We recently caught up with the members of the Da Mafia 6ix during their tour stop in New York City as they promoted their latest project, 6ix Commandments, to get their thoughts on the current state of fashion in hip-hop. DJ Paul along with Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca and Crunchy Black shared with us some of their favorite brands that they like to wear and told us about the fashion trends that they think are the worst in the industry. Check out the interview below.

How different is fashion in hip-hop now to when you first started in the music business?
DJ Paul:
Fashion is totally different now. It's just different strokes for different folks pretty much. You got people that like to wear their stuff a certain way, and then you got others who dress another way. I don't really care about another person's style—it ain't really my business, but I'm not too crazy about seeing a guy in a dress. That's just me. I don't have anything to do with what they do, but that's just my opinion personally. I have a 19-year-old son at the house, and I don't want him thinking it's cool for a man to wear a dress. God didn't put that in the Bible.

Koopsta Knicca: A lot of people look at an artist nowadays and they dress exactly like him. That never really happened back then, so we don't try to catch up with the fashion world. You'll never see me wearing anything tight.

Crunchy Black: I see the tight pants a lot nowadays, but you know me, I grew up in the baggy era, so I'm sagging and tagging everywhere. My pants gotta be saggy, and I gotta be fresh every day.

Who's the freshest person when it comes to dressing from the crew?
Gangsta Boo: Crunchy is the freshest of them all! He's been fresh for more than 20 years.

Koopsta Knicca: I get my fashion sense from Crunchy and DJ Paul.

Gangsta Boo: Crunchy is like our stylist, and Paul be fresh too. Paul's more White-boy fresh. He might have a black tee on, but it's like a $1,000 T-shirt.

DJ Paul: Crunchy make everything look cool. He had some Hammer pants the other day, and they looked good, but I can't do it, so he stays up to par with fashion from the crew.

Worst fashion trend in hip-hop of all time?
Koopsta Knicca:
You'll never see me wearing anything tight.

Gangsta Boo: Skinny pants on men and those MC Hammer pants as well.

DJ Paul: The MC Hammer pants be cool. I like them. I don't like the dresses. And another thing that I've been noticing is they started to make T-shirts longer again. At one point, the kids that were wearing the tighter jeans would also wear the tight, short T-shirts. Now they got these longer T-shirts, but they got a split on the sides of each end that like look skirts but fitted. I saw that and thought it was a sleek skirt, but to each is own.

What clothing brand do you find yourself wearing a lot?
Crunchy Black:
I love to wear our own clothing line, Mafia 6ix.

DJ Paul: All I wear is Dangerous Scandalous.

Koop: I wear a lot of Hard Hittaz Money Gang clothing, Mafia 6ix and DJ Paul BBQ sauce.

Gangsta Boo: Famous Stars And Straps. Shouts to the homie Travis Barker, and pretty much our own stuff. We love rocking our own gear. We keep it plain to be honest. We not Versace or Gucci. I mean those brands are cool, but we don't promote those brands as our favorites. They just casual to us. Our favorites is our own stuff.

What's a clothing brand that you want to see make a comeback?
DJ Paul:
I actually did a European tour with the brand not too long ago, but it's definitely Karl Kani. I loved that brand because they created the built in sag in them.

Crunchy Black: They had the pants with the big long pockets. I remember!

DJ Paul: With them big long pockets you could put a whole glock in that muthafucka. Shout out to Karl Kani.

Crunchy Black: Karl Kani was the first one to have the little stash pocket for your weed.

DJ Paul: I remember when we did his European tour the clothes wasn't as big as it once was, but you go overseas and the brand is still really popular.