton and keith bender

  • illesi_mc

    i live in detroit, and muthafuckas down here will kill u just for looking at them wrong. so personally, i don’t blame anybody for having a gun.

  • r,i,pbigred&proof

    If u knew proof at all like we did, then you would know that he was not the kinda person to just up and shoot a nigga over a fuckin pool game, and I know he loved playin pool. we’ve been screaming that shit at people from the very beginning. but noooo everybody wants to believe everything they read or hear, as if the media was there when it happened. muthafuckas did’nt even have any evidence to back up the story. all they had was the words of bender’s people. they was trying to portay my boy proof like he was some kind of a monster. I’ve been into many fist fights and been stabbed because of this shit. My homie red was shot and killed because of this shit. Man fuck it, this makes me so damn sick to my stomach.

    r.i.p to my homie proof.

    hopefully that fat mofo will get a re-trial and get charged with first degree murder

  • Biba The Diva

    Damn… Damn… Damn…
    It’s been so hard. Losing P, and then all the lies, and bullshit surrounding it. But, I always believed that like the Light that was Proof… the truth would shine through like the sun.
    His birthday was Monday (10/2) and I went to visit his tomb, and coincidentally I got there at the same time as his mother, and her sobs ripped at my heart… and I pray, that justice will be delievered, that Proof’s name will be totally cleared, and that he will get the recognition that he deserves. He was a loyal, loving, generous man… and I will love him forever, and miss him until I see him again.


    Detroit, What???!!!

  • SHiN

    i can tell dat asshole mario is guilty of killin proof as well as his cousin. it dont sound like no damn self defense ta me. datz all lies, and mario will burn in hell 4 his crimes. i feel bad not only 4 big proof, but his family and friends. he should be still breathin. fuck keith bender, mario, and anyone else who was in on settin up proof. this shits as fucked up da 2pac incident. i smelly alotta fishy shit. fuck this “stop snitchin” campaign, i wanna c justice! sometimes i swear this code of da streets thang be goin 2 far. muthafuckas is gonna be dealt wit by satan 4 this kinda shit. it simply cant be tolerated no mo.



  • OUTBURST-aka tshepiso

    much love to our whole rhyming “skillstar”.rest in peace and thanks 4 not compramising ur skill fully ur ill bar form and verses on track live on with thouse who know the meaning of a real mic carrier,mannered chartor!you are truly a real mc-god why all the good peeps gotta leave!peace love and hiphop 4 ever…

  • OUTBURST-aka tshepiso

    Yo!SUPERGAY,i mean superman must really be one of thouse ja rule claiming rappers,you know the type who think they can take on the world coz they dont have the balls to start with themselfs-what a cunt lakking boy!this site aint bout yo ass dawg so dont go actin up so soon ur way2young 4 menapause…take it easy! much love

  • r,i,pbigred&proof

    reat in peace to keith bender and proof

  • Baby Girl

    Superman, u shound real stupid right now cuz 50 did take 9 bullets, but they were in his body, not in tha head u fuckin moron.. Proof was shot in the fuckin head and yeah he did have to take that gun from Mudd… someone’s shootin fire off inta tha bar n shyt, and it’s lyke tha peeps already had beefs from highschool so u never know what’s gonna happen an P had to be on his shyt.. Mario had no business shootin fire off in the bar, P was just reactin to somethin that probably was gonna happen regardless if P grabbed the gun or not. I don’t now, i just know that my boy is gone and his children are left without a father because someone shot him. This gun shyt has to stop somewhere! Other wise, we’ll all just keep on watchin the good dye young.

    RIP to ma homie, ma friend P

  • Yungstar

    Man this is just sad, when nonsense like this happens. R.I.P mayne.

  • charles

    and people called me a dumbass all because I kept on saying proof was’nt the type to kill a nigga over a fuckin pool game

  • angel

    glad the truth is out. maybe now people can stop talkin shit about him and finally let him rest in peace.

  • karma

    I knew Proof, and we all know he birthed alot of detroit artist even Em, we all know he wasnt no angel. But he would not even had been their if Em would have put shady aftermath behind his projects in the begining like he did Obie, 50 or even trick trick. He would have been on that other level and by now owning his own ccc’s club. & from what he told me is that option was not open to him.
    so he had to grind in the detroit street’s for Iron Fist to start.
    I say Fuck Em For slowing down proof enough for these regular cats to get to him. but thats just one side of Karma

  • Drastik Hussain (Dionysus repper)

    SUPERMAN Says:

    October 3rd, 2006 at 4:08 pm

    Fuck is wrong with you?

  • Steve

    Yo, When I Said The Official Story Was Bullshit, I Meant That Them Saying Proof Shot 1st Was Bullshit. I’m Glad Mudd Came Forward To Set The Record Straight.

    Ayo Karma, R U Salam Wreck? Cuz Ur Name’s A Link To His Site??

    I Don’t See Why Proof Would Stand By Em All These Years If He Was Holdin’ Him Down. Proof Wasn’t A Follower

  • angel

    if it was’nt for proof, there would’nt even be an eminem. em has said it numerous times, that because of his race, he did’nt really beleive he would make it, or people would take him seriously. but proof’s the one who encouraged him and pushed him to become who he is today

  • Crip Tonight

    y does SUPERMAN talk like a faggot? “like cum on” how r u straight n say “like cum on” 50 times. like, SUPERMAN, like u r sooooooo like totally like gay….like….like yah! fuckin faggot.

    RIP Proof

  • Steve

    ^^^ Thats What I Mean, How Can Karma Say Em Held Him Down?? If That Was The Case, Proof Would Have Left Shady Records A Long Time Ago. When Searching For Jerry Garcia Dopped, P Sed In Interviews When Asked Why He Didn’t Drop It On Shady, That He Didn’t Want To Rely On Shady Records , That He Wanted To Build His Own Empire It Goes Beyond An Exec/Artist Relationship. We’re Talkin About The Tightest Freindship I’ve Ever Seen In My Life. Like I Said, If P Had Felt Em Was Holdin’ Him Down, He’d Have Said So. He Wouldn’t Sit Back And Remain Silent On Someone Affecting His Livelyhood.

  • L.A.’s Finest

    Damn fools need to start boxing and just get it out the way!!! The gun shit is senseless.

  • merlin

    the media has a habit of twisting shit around and blowing things out of porportion. I can’t believe i actually believed that shit

  • EmIsKingOfTheD

    You Are Young, Gifted, And Black….And That’s A Fact!
    We Are Headed For SELf Destruction!
    STOP!!!The Violence.

  • 5’9isThekilla

    Royce DA 5’9 killed this nigga my niggaz told me:/


    i feel u steve,peeps always wana actup and claim they know peeps fully now that we all kno the truth,i just want2send a Godbless to his fam!karma girl you need to stop blaming peeps but on the other hand you said you knew him so im real sori foe yo lose too kid!word up to L.As finest i feel you on what ya saying kid!Peace love and hiphop

  • 2packrayziebone

    superman your a stupid faggit and 50 didnt take 9 bullets he only took 3 and proof got shot in the head u dumbass u try survive that shit u dumb fuck

  • Jo-Hamm

    Thats fucked up all you folks talking shit about Proof and dont even know the nigga.I repect any man who aint to good to hang out with”normal people” at a “normal spot” and all these hatin ass muh fuckas wanna talk shit and cause all this drama,b/c proof is a real nigga and he was standing up for himself no matter the situation,he could have just walked out and never aknowledge you bith ass hatin muh fuckas. Also this aint got nothing to do with 50 or anyone else not associated with Proof. Show some respect to Proof ,his family and most of all his fan’s

  • http://xxl ej

    proof was a good dude let him rest in peace superfag. Proof will be missed by his friends and fans he was good to em when was just marshall. so by heart proof was good guy he just made a mistake that took his life. no please let him rest in peace :)

  • dimplez

    man proof was a good ass guy i don’t know why ppl wanna kill a nigga but he’s gone so that’s that i just want to say R.I.P. proof i’ll always remember ya

  • merlin

    talk about pathetic. when you guys thought he was a killer, you talked shit about him. now when u find out he ain’t kill nobody, you STILL talk shit about him. wow i’m amazed..what the hell is wrong with you???.I ain’t sayin’ worship the man, but damn, show some fuckin respect. he was a human being just like you and me. that’s somebody’s father and son your talking about. remember that

  • sonyayarl

    what the fuck? you mean to tell me all of this was a damn cover up?? that faggot bouncer shot his own cousin? and all this time i’ve been believing it was proof? damn that’s fucked up. i hope that mario dies in hell. fat ass bitch. homie needs to spend less time eating, and more time learning how to aim a gun


  • Baby Girl

    I never believed that P shot anyone. This mutherfuka Mario needs to be charged with MURDER for two people. I’m just glad that everyone knows now that P never did shoot anyone, he through them bo’s tho. I wanna know what the Detroit PD is going to do about this. Are they going to look into this story, and formally charge this stupid ass muthafuka with murda? They need to start lookin at the facts instead of the fiction. TRUTH IS, DESHAUN HOLTON WAS MURDERED, NOT A MURDERER! CLEAR HIS NAME!

  • Dickslinger

    I think yall need to get a fucken life and leave Proof the fuck alone.

  • lovemilz

    R.I.P proof,

    To that superman bitch who was talkin shit, you shouldn’t speak ill words on the dead. Whatever anyways, proof was an ill lyricist and will be remembered. Peace to his fam and friends>

  • Kayne west

    I wanna suck a juicy hard dick=)

  • Christina

    Proof’s death was tragic, it devistated not only Eminem nd his fellow D12 members nd all his other friends, it devistated fans. To a big extent too.
    When i first found out Proof died, i didnt beleive it, cuz out of everyone, it had to be someone so graceful. Life is precious, so is the person providing it. RIP PROOF

  • bludevil06


    dude got what was coming to him. He was quoted on other interviews talking crazy about how he wasn’t scared on anybody and all that macho gargabe. Fuck how eminem felt or how d12 or fans felt…that nigga had a family. If he was so spiritual why the fuck was he at titi bars instead of at home in bed with his WIFE? WHY WAS HE AT A CLUB INSTEAD OF AT HOME WITH HIS FAMILY? Also, don’t forget he took someone’s life as well. This guy isn’t exactly innocent here.



  • DevDolla

    R.I.P Proof

  • sonyayarl

    to bludevilo6

    Why the hell do you care? Its his private life, He supported his family, and he worked his ass off to get where he was. For you to sit there and say that from a horrible point of view, is pathetic…

    first off, he ain’t have nothin coming to him.. but believe me, when somebody blows ur fuckin brains out and I find your news article online, i’ll be sure to say the same thing about you.

    2nd off, proof and his wife sharonda were separated at the time of his death. they were’nt even together. proof mentioned many times how being a celeb cost him his marriage. but sharonda mentioned that she had plans of getting back with him

    3rd off, proof did’nt have custody of all his children. some of his baby moms lived in different states

    know the facts before you judge a man you did’nt know

  • malcollm

    people like superman make me sick to my stomach. yo fuck you ,you stupid ignorant little piece of shit.its cock suckers like u that make ppl not like white ppl.have you no respect for the guys family or the talent he had?if u ever came around my way talkin that shit ud catch a hot one to the dome urself then see who would be laughin punk.any other ignorant mother fuckers that got negative or offensive shit to say about Proof can keep it to themselves cuz this aint the time or the place to be expressing it.

  • leader aka sleanger

    rip to my nigga proff,yo the shady\aftermath click ya niggaz stay strong.i hope ya blow that faggot supercunt\man.all from south africa much love

  • Khoma

    so what i want to know is why the fuck this cat didn’t take proof to hospital…he claims to be his boy and all but why the fuck did he just leave his ass there when he figured out the nigga was dead….he ain’t real so fuck him….RIP proof

  • Ghost

    fuck you superman, fuck 50 cent too!
    proofs dead and u tryin to talk shit,
    man fuck u
    ps 5o was shot 3 tymez bitch

  • Ghost

    hey superman

    sup u dumbass faget, u dont even know wut u talkin about, how gay can ur commentz get, man i should fuck u up for talkin about proof that way! fuck 50 cent, fuck superman! gggggg-unot!

    r.i.p. big proof, i miss u

  • Ghost

    superFAG, i mean man can suck my fuckin dick, u dumbass faget.
    learn tha facts before u talk bitch!
    proof iz one of tha best detroit rapperz, i bet u ain’t even heard one song. where u livin mafucker, ill show u how tha westcoast get down!

  • Ghost

    I agree wit malcollm on that shit,superman dont got no respect for anybody. proof is dead and u wanna hit him while hes down man fuck superman

  • sasha

    a couple of facts

    just to let you guys know, the girl proof was “hollerin” at is my sister. she goes by the name of “miss jones”..she and proof were best friends. they knew each other since the age of 5. miss jones, along with my best friend used to be strippers, and left the club about 30 minutes before this happened..

    proof’s P chain was returned. but the rolex and the pinky ring are still missing

  • Casper

    hey, i’d just like to say R.I.P. to proof! I never new him, just new of him, but I liked his music! I hope he found his way to the spot! He’s in a better place…… And to his fam, STAY STRONG! There is a lot of chumps that like to Run there mouths till they swell’em shut!!!! Or gett’em swelled shut!!!!!!
    Much love to the family of proof!!!!!! One!

  • rike

    Rest in peace Proof. I love you and everybody else does love you too. I’m sorry for not crying.. but I’m so sad. Honsetly. I just hope the family will be ok. Much love to Marhsall and all your over friends
    love, some of your meny meny fans

  • kare

    i just wanted to say thanks to Mudd for revealing the truth about Proof’s killer cause to me it’s been a mistery for me and if someone deserve to go to jail is that stupid motherfuker Mario i just hope that jutice will make him pay for the sake of Proof’s family,friendsand mc’s that were close to him.

    Deshaun “Proof” Holton

  • yeahhhhhh

    finally someone steps up and speaks the truth, i knew he didnt really try to kill anyone, i knew it from the get-go. R.I.P. BIG PROOF, I WISH EVERYONE HE KNOWS PEACE OF MIND.

  • Troublesome

    SUPERMAN? u cal urself superman, but u a fagot, let’s see ur scared little bitch ass say that on the E side of Detroit, on Schoolcraft, STOP hatin on all the real motherfuckaz in the hip hop game, by the way if u was superman, u’d probably know that 50 wasnt shot 9 times, it was 3, step ya game up pussy.
    Proof didnt fuck wit g-unit cause he had his own thing D12, and representin real hip hop,
    I take “fuck that nigga, that niggaz stupid, he shot himself” bullshit to heart. We representin Michigan! Come holla at me in Grand Rapids if u 2 scared 2 go to the D.

  • CMoney

    May he Rest In Peace. :*-(

  • DRizza

    Damm my heart goes out to you mudd seen one of my homeis get shot down in cold blod shit stayed with me forever and that was 17 years ago. Rest In Power Proof you were a true soldier!

  • SuM1

    Damn, I almost loved this nigga’s music, I coulnd’t fuckin’ belive this shit when I heard it. R.I.P

  • F_U_C_K superman

    Superman is chattin bolox yeah 50 is ganxta but he took 9 wif a vest on and yea in the head but it was his JAW!!! Proof (R.I.P) got shot straight in the head aint no1 livin from that shit not even 50

  • F_U_C_K superman

    sorry i was wrong, 50 had 9 shots at him but only 3 hit coz of the vest…. 1 in tha jaw and superman who is ridin 50s dick aint got no fuckin respect 4 tha legend that is proof no1 can walk away from gettin shot in the head u fuckin faggot cunt

  • supermans a faggot

    Superman? You a superfag gay ass bitch! Fuck Proof? Fuck you! You know shit asshole. Where’s your motherfuckin’ brain? Stuffed up your pussy? Yeah Fiddy may have taken bullets but none on the fuckin head you retarded peice of shit! You pay no fucking respect you moron. You are bullshit too.
    Fuck you.

  • diablo

    ok i think this is approiate for now………….STOPSNYTCHIN STOP LYING…… i mean way it looks to me….homeboy shot his own cuz and proof , now hes out loose … hey .. imma say this im glad i aint dude , cause ,if dude is lying , one karma is a bitch , 2,what you did to proof is wrong but if you shot your own cousin …. thats even worse , see now if you lying , and the truth ever comes out , well then i dont think even god will even have mercy for the soul of mario ethridge. but hey …..i dont give the man even 3 years to live … cause look wgat happened to orlando anderson … dude who supposedly shot pac , hes 6 ft under rt now homie , see the strrest are watching , and anothing …. the streets never lie , so if i was dude , id just dissappear completely , but if he actually wants to man up , n tell the truth …. hed at least get the respect of being a man about it. my respect and condolences goes out to both proofs family and the bender family .

    as for mario, go with god homeboy cause if you lying ..itll catch up to ya in due time .

  • Travis Jones

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  • de3k

    R.I.P. nver knew you. wicked rapper. RIP

  • Chloe

    So sad to hear a very talented young man has lost his life in such a tragic way. I never knew Proof, i don’t even live in America, but it still sadens me. I hope his family and friends are well and i wish them all the best.

    I hope he will be remembered for all the good things he did in his life, rather than how it tragicaly ended.

    Rest in peace, Proof.


  • wtf

    alert(“I LOVE U PROOF

  • R.I.P Da B.I.G Proof

    R.I.P Proof And R.I.P D12

  • Proof Is Innocent

    R.I.P. Proof, Detroit’s finest. I loved the music, I loved the style, and I loved the D! D12 for life!!!! I miss the shit out you P! Fuck Mario Etheridge, fuck Keith Bender and his family, those greedy fucking faggots. Proof had a family too. It just ain’t fuckin right, it just ain’t fuckin right.

  • Dj q

    who the fuck is prof nobody cares

  • Nas

    I suck horsedick,and i like the 20 inch stallion cock in my ass, why y’all nigga’s hatin on fagget’s i don’t spread diseases i only suck 3 cock’s a day without condom’s get your fact’s straight.

  • 7MileTeppert

    R.I.P PROOF much love for real my posts a lil late an all… Yo yall some dumb asses talkin trash about Proof for 1 thing he didnt fire the first shot. He didnt need to shoot that gun off I admit but that guy probobly would have started scrappin with em again anyway. Were talkin 2 dudes drunk and brawlin right they wernt gonna let up the guy would have gone back after Proof like he had shit to prove regardless of the gun shots he fired. As for the rest I realy godda belive this story man for real East side Detroit people they get jelouse when they dont have shit… I know what thats all about this mans that fought with Proof had started shit and instigated befor hand. Detroit is like you just over react to just about everything thats what your minds set to do when your raised there. Alot a guys feel if they hit some one bigger then they get bigger. Pluss it was at a club like I said befor drunk dudes with guns shit… well… you ever found a good situation to come outa that? situation got outa hand and the storys gonna be against Proof and his people since hes dead shit you cant get a statement from some one thats dead… look at this way though I dont see Proof as the type to think hes above every one else… Rappers know there regular people to they are made up of the same things as you me and every other human. He alwase held down Detroit and never had shown any dissrespect I ever heard of to Detroit and for this shit ta happen and people ta play all ignorant and unknowing and shit in tha case and give all these other stories thats some real dissrespect…. thats all I godda say I guess (fuck punctuation it’s to late to get it right)

  • JDefinition

    the dude didnt have to hit proof in the first place they were all settling down and then he comes up behind mudd and hits proof, if he acted like a grown man this wouldnt have happened.

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  • verafy420

    “It was different. He was starting to get more focused. He had stopped all the pills and weed smoking.”
    i wihs we could hear some of the new shit,
    im sure itd be more creative and smart if he stopped with the drugs :)

    Its a shame one of the best has been shot down again, and he just finished up making Time A Tell in 24 hours too… wow

    R.I.P… Big Proof forever

  • one love

    R.I.P Baby boy sooner or later well all join you sorry you had to leave so soon.Holding down your name till the casket drops. One Love

  • Nick Gerz

    Actually proof was killed by a blast of wind from Howard Sterns ass

  • kennboy1

    R.I.P Proof, I don’t think he deserved to go out like that man..

  • d3mz

    Proof was a freestyle LEGEND in my book. that nigga has some serious skills. It really irks me that hes gone. I can;t imagine how Em has dealt wit this tragedy over the years.. I know I prolly woulda ended it myself. They seemed like brothers. I still can’t believe he’s gone.


  • http://yankssucksomuch fateuropeankid

    Idiot Americans. WTF is with the guns? Why would you even carry one around without the intention of using it? You fat fucks only know how to pop a gun, try some proper education you idiots and you might learn that wat goes around comes around.

    Ban weapons. Stop thinking it’s cool.

    • skinnyamericankid

      stfu you dont ANYTHING about americans it’s called protection idiot so we dont get killed

  • Daniela Navarete

    This is actually on the list of improved content of those who Concerning keep reading this specific issue recently. Good operate.

  • RapMusic

    Fuck the media,i knew Proof couldnt just have pulled a gun and shot the guy in cold blood like they where saying.

  • http://XXl james

    Damm, What an insite in the most off the most sad events to happen in the world off hip hop, R.I.P Proof I always had faith in the fact you never shot first, Shadt records Forever

  • paul

    I always knew that there was more to this story then what was being reported..great article.

  • Marvin B.

    Crazy, R.I.Proof

  • Paula Brown

    Incidents and lies spun around them afterwards really sickens me. RIP PROOF