11 Influential Streetwear Brands From The 90′s

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    Vintage gear is a hot commodity these days in the world of fashion and hip-hop. In the decade of the 90's, several streetwear brands were created to cater to the urban culture. From Karl Kani to FUBU, brands focused on the youthful wave of hip-hop, which meant providing consumers with bright colors, baggy jeans and conceptual costuming. Unfortunately, many of the brands that once capitalized in the urban market in the 90's are no longer in business due to the trends that come and go in the hip-hop community. We take a look back at 11 of the most influential streetwear brands that were a part of the 90's era.
  • FUBU
  • Karl Kani
    Karl Kani
  • Ecko
  • Stussy
  • Avirex
  • Pelle Pelle
    Pelle Pelle
  • Wu Wear
    Wu Wear
  • Iceberg
  • PNB Nation
  • Triple Five Soul
    Triple Five Soul
  • Phat Farm
    Phat Farm

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