OF Donut shirt

OF High Balloon

OF High Shirt

OF Jasper Dolphin Shirt

OF Odd Eyes Shirt

Fans know the Odd Future collective as a group of hip-hop artists that created a unique brand of rap music and visuals. Overtime, the OFWGKTA team has branched out into skateboarding and clothing apparel, capitalizing on their stardom. And now, Odd Future continues to expand, releasing a new line of clothing for Summer 2012.

The new Odd future collection includes shirts with the faces of members Hodgy and Jasper Dolphin. The summer collection also includes new designs like the Odd Eyes, OF Donut and High and Balloon Kitty graphics. Unlike some of the previous Odd future clothing line releases, fans won't have to wait until a pop-up shop appears or a concert to get new threads. The summer line will be sold at colette for 41 dollars a shirt. Act fast because these shirts are sure to sell out. —Christian Mordi (@mordi_thecomeup)