XXL’s Top 10 Jordans of All-Time


Brand Jordan has become an iconic staple brand around the world, not only just in sports, but in entertainment and sneaker culture. Take a look as we countdown the top 10 Jordan’s of All-Time.

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  • SC

    I agree that the Jordan III are the greatest Jordan of all time.

  • eiht

    how could you leave off the iv’s?

  • BrianRaider

    I Love The 20′s & The 22′s I Was Hopin They Made The List The 20′s Are Masterpieces

    • franco

      nigga what?

  • https://twitter.com/KB_116 Mr. 116

    What about the Jordan V(Grape). That pair is a classic.

  • maze money

    who did this list?? the 4 the 5 and most of all the black and red sixes!!! cant be a true sneaker head leaving these three out!!


    I say a tie for the Jordan 3′s and Jordan 11′s but I think the Jordan 13 (Blue white and gray) should have been #3 #MyOpinion

  • Don Digits

    This list sucks, no Jordan V….. come on son. Raging Bulls and Black Grapes are the illest.

  • Jase

    Jordans XXIs. The 1s that was in Tokyo Drift in the cafeteria

    • mookzilla

      those are the Italian suede 21s but pretty sure if they rereleased them they wold be the toro bravo 21s

  • Blackey Cavalier

    You know how I know this wasn’t compiled by a Jordan Collector? Worst rankings ever. How do you leave the 4′s, the 5′s, the 6′s,

  • Michael A Knorr

    How can the I v Vi and V not be listed?!!!??? This is a wack list!