Cleveland has always had a painful history with its professional sports teams. The news heard around the world last Friday of LeBron James going back to Cleveland left many in shock while others cheered and respected The King's decision. For Cleveland, it's been a gruesome four years in basketball after James decided to take his talents to South Beach. After James decided to leave, fans in Cleveland burnt his jersey and merchandise in anger and turned against their beloved hometown hero, while Miami Heat fans quickly rushed to their nearest sports retail stores to pick up James' new No. 6 jersey.  But all that has changed now that James is going back home. The Cleveland fans that still had his No. 23 jersey took to the streets in excitement with their throwback tanks. James changed his jersey number when he went to the Heat, so it is unclear for now if he'll be rocking the No. 6 jersey with the Cavs. The rumor around the league is that he may in fact change his jersey number once again and start wearing No. 32, a number James wore in his high school days.  With all the buzz surrounding the Cleveland area nowadays, we take a look back at the nine best sports jerseys that every Clevelander should own.

LeBron James

Lebron's No. 23 jersey was a must-have during his first run with the Cavs.

LeBron James

You cannot forget about one of the best running backs to ever play the game, Jim Brown. His 9 Pro Bowl appearances and Hall Of Fame induction make his jersey a must-have for any Cleveland fan.

Jim Brown

Albert Belle's time with the Indians was unforgettable for Indians fans. He led the league in homers in the 1995 season.

Albert Belle

Before LeBron James became the all-time leading scorer with the Cavs, it was Brad Daugherty who was scoring buckets non-stop for the Cavaliers.

Brad Daugherty

Ozzie Newsome is the greatest tight end that ever played for the Cleveland Browns and became a Hall Of Famer in 1999.

Ozzie Newsome

During his tenure with the Cavs Mark Price made four all-star appearances and had his No. 20 jersey retired.

Mark Price

After leaving the Yanks in 2013 Nick Swisher went back to his home state to play with the Cleveland Indians and led them to a playoff run last season.

Nick Swisher

Johnny Manziel is a star in the making looking for a starting QB position with the Browns next NFL season. Will Johnny be doing the Money Dance this upcoming season?

Johnny Manziel

Kyrie Irving is one of the brightest stars in the NBA, and one of the reasons LeBron James decided to come back home.

Kyrie irving