Andre Scott and Kelton Crenshaw put the Internet in a frenzy and had sneakerheads all scrambling over to their e-store last November, after it was discovered that Jay-Z was rocking the duo's limited Air Jordan 1 "Brooklyn Zoo" model shoe for the Brooklyn Nets' first game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Both natives of Cleveland, Scott and Crenshaw are the masterminds behind the world's first hand reconstructed exotic bespoke Air Jordan 1 and together form PMK Customs (Perfectly Made Kicks), along with Jay-Z's famous compadre Emory Jones. Developed in 2011, the company's main focus is on providing customers with high-end one-of-a-kind crafted custom footwear. Judging by the construction that went into making the "Brooklyn Zoo"— which sports nine different animal hides (including ostrich and stingray)— the creative team is a force to be reckoned with.

Because of their shrewd marketing and sinewy online presence in the sneaker world, PMK has gone from simply creating one-of-one footwear options, to now brand management and consulting services for global businesses like PUMA, Microsoft and more. Just recently, the team helped create Beyoncé's luxurious Isabel Marant sneaker wedge as well as Meek Mill's PUMA Suede "Dreams & Nightmares" custom sneaker pack.

Speaking with XXL, Scott and Crenshaw discuss their motivation, drive and importance of cultivating relationships in our latest Respect the Hustle installment.—Ralph Bristout (@RalphieBlackmon)