On this week’s episode of VH1’s Chrissy & Mr. Jones, Jim Jones celebrates his birthday for an entire week, and receives some questionable gifts along the way. Also, Mama Jones has a photo shoot for the cover of her new sex book, and things get a little interesting. Check out this week’s highlights.


Mama Sexpert? - If there’s one thing you can say about Mama Jones, it’s that she knows how to hustle. After working on her own fragrance, Pumkash, on the last season, Nancy Jones now has her eyes set on becoming the next sex guru with a new book on advice on all things pleasure. Mama Jones asks Chrissy to help style her for the photo shoot, to which Chrissy reluctantly agrees. But when Mama Jones finds out that the dresses they’re pulling at the boutique are going to be returned, she throws a slight tantrum. “You think I was buying you all Versace dresses?” Chrissy says. Determined to get what she wants, Mama Jones gets Chrissy to get Jim on the phone to ask him if he’ll buy her one of the dresses—but Jimmy wasn’t having it. Meanwhile at the photo shoot, Nancy gets famed porn star Heather Hunter to be the photographer (how fitting) on the set, which involved Mama Jones and a lot of shirtless muscle heads.

Birthday for a King - Jim celebrates his birthday at his New Jersey home in the backyard with family and friends. Jim’s son Pudie’s gift is to teach his father how to swim, because according to him, Jim isn’t “on my level.” Jim ends up throwing Pudie in the water, but later that week Jim takes his son to his friend’s house, where Pudie shows off his diving and swimming skills.  “This kid is blowing my fucking mind,” Jim says in amazement. Mama Jones’ gift was a little less appropriate, as she hands Jim (and Chrissy) some type of sex enhancement liquid to drink right before sex, leaving them quite uncomfortable and at a lost for words.

What Jimmy really wanted for his birthday was a watch, which Chrissy feels he has too many of. Instead, she decides to tease him with other gifts like a giant sculpture of David’s (from the Biblical story David & Goliath) head. “This is not the type of head I’m talking about,” he says. “I was looking for something that ticks,” Jim says. Chrissy decides to tease Jim for a little bit longer throughout the week by not giving him a watch. During a romantic dinner, she hands him a gift that turns out to be floating devices for when he’s learning how to swim, and even a giant poster of Mama Jones from her photo shoot. After torturing him enough, and with a few laughs along the way, Chrissy finally gives Jim a pimped-out Rolex.

Independent Woman - On a more serious note, Chrissy expresses her frustrations with finding the motivation to start her own business and become her own woman. Chrissy meets up with hip-hop manager Debbie Antney (mother of Wacka Flocka) for lunch, to fish for advice. “Where’s Chrissy at? What is Chrissy doing? She’s hiding,” Debbie says.  Chrissy gets a little emotional at the table. “I don’t really like to ask for help,” she says. Debbie schools Chrissy on the importance of completing a project and setting her own lane, prompting Chrissy to start stepping up to the plate.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)