Things You Should Stop Wearing Forever

It’s 2014, and you shouldn’t be doing or wearing any of these things! But if you are, make sure you stop today. Some of these things were acceptable at one point in time, but now they are a sure way to embarrass yourself. So spare yourself and kill off these bad habits. There’s no reason you should be wearing the same white undershirt this year as you were last year, and it is just sinful to be wearing holy socks at this point. Toddlers don’t even do that anymore. Abide by these few rules and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself.

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  • Pinky-Rings
    Pinky Rings
  • Too-Much-Cologone
    Too Much Cologne
  • Stained-Armpit-Tees
    Undershirts With Stained Armpits
  • CHeap-Dress-Shoes
    Cheap Dress Shoes
  • FullBody-Track-Suits
    Full Body Track Suits (Pick One Piece, Top or Bottom)
  • Skinny-jeans
    Skinny Jeans
  • Carpenter-Jeans
    Carpenter Jeans
  • dadjeans
    Dad Jeans
  • crocs
  • deep-V-necks
    Deep V-Neck Tees
  • Over-Twizzed-Eye-Bros
    Over-Tweezed Eyebrows
  • Oversized-clothes
    Oversize Clothes
  • sideways-hats
    Sideways Hats (Forward or Backward only)
  • workboots
    Work Boots Outside of Work (Keep the Construction Boots On-Site)
  • cheap-jerseys
    Cheap Athletic Jerseys (Invest in An Authentic One)
  • Holy-Socks
    Holy Socks

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  • Trevor Stohr

    There is no jean size that you find acceptable. lol I guess its sweat pants all around this year unless they start making extra mediums.

  • Young RoyL

    So.. No more Timbs?