On this week’s episode of BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, “Frauditions,” the thirst was to a max. Determined to get over his obsession with Selita Ebanks, Kevin Hart comes up with a scheme to find a new woman. Unfortunately for him, his master plan ends up blowing up in his face, quite literally. In addition, Boris Kodjoe is determined to save his acting career, only he learns you have to crawl before you can walk.

Check out the major highlights from the show, including cameos from video vixen, Draya Michele and Kelly Rowland.


Kevin’s Fake Casting Call - After losing his bid for Selita Ebanks to Romany Malco on last week’s episode, Kevin decides to open a fake casting call for his new movie, “Nat Turner’s Space Zombie Hunter,” as a way to lure in beautiful women, or in his words, a way to get some “ass.” Because he’s Kevin Hart, groupies from every part of town come in droves at a chance of becoming a Hollywood actress—or Kev’s new arm accessory, depending on how you look at the situation.


Draya Makes Out With Kev - As if Draya needed another name on her list of celebrities she’s made out with, the Basketball Wives reality star stuck her tongue down Kev’s throat. But no worries, it was all a part of the auditioning process. “Do you want me to kiss you like I kiss a man or a woman?” she asks Kevin before he nearly loses his mind.


Falling Careers - Boris’s career is in shambles and is obliged to star in musical play. Though he’s reluctant to take the job, because he wants to protect his brand by only doing films, Kelly Price (who pops out on stage singing with a choir) and Kelly Rowland, who’s set to be his co-star in the play, convince him that doing a play may not be so bad after all. (The show pokes fun at their B and C-list celebrity statuses). “$75,000 for four shows a week? Hell yea! Not to mention you’ll build up your fan base,” Rowland says. “Morris Chestnut made a $100,000 grand after the show doing the kissing booth.” When he realizes Morris Chestnut made $100,000, Boris assures he could make far more - $1 million to be exact.


Kev’s Ex Goes Angela Bassett - After sleeping with Kevin for the starring “role” in his new film, Bridgette (his ex-wife) walks in on Kevin telling the boys (Boris, Nick Cannon, J.B. Smoove), that her audition was horrible and that he only did the casting call to get women. Bridgette, who’s determined to become a movie star, gets so mad that she blows up Kevin’s convertible, Waiting To Exhale-style.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)