XXL Sits Down With Aaron Levant The Founder of AGENDA Show

XXL: What are the three key ingredients that make up the AGENDA Show?

Aaron: The number one ingredient is invite only and curation. Not anyone that signs up for the show can be apart of this community which is very opposite from a lot of other trade-shows. If you have money many of the other trade-shows will find a space for you. I personally review and personally invite each brand out to the show. We turn away hundreds brands each season that want to be apart of our show. We’re looking for brands with very original and authentic goods that aren’t just chasing trends or style. Second thing would be the way that the show is itself, it’s pretty simplistic, it’s just about the best product rather than who can build the biggest object in the room. The third thing would be that we treat AGENDA Show like a brand which we collaborate on products, utilizing our social media as a voice along with producing a lot of own original content. These are the three things I would say make us different from other shows.


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