Going back to the early days of KRS-One, Rakim and Slick Rick, when an artist wanted to make a fashion statement, the most common way of doing so was through his or her jewelry selection. To this day, we’re continuing to witness artists make their presence felt by what jewelry they choose to wear at concerts, parties and red carpet events. Someone who is very familiar with both jewelry and hip-hop is the co-founder of King Ice, Derek Belay. The Los Angeles-based jewelry company is making a name for itself based on its collaborations with top artists like Game, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler, the Creator and more, creating affordable pieces based on the designs of some of hip-hop's biggest names and providing all the ice needed for video shoots like Katy Perry and Juicy J's "Dark Horse."

XXL spoke with Bwlay about the origins of King Ice, meeting Snoop Dogg at a mansion party in Beverly Hills and King Ice becoming a top-selling brand on Karmaloop.—Jeffrey Whaley