15 Sneakers For December 2013

adidas D Rose 4 “Chicago Nightfall” $140


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  • icon kain

    Man who gonna buy these ugly shoes. look like u just through paint on most of them. they to loud or to plain. U could not pay me to ware them shoes. Ugly just UGLY all the way.

    • Mitch

      1. Threw, not through
      2. Too, not to
      3. Too, not to (again)
      4. You, not u
      5. Wear, not ware

      Sorry, but you were asking for it and I couldn’t resist. On a serious note, a
      lot of these are really ugly haha. The only ones I plan on trying to
      buy are the Jordan 12 “Taxi”

      • Bully

        Some people might not be native english speakers, ever thought about that… He might not have been ‘asking for it’

        • Mitch

          Well if he is I’m sorry but usually that isn’t the case… I’ve been on the internet for awhile and it’s usually just lazy people not wanting to type properly. If he isn’t a native speaker, again, I’m sorry