On the latest episode of BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin make their television return with their own sitcom called, “Tisha & Duane.” But when Kevin Hart shakes things up, all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, Bobby Brown tries to make a return to music and enlists Nelly and Eric Benet to help produce his new album. However, his vocals need a little tuning up. Check out XXL’s breakdown of the fakest reality show on television.


Tisha & Duane - Tisha and Duane are thrilled to making their return to the small screen, although they clash when the topic of who is the bigger star comes up. “You’re always second fiddle...you were second fiddle on Martin, you were second fiddle on My Wife and Kids,” Duane jokes. But Tisha gets the last laugh when the show’s producer, Keenan Ivory Wayans and the network president, Nick Cannon, fire Duane because of his lack of charisma during a table read. ”How can this dude suck at playing Duane Martin? He is Duane Martin!” Cannon snaps.

The King Returns - When Nelly meets up with Eric Benet in the studio, Bobby Brown pops out of nowhere pleading for Nelly to help produce his new album. Nelly, concerned that Bobby is too old and washed up, is reluctant. But when Brown gives him $50,000 up front, Nelly doesn’t think twice. The only problem is that Bobby ends up sounding like nails on a chalkboard. In an effort to help Bobby’s record, Nelly and Eric bring Bobby’s former New Edition bandmate, Ralph Tresvant. “I heard you were trying to go solo again,” he tells Bobby. “I was solo even when I was in the group,” Brown says. “Yea we all know...that’s why we got Johnny remember?” Ralph responds.

The Kevin Takeover - When Nick Cannon offers Kevin Hart the role to play Duane Martin in the sitcom, Kev secretly accepts and has Duane banned from the set. Being the Divo that he is, Kev arrives on the lot with an entourage, while wearing a house robe and eating cereal. “I’m wearing what stars who don’t have to wake up until noon wear...I’m Kevin The Hart,” he tells a disgruntled Tisha. In addition, Kevin takes over Tisha’s dressing room and begins rewriting the script. When Tisha complains, Nick and Keenan reveal that in order to get Kevin to do the show, they had to give him creative control of the show. “He wanted Gabrielle Union. We fought hard for you,” Keenan says.

The tension begins to build between Kevin and Tisha during the taping of the show. “Give me Damon’s number (Tisha’s co-star on My Wife and Kids). I want to know how he dealt with this shit. She’s going to be a headache,” Kevin says. During a recording in front of a live audience, the two continue throwing jabs at each other. “You don’t need Tisha’s face in every camera..I’m the star,” Kevin tells producers. When Tisha threatens to get Kevin off the show and renaming it, “The Tisha Show,” Nick Cannon hits a low-blow. “Yea that’ll be a hit…in 1993,” he jokes. Eventually things come to a head when Kevin kisses Tisha, which wasn’t in the script. “Creative control...I just added it,” Kevin says. “And I just added this. Night night, Mitch,” Tisha says before she sucker punches Kevin in the face.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)