HypeForever Speaks On Art, Hip-Hop and Fashion

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Can you tell us a little bit behind the creative process of a piece. How long does it take to create a design?

When I first started out, it would take me over two hours to make a piece. But now I am much faster. I started out with just a mouse but now I use a Wacom Intuos force tablet.

Do you remember the first artist that reached out to you via Twitter about your creations?

Stalley was the first that hit me around a year ago about my work.

Do you get excited some when these artists hit you up?

I don’t really get excited. A valuable lesson I learned early is “Knowing celebrities doesn’t pay bills.” The Tweet or them hitting me up is just the start, it’s what happens next that is so special.

Who were you most excited about seeing reblog your work?

One of my favorites that hit me though was Spike Lee. I tweeted him a picture of my work and he hit me back one day. It meant a lot to me because I am a big fan of the films he has directed.

Vashtie as well has shown your work recognition as well. Is she someone in regards to creativity you look up to?

Vashtie is probably the most important in my eyes that hit me back through social media. She is one of the reasons I started to pursue this so passionately. She is a fashion mogul to me and she does what she loves. She does videos, graphics and I would like to do the same and have that type of freedom she has. I would love to intern for her and learn from her.

I see you have already caught wind of Trinidad Jame$ and he has shown you love as well. You like his music also?

Yeah I like Trinidad Jame$. I heard his one song and I thought it was cool. I really like gold myself so it stuck with me. I saw some people taking cracks at trying to draw him so I decided to give it a shot myself. He saw the pic and then shouted me out on Twitter and posted me on his Instagram.

I know you are a big Jet Life fan. I have seen the picture of Curren$y. Do you think you will create draw any other members of Jet life as well?

I’ve already drawn Curren$y but I may give Young Roddy and (Smoke) DZA a shot soon. I actually created this custom piece for Curren$y for Woodville Inc. awhile back. He had a show down here and I designed a piece and Julie from Woodville made the piece and she took it to the show and gave it to him. He liked the piece, took a couple pics with it and showed me some love on Twitter for hooking him up as well.

Have you also done clothing?

I like clothing. It ‘s very time consuming though and hard to do. I had a clothing line up for awhile and it was in a couple of the local malls but I decided to fall back off that for personal reasons. I am not against starting up again though, so who knows.

You also, from what I understand, like to do photography. Tell us a little about that.

My sister has been playing basketball since middle school. I’ve been at every game and practice. Going there with her really allowed me to be around the scene and see a lot and I saw the passion in the game and wanted to capture those moments. I decided to start taking pictures of it.

What’s your opinion about the current state of fashion?

I don’t like it. Nowadays kids only wear things that they see rappers wearing and I don’t do that. Kids pay $400 for sneakers, $600 for pants all this to look like someone else, and that’s not fashion. Fashion is a statement, it’s about being creative with your choice of clothing.

Where would you like to see your brand in a years time?

Ten times bigger than what it is now. An empire of sorts. One name, but under the umbrella of my company will be web design, photography, art, clothes all on another level.