XXL Sits Down With The Dynamic Duo Behind SOCIETY Original Products

 XXL: Three words to describe yourself & your craft?

Marcel: a different brand

B: Competitive, resilient and passionate.

XXL: What is some advice you would give to a young brand in developing their marketing?

Marcel: I would tell them that their marketing needs to be relevant for their times and generation. Conventional ways of marketing and business itself is constantly changing and evolving with our civilization. So break the rules, do something new that has never been done before.

B: Best advice that I can give is to take chances, but take your time.  Do your research and get a sense of the industry before you just jump into it; internships and shadowing are important, learn the basics of running a business.

XXL: -What do you feel are the most important parts of Marketing?

Marcel: Making sure the messages you are putting out there are crystal clear.

B: Connecting w/ people, being consistent, branding and being out there for people to digest and experience.


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