Beards have become fashionable and trendy, and have made their way into the mainstream of America thanks to plenty of rappers, athletes and well known celebrities. In the past year and a half, we've seen the popularity of the rugged facial hair takeover the world, and the trend does not seem like it will slow down anytime soon. For rappers like Rick Ross and Action Bronson the beard adds a unique touch to their look and has become a trademark in their careers. Of course, some celebrities can't grow a bush underneath their chin, but those that do are privileged to sport the straggly, rugged-long bearded look with no fear. Having a beard is a powerful thing for man especially if they're already in a position of power. Today, we highlight the 15 celebrities with insane beards that you should fear and respect.


Rick Rubin - Rick Rubin was probably one of the first people to ever to sport a rugged beard in the music business. Fast forward a few years later and Rick's legacy in music remains as strong as his signature white coated beard. 


James Harden - Since entering the league in 2009, James Harden has given us some great basketball moments to go along with his recognizable facial hair. The Houston Rocket superstar even has a Twitter account for his infamous beard.


Zach Galifianakis - He may not look like your typical Hollywood A-Lister, but Zack's bushy beard and physical imperfections add to his appeal as well as is funny mannerism.  


Rick Ross - The Bawse of Miami has been rocking the bearded look since his early "Hustlin" days in the music business and after five No.1 albums and 25 Wing Stops Rick ross' trademark look is here to stay. 


Brian Wilson - The bearded rebel of the MLB and L.A. Dodger Brian Wilson made the look famous in the mound when he played for the San Fransisco Giants a few years ago. Since then, Wilson has been offered a cool million dollars to shave the beard, but has declined the offer - staying true to the legion of beards across the world. 

brian wilson

Stalley - Rick Ross may have the most popular beard in MMG, but the Ohio native Stalley definitely beats his boss when it comes to the volume of their beards. It's been part of Stalley's look since coming out the gate with his trunk music and pinned hats.  


Daniel Bryan - The popular underdog of the WWE and new World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan has taken over the WWE with his Yes movement and goat-like beard. #YesYesYes 


Sean Price - The Mic Tyson of rap, Sean Price has been sporting the big beard for quite some time now. And as he continues to smash mics in the booth, the Duck Down rapper takes pride in the facial hair he's grown throughout the years.


Action Bronson - With his hair slick back like Rick Patino and the beard of a lumberjack, the Queens native continues to body slam the competition when it comes to the mic and rocking the facial hair. 


Freeway - You can't make a 'Fear the Beard' list without including the Philly Freezer, Freeway. Since the memorable Roc-A-Fella days all the way up to his most recent work with Girl Talk, Freeway maintains the signature Philly beard.  


Duck Dynasty - These famous duck hunters have taking over American reality TV by storm with their camo hunting outfits, bug trucks and of course their long straggly beards.


Joe Budden - Joe got the beard that the ladies love and the street dudes respect. His beard may not be the craziest on this list, but its definitely one of the most recognizable facial hairs in hip-hop. Simply ask Earl Sweatshirt and them Odd Future boys.


Russell Crowe - Russell Crowe grew out a monstrous beard for his leading role as Noah in the Hollywood Biblical movie. The New Zealand actor also played one of his most important roles of all-time in Gladiator sporting the rugged beard back then as well.


DJ Khaled - Khaled slowly creeped up in this list of 'Fear the Beards' thanks to his work ethic and of course the facial hair he's been growing out since first since his "Victory" LP.


Ebro - The "Old Man" of Hot 97, Ebro is known for kicking that knowledge through the airwaves, but his beard has become a staple of the morning show and most recently, the Hot 97 reality show.